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the royal love 2 episode 7

©Sir Zach


As Brina can’t help Natalie very openly, it’s better for Rhianna to stay with her. That is why Brina asked Rhianna to join the breakfast meeting.

Meanwhile, the new couple are wearing matching outfits and Natalie got ready so beautifully and elegantly.

However, it didn’t hide her innocent and delicate nature. With one look, everyone could tell that she is no fighter.

But, at the same time no one felt angry anymore. Though her love for the crown Prince caused hu-ge disturbances in many of their life’s, after seeing her they didn’t have the heart to hate her.

She has that delicate and dainty aura around her. It makes the other people feel like she is one who nee-ds all the protection.

No wonder Prince Ethan went to great lengths just to protect her.

His wife gives that vibe where one feels like she is a fragile person. And, it automatically invokes the strong s£nse of protective nature.

However, it is unfortunately the exact opposite vibe a Queen must possess. A Queen must make the people around her feel protected. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

So, just by seeing her everyone felt like Ethan did a right thing by not marrying her while he was a Prince. It would have weakened the whole Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Ethan pulled out the chair for her and made her sit on it. Eliina quickly walked Rhianna to the chair just beside Natalie and made her sit there. After that she herself took the next place beside her Rhianna.

As Princess herself is showing a lot of respect, everyone understood how important Rhianna is to the couple.

Moreover, Rhianna was eluding a powerful aura and one could right away figure out why she is here. She is here to protect Natalie.


“I will be back in an hour, love” Ethan whispered and ki-ssed Natalie on her l!ps.

Then, he smiled at Rhianna with genuine respect. Except his Natalie, everyone in that family is so independent and mentally strong.

After seeing Rhianna for all these days he started admiring her

“Go on! I am here with your precious wife. Don’t worry too much” Rhianna said, her voice a lot friendlier rather than being respectful.

“I know,” Ethan said, smiling.

Later, he pecked his sister’s forehead. “After this meeting, show them around the palace, Okay? ” he whispered, for which Eliina nodded her head.

After that, he bowed down to his grandmother. Getting a firm yet indifferent nod from her, he stood back and gave a nod to others who were staring at Natalie, him and Greta.

His eyes met with Brina’s for a brief second before he walked away in the opposite direction.

Louis was waiting for his brother a little far from there. He changed into casuals as his father gave him a one day rest to spend with Ethan.

When everyone saw Louis, they couldn’t help but hold their breath. He is looking a lot s£×ier in casuals!

Meanwhile, Olivia rolled her eyes. “Hmph! These bitches couldn’t take their eyes off my man! However, these poor creatures haven’t seen him in casuals. I even saw him in his gym clothes’ she proudly thought.

On the other side, Brina of course noticed that haughty look on Olivia’s face. And, just be seeing those arrogant eyes, she could tell what Olivia is thinking.

However, she could just shake her head and chuckle.

She even saw Louis nak-ed. They even bathe together frequently and she sees his nak-ed upper body almost every day.

Truth to be told,the casuals he is wearing are bought by none other than herself. These were the ones she shopped for him after he proposed to her.

Meanwhile, Queen mother Greta coughed, bringing everyone back from their own reverie.

After making sure everyone is attentive, she gestured to the maids to serve the food.

“So, what do you do, Lady Natalie?” Greta asked.

Natalie was already nervous. She heard of this psycho grandmother of her husband who was very interested in making Olivia the Queen.

She couldn’t help but fidget with her f!ng£rs under the table. No matter how impressive her career might seem, for this person it will always be a mere something.

“I am a fashion designer,” Natalie said, her voice meek.

Meanwhile, Rhianna patted her hand, under the table, gesturing to her to be strong.

However, Natalie could only gulp down. Her voice is nowhere near strong and firm. It will never be.

“Fashion designer?” Greta asked. She wanted to humiliate this more commoner right away but it will make her look bad in front of other ladies.

All she wants to do is sct good but at the same time take her revenge on Natalie. If it wasn’t for this impotent commoner, Olivia would have already become a Queen and that old man wouldn’t have been torturing her like this.

Rhianna sighed when she saw Natalie’s sealed l!ps.

This woman has to grow strong!

She must!!

Meanwhile, Rhianna of course got a text message from Brina.

‘Greta and Olivia will not stop here. And, Natalie wouldn’t be able to fight back if this gets intense. Defend her on my behalf. I am helpless here’

Rhianna made eye contact with Brina for a brief moment and then spoke, “Your highness, Natalie is not a simple fashion designer. She has got her own company and her designs are excessively sold out on famous fashion lines. She is quite famous and outstandingly wealthy for her young age”

“For instance, Lady Olivia’s dress which she is wearing right now is one of the designs that’s made. Not only Olivia, but yours too” Rhianna said, shocking both Olivia and Greta.

“Nons£nse! I had my clothes personally designed by my own people. They are not bought but hand stitched” Greta furiously said, gritting her teeth.

“Is it? Sorry your Highness, I guess your own designer loves plagiarism or, it could be that your designer is a fan of Natalie” Rhianna said. She sounded polite but at the same time, not.

