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married to overlord episode 33 & 34


Gabrielle’s sleep was constantly interrupted by a beeping sound.

She [email protected] softly as she felt immense pain on her head and the voices didn’t make it even better.

Her eyes fluttered open but her vision was blurred she couldn’t make out the figures Infront of her.

“She’s awake sir.” She an unfamiliar voice and a frown adorn her face as tried to move her hands but couldn’t for she feels pain all over her body it was like she’d been hit by a moving truck.

She blinked rapidly and slowly her vision became clear.

“Hey look at me.” She turned to her left and found Xavier seating beside her bed while holding her hand in his.

“Don’t move around to avoid opening up your wounds.” He sounded like he was coaxing her.

“What happened? Where am I?” She asked and tried to touch her throbbing head and winced in pain when her hand came in contact with the bandage.

For a moment she thought she saw pain in his eyes but counted it as hallucination.

“Hospital…You were in an accident.” He sighed softly and stood up.

And that was when it all came rushing back to her as she remembered what he’d done.

Her face instantly became cold as she looked away from him.

“I want to be left alone.” She mumbled and she heard him walk away without saying a word.

And that was when she dropped the shield and sobbed quietly.

He didn’t even tried explain himself and left without a second thought.

A part of her wish he’d stood his ground and tried talking to her but he left like she ment nothing, oh right she meant nothing anyways she’s just a tool for his pointless revenge.

Gabrielle was lost in thoughts that she didn’t see the two people that walked into the vvip ward.

“Make sure there’s nothing else to worry about else you can ki-ss your job goodbye.” She heard that de-ep voice again but didn’t turn around for she doesn’t wanna find out it was all in head but Opened her eyes when she heard an unfamiliar voice again.

“How are you feeling ma’am?” The doctor asked with a nervous smile and Gabby turned to the man leaning against the wall silently.

“My head hurts.” She mumbled with her eyes down.

So he’d gone to call the doctor and she only overthinking things.

“Hmm I see.” The doctor began writing on his patients notes.

“Do you feel any discomfort anywhere. Do you remember your name?” He asked the important questions and Gabby nodded.

“I feel weak and my legs are jelly.” She answered honestly.

“It’s only natural you feel weak for someone who has been out for Four days.” The doctor stated and Gabby widened her eyes in surprise.

“Wait what?” She turned to Xavier who Locked eyes with her and looked away.

“You’ve been out for days now making your husband worried all through.”

“That’s enough Frank you can leave now.” Xavier growl and the doctor immediately zipped his mouth and scram.

Once it was just the two of them the room it became awkwardly silent.

Gabby stole a quick glance at the man as he walked towards the balcony of the ward.

He lit up a cigarette and leaned against the railing overlooking the hospital garden.

His shoulders were hung low making anyone think he was lonely as he smoked quietly.

He cursed irritably and broke the cigarette and dump it in the trash can before walking back to the room.

“Are you hungry? Is there anything you would like to eat?” He asked while staring at the little woman on the bed.

“I’m not hungry.” Gabrielle lied with a straight face.

“Well you have to eat no matter how ha-rd you try to resist.” He undid the first three buttons of his black sleeves revealing his tattoos as he sat down in front of her.

“I said I’m not hungry! So please stop acting like you actually care.” She lashed at him.

“You’re right I don’t f*cking care…” He stood up unhurriedly and walked away with his hands shoved into his pocket.

Gabrielle looked at his retrieving back and burst into tears again.


Xavier came to the hospital with a few things and food for her.

He hated the hospital because it brings back old memories but somehow he was willing to compromise for that little woman.

For the last four days he had been by her side and neglecting his company yet she dared to say he didn’t care about her?

He walked into her room with a poker face and found her in a seating position.

Gabrielle was once again proven wrong when she saw the fresh clothes and few dishes packed in a basket.

Without saying a word he began serving her but no matter how she sees it, she couldn’t forgive him for trying to involve her in a battle that has nothing to do with her.

After serving hers and putting it in front of her he moved away without a word unknown to Gabby he was really trying to hold back his discomfort.

“I’m going to make arrangements to have you moved to the mansion I don’t find it convenient here.” He finally spoke but Gabby ignored him.

“Great! Also make arrangements for our divorce too.” She said with a straight face.

“You can hate me all you want but I’m sorry to disappoint you there be any divorce. No amount of res£ntments and cold shoulder could possibly make me divorce you. Get that into your stubborn head.” He said in cold tune.

“Fine do whatever you want. You can as well kill me already not that you have feelings for me anyway. A cold heart would always remain a cold heart.” If wasn’t gonna let her go she was gonna attack him with her words.

“Indeed.” He said and walked away after instructing his guards to watch her.


Few days later Gabrielle had been brought back to the mansion for further treatment but unfortunately the couple were as cold as ever.

Gabrielle would always say hateful things to him but he won’t budge.

She’d bed ridden for days and wasn’t allowed to walk around freely and this made really frustrated.

Today she was bored of staying on the third floor so she decided to come down and have a chat with the chef.

“Oh my goodness you shouldn’t be in her ma’am.” The chef adviced the moment she caught sight of Gabrielle walking into the kitchen with a bottle of water.

“I was bored so I decided to come check on you.” She smiled sweetly and Mrs Tina couldn’t find it in her heart to say no to young miss of the mansion.

“Okay then please take a seat over thereqa while I quickly wip something for you. Lord Xavier insisted you never miss your meals.” Mr Tina suggested and she immediately pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat down totally ignoring the part she said Lord Xavier wanted her to eat her meals.

“Could you tell me about the young master? I mean what his childhood was like.” She let her curiosity take over.

Mrs Tina heaved a sad sigh and sat down beside the young miss.

“Well you might not know this but the young master never had a pleasant childhood, in one night he every single member of his family in the most horrible way. We the servants were the only family he got left while growing up. He use to be bright kid too but after that incident he became cold for his age. He might seem cold and ruthless on the outside but in reality he is just a lonely person, so please don’t give up on him yet because I can see you guys ain’t happy with each other.” Gabrielle felt a tug on her heart and couldn’t start to imagine what he must’ve gone through.

“Hmm. How did they die?” Her eyes had become teary as she felt really bad for him.

Mrs Tina stood up immediately and went back to her cooking.

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you that for only the master can give you answers to your questions.” Gabrielle could the hesitation in her voice she instantly concluded that it was a really s£nsitive topic for all of them.

“It’s okay I understand, thanks for sharing this with me.” Gabby was glad she got to know something important about it.

Yes she might be mad at her mom for lying to her about her biological father but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her.


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