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love over blood episode 38 & 39


©Sir Zach


Caleb was ki-ssing Lisa [email protected] when the door of the shower room opened. Lisa pushed him immediately.

The two were stunned to see the awkwardness between the two when they came out. Lisa was fixing her dress while sitting on the couch.

“Ehm! You look human enough on your dress.” Caleb taunted Aisha. When Lisa looked at her, she dropped her jaw. She’s even more beautiful at her dress.

“Aisha! you look amazing!” Lisa suddenly uttered in amazement.

“Oh see? I told you it looks good on you.” Sophie chuckled when she remembered how Aisha doubted the dress a while ago.

They were actually arguing about it. Guess she didn’t have a choice. She was wearing a tube black dress which was 2 inches above the knee. She felt so exposed. Her hair was tide into a messy bun with some hair falling on her shoulder. Her 4 inches heels also added height on her long lean legs.

Ethan was fighting the urge to call Stacy since he was informed that she exited the White lotus department store an hour ago. But after a while, Larry called him to let him know that Stacy was already in the hotel. But where is she? The party is about to start in a minute.

Mr. Salemander gave an opening speech to welcome everybody. The party looks like a gathering of business men all over the country. Of course, almost everyone has their partners. Some are with their wives; some was just a date. After the opening speech, Mr. Salemander acknowledge some VIP’s with him then he gave the microphone to the host. The party already started but Ethan haven’t seen Stacy yet. he was looking for her everywhere but everyone has their masks on. he was about to call Stacy when someone approached him.

“Mr. Williams right?” the old man asked.

“Yes I am; May I know who I’m speaking with?” Ethan politely asked.

“Mikasa, Demetrius Mikasa. Please to meet you in person.” Demetrius extended his hand.

“The plea-sure is mine Mr. Mikasa.” He politely shook his hand with a smile. “and thank you for your interest in our company. Hope we will have you as our partners for a long time.” Demetrius was stunned at his pleasant attitude. It’s rare to see humble CEO’s nowadays.

“of course, we’re looking forward to be working with you as well. Are you here alone?” Demetrius suddenly asked

“No. I’m with my wife actually.”

“Oh! So you’re already married. Too bad I really want you to meet my daughter. I really think you’ll like her” Demetrius chuckled. Ethan beams.

“Oh well, see you later. I’ll just go and greet my old friend Salemander.” Then Demetrius left.

After Demetrius left, some business partners approached Ethan. They talked merely about business.

In a table located in the east side of the hall, a middle age man wearing a fox mask was looking at Ethan intently. He was observing him since earlier. If his eyes could shoot daggers, then Ethan would probably be dead by now. he made himself busy after a while as he talked to some big fishes inside, especially those whom he knew as an investor at the Saphiro Gentz Company. As to what topic they were talking about? Only he and the people whom he approached knew it.

Ethan went to the counter to get a specific wine he loves to drink when a lady masked in a erfly-like design approached him. she smiled at him gently. Is this woman hitting on him? she’s definitely a beauty but he only wants to keep a specific woman in his life. He smiled back but he snaps quickly at his wine. However, the lady is still looking at him, standing beside her.

“Can I help you miss?” Ethan raised his brow. The lady suddenly let out a crisp chuckle. Ethan somehow catches her laugh. Wait! She sounds like —- he stares at the infinity necklace that she is wearing. Eh? Then he looks at her messy bun hair. He es his temple when he saw the phoenix haircl!p. He smirks.

“Can I join you?” she’s teasing him..

“I’m afraid my wife would skin you alive if she sees you with me.” He says with sarcasm as he leans on the counter sipping his wine.

“Oh, I didn’t know you have a wife.”

“Ehm, I have. And she’s a bit scary. I just want you to know that.” He whispered to her.

“Oh, is that so? Is she prettier than the woman in front of you?” Ethan looks at her from head to toe as if essing her.

“hmmm… actually, my wife is a very simple woman. she’s definitely a beauty but I think the woman in front of me is much prettier.” He smiled genuinely but the woman in front of him sneered in contempt. He let out a laugh seeing her facial reaction.

Aisha was about to leave him but Ethan held her arm.

“Hey, leaving so soon?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I actually don’t have a time for cheaters.” She faces him with condescension. Ethan laughs even more but he pulled her closer to him and planted a ki-ss on her forehead.

“Why decide to wage a war then retreat afterwards when your at disadvantage?” he teases.

“I hate you!” she scoffed.

“It’s okay as long as I love you.” Then he ki-sses her on the l!ps. She was caught off guard but she blushingly smiled afterwards.

“Liar! You just cheated on your wife just now!” Ethan chuckled.

“Are you jealous with yourself?” Ethan teased the woman sulking in front of him.

“But you look beautiful tonight love, I might have a ha-rd time blocking men who approaches you tonight.” He whispered. She chuckles.

Demetrius spotted Ethan standing at the counter with a gorgeous lady beside him. Whoa! she stood like someone he knew. It couldn’t be his daughter, he was confident. He approaches them.