Brina could only chuckle inside.

Rhianna could be bluntly savage.

Meanwhile, Olivia is fuming in rage. So the mysterious designer behind these costly clothings is her mortal enemy?

She spent some millions to buy these just because she could flaunt!

Now, how could she flaunt when it will look like she is indirectly praising her enemy herself!

Natalie is truly a talented one. She excels in all the things she is [email protected] for. So, it’s rather unfair to judge her impotent just because she is mentally weak and timid.

She has her own forte. What if she isn’t an ideal Queen? She is a Queen of the clothing industry.

There is nothing in which she is inferior compared to Olivia and others who are leeching on their parents wealth and history.

Queen mother Greta didn’t know what else to say. This Rhianna girl is pisding her off.

‘Phew! If Rhianna was the one who married my grandson, I would have been doomed by now. It’s better to have someone like Natalie who stays calm’ she thought.

But little she would have expected the future Queen to be hundred folds frightening and shrewd than Rhianna.

She wouldn’t have imagined that Natalie would mould herself into a strong lady very soon too.

Some life changing circu-mstances invoke the most unexpected things of the people. Be it good or bad.

The next half of the breakfast went on without any problems hurling towards Natalie.

This time, Greta directly targeted Rhianna. Backing off will be a shame for someone great as Queen mother Greta.

“So, what do you do? A personal @ssistant of Natalie? You seem so protective of her” Greta mockingly said.

Natalie smiled. However, it didn’t reach her eyes.

“I am indeed protective of her! We are friends and most importantly we are family. Unlike most of the families, we don’t scheme amongst each other. We stick around watching each other back” Rhianna said.

“And, I am no personal @ssistant. I am a doctor, a gynecologist to be accurate. And, I am also a vice CEO of S & S corporations and also a personal secretary of my boyfriend” she told Greta.

Brina held her laugh. Rhianna is totally in overprotective mode.

Meanwhile, Greta couldn’t help but grit her teeth.

Rhianna is far more accomplished at pointing her f!ng£r at her. Moreover, it would be problematic if she continues this altercation with her.

This breakfast meeting is just a warm up before the main drama.

After that, everything went smooth. Breakfast went on with small, random talks.

However, Olivia stayed calm for the entire time. Well, her plan is targeted for the evening party.

It’s going to be the most humiliated time of both Ethan and his wife.

“Rhianna is cool.” Eliina said as soon as she arrived at her sister in law’s suit.

However, when she saw Brina’s dress, she couldn’t help but open her mouth wide in shock.

Brina was dressed in a black clothes. They are very similar to @[email protected] clothes.

“Sis in law, what’s this? What are we doing to Olivia?” she asked, excited but confused.

“We will knock her unconscious. In this way, she won’t come to the evening party. Natalie will be safe” Brina said.

“Haha… you really took my joke seriously, didn’t you?” Eliina asked, slightly uncertain.

“Yep. I want to pay back Olivia for what she did to me during the horse riding event” Brina said.

“Won’t it be a problem if someone sees?” Eliina asked.

“Remember what you said about that south corridor where no cameras are installed? Let’s take that as our venue” Brina said.

“I can totally help you with that, sister in law. I can get Olivia there and we can knock her unconscious. But, I am worried what if she informs others about it?”

“Won’t they speculate something else? Like, @[email protected]?” Eliina asked.

“It will be problematic if she informs others about what actually happened to her. But I don’t think she will tell others about it.”

“First of all, she will feel inferior to even say that she got knocked unconscious. Moreover, if her grandfather finds out about it, he will get angry at her for not being strong enough to fight back.”

“As she is on edge and this is her last chance, she will not reveal this willingly. So, she will keep it inside her heart” Brina explained to her young sister in law.

“Yep. Most probably Olivia would do the same. However, sister in law, is it really necessary to go to this length just to stop her from coming to the party? Can’t we just do something simple and less risky?” Eliina asked.

She is more worried that her brother would get another heart attack if anything happens to Brina.

If not because of that minute problem, she believes in her sister in law’s abilities.

“Actually, Elle, I have some other things in my mind for doing this,” Brina said.

“Oh. So, it’s not just stopping her from coming to the party?” Eliina asked.

“Yes. Do you remember what I said a few days earlier? I have some friends helping from outside to gather resources?” Brina asked her.

Eliina nodded her head. “Yes. The same people who gave you a video cl!p of Owen and his fiancée” she answered.

“I asked my friend to help me to find out why your grandmother Greta is willingly working with Olivia’s grandfather. I asked them to find out if they are really working together or is it something else that’s making them work blackmailing” Brina told Eliina.

As soon as Eliina heard it, she got excited. It’s been really keeping her awake at night. That anxiety and curiosity are eating her [email protected]

“So, what happened? Did they find out?” Eliina asked, very excited to know the answer.

Brina laughed. “Unfortunately they couldn’t. Olivia’s grandfather is so cautious that my friends didn’t dare to intervene in his business. In their current situation they couldn’t dig more, however, they told me that your grandmother and Olivia’s grandfather had crossed paths in their past and the relationship between them appeared rather tricky to judge precisely.”

