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lies of the heart episode 16 & 17


By: Ghaniyah.M.

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Immediately it was break time all the students rushed out of the [email protected], Lizzy was going to the [email protected] when she bumped into Tatiana.

“Sorry” Lizzy apologies then Tatiana glared at her.

“Are you blind? Don’t you watch where you are going” Tatiana said, angrily.

“What else do you want me to do? I have apologies… is that not okay” Lizzy said with a smirk.

“Oh, really… are you talking to me” Tatiana said, angrily.

“Keep quiet, Tatiana Smith the only daughter of a cabman who is pretending that she comes from a rich family… if you don’t keep quiet, I will tell all the students who you are so keep quiet” Lizzy said then she became shocked.

“Excuse me…my dad is not a cabman” Tatiana pretended.

“Really… have you forgotten that we have met before, I do you get into the school” Lizzy said, gazing at her.

“Keep quiet… who are you?” Tatiana asked.

“You wanna know who I am… go and find who I am the way I find out who you are, bitch” Lizzy said and pushed her away.

She walked majestically away.

Tatiana frowned then she stood up from the floor.

“I nee-d to find out who she is” She thought and left.

When she got to the cafeteria, she saw Emma and her friends eating.

“Hey girls” She said as she sat down.

“Babe, where have you been since… we have been waiting for you” Emma asked, gazing at her.

She was about to say something when her mind drifted to Lizzy.

“Emma, can you tell me who that girl is” She asked.

“Why?” Emma asked as she sipped her juice.

“Nothing, I wanna know who she is” She said.

“Okay… I don’t know anything about her but the only thing I know is she has a crush on Wyatt and Aaron” Emma said.

“Oh, okay” She said.

“Take, we get you something to eat” Emma said and gave her the food.

“Thanks” She said with a fake smile.

Few minutes later, they were still eating when they saw Ruby and her friends with a tray with food in their hands, walking towards where they are.

“Ruby, get ready” she thought.

Ruby and her friends were going to their seats when she pushed Ruby.

“Ouch” Ruby said and fell down.

“Ruby” Her friends called and rushed towards her.

“Awwn, so sorry… I didn’t know” Tatiana said with a smirk.

Ruby got angry and stood up from the floor. Bianca was about to slap Tatiana when Ruby gave her an eye signal to stop.

“Tatiana or whatever you called yourself, what’s your problem? I know you intentionally pushed me so stop all this drama, if you are doing this because you love Aaron go and meet him and confess your feelings… I don’t fv¢king care but if you do this again, you gonna see my other side” Ruby said, angrily.

“Really” Tatiana said and slapped her then the students [email protected]

Ruby held her cheek.

“You slapped me” Ruby said, still holding her cheeks.

“Yes, who are you?” Tatiana said with a roll.

Ruby got angry and slapped her, she was about to slap her again when someone shouted stop. She turned back to know who the person was, when the person turned out to be Aaron, she hissed and slapped Tatiana.

“Ruby, what are you doing? I said stop but you didn’t listen?” Aaron said.

“Really, I should stop when you say that right… Aaron, I don’t care who you are, get out of my life… Do you even know what happened here?” Ruby said.

“I don’t care about what happened here but when I said stop you should have listened” Aaron said, angrily then he slapped.

The students [email protected]

Ruby held her cheek, she raised her head then she stared at him for a while but she didn’t say anything, she was going out of the cafeteria when she saw Wyatt, she burst out in tears then she hu-gged Wyatt.

Wyatt patted her bag when Aaron saw them he got angry, he was walking towards them when Rico called him then he turned back.

“Leave them” Rico said but he didn’t answer.

“Why are you hu-gging? Have you forgotten that she is no longer your girlfriend, she is my wife” Aaron said, angrily.

“If she was your wife, you wouldn’t have slapped… she doesn’t even love you, she was forced to marry you” Wyatt said then Aaron got angry.

He was about to hit Wyatt when Ruby held his hand.

