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the mafia heartbeat episode 52

{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Fifty Two

The journey to Morio took all night, the rest were asleep but Rebel was awake, she stood staring into the ocean and wondering what will become of them now.

If anyone has told her that things would take a different turn she wouldn’t had believed because she had it perfectly planned.

“Matteo…” she sighed rubbing her stomach as tears slid down her eyes.

She remembered the sorry in his eyes when he was being handcuffed, when the cops were shooting at their ship she saw the fear in his eyes as well, luckily they escaped but he was left behind.

She sighed again breaking down in tears.

“Rebel….” Sammie’s voice frightened her.

“You’re still on this?” He scolded.

“I thought you were asleep?” Rebel smiled sadly wiping her tears with her hand.

“No i wasn’t, not everyone are asleep yunno, Monarch and Celia are out there consoling Wren” Sammie explained.

“Oh!!” Rebel replied with a nod.

“Do you feel like talking to her?” Sammie’s question made her to throw him a glare.

“I can’t talk to her because she feel no remorse for what she has done, she’s angry that i shot him, if i hadn’t did what i did, only God knows how many blood he would have spilled, mine wouldn’t be exempted” Rebel shuttered.

“Wren was in the best position to attack him, when he pushed her out of the way, i was expecting her to strategize, attack him since he was closer and snatch the pistol from him but she did nothing” Rebel added in anger.

“You surprised me though, how were you able to get a gun, i didn’t see you with one when we took off from the clan heading to the river where the ships were” He mumbled, all these he was doing to keep her occupied and prevent her from thinking further.

Rebel smiled recalling what transpired earlier


“s£nding you to jail won’t be enough, you deserve to die” Watson yammered pushing Wren off his way and aiming the gun at Matteo.

Watson suddenly cracked his gun.

Rebel had an adrenaline rush that moment, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to strike, the main reason why the men didn’t open fire was because he used Wren as a bait, using her to shield himself, now he was in the open, nothing/ no one to cover.

Rebel’s eyes suddenly caught the pistol in Axe’s hand, she snatched it and opened fire without a second thought, then, Watson had also released a bullet.

Nobody could process how it happened but Nellie was fast enough to push Matteo off receiving the bullet on his behalf.

Watson also fell down that moment because the bullet hit his chest, the gun fell from his hands while he [email protected] for air as blood gushed out of his abdomen.

“Re-bel” he coughed ha-rder and Wren crawled to him, placing his head on her laps and crying out her heart as she caressed his cheeks.

“Iove you Watson” She sobbed ha-rder, Watson smiled sadly before giving up the ghost.

“Watson….no!!” Her loud screams could be heard.

“Nellie?” A [email protected] left Matteo’s l!ps as Nicky slumped on him with blood rushing out of her chest where the bullet had landed.

“Why? Why did you risk your life?” A lone tears escaped Matteo’s eyes.

“Do you still hate me Matteo?” Her words struck Matteo when he realized that he had been holding a grudge against her, he wanted to tell her that he has forgiven her when she suddenly did the unexpected.

“It hurts” she [email protected] for air, her heartbeat was going down, she could feel her life leaving her.

“Forgive me Matteo”

Were the last words he heard from her l!ps, it came out in from of a whisper before he heard no more, then realization dawned on him.

“He has just losed two people he care about in one day.

The thought made him to bleed inwardly as he swims and wallow in the vast ocean of pains and hurt.

“Nellie….” His l!ps trembled.

He knew he had to do something to keep them safe so he gave an order.

“Take them to safety” He ordered Sammie who lifted Rebel off from the floor without a second thought, she screamed and wailed throwing her legs in mid air as Sammie ran all the way to the ship with her on his shoulder.

That moment, the cops arrived, they jumped down from their vehicles attacking Matteo and some men including few women who couldn’t make it to the last ship on time.

“Matteo Pierce, you are under arrest for human trafficking…” The cops trailed off as his eyes caught Watson’s body and cold struck him.