Eliina nodded her head, slightly disappointed.

So, it’s not possible to strike straight at Olivia’s maternal grandfather.

“But, how is this connected to the stunt we are doing now? I am confused!” Eliina told Brina.

“When we knock her down, I am going to install a virus in her phone, which will enable us to track down all her calls and even listen to them. Likewise, we can communicate with her too. I want to mess with her mind a little. Distract her after we go to Alpha Academy” Brina said, laughing rather sinisterly.

Eliina, who understood it, smiled.

As Olivia has a high standing in Alpha Academy, it would be impossible to beat her. So, if they distract her mentally she might not be able to perform with the same efficiency.

In addition to that, they would also be able to find out why Greta is working with Olivia’s grandfather.

And, if they manage to get evidence, Greta will be doomed.

Meanwhile, Brina’s main objective isn’t any of these.

Her main target is to make sure Olivia’s grandfather wouldn’t attack the Royal family.

As Olivia and Owen are his only moles in the palace, there are high chances he would talk to them about this.

“Sister in law, your idea is flawless and very effective. We would be able to get hold of valuable information and we would be able to save Natalie from her. But, won’t bro Ed get angry?” Eliina asked, pouting.

Brina smiled. “You don’t have to worry. I told him about this already just now. At first he isn’t okay with it but when I explained how safely I could manage to do this, he eventually agreed. He will keep giving you a helping hand in this too” she said.

Of course, he isn’t okay with it. He said he would get his man to do it and Brina could just sit and watch.

But, Brina is adamant to do it. She was stubborn. She told him she has to inflict the pain on Olivia by herself.

However, Harry who was just beside Louis at that time, @ssured him that Brina could pull the stunt.

It is a cakewalk to her. In the past, she did it many times. She dealt with people more dangerous than Olivia.

Moreover, Brina would be having the crowned Prince and Princess helping her.

In no way, one could find out about this.

Eliina nodded her head.

“So, how are we going to trap Olivia?” Eliina asked, ready to fulfill her role.

Brina smiled and started narrating the plan.

Exactly after two hours.

Olivia, who was getting ready for the evening party, got a call from her man. Or at least, she thought it was her man.

He was the person she personally deployed to inform her dirty works during the party.

Olivia’s first thought was to call Owen. However, he was busy fv¢king the maid.

That has been his daily routine these days. He was getting impatient and it seems like he is obsessed with getting Brina.

To distract himself from it, he is getting maids to satisfy him. As these maids are appointed by house Lykaios itself, they wouldn’t say no to their next master.

Some were very happy as Owen offered them hefty amounts. While some would seal their mouths because they are afraid of him.

Olivia sighed when her brother didn’t answer her call. However, little she knew that her call was deliberately blocked by Eliina.

Here, the interesting fact is, no one knows that Eliina is a pro in tech things and hacking. They only know that she has [email protected] for games and game designing.

Although Olivia’s man asked her to come to the south corridor which has no camera installed, she didn’t feel any suspicious.

It was always best to make sure there are no cameras or people watching over.

With her phone in her hand, Olivia sl!pped away from her suite and she discreetly reached the deserted corridor.

Sitting in Ethan’s place, Louis was monitoring his girlfriend’s [email protected] stunt. He and his little sister Eliina are making sure there will be no loose ends.

And, Louis is very curious to see how his baby girl will knock the bitch unconscious.

After Olivia walked through the corner and turned left. However she froze.

Why is she feeling dèjà vu here??

And, soon her whole body felt stiff when she heard someone coming in her direction.

Biting her l!ps in tension, she turned around and nervously glanced around. Not finding anyone around, she started walking forward in a hasty fashion.

Meanwhile, Brina, who was waiting for her at the next turn, smirked.

‘Some habits never change’ she thought.

And, a few seconds [email protected] and Olivia arrived at the place where Brina was waiting.

However, it was not the turn she had to take. Her ‘man’ informed her that he would be waiting at the end of the fourth corridor.

So, she continued walking but froze when she felt a hand resting on her shoulder.

Her whole being started to shiver. She has Kenophobia.

Phobia of empty spaces and rooms. It of course includes the empty corridors.

She feels an eerie feeling and gets scared. So, when she felt Brina’s hand on her shoulder, her heart started beating erratic and her forehead started sweating.

Her legs buckled and her l!ps quivered.

‘No one is there. It’s just your imagination. You already felt this dèjà way many times, Olivia. Stay strong’ she thought.

However, ske knew very well that she would faint if she wouldn’t see any person now. That’s why she wanted to ask Owen to come with her.

It’s because she is afraid of deserted, long places. Be it an open area or closed areas such as hu-ge rooms and long corridors like these. However, her phobia wouldn’t get triggered if there is someone with her.

But, she gets extra scared when she hears eerie footsteps or feels as if someone is following her.

It has been happening for a few years. It started just like this! Just like how she felt now.

Olivia gulped and slightly turned her head sidewards. Her heart started racing more and more, but when she really saw a person, when she saw the eyes of that person under the veil, her own eyes rolled into its sockets and she fainted.

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