“Hi, I hope I am not disturbing you.” Aisha suddenly felt some chills in her spine. He sounded just like her father Demetrius.

“Of course not. By the way this is my wife, Stacy.” Aisha faces the man while Ethan held her arm. Aisha paused. “Dad?” she screamed in her mind.

“Stacy, this is Mr. Demetrius Mikasa. He is one of our business partner.”

“Please to meet you Mr. Mikasa,” Stacy extended her hand, Demetrius shook it.

“My , Miss Stacy. Now I see why you turned down my proposition, Mr. Williams.” The two men chuckles in understanding. Aisha raises her brow line.

“Now that I see you, I remembered my ungrateful daughter. You really look like her. I wish I could see the beauty behind that masks.” Demetrius smirks meaningfully. Aisha chuckled.

“Ha-ha, such a coincidence, right?” her voice cracks as she answered. Ethan grin.

The host of the party called out a dance then they played some soft music.

“Mr. Williams, Can I have this chance to dance with your gorgeous wife?” Demetrius asks. Ethan nods in approval.

Demetrius courteously held her arm as they walk towards the front aisle. As soon as they reach the dance stage, Demetrius held her in a dancing position.

“I never thought I would be seeing you here. Care to tell me what’s happening?” Demetrius asks. Aisha held her breath.

“E-eh? What do you mean Sir?” Aisha tried her best to conceal her identity to her father.

“Do you think you can deceive a father who raised a stubborn child since she was young!” he calmly yelled. “You can’t possibly fool your own father Aisha, right?” she can see his glares.

“D-dad….” she tried to smile persuasively.

“Care to tell me how could you possibly get married without my cons£nt? And without me too? Tell me, is it a shot-gun marriage?” Demetrius was upset.

“Dad, it’s not what you think. I promise to tell you everything but not now. It’s a long story.” She grinned. “I will call you later, I promise.” Demetrius snorted so he looked away. His eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.

“Cherry Ann?” he grasped. Did he just see a ghost who came back to life? “No it can’t be! It’s impossible! She was dead 15 years ago!” he mutters in disbelief.


©Sir Zach


“Excuse me for a second,” Demetrius let go of Aisha’s hands then he left the dance floor. He tried to find the familiar woman he saw earlier. He can’t possibly be wrong. It was her. It was Cherry Ann Lee!

Aisha was surprised when Demetrius left her all of a sudden. He looked unstable. Her eyes tried to follow where he went but she lost him. she was about to go back to where Ethan was but he looks busy. He’s currently talking to a woman who looks like she’s on her late 40’s or early 50’s. That woman, she looked like someone she knew but she can’t point it out. Well anyway, It’s okay though, At least, she can talk to Mr. Salemander for the meantime. Her eyes tried to search for him. There! He was talking to some men on his age. Aisha walked towards him.

Unknown to Aisha, Ethan have been staring at her from time to time. Ethan was about to approach her when Demetrius left, unfortunately, a woman approached him and talked about investing in his company so he nee-ds to entertain her. But Ethan tried to find a good place where he can see Stacy.

On the other hand, Lisa, Caleb and Sophie was sitting in a table munching their own food. After filling their stomach, Sophie tried to speak with Lisa.

“Uhm, Lisa, I’m just curious though, do you have a boyfriend?” Sophie started.

“Eh?” Lisa was caught off guard. Why is she asking her about that all of a sudden?

“Sorry, I know we don’t know each other yet but I’m just curious. You are so pretty. I’m sure there are tons of guys following you around.” The truth is, Sophie was trying to annoy her brother but when Caleb heard Sophie’s question, he scoffs.

“Ayyy! I’m sure she doesn’t have one. Who would like to court her anyway?” Caleb interrupted. Lisa look at him with a scornful face.

“Hey! I am not speaking to you! Don’t interrupt, will you!” Sophie spank his head as she yelled at him.

“Hey! Why do you have to spank my head woman?! don’t you know how precious this head is?” he yelled back. Lisa was just watching them. Is this the thing they called LQ (lover’s quarrel)? She cringes her brow.

“Yah! What a bothersome guy! Could you just go somewhere and find someone to talk to?” Sophie was annoyed. “Why do I have such an idiot brother!”

Lisa was shocked. Did she hear her right? Brother? Are they???? She gulped.

“Brother?” Lisa didn’t know that she uttered what was in her mind. The two looked at her in surprise.

“You didn’t know?” Sophie asked surprisingly while Caleb raised a brow.

“Ehm… I didn’t notice any similarities in you guys.” She chuckled.

“And that’s actually a relief!” Sophie glared at Caleb.

“Anyway, Lisa, tell me, is someone courting you alre —–”

“Lisa!” Sophie didn’t finish her s£ntence since someone interrupted. The three looked at that person’s direction. Lisa was puzzled. She doesn’t know anyone in the party, except Caleb, Aisha and the sister –Sophie.

The man saw her confused look and the intense gaze of the man beside her. the man with Lisa seems to hate his interruption or his entire pres£nce?

“Hey, It’s me, Kian!” He introduced himself.