“And the murder of Watson Hildago and Pierce Nedgebook” He resumed his speech.

“Pierce Nedgebook?” Matteo frowned.

“His cops was found at Bezek and all evidence proved that you were responsible for it, you were captured by the security camera in the street of Bezek as you pushed him off the rooftop”.

“It was an act of self defense” Matteo challenge.

“You have the right to remain silent cause anything you do or say will be used against you in the law court” He cut him off handcuffing his hands and dragging him all the way to the car.

He turned back halfway and stopped Rebel wailing in the ship as the ship took off.

The cops opened fire on the ships and the men raised the oars.

“We should f**king go after them” one of the detective yelled.

“We ain’t prepared for this, i say we move” Another detective countered.

“Call and ambulance and have Watson Hildago deposited to the morgue” A s£nior detective ordered.

Matteo wat pulled to the car alongside some members of his crew.


“Even the memory hurts, it’s something I’ll never forget” Rebel pouted.

“I understand” Sammie cooed.

“Boss will be set free”

His last statement made Rebel to chuckle.

“Say that to Zola, an experienced person like me knows that my lover won’t escape jail s£ntence” Rebel replied sadly.

Sammie knows that she was right so he said no more.

“Alright, I’ll be aside” Sammie sighed walking out.

“Even in death, we didn’t reconcile, we were too blinded by our hates that we didn’t get to know eachother but one thing remains Nellie, you were a wonderful person” Rebel said sadly on recalling that Nellie was gone as well.


“We said it’s okay?” Monarch cooed rolling her eyes this time around because she was already fed up.

“He’s gone Monarch, my Watson is gone, i loved him” Wren continued wailing, her eyes were puffy now due to her nonstop wailing.

“Rebel shouldn’t have pulled the trigger, we should have tried further, maybe he would have dropped the gun” Wren added sobbing the more.

“Should i tell you the truth?” Celia mumbled while Monarch signaled her to say nothing but she rolled her eyes.

“If i were Rebel, i would have shot him more than once, he’s a beast, someone like him doesn’t deserve to be cried over, because of him…no!!! Because of you, the boss was implicated, the drugs which were left behind because we want nothing on us while we leave was found because you spilled our location and even went ahead to invite him to elope with us…what were you thinking, that he fell for you? That you mattered to you? Open your f**king eyes and see that he just used you, because of him Nellie is dead, i hate him i swear, Nellie wasn’t my friend, she was the bossy and rude type but she didn’t deserved what happened” Celia purred standing to her feet.

“I’ll retire for the night” she added walking away.

“Did you hear what she said?” Wren said tearfully.

“She’s right Wren, the truth hurts but it’s the truth” Monarch muttered and went after Celia.

“I f**ked up” Wren sighed.



The s£nior detective walked into the interrogation room with Matteo’s lawyer.

“Matteo….” She rushed to him and pulled out a chair seating and facing him.

“I heard the news” She added.

“Yea” Matteo replied weakly.

“Try all you can lawyer but one thing is sure, he’s never getting out, you’re known to never lose a case, it’s better you back down now because this will taint your reputation” The s£nior detective scoffed walking out.

“Don’t give up Matteo, i won’t get you out but I’ll try my best to reduce your s£ntence” she @ssured.

“I trust you lawyer” He smiled weakly.

[email protected] up, your trial is tomorrow”

“Tomorrow?” He sighed

Sounds like judgment day to him.


The ships finally arrived at Morio successfully, Rebel’s ship was the last that arrived since it took off lastly….they were a total of twenty five ships that landed.

But their master was nowhere among the crowd.

“Rebel….” Mrs Vanessa and Isme screamed happily on spotting her.

“My angel” Zola scream running to [email protected] her.

On seeing her, Rebel’s heart shattered the more, she [email protected] her not letting go.

“Mum…Mrs Isme” She smiled weakly at them.

“Rebel…..” Jolie screamed running to her, she jumped on her happily.

