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truth or dare episode 24 & 25

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌺Episode Twenty four🌺

Chun cha POV(Audrey’s mum)

I hummed to one of Audrey’s favorite song as I sauntered out of the grocery store,with a paper bag in my hand.

I’m feeling so much alive today- still wondering why, though.

I unlocked my car boot and dropped the bag inside before hopping into the car.

I fastened my seat belt and ignited the engine.

“Please stop!” Someone shouted, hitting my car at back.

“Who could it be?”

I tried looking the person from the side mirror but can’t see clearly so I quickly stepped on the [email protected]

I wind down at the same time the person rushed to my side.

My eyes dilated in surprise immediately I recognized the face.

I removed my sunshade-perhaps its starting to deceive me.

My eyes widened the more.

It’s him!
It’s really him!

“Jung?” I called unsure and I watched as water gathered in his eyes.

We both stare at each other, still not revived from the shock.

“Chun cha” His voice cracked as tears gushed out from his eyes.

My throat burnt in pain as water threatened to fall from my eyes.

Jung is dead to me.

I wind up and sped up into the road before the tears would drop.

“You won’t cry, Chun cha” I wept.

“You won’t cry because of him”

“He doesn’t worth your tears”

“He’s monster”

“He shattered you Chun cha, so please stop crying”

I reminded and consoled myself but I can’t just control the tears, so I just parked the car so I can cry my eyes out.

I’d thought we won’t meet ever again but he showed up out of blues.

Why did I have to meet him again?


I wept profusely- my head on the steering.

Suddenly, a soft knock came on the window screen.

I jerked up and looked out to see him standing very close, his l!ps are making movement- like he’s talking.

His eyes are pleading seriously.

I fumed and came out of the car.

“What’s your problem?” I fired.

He made to take walk closer.

“Don’t even try it!” I shouted, lividly.

“Don’t try come closer, Jung”

“I’m sorry, Chun cha” He pleaded with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I was being foolish and I didn’t..”

“Just stop it now, Jung” I cut him short, raising a hand to his face.

“To me, you’re dead” I clenched my teeth.

“Don’t ever come near me again” I warned in a stern voice and turned to open the car.

“Chun cha, please..”

“How’s my daughter?” He asked calmly and I felt a bang in my head.

I slowly turned to him.

“What did you just say?” My eyes dimmed.

He sighed de-eply.

“I know have wronged you, Chun cha but I want to know how my daughter…”

“My daughter is fatherless, Jung” I told him and his eyes dilated in surprise as his mouth went agape.

“She believes her father is dead”
I went into my car and before I could shut the door, he already held it tight.

“Forgive me, Chun cha” He begged, going on his knees.

“For our daughter’s sake” He added, with a sympathetic look.

“Just go away, Jung” I said calmly but he didn’t budge.

“I’m ready to do anything to earn your forgiveness” He sobbed like a kid but I didn’t feel any pity.

Without seeing it coming, I pushed him away and shut my door at once.

I started the engine and drove away, tears not leaving my eyes.

|• Audrey POV•|

I alighted from the cab after paying him.

I adjusted my backpack and crossed to my house, I knocked softly on the gate but a car honk behind me, causing me to turn around.

It’s a red sport car and it’s parked very close to where I am standing.


Whose car is it?

After a while,
I watched as someone came down from the backseat, wearing the same uniform as mine.


I can tell he’s a guy, but why isn’t he turning around?

Oh no!

Don’t tell me it’s Duffer?

My heart tightened at the thought of it.

It can’t definitely be Duffer and what could he have come for?

He doesn’t even know my house so what am I even thinking?

The person finally turned around and I felt rage built up in my body system.

I watched as he counted his steps closer and my fist tightened.

“Hi, Audrey” He greeted, jovially.

“What are you doing here?” That was the only question I can ask him-I grinded my teeth, shooting him daggers with my look.

He just smiled.

“Come on, Audrey”

“I’ve wanted to have a word with you since yesterday but you see, I don’t like mingling with someone in public and that was why I trailed behind you till you got here” He explained, beaming with smiles and believe me, I feel like ruining his face right now.

“How could you follow a stranger to her house?” I shot at him fiercely.

He furrowed his brows.

“But you’re not a stranger to me, Audrey”

“We’re [email protected] and..”

“Just shut up” I cut in rudely.

“First, you’ve no right to call my name when I didn’t give you a permission to” I started and he scoffed.

“Why are you being difficult..”

“You don’t talk when I am talking” I chipped in, trying my possible best to suppress my anger.

He arched his brows, watching me.

“The next time you stalk me” I began, looking directly into his eyes.

“I’ll make sure your Dad feels sorry for you, I promise” I threatened and he suddenly look furious.

“Don’t drag my Dad into this, I won’t tolerate it” He warned.

I shot him one more dangerous look before turning to the gate, and thank God it’s been opened by the gatekeeper- he was also watching the scene.

“Hi” I greeted simply and walked past him.

How dare he followed me to my house? Huh!

I [email protected]

‘You’re becoming soft hearted, Audrey’ My subconscious mind whispered and I almost agree with her.

I would have threw him a ha-rd punch.

What a mood spoiler!

I hissed loudly before stepping into the living room.

“I’m home, Mum” I announced but I can’t hear her say anything.


I thought she said she’s not going out today.

Has she gone out? I thought, climbing the stairs to my room.

Getting to the hallway, I heard soft sobs, coming from her room.

I quickly ran towards her room and barged in.

She [email protected] sitting on her bed, crying profusely.

My heart sanked.

I tossed my backpack on the floor and rushed to her on the bed.

“What happened, mum? I asked her anxiously.

I knelt down in front of her on the bed, wiping her tears with my thumb.

