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ray is in love episode 88 & 89

By Beckylove

Chapter 88
( Handsome and charismatic)

It’s the day and trust me the weather is so good. The day is bright and clear.
Little Ray was still sleeping when his mom entered his bedroom.

Watching him, she felt complicated emotion. She is happy to see him and also [email protected] his birthday with him. She also felt sorry for him, after all, his father is in coma. She is also sad because whenever she remembered Ray’s expression when he found out she was pregnant, she wondered how nice it will be if he were alive to see this day. Only if he will just come back to them so that their family can be complete again. She missed him too much.
Dorris held back all the emotions. Today is for her son. He is going to be the main character today. She will only think of her son today. No sad moments today. No shedding of tears today. Just happiness. Extreme happiness. Overflowing happiness. Happiness everywhere.

Dorris walked closer to his bed.
“Raymond, happy birthday”, she said gently. The little boy just rolled over to face her. That way she could see his cute l!ps and some drool…
Aiya, he is one hell if a drooler.
” My boy, c’mon wake up”, she said and peck his l!ps.
The boy opened his eyes.
“Mummy”, he called.
” Happy birthday my boy”, hearing that, he stop rubbing his sleepy face and jumped up.
“Is it tomorrow already?”, he asked.
” It’s today boy.”, Dorris responded, he gaze full of love for her son.
Raymond jumped down from his bed and rushed into his bedroom.
“Mummy, hurry. Come and wash me clean before the guests start coming. Isabelle can’t see me with drool all over my face”
Dorris chuckled.

“Okay son”, she said and followed him into the bathroom.
While bathing fir him she was singing a short song she composed for him.

🎶Happy birthday my little Ray.
Ray of hope for mom
You’re gonna shine
Shine shine shine
You’re you’re a hope of joy
You’re You’re mom’s hope of joy
You’re the ray of lights I’m holding to
You’re gonna be great my boy🎵🎶

” mom, is it true that you used to be an artiste?”, he asked her.
“Yes”, Dorris replied. Well she didn’t want to recall those memories because there is Murray in all of those memories.
” Really?”, the boy asked, excited.
“Really. Even your dad. He is a well known artiste. He is rich, charismatic and popular among girls. How will I not fall for him but to be sincere, he chased me”, Dorris said, arrogance in her tone.
” Really? Then why has he been sleeping? Could it be that he was under a spell? Only a princess ki-ss will be able to wake him up? Mum, should we get a princess to ki-ss him?”, The little boy asked.
Dorris scoffed.

“I’ve raised you for years and this us how you want to pay me back? Get a princess to ki-ss your dad. I’m a princess myself. No one is ki-ssing my husband. He is for me alone. He is my personal belonging. Well now that you have mention it, I will have to give him a ki-ss tomorrow when I visits the hospital”, Dorris more like a jealous wife than a mother said.
The little boy pouted.
He just couldn’t understand grown-ups. They’re so complicated.
He can’t believe his mother just scolded him for giving a suggestion. After all, that’s what usually happen in fairy tales!

Mrs Dalton walked into her grandson room. She came very early that day. Dorris and her son came out of the bathroom.
” Hi, granny”, he greeted.
Mrs Dalton rushed to him wanting to hold him. She hold him and ki-ssed his cheeks.
“I’ve never seen a child as cute as my grandson. So so cute”, the woman said placing ki-sses all over his face.
” I’m handsome not cute”, the boy said when his granny put him down.
“What?”, Dorris asked.
” Well, uncle harry said I have to grow as handsome and charismatic as my father. Mom, you said this morning that my dad is handsome and charismatic, you didn’t call him cute yet you always call me cute and you never told me that I’m handsome. From now on use Handsome for me instead of cute”
Mrs Dalton swallowed an invisible lump. While Dorris scoffed inside.

‘Son, your dad is so cute to me. Only me know how cute he could be. I think it’s only meant for me to see though’

“Okay, Raymond. Mom will call you handsome. Okay, my handsome boy?”, she asked him.
“Okay mum”, he said.
” Stay with grandma. I will ask someone to s£nd your breakfast upstairs. Granny will dress you up. Be good okay”, Dorris said and walk out of the room.

The party will be held at an amusement park. A whole amusement park was booked for the birthday.The amusement park had been decorated and Dorris invited a lot of child celebrity. She invited Ray’s entertainment main band too to entertain everybody. They could play around the amusement park too and enjoy themselves. They are many things to eat and drink. Louis invited a caterer and Mrs Dalton invited another caterer.
People started arriving…..

By Beckylove

Chapter 89
(Who said you are having a sister)

“Goodness! We will be late”, Edmund called from the living room.
As much as he likes going out with them, as much as he hates waiting for them to dress up.
He checked the wall clock in the living room and also checked his wrist watch in reflex.
He was about to call out to them again when his little princess came down wearing a pink dress and looking so cute and pretty. That’s his first daughter Isabelle, the best girl in the world.
” Dad, how do I look?”, she asked him, swirling.
“Cute”, He replied. He realized immediately that he just made a mistake when he saw his princess frown. She hates cute.
She will rather be called beautiful.
” You’re so elegant, your highness”, he said.
Her face brightened immediately.

