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who’s the father episode 14 & 15




“What did you mean she’s good?” I asked angrily as I stood up from my desk, talking to Mary over the phone.

Mary📞 Monica might be too young to be a mom but she looks like a great mother.

Mrs Randall📞 Great mother? That girl almost forget her daughter at school.

Mary📞 I seriously think it’s because of work as a waitress and she’s trying her best to give her daughter attention.

She even sleep in her daughter’s bedroom instead of hers. I don’t think there’s any child abuse situation.

Mrs Randall📞 *frowns* Did Monica pays you to say all this?

Mary📞 What? No?

Mrs Randall📞 I know, I think she’s pretending to be a good mom so that no one would take her daughter. I don’t know why. I think you should spy on her.

Mary📞 Why would I spy on someone’s business?

Mrs Randall📞 Because I don’t trust that girl, I think she’s maltreating her daughter. Maybe using her as slave that’s why she doesn’t wanna rele-ase Gigi.

Mary📞 *frustrated* Look Mrs Randall, I don’t know why you desperately wanna separate a mother from her daughter because of her age by the way if I spy on her, I can get fired from my job. So please, I’m not doing this anymore.

Mrs Randall📞 But… *Mary hung up*

I gritted my teeth angrily and sat on my table “That Monica.”

I don’t trust that girl at all. In my life, I’ve never seen a young girl taking care of her daughter like that.

I mean I’ve seen a lot of teenage moms who abandon their babies in a bush.

How can a teenage mother like her be cherishing her child like that? Something’s up.

Monica walked in angrily to my [email protected] “Who do you think you are? Calling CPS against me? Why?”

I rolled my eyes, feeling no guilt “Because you can be careless sometimes.

Monica, I know you want to live a beautiful young life so don’t let your daughter to suffer because you want to live your life.

Why are you keeping her? She nee-ds a mother and father love.”

Monica scoffed “Seriously, I’ve never seen such an insolent woman in my life.”

I glared at her “Watch your mouth young lady.”

“No you watch your mouth!” Monica retorted “Next you do such a thing again.

I swear I won’t even care you’re my daughter’s teacher or even old enough to be my mom. So next time…”

She pushed me and I fell on my table “I’m warning you.” She threatened as she walked out of the [email protected] angrily.

I clenched my fist angrily as I stood up. That girl is short-tempered, how can she take care of her daughter?

I sat down and was walking on marking my students work.

Principal Vivian walked in and I stood up feeling scared “Good morning ma.”

“Morning Mrs Randall, I want you to teach the 2nd grade [email protected] for the rest of the month.” Principal Vivian declared.

My eyes went wide “What? What about Gigi’s [email protected]… I mean 1st grade?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter, just do as I say. That’s final.” She said as she left the [email protected]

No! Now I won’t have time to watch over Gigi again. What should I do?


I walked out of the school and took a de-ep breath trying to control my anger.

I’ve talked to Gigi’s principal, I told her to watch over my daughter especially from Mrs Randall.

I don’t want anyone to take my daughter away from me.

If I see any CPS again, I won’t think twice but to call the authorities against Mrs Randall.

I entered my old Honda car and drove off. While driving, I noticed my car tyre is sounding weird.

I parked my car and saw the flat tyre.

“Dang it.” I [email protected] feeling pissed off.

I opened to my car boot and brought out the extra tyre and some tools. Then I was fixing the car tyres.

“No!! Please!!! Don’t do this!!!” I heard a girl’s cry.

I stopped as I stood up and sneaked into the alley to see what’s going on.

My eyes went wide as I saw a poor teenage blonde girl on the floor, surrounded by goons with face mask.

“Please!! Help me!!! Somebody help me!!!” The girl cried.

It reminds me of what happened to me 5 years ago. I cried and cried and cried but those guys didn’t care till they ruined my life, my image, everything.

No, I won’t let that happen to another innocent girl. That girl might be working on a bright future like I used to. I don’t want to witness a bright live ruined.

I have an idea. I brought out my small iPhone 6 and secretly dialled 911.

“Hello 911, please come to the Port alley, there’s a rappe situation.” I whispered.

If I shout, they might capture me and I’ll become a victim again.

“Please, I’m begging you!” She cried.

“Shut up you stvpid girl and let us rappe you.” One of the pink hair goons said as he went on t op of her.

I took a empty [email protected] bottle, stood up and threw it on the pink hair goon’s h ead.

“Ow!” He cried as he fell.

They all saw me “You ba$tard!” One of them yelled and I ran away as all of them were chasing me.