“Don’t hit me, I was the one that hu-g him so hit me” Ruby said, in tears.

“Ruby, leave my hand… let me deal with him” Aaron said.

“No, hit me… Aaron hit me” Ruby said.

“I can’t” Aaron said.

“Really, are you scared he might hit you if you hit me… Aaron, you slapped me because of that bitch, so you know what she did to me… Aaron, I don’t love you and I never will” Ruby yelled.

The students brought out their phones and took a video of them.

“Ruby, I am sorry” Aaron apologies.

“Just sorry… I hate you, Aaron” Ruby shouted then she left the cafeteria with Wyatt.

Aaron was about to follow them when Wyatt held him.

“Aaron” Bianca called and walked towards where he was standing.

“You are a coward…you slapped her without knowing what happened, I am so disappointed in you” Bianca said and left the cafeteria with Olivia and Eliana.

Eliana was only smiling.

When they got to the [email protected], they met Ruby sitting alone, sobbing.

“Ruby” They called and rushed towards her.

“Ruby, he is not in his right mind so forgive him” Bianca said.

“Where is Wyatt?” Eliana asked.

“What’s your problem, Eliana… all the time you asked about Wyatt, do you love him” Olivia said, and glared at her.

“Ruby, sorry dear… it’s okay” Bianca said.

“Bianca, I hate him… he slapped me in front of the students” Ruby said and burst out in tears again.

“Sorry, babe” Olivia said then she wiped her tears away.

“He is sorry, okay” Bianca said but Ruby didn’t say anything.

Eliana was pressing her phone when she saw the video on Instagram.

“What?” Eliana exclaimed.

“What happened?” Olivia asked, gazing at her.

She showed them the video.

“The students have posted the video” Bianca said then Ruby raised her head up.

Lied Of The Heart

By: Ghaniyah.M.

Do not Copy Or Repost

Chapter 17: The Secret

Mr. Connor was working on his laptop when his wife entered, she called her husband but he didn’t respond.

“Look at this video, sweetie… Ruby, doesn’t Aaron” Mrs. Lillian said, showing her husband the video that the students posted on instagram.

“Darling, I have seen the video… I think Ruby said that to Aaron out of anger.

“I don’t think so, honey” Mrs Lillian said, gazing at him.

“Stop stressing yourself… Ruby and Aaron love themselves so much” Mr Connor said.

“Okay” Mrs. Lillian said and was about to climb the stairs up when Mr. Connor called then she responded.

“Perse, is moving here tomorrow” Mr. Connor said and Mrs. Lillian smiled.

“Aaron, will be happy to see his sister” Mrs.Lillian said.

“Yes, dear” Mr. Connor said with a nod.

Mrs. Lillian went upstairs.

Some hours later, Mr. Connor was done so he went upstairs when he got upstairs, he met his wife speaking on the phone. Mr. Connor lay on the bed.

“Sweetie, who are you speaking to?” Mr. Connor asked, gazing at her.

“I’m speaking with Aaron” Mrs. Lillian replied.

“Okay… Do you ask him about the video?” Mr, Connor asked.

“Yes…He said he is the one that caused everything” Mrs. Lillian said.

“Oh” Mr. Connor said.

“Sweetie, I am hanging up now” Mrs. Lillian said then she hung up.

“You better talk to your son…”

“Darlin, they have settled it” Mrs. Lillian said.

“Okay” Mr. Connor said.


Ruby was in the room, sleeping when Aaron entered then he lay beside her. He stared at her and smiled.

“She looks pretty” Aaron thought and was about to ki-ss her when Ruby opened her eyes.

Ruby was shocked to see Aaron laying beside him. She got down on the bed immediately.

“Aaron, what do you wanna do… you want to ki-ss so if I don’t open my eyes, you would have ki-ssed me… are you in your right mind? I have told you several times, I don’t love and I will never do” Ruby shouted.

“You are my wife so I can see you… I don’t also love you, I only want to ki-ss you” Aaron said and faked a frown.

