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mending his broken heart episode 8

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 08

“You’re fired”

Teresa felt like a bomb just exploded in her head


“Let me help you darling. Fired” Noel said

Tears well up in Teresa’s eyes as she fell on her knees

“Mr Gray please have mercy” She begged

“I don’t go back on my words” Gray said

She looked at Austin and Austin looked away. She gazed at Noel and Noel rolled her eyes

“I can’t afford to leave this company sir. Please reconsider” Teresa begged

“No I can’t. You may leave” Gray said

“Isn’t there something else I can do here? If I leave this company,I may never find a good job again”

“Let me think” Gray twitched his brows and Austin whispered something into his ears

“So you want something else to do right?” Gray asked

Teresa’s face lit up with hope

“Yes sir”

“Why don’t you become the cleaner?” Gray said more like a question

Teresa’s face fell

“A cleaner?”

“Yes. That’s the only vacant space we have now” Gray said

Teresa sighed. She had no choice. Half bread is better than none anyway. That would also give her the opportunity to exert her revenge on Noel.

“I’ll do it”

“Congratulations Tete” Noel winked at her after shortening her name “Tete will be your new nickname from now onward”

Teresa [email protected] and left the office

Noel stood up and cleaned where Teresa stood up from before sitting.

“Here are the rules of being my Personal @ssistant Noel” Gray said

“Where?” She asked looking left and right

“No I’m gonna say it” Gray said

“Isn’t it better to put it in writing? The stress will be less that way” Noel said

“I’m not lazy like you ladies”

“Don’t even go there. Ladies are special” Noel argued

“No they aren’t” Gray scoffed

“If we aren’t special then why do guys like you drool over us huh?” She asked

Austin winked at Gray and Gray frowned

“Drool my foot. Are you hearing the rules or not?”

“Of course I am”

“Good. Here they are:Dress corporately. No tardiness to the office,you must arrive before I do.

No gossiping because this is a private organization and employees are to be anonymous. No lying because I detest lies.

You must be disciplined and enthusiast to work and most importantly DO NOT WEAR SUIT ON CANVAS TO WORK EVER AGAIN” Gray emphasized the last part

“So if I’m not wearing suit,what am I gonna wear then?” She asked

“You’ll wear suit and high heels not suit on canvas. Your dressing must be moderate and corporate mostly neat”

“Okay but I can’t wear heels. I’ll wear flats because heels are not my thing” She said

“Fine but you won’t wear flats all the time. Wear heels once in a while” Gray said

Noel was happy step 1 of her plan worked. Now over to step 2 which is she must make him smile even if it means to frustrate him.

She made up her mind that if he tries to sack her,she’ll unlock part 2 of her ¢raziness and he will keep her. Everything was well planned and she couldn’t wait to implement it.

Teresa stormed out and Reina followed her to know what happened. Raymond followed too. He was the kind of guy that loves to gossip. Most people thought he was [email protected] of his behavior but that’s their problem.

“Urghhh” She yelled

“What’s the problem?” Reina held her shoulders

“That bch took my job. Dmn!!! I hate her so much” Teresa [email protected]

“Who are you calling a bch?” Raymond asked

“Noel of course”

“What has she done again?” Reina asked a bit annoyed

“She stole my job all because she wants Mr Gray’s attention”

“So,all this ranting is because of a man? Sheesh I expected more from you Teresa” Raymond said

Teresa glared at him

“Teresa,Mr Gray doesn’t have either you or Noel’s time. Your consistent bickering means nothing. He isn’t even aware of all these and both of you are ripping each other’s throats apart because of him” Reina said

“Then why has he suddenly developed a soft spot for her huh? He never complains about a single thing she does” Teresa frowned

“That’s because she’s crâzy. Why are you worked up over nothing?” Reina asked

“She isn’t cräzy Reina. She’s adorable and the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. She isn’t like you or Teresa who go about with raised shoulders. Noel is different” Raymond defended

Teresa shot him a glare

“Oh,so you have a thing for her now?” She asked in pure annoyance

“That’s none of your business” Raymond replied

“Who invited you here Ray?” Reina asked him

“No one. I came on my own free will”

“Now get the hell outta here on your free will” Teresa snapped

“I will Miss Cleaner” Raymond mocked her and left

“Urghhh I’m so gonna get him for this. This is bullshit. How can I be a cleaner while that góod for nothing enjoys in the office?” Teresa asked rhetorically

“This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t challenged Noel. You should never have understimated her because of how she behaves. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but read the contents first” Reina said

“Jeez I’ll get back that position. She won’t sit there for too long” Teresa said and started walking away

Reina sighed and followed her. The workers in this company wouldn’t ki!l her one day.