I ran out of the alley and…

“Freeze!!!” The police officers point their gvns at the goons as they surrendered.

Few minutes later, the goons were arrested and I smiled. At least a future is safe.

“Um… Hi.” The blonde girl waved with a smile.

I smiled back “Hi, how are you feeling?”

“Great, thank you so much for saving my life. I don’t know how to relay you.” She said shedding tears of joy.

I shrugged “Just doing my job as a good citizen.”

“Thank you so much, I really hope you get whatever you want in life.” She said.

Well I have a lot already, Gigi.

“I’m Amanda.”

“I’m Monica.” I said “I have to go to work, bye.” I said as I walked away from her, entered my car and drove off.

I walked into the restaurant and met China at the counter “Wow Nika, you left the house before me and I came earlier than you.”

I sighed “I know, I found some goons trying to ra-pe a girl.”

“Oh my God! Then what happened?” She asked.

“I called the police and saved her.” I said.

“That’s so nice of you. That’s why you’re my bestie.” She said as she hu-gged me.

“Monica, Mrs Greg wants to see you in the kitchen.” One of my co-worker said and left.

“Oh no. Be careful okay?” China said.

“Okay.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

“You’re late.” My boss, Mrs Greg complained.

I sighed “I’m so sorry Madam, something happen while I was coming to work so…”

“Don’t care, just don’t try this next time. I decided to pardon you because ever since I hired you, my restaurant begin to grow customers.

I should be thanking you. In fact, I’m adding 100 bucks to your salary.” She said.

I grinned happily “Thank you madam, I really appreciate.”

“Now back to work.” She ordered, I quickly ran to my position at the counter.

China and I started receiving customers orders and serving them. Doing my job.

“I’m so exhausted.” China [email protected]

“Lazy bone.” I muttered.

“Hey, I’ve tried a lot in this restaurant and guess what? Mrs Greg just added 100 bucks to my salary.” China squealed.

“No way. Me too.” I grinned happily.

Someone walked in to the restaurant and my jaw dropped feeling shocked.



I walked into my living room and threw my purse on the floor and fell on the couch feeling tired.

I can’t believe that [email protected] would threaten me and still reported me to the principal.

I have to do something, so that I can put Gigi in Foster care. I’ll look for good parents.

Someone opened the door “Hey mom. I’m home.” My daughter walked in and sat on the couch.

“Hey sweetie, how’s school?” I asked.

“Good.” She said and was looking worried.

“Amanda!” I snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Yes mom?”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s just… When I was walking to school this morning, a gang gathered around me and tried to ra-pe me.” She explained.

“What?!” I sat up right feeling shocked.

“Yeah, but a girl saved me.” She said.

I smiled “Oh my goodness, are you okay?”


“Oh Thank God, I’m so worried and sorry. Did you know that girl? So that I can thank her.” I said.

“Nah, but I think I know her name. Monica!” She said.

My eyes went wide and my smile fade away “What?!”



The moment the door was opened signalling someone walking in.

I looked and my eyes to soaked up with tears as I see my sister and ex-boyfriend walking in and holding hands together.

It’s been five good years since I saw them, I can’t believe my own sister would betray me like this. Stealing everything away from me. How?

Why are they here, in Florida? In this restaurant?

And Justin, he just dump me, broke my heart and moved on easily, not with some random girl, but with my bIood sister.

Mia totally looks different than before. She added bangs to her hair which is more silky than before, her shady makeup and cute body shape.

She’s wearing a red sequin sleeveless crop blouse and white high waisted jeans showing her curves, with black sandal heels.

While Justin looks handsome as usual with his white Gucci sweatshirt, Levi’s ripped jeans and white Fendi sneakers.

The moment Mia saw me and turned around pretending I didn’t see them.



“Why are we in this small cheap restaurant? Can’t we go to a fancier one?” Justin complained.

I held his hand “I know why we’re here okay? Just calm down.” I smirked.

I looked around looking for Monica, Why? Because I want to make her life a total nightmare just like she made mine a nightmare.

Ever since my parents kick Monica out of the house, everyone can’t stop talking about her. ‘I miss Monica’ ‘Monica is way better’ ‘Monica is pretty’ ‘Monica is this’ ‘Monica is that’.

Even the ‘Monic’ website where she used to work and I took from her.

I even changed it to ‘Mimi’ but people’s reviews are still about Monica. ‘I prefer the name Monic’ ‘I don’t like Mimi’ ‘Monica’s work is the best’ ‘Monica is the best web designer’

I lose many followers from that website that I deleted the stvpid thing. The only money I got is mostly from Justin.