“Then stay away from me… I dislike you” Ruby shouted and left the room angrily.

Aaron smiled.

“Why am I smiling… I don’t love her” Aaron said and got down on the bed and left the room.

When he got to the living room, he met Ruby sitting on the chair watching a movie. He walked towards her and sat down on the chair with her. Ruby stood up immediately and he sat down, she was about to walk away when he held her.
“Aaron, leave me alone” Ruby said, angrily.

Aaron stood up and pulled her on himself then he placed his l!ps on her.

“Aaron, leave me” Ruby said and pushed him with all force.

She ran upstairs when she got to the room, she locked the door immediately.

“I miss Wyatt so much” Ruby said, sadly.

She couldn’t hold the tears so she just had to let it fall. She took her phone and called Wyatt.

“Hello” Ruby said when he picked up.

“Hello, Ruby.. how are you doing?” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt, I am not fine… I am fed up” Ruby said and burst out in tears.

“Babe, should I come there?” Wyatt asked.

“No, don’t come… we would meet in school tomorrow” Ruby said and wiped her tears.

“Okay” Wyatt said and sighed.

“Wyatt, I want to ask you a question” Ruby said.

“Go on” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt, is it true that you are dating Lizzy?” Ruby said.

“Ye…yes” Wyatt lied.

“No… Wyatt, you can do this to me” Ruby said in tears.

“Ruby, what do you want me to do? You are married so we can’t be together… I want you to know you always stay in my heart” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt, I love you and you are the only person in my heart please don’t do this to me… I was only forced to marry Aaron” Ruby said, in tears.

“I will call you later.. bye” Wyatt said and hung up.

Ruby burst into tears again.


Wyatt was in his thoughts when Leah entered, she called but he was lost in his thoughts.

“Brother” Leah called and tapped her.

“Oh, Leah… When did you come in?” Wyatt asked, gazing at her.

“Just now… Brother, what are you thinking?” Leah asked, as she sat down with him.

“Nothing,” Wyatt said and stood up.

Leah was about to say something when Mrs. Savannah entered.

“Welcome back, Grandma” They greeted.

“Wyatt, what’s wrong?” Mrs. Savannah asked.

“Nothing, Grandma” Wyatt said as he climbed the stairs up.

“Grandma, he is thinking again” Leah said.

“I know, dear… I don’t know the reason why he can’t forget that rich girl” Mrs. Savannah said and sat down.

“They loved themselves so much, he can ‘t forget about her” Leah said and Mrs. Savannah scoffed.

“Grandma, I want to ask you a question” Leah said, gazing at her.

“Okay, go on” Mrs. Savannah

“Who are our parents?” Leah said.

When Leah said that Mrs. Savannah was speechless.

“Grandma, who are our parents? I want to know who our parents is” Leah said.

Mrs. Savannah ignored her question then she stood up. She went upstairs.

“Why didn’t she say anything?” Leah thought.


Hazel was speaking with Ruby on the phone when Mrs. Ava entered.

“Welcome back, mom” Hazel greeted and she nodded,

“Who are you speaking with?” Mrs. Ava asked, facing her.

“I’m speaking with Sis” Hazel replied.

“Give the phone to me, let me speak with her” Mrs. Ava said.

“Sis, mom wants to speak with you” Hazel said.

“Tell her I don’t want to speak with her” Ruby said.

“Huh, Sis… it’s mom” Hazel said and took a glance at their mother.

“Yes, I know” Ruby said.

“Give the phone to me” Mrs Ava said.

“Mom. She doesn’t want to speak with you” Hazel said then Mrs Ava frowned.

“The phone” Mrs Ava said and collected the phone from her.

“Hello” Mrs. Ava said.

Immediately Ruby heard her mom’s voice, she hung up.

“What? She hung up” Mrs Ava said and went upstairs angrily.


By: Ghaniyah.M.

I think Mrs Savannah is hiding something

What do you think?

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