“We’re back to safety” Monarch smiled while helping Sammie to bring down the luggage.

“Yes we are” He returned the smile.

“Now it’s time to begin a new chapter” He added.

“Yes, a new chapter” She agreed.

“Together?” He asked shyly.

“Together” she entangled her hands around his neck pulling him closer for a ki-ss.




“Hi…” Will walked to Celia who were among those taking the luggage in once Monarch and Sammie offloads them.

“Hi…” She shrugged not sparing him a glance.

“Celia…” He called longingly.

“What?” She snapped

“Looking for someone to deceive? New flash, that someone ain’t me cause I’ve gotten over you” she barked.

Will’s heart pricked him.

“You might have gotten over me but i want you to know that i won’t get over you, we belong together” He pouted.

“Get lost Will” She hissed making to walk [email protected] him but he pulled her back.

“I want you, i want us” He pouted.

“You have a woman in your life Will” She sighed, this time she said it calmly.

“No more, now I’m all yours” he said crashing his l!ps on hers.




Rebel watched as Zola scanned the crowd looking for someone.

She knew who it was so her heart ached the more.

“Are you looking for someone?” She asked despite knowing the answer.

“Yes, Nicky, i mean my mom” she corrected.

“Where’s Matteo, i can’t see him” Isme frowned.

“It’s a long story” Rebel sighed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zola frowned.

“Nicky…is dead” She dropped the bombshell making Zola’s world to stop moving for a moment.

“A-are you joking?” She stammered breaking down as tears streamed down her eyelids.

“I’m sorry” Rebel consoled pulling her into an hu-g, she w£t Rebel’s dress with her hot tears.

“I-i w-wanted to tell her that i love her, that I’m willing to take her back” Zola sobbed.

“I understand” Rebel cooed stroding her back.

“Don’t tell me Matteo took off because Nicky died” Isme shuttered.

“No, he was arrested” she dropped another news making Zola to cry the more.

Isme nearly fell due to the shock but Mrs Vanessa was fast to catch her.

“How?” She screamed as tears brimmed her eyes.

“I’ll explain but first, we have to bury our dead, Nicky and Nellie deserves to be [email protected]” Rebel sighed.

“Nellie too? What exactly happened in Denim?” Isme pouted.

“My life is over” Zola kept sobbing




Matteo wat brought before the judge and Jury for his trial.

He watched as his lawyer tried to convince the law court that him murdering Pierce and Watson was an act of self defense.

He evidence watched as the defendant counsel argued, stating out facts and providing evidence before the judge, evidences he never knew existed.

He just stood watching awaiting what his judgment would be.

The defendant counsel came prepared and he knew that there’s no way he’ll be escaping the wrath of the law this time.

He watched as a footage was handed over to the judge which he [email protected] over to his panels of seven jury.

He watched as they said something but couldn’t hear a thing.

“Order in the court of law” he heard the bailif screamed as ovation broke out in the law court, people came to witness it, he knows they aren’t here because they cared but because of one thing, they’re all here to witness his downfall.

Tension broke out in the law court as the learned colleagues and individuals awaits the final proclamation of the law court.

“With the evidences pres£nted before me, i hereby….”

Matteo’s heart drummed against his chest, he was scared, he didn’t know what the judges decision would be.

“I hereby declare Matteo Pierce guilty as charged”

His world stopped moving that moment, He’s going back to that hellhole called jail if not worse.

“You’re hereby s£ntence to life imprisonment ”

Matteo’s hope fell the moment he heard the declaration, he turned to his lawyer whose shoulder slumped…for the first time, she failed her subject, he flashed her a [email protected] smile before he was handcuffed and dragged out of the law court.

Isme who happened to come and witness the trial slumped on hearing the declaration, she was dressed in a black hoddies.

The news of his trial broke out across the globe and as his mother she came to witness it since Rebel couldn’t because she has been declared wanted.

But this was the last thing she was expecting.

A life s£ntence.


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