“Oh hi! How come you’re here?” Lisa suddenly asked..

“Oh nothing. I was dragged by my boss here since he doesn’t have a date.” He jokes but no one laughs at him.

“And who the hell are you?” Caleb intimidatingly asked the stranger in front of him.

“He is Kian, my friend. Kian, this is Caleb and Sophie.” Lisa knew Caleb’s tone so she interrupted.

“Oh, I can smell someone being jealous!” Sophie whispered at Caleb’s ears. He glared at her.

“Hi, nice meeting you!” Kian innocently extended his hand but Caleb ignored him.

“Nice meeting you Kian.” Sophie received his hand instead. He smiled at her.

“Lisa, can I have a dance with you?” Kian suddenly invited Lisa. She was surprised in a moment but she gracefully accepted it.

“Excuse us.” Lisa told Caleb and Sophie as she stood up to follow Kian.

Caleb was looking at them intently as they walked near the allotted dance floor. He was irritated to see that Kian held Lisa so dear as they dance gracefully. Sophie was watching Caleb with amusement. It was her first time to see a restless Caleb. He looks like a volcano ready to erupt anytime soon. Sophie laughed mockingly.

“What’s funny?!” Caleb annoyingly asked.

“You! You’re so funny!” she’s still laughing. Caleb glared at her.

“Why don’t you just say what you truly feels about her before it’s too late?” Caleb heard what she said but he ignored her.

“If I were you, I’ll better act before it’s too late.” Sophie stood up and strides towards the wine counter while Caleb’s watching Lisa giggling to whatever the man was saying. He unconsciously grips his hand in annoyance.

At the counter, Ethan saw Stacy approached Mr. Salemander. He doesn’t know why.

“Mr. Williams? Are you still with me?” The woman asked the man who was looking somewhere.

“I’m sorry. What was that again?” he snapped.

“Seems like Mr. Williams have other important things to do.” The woman hints an irritation in her voice.

“I do apologize Ms. Gray. I was looking for my wife. Would you like to discuss this further in another time? I could show you around while you’re here in Central City.” He offered.

“Hmm, looks like a good proposition.” She smiled. “I’ll just visit you the next day in your office, if that’s okay?” She asked.

“Of course Ms. Gray.” They exchange business cards. Afterwards, the woman left. As soon as Ms. Gray left him, he decided to go and see Stacy. She is still talking with Salemander.

“I hope I am not interrupting your good moment.” Ethan said as he reached Stacy and Salemander.

“Oh Mr. Williams! Thank you so much for coming.” Salemander greeted him.

“Thanks for inviting us.” Ethan smiled as he held Stacy’s waist. Aisha jolted suddenly.

“I can see that you already met my wife Stacy.”

“Oh yes! she’s definitely gorgeous and wise. You are very lucky to have someone like her as a wife!” Salemander liked her indeed. It’s good to know.

“Yes, thank you Mr. Salemander. I hope you can excuse us. I would like to have a dance with my wife.”

“Of course!” Then Salemander left them.

“Can I have this dance?” Ethan teasingly asked her. she chuckled as they stride towards the dance floor. Aisha would like to have this moment while Ethan is in good mood. she doesn’t understand him sometimes. Some days, he was good to her, sweet and caring. Some days, he was aloof towards her. Some other days, he simply doesn’t care about her. It’s definitely confusing at Aisha’s part but chose to ignore them. Maybe he was just tired or maybe he had a bad day at work. Maybe, just maybe. So she just wants to savor this moment with him.

Demetrius have been searching the hall for some time now. he was restless. He wants to see that woman badly. he wanted to confirm his curiosity.

Fifteen years ago, Demetrius saw the news about her death. He was not able to visit her wake since he was shot that time and is recovering in the hospital. he never had a chance. But there have been some rumors in the underworld about her being alive. Someone claimed that he saw her with someone, but it was never proven. He may have wanted to know the truth unfortunately it was said that they were cremated. She and the husband was both cremated. As for now, Demetrius was hoping. What if the rumors before where true? Then she may be alive!

Demetrius was smoking outside near the parking lot. He is trying to rele-ase all his frustrations. The pain of his past that he tried to bury de-ep in his mind and in his heart resurfaced, again. He was about to enter the hotel when he suddenly saw a woman running hurriedly towards a gray SUV car. It’s her! it was the masked woman whom he saw earlier. the woman removed her mask when she almost reached the car, Demetrius was able to see a glimpse of her side view. She looks exactly like her! like the woman whom he loved before. He was about to approach her when he saw the woman ki-ssed a gray haired bearded man before she entered the car. He halted in shock.

That man! Demetrius shouted in his mind. “What does this mean?” He traces his jawline. He was lost in his thoughts.

“It’s impossible!” He staggered backwards.

“So how did it go?” The man with a gray hair asked the woman who entered his gray SUV car.

“It was perfect. I will be meeting him the day after tomorrow for further discussion.” The woman smirked victoriously.

“Good job! we should leave the party now so we can prepare ahead of time.” The gray haired man sipped the [email protected] of wine in his hand.


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