“Talk to me, mum”
“Do you want me to start crying too?” My voice breaks.

She quickly shook her head and swallowed ha-rd.

” I saw him today, Audrey” She whimpered and I creased brows.

“What do you saw mum?” I asked in confusion and she held my hand tightly, weeping really ha-rd.

“Your.. father” She sobbed.

I couldn’t process what I just heard at first but immediately I did, I felt my heart trembled.

“What?” I murmured.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🔥Episode Twenty five🔥

👄 Audrey POV👄

“He’s not my father” I spoke up after a short silence.

“Audrey..” She sniffed.

“He has been dead to me since he walked out of our lives several years ago, mum” I cut in calmly.

“And he should also know that, he has no daughter with you either”

I stared at the tears rolling down my mum’s cheeks with pained heart.

I slowly pulled her for a hu-g as tears welled up in my eyes too.

That man caused her so much pain which is yet to be healed.

Well, I understand such pain can’t be heal so soon.

“It’s okay, mum” I cooed as I stroked her back, tenderly.

“Stop crying, please” I consoled her as she wept bitterly.

How could they’ve bumped into each other though?

He better stay away from my mum, or else..


Seo yun POV;

“As we all know that tomorrow is the big day” Our supervisor began after we’ve all arranged before him.

“And I want to believe you are all fully prepared, isn’t it?” He asked, darting his eyes on everyone.

“Yes sir” We chorused.


“So tomorrow is going to be a free day for every students, and the team are leaving for the venue as early as 8:30am, is that clear?”

“Yes sir”

“Now, I would advise you all exercise few more practices before going to your [email protected]” He suggested and I rolled my eyes tiredly.

We’ve been practicing after we had lunch.

I’m tired.

“Okay sir” Few people answered and he nodded before turning to walk away.

“Hey buddy” Ju won approached me with a basketball in his hand.

“You wanna do some practice?” I asked him.

He shook his head tiredly and I chuckled.

“We have you by our side, so we are winning this!” He exclaimed.

I smiled proudly.

I really love basketball game and I earn credit for being a good player most times.

My team members chose me as the team leader; they all agreed to the fact that I worth it.

“But sincerely, I’m nervous” Ju won said beside me as we walked down the hallway.

We already left the basketball room after we changed to our school uniform.

“It’s just a game, Ju won” I laughed and I heard him scoffed.

“It’s not the usual game we play in school, Seo yun” He reminded plainly.

I stopped walking and turned to him.

“We can do this, Ju won” I @ssured.
“You just have to believe in yourself, that’s all”

He breathe in and out.

“C’mon man, the competition is still tomorrow” I laughed and nudged his arm.

We continued with our walk but the two figures that approached our direction made me slow down a bit and anger laced through me.

It’s Audrey and Kwan.

I always feel this hatred towards Kwan since the day her friend insulted me and my friends in the basketball room.

Our eyes locked for a while and I felt like plucking out her eyes from its socket.

She removed her gaze when her friend nudged her, and I watched their back till they are out of sight.

“I’m still thinking of way to get back at this girls” I took my eyes away from their back as I talk.

“And what’re you thinking about therein?” Ju won bu-tts in as he stood in front of me.

“What do you mean?” I crumbled my face.

“I have a plan” He said with a smirk.

He leaned forward and whispered softly into my ear and a wide smile ran across my l!ps.

What a brilliant plan!

~Jin POV~

I was replying to Soo messages on my phone when someone suddenly barged into my room.

I quickly sit up on the bed to see mum staring down at me, furiously.

“So you think I won’t find out? Huh!” She fired and I slowly lower my head, sadly.

“What were you thinking?!”

“Didn’t I warned you about stuffs like this?”

“I told you I don’t want you to ever get involve with a guy until you finished high school, didn’t I?” She went ballistic.

I just wiped the tears that are already streaming down my cheeks.

“So now, you’re suspended for straight two weeks because of a silly letter you wrote to a guy, isn’t it?” She shot at me fiercely.

“I’m sorry mum” I whimpered, fiddling with my f!ng£rs.

“I’m ashamed of you, Jin” She said disappointment and stomped out of my room.

“Mum” I cried.

“I’m sorry mum”
“It won’t ever repeat itself”

I wept and stopped crying after a while.

I can’t wait till I resume to avenge what she did to me- I’m taking my revenge right away.

I picked my phone and searched through my contacts list for Travis digits.

Thank goodness I still have it.

Travis is the school head prefect and he has been really into me since I was in Grade Ten, while he was in Grade Eleven.

I dialed his number and he picked up at the third ring.

📱”Hello Travis” I wiped away the water that was running out from my nose as I speak.

📱”Is this really my Jin?” He asked, surprisingly.

I nodded like he can see me.

📱”Yes Travis, it’s me” I said sympathetically.

📱”Please I nee-d your help” I added quickly before he would say something.

📱”Oh.. what could it be? You should know I’m always ready to do anything for you” He said and I can tell he’s grinning right now.

📱”Someone messes with me and I want you to teach her a bitter lesson” I gritted out.

📱”Let me guess, the new girl in your [email protected]?” He chuckled.

📱”Exactly, Travis”

📱”And don’t worry, if you impressed me with the result, then I promise to be your girlfriend” I smirked.

📱”Really?!” He yelled with excitement.

📱”Yes Travis, I promise you” I crawled out of the bed.

📱”Consider it done Jin, I promise to do it beyond your expectations”He said, elatedly.

📱”I’ll be very glad,Travis”

I hung up and my l!ps curved to a lopsided smile.

She’d messed with the wrong person- I warned her seriously but since she’d turned deaf ears to my warnings, she should face her warrant now.

I’m speechless 🤐tbc

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