Urrgghhh!!! I just hate that Monica name!!! Anytime I hear that name, I begin to have nightmares since that night.

So I managed to know where she is now and come here to make her life miserable.

I spotted the bch working at the counter and I grinned “Monica!”

“Monica? Where’s Monica?” Justin’s face lightened up.

I rolled my eyes as I approached the the id!ot.


I took a de-ep breath as I turned to the two betrayals and fake smiled.

“Welcome to Big Burger, what can I get you two?” I asked trying to mind my business.

“Monica?” Justin’s jaw dropped, starring at me surprisingly.

Mia scoffed “Come on sis, don’t act as if you don’t remember us. Your sister and ex-boyfriend.”

I rolled my eyes “Are you gonna order something or what?”

“Monica, who’s that?” China asked.

“Let’s just get back to work China.” I said “And please order something or just…”

Mia deliberately struck her middle f!ng£r in her hair, showing me her engagement ring.

I begin to stammer “A… Are y…you two…?”

“Yes, we’re getting married in this town, next month.” She said proudly, showing off her ring.

I felt more heart broken. Justin didn’t even say a word.

I fake smiled “Oh… That’s great. Congratulations. You two deserve each other.”

“I know.” She smiled proudly “It’s gonna be a great wedding, I can’t wait, especially when you’ll be there. Right?”

“I… I…”

“Are you two gonna order something or get out of here!” China snapped rudely.

“Shut up, waitress and mind your business.” Mia retorted.

“Hey, don’t talk to my friend like that.” I said.

Mia scoffed “You still have friends after being a famous dirty slvt?”

“Did you want a piece of me?” China bloated angrily.

“China quiet, you’ll get us fired.” I whispered and glared at Mia “Just leave, if you don’t want to order anything.”

“So you now work as a waitress, huh?” Mia asked.

I rolled my eyes with a sigh “Mia, you’re holding up the line.”

She smirked “It’s okay, it’s not that they want anything from you anyway.”

I clenched my fist trying to control my anger.

She pouted “Poor Monica, you don’t deserve to work in this poor tacky restaurant. You’re supposed to be the most successful girl right now, like Bill Gate.”

“Excuse me ma’am.” Mrs Greg approached Mia, whose glaring at her “I’m sorry but I don’t allow customers to insult my employees, so if don’t wanna order anything, I might ask you to leave immediately.”

Mia smiled at me “I’ll order something, two slice of strawberry ice cream cake and two chocolate milkshakes.”

“Isn’t Justin allergic to strawberry?” I asked.

“No, he’s not.”

“Yes, I am.” Justin protested.

Oh, so he can talk now? What a useless j.erk.

“I’ll have chocolate cake, instead.” Justin said.

I nodded “Okay.” I started preparing the orders.

I stole a glance from Mia whose glaring at me, I gave her a light smug smile as I served their food and gave them their orders.

Mia gave Justin a [email protected] kss on the l!ps as she smirked at me and went to their table and begin laugh with each other which hurts me.

I glared them, feeling heartbroken, I still love him, I still love Justin. I can’t believe he would betray me just because of something I’m not.

Now my own sister, is getting married to the guy, I dated, I still loved. Look at them. Having fun together.

I don’t blame them, it’s because of my stupid rappe situation that no one believes me.

You just don’t know what to do, who’s the rappist? Who’s the father of Gigi? I’m not even ready to tell Gigi about it.


I glared at those two feeling annoyed for ruining my best friend’s day. I don’t know them but I hate them especially that girl called Mia.

I noticed Monica’s eyes soaked with tears and I hu-gged her feeling pity for her.

“It’s okay, cheer up.” I whispered, she still crying “Those two are gonna be happy because you’re crying in front of them.”

Monica pulled away and sniffed “I have to go to the restroom.” She said as I followed her to the restroom.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded as she wiped her tears and nodded “Yeah, I’m fine… I’m just…”

Mrs Greg walked in “Hey you two, I have a task for the both of you and I hope it cheers you hope Monica.”

“What’s the task, madam?” I asked.

“There’s a vacation going on in this very popular, big and fancy hotel called ‘Magic Paradise’.

So you two have to work as a waitress in the hotel. It can help my restaurant to grow and I’ll pay you two extra.” Mrs Greg announced.

Monica smiled “Okay, we’ll perform the task and we won’t fail you.”

“Very well, Monica. Good day you two, I guess you should take a day off because you’re starting tomorrow.” Mrs Greg said as she walked out of the restroom.


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