“What’s elegant?”, she asked.
” Elegant means the most sophisticated in the whole world”, he replied.
His little princess was very happy when she heard that.
“Dad”, she called again.
” Yes, Darling “, he answered.
” What’s sophisticated?”, she asked.
Edmund raise his brows. He was about to reply when a voice stopped him.
“Enough of that, Ed. Let’s go. We don’t wanna be late”, Harriet said climbing down the stairs.
The woman is heavily pregnant again and Edmund didn’t really suffer like the last time but he still couldn’t stand her mood swings. It is always like she ate bullet powder.
Edmund scoffed.
He wanted to say ” who is it that is making us run late?”
But he didn’t.
He didn’t want her to start again that morning.
He picked up his daughter.
“Let’s go baby”, he said.
Harriet walked past them.
” I’m thinking of throwing Isabelle to a boarding school”, she said.
Edmund eyes widen. He put the girl down and she rushed to the car. She wants to sit on the [email protected]£nger seat beside her dad. Who says it’s only her mum that will be able to sit there. She can too.
“What? I mean why? Isn’t she too young? And infact our working schedule is okay. We could always take care of our daughter”, Edmund said.

” More reasons why she should go to the hostel. Look at you spouting reasons why she shouldn’t go to the boarding house on the spot. You’re not even in a debate or something. My reason is simple. Isabelle is taking too much of your love. You dote on me less this days that’s even if you really do at all. I’m getting jealous and I don’t want to be jealous of my own child. I can’t share my husband with any woman_not even a man. I can’t share my husband with anyone!”
Edmund scoffed.
“Even if it’s just a little girl?”, he asked her.
Harriet nodded.
” Hmm. Even if it is a little girl”
“Even your own daughter?”, he asked.
Harriet only rolled her eyes and walked past him.
” You love me so?”, he asked.
“Wow! It seems I didn’t even know my own worth in my own wife heart. Oh my!”
“Wait up”, he called after her.
Harriet saw her daughter seating in the [email protected]£nger seat and scoffed.
” Is this how you’re going to pay me back for giving birth to you? You’re willing to be my rival. Get down now!”, She told him

“But I sat here first. I really want to sit here mum.”, Isabelle whined.
” Ed, tell your daughter to get down”, She told him.
“Stop whining and get into the back seat. I will be your driver today and Belle will be your PA. Isn’t that nice?”, He asked her and got into the driver seat.
” I knew this us what you will say. I knew you will definitely take her side. You don’t love me anymore now that you have a pretty daughter? What sort of injustice is this? You didn’t even care about your pregnant wife? “, She asked.
Edmund sigh.
He didn’t even know what to say.
” Mum, just come and seat here. I don’t want to be late to Raymond’s birthday. But you have to promise me that I will seat at the front seat when we are coming back home later.
Harriet face brightened immediately.
“Deal”, she said happily.
Edmund shook his head.
Isabelle got down from the [email protected]£nger seat and hopped into the back seat. Harriet had a smug expression on her face as she sat beside her husband.
Edmond shook his head and rolled his eyes.

” What?”, Harriet asked him.
“What?”, Edmund asked back. “I didn’t even do anything.”
“Dad?”, Isabelle called.
” Yes, princess?”,
“Can you start driving. We have to be on time”, She told him.
Edmund raise his brows. While does her tone looks like she is ordering her driver?
Harriet wore her seat belt as Edmund insert the key in the ignition.
” Are you guys ready? Hold on tight”, Edmund said.
“Yay!”, Isabelle was obviously ready for a fast drive.
” You can’t drive fast. You have to think of my condition”, Harriet said, damping the father and daughter mood.
“Then we should have left home earlier”, Edmund muttered softly. He obviously didn’t want to anger her.
” I agree”, Isabelle muttered.
“Are you guys saying it’s my fault that we didn’t leave home in time?”, she asked.
Edmund raised his brow.
” Whose fault is it then?”, he asked.
“Both of you. It’s your fault”, Harriet saud in an outburst. She is already raising her voice.
” people have to see how you people are bullying me. It’s not fair. How can you say it’s my fault? I didn’t even take long to dress myself. I even have to dress Isabelle up. You guys don’t really know my worth.”,
Edmund sigh. She is at it again. Mood swings.
“I’m sorry. It’s my fault”, Edmund said.
Harriet felt better and she stopped sulking.
” I wish my sister will be soo pretty. But she can’t be more pretty than me”, Isabelle suddenly said.
Harriet scoffed as she unwrap a chewing gum and put it in her mouth.
“Who said you’re having a sister?”, she asked.
” No one”, Isabelle replied innocently.
“I love sisters. They are cute”, She added.
” Yes. I will like to have a cute daughter too but she mustn’t cry a lot like isabelle did. I think daughters are soft and easy to raise. Another daughter like Isabelle will be nice”, Edmund said. He turned to look at Harriet and she us glaring.
“I don’t want a daughter. Why would I give myself another rival. I want a handsome son”, She said.
Edmund wanted to argue.
” Boys are cute too.”, Isabelle said.
Harriet smiled and she gaze at her daughter lovingly.
“Right? You want a brother?”, She asked him.
” Yes. If a brother will make mum happy”
Harriet chuckle.
“Come here”, she told her daughter.
The girl came closer and she ki-ssed her.
” Mom loves you, Isabelle. So much. You love mom too right?”, She asked him.
“Yes. I love mum.”, Isabelle saw her dad jealous expression and she added.
” I love dad too”
Edmund smiled.
“Dad love you too. And I love your mummy too”
“I love both of you”, Harriet said and they all smiled happily.


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