The office activities ended for the day and the employees started departing one by one. Others worked through the night due to orders that kept coming. Noel left for her apartment too.


Noel flung the door open

“Someone’s got a job” She screamed and jumped on the couch

“Is that why you couldn’t knock?” Scarlet asked

“This is my house and I have the right to walk in here whenever I want” Noel said removing her shoes

“Point of correction Missy. It’s our apartment and you should knock. What if I was dressing up?” Scarlet asked

“Chilex. There is nothing there that I haven’t seen before” Noel said and Scarlet poked her forehead

“nau-ghty girl”

“Oh please”

“So,who got a job?” Scarlet asked

“Me of course”

“Were you fired?” Scarlet looked at her suspiciously

“No. I was promoted”

“To what? A janitor?” Scarlet laughed

“Ha ha ha very funny” Noel rolled her eyes

“Then tell me”

“I have become Gray’s personal @ssistant” Noel beamed

“Are you for real?” Scarlet was surprised


“How did it happen? I mean how can he employ you?” Scarlet asked

“Remember the test I told you about? The one I was to take with an arrogant lady who was his @ssistant before?”


“I crushed it” Noel patted her chest proudly

“Wow. Congratulations bae”


“I just hope he can put up with you” Scarlet smirked


“Your ¢raziness” Scarlet replied

“I’m not ¢ràzy”

“You’re ¢ràzy and annoying”

“Hey? Take that back” Noel pouted and picked up a pillow

“Why not come and make me” Scarlet said and picked up another pillow

Before you know it, a pillow fight ensued between the two. They giggled and had fun


Noel was enjoying her beauty sleep and rolling on the bed. She is ¢rãzy and sleeps ¢rázy too. In the process of rolling,she fell and h it her bvtt on the floor snapping out of her sleep.

“Ouch my bvtt!!!” She screamed and Scarlet ran to her

“What happened? Why are you on the floor?” Scarlet asked picking her up

“I don’t know. I was sleeping and the next thing I know,I was on the floor,on my bvtt” Noel said

Scarlet started laughing

“You’re quite a ¢rázy when sleeping too. You rolled and fell down” Scarlet said

“No I didn’t. I never roll” Noel argued

“Soothe yourself then. Ummm…I guess you might wanna check the time lady. You’re almost late for work” Scarlet pointed at the wall clock

“You refused to wake me?” Noel fumed

“I didn’t wanna disturb you. You were sleeping like a baby” Scarlet smiled

“Now you’re being sarcastic”

“Yes I am. I’m off to work. There’s food in the freezer. Stay outta troüble. Bye” Scarlet smiled and left

Noel undressed and rushed into the bathroom,coming out later with a towel wrapped around her waist. She dried her hair and applied body lotion then wore a black suit.

She looked at the heels on the shoe rack and wore flats instead. She let her hair down in waves,took her handbag and rushed to work.


She got to the company and saw Gray coming out of his car. He was on a black suit too looking handsome.

She tagged along and both came into the office same time. Gray sat down and looked up to meet her eyes. She was looking more beautiful today than ever today. He scanned her from head to toe

“Why are you looking at me like that? Did I wear the wrong suit?” She asked nervously

Gray cleared his throat

“No you didn’t wear the wrong suit but you’re late” Gray said

“Really? This is 7:30am” She complained

“You’re supposed to be at work before me Noel” He said

“But we came in together” She replied

“Must you have an answer to everything?” Gray asked glaring at her

“I have to defend myself from men like you who claim that they’re the boss” She answered

“But I am your boss Missy” Gray said

“My name’s Noel not Missy. Don’t call me that” She snapped

“And what will you do if I call you again Missy?” Gray asked obviously looking for her trouble

“I’ll..I’ll get my revenge” She pouted and sat down

“Time to work” Gray said and gave her some business transactions to balance.

After she was done,he dropped another one on her table. She glared at him

“What is it?” He asked

“I just finished one. You didn’t even give me a break and you’ve given another one to me already” Noel pouted

“It’s your job so do it” He said sternly

“Blah blah blah” Noel rolled her eyes

“Stop rolling your eyes at me” He warned

“And what will you do if I don’t?” She asked rolling the eyes again

She wants her revenge. He annoyed her first, now’s her turn

“Don’t make me sack you” He threatened

“I’d love to see you try” She said

“Gosh,you’re so annoying” Gray face palmed

“You’re annoying too” She fired back

“Noel!!!” He glared at her and she smiled

“Do you know you’re cute when you are annoyed?” She said flashing a smile at him


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