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key to love episode 50

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️

💙💙💙 Chapter 50💙💙💙


” Your dress has been stained with blood!” Dean reiterated reluctantly, cause of how she’s subsisted glancing cluelessly at him. Not wanting to share the same eye contact with her when he’d said that, he seized his eyes elsewhere aside from her face. Her l!ps trembled as reality hit ha-rd at her. The stomach ache!! The abdomen pain! This is what it’s all about!! Why didn’t she realize to think about this? She should have known when the pain came suddenly.
She accused herself of making such a hu-ge mistake as she bit her inner l!ps. Even though it wasn’t the right time for it to occur. She should have known better when she started feeling terrible pain!; Word lost in her mouth, she could have spoken something out but what would she say? Not with the remorse that filled her body up already. Her eyes that were looking at Dean earlier squinted directly to stare at the ground.

Dean after a while of looking away from her, tossed his eyes at her to only see her looking at the ground in shame. He knows how she’s feeling as he wouldn’t have loved to make her feel [email protected] He’s just powerless and nee-ded to tell her. If he didn’t tell then what would he have done rather when he saw it!? He didn’t even think twice before hurrying to where she was standing. Thank Goodness the P.A was coming behind him, maybe she wasn’t able to see the stain.

“Do you__?” “Dean! You said that you are living. What’s wrong?” His dad interrupted him from behind, as he also was coming to where they both are. Dean who was silent instantly stood up from the table which he was crouching on to meet up with his father along the way. “I’m waiting for her to finish her juice, we would take off after that.” He told an untruth pretending to keep a truthful smile on his l!ps, which the father wasn’t able to understand as a phony smile.

Seeing them together now reminded him of not being able to forwardly speak with her since they got there. “I should have one or two words with her before leaving.” He told to him when he referred at Amelia where she sat with a [email protected] filled up with jui-ce in her hand. She remembered Dean lieing to the father about her drinking one, she decided to flow along with his idea as he only did that to help her. The father removed his [email protected] from his eyes while he kept it in a small box that was in his hand, after which he started going to where Amelia was sitting with her one hand holding the jui-ce while the other hand was resting on her lap, now she can feel her dressing sticking to her body from behind, it must have been because of the bloodstain.

Her heart skipped beats when she noticed him standing beside her, before taking the seat which Dean sat down on earlier; she was planning on keeping the shame as he wasn’t anywhere behind her to see the stain, standing up in respect of whom he is when Dean spoke: “Finish your drink, Amelia, we will be late if we refused to leave now.” Dean said before she could stand while signaling behind his dad for her not to stand up with his eyes set on her. The father was sitting in their midst, seems like Dean, and his father planned on exchanging their sitting position with one another.
There are still few amounts of people in the hall, even though his father wouldn’t be able to see the stain, others might since the stain was clearly showing on her dress. He doesn’t want her to feel more [email protected] than how she’s feeling now.
The man who was not aware of what his son was doing behind him stared briefly at her, letting out a smile before saying “How are you dear?”

“I realized we haven’t talked since you’ve gotten here. Hope you enjoyed your moment with us? Did Dean disturb you?” He asked while adjusting his [email protected] which he had returned upwards to his eyesight followed by another smile from him. He loves smiling! Amelia thought while holding her nerve not to also smile along.
She was surprised that he came personally to discuss with her, but the thought didn’t last long as she let go of it early and in the next minute she replied “I’m good sir.. the moment was likewise interesting. I enjoyed everything in here.” She replied again maintaining her sitting position with her f!ng£rs kidding around the [email protected] cup.
“What about my last question? Didn’t he bother you?” He asked with his eyes looking at her, she feared his smile as she didn’t know what gravity it carries. She thought de-eply before shaking her head. Of course, he didn’t bother her, he has only helped her. Dean who was listening to their conversation smiled softly where he was sitting. Hi Sophia on+218910806723 to be added to any of our novels group for more stories…
“I would ask you to pardon me for enquiring about you without your notion, you know I asked Dean about you earlier and he told me you both are friends. Can I trust him?.” The man stated that made Amelia smile faintly. She firstly nodded her head before realizing that was a rude gesture, after all the man was taking his time to discuss with her while leaving behind other things. “We are friends, also studying in the same school”. Amelia answered before thinking if her reply was enough to answer him.
“Her brother is the boy I am tutoring.” Dean chipped in then his father wowed before he shook his head. “You are here today as my son’s guest. Will you like to come over to my home as our guest? I have many works to attend to, Dean already made plans for you to leave. I believe you won’t mind informing me about Dean’s stubborn attitude right?” The father asked his eyes looking around the hall before he looked directly at Amelia whose eyes were also looking at him.
“Come so we can discuss about him, Incase you are bothering yourself that he might punish you for informing me about it, I can have him locked up in his room throughout your stay, at least with this you can be rest @ssured that you will be fine as my guest. Let’s do random negotiation about him.” The father added which made Amelia think if he knows how ridiculous and funny his words were.
“He’s friendly, she didn’t expect him to be this friendly.” She believes her father is the only man that takes his time to discuss with children, now that she has met him, she knows there’s a chance his affection towards children and everyone around him must be a good one.
“I will be happy to visit you. I will tell Dean to let me know during your free days.” Amelia replied
“No problem daughter,” He answered with his contagious smile still showing on his face.
“One more thing, as you’ve come as Dean’s lady by his side, you are entitled to some gifts which I have handed over to Dean, Do come to visit next time, also, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER.” He added which made Amelia’s cheeks turn red. She was blushing internally while little outside on her face was there for them to see. Dean who was listening to them chuckled as he knew how playful and cheerful his father can be around youths. It’s always difficult for him to identify where he got his kind character from as both of his parents are kind and perfect for everyone to be fond of.
He discussed one or two things with them, and after that, he left.
“What should we do about your dress?” Dean asked after his father was out of sight. Everyone has gone out of the hall, except for him, Amelia, and a maid that was packing up things out of the hall.

Going up to the stairs with her right hand holding on to her pulse, with the other hand trailing onto the rail as she was climbing the stairs. She doesn’t nee-d to hold her dress before walking as the suit that was tied around her waist helped to hold the dress a little bit tighter, which made it easier for her to walk in it.
She followed the guard whom Dean had instruct to accompany her to his room, he didn’t follow as he went to get her a new dress alongside things that she might nee-d. They walked for some moment in the big mansion, her eyes looking around the house to admire its well-built and decorated structure. “Where’s Tiana?” Realizing that she has not seen her around, she stays here right? She should be somewhere in here. She had thought of meeting her, but it seems her and Mina’s wish wouldn’t be granted. Tiana is out of sight!
The guard after bringing her to Dean’s room left since his work over there has been completed. Amelia walked inside the room while closing the door behind her without twisting the key lock. She stood by the door firstly admiring his room that was neatly arranged, and well furnished. When she was staring around, her eyes caught sight of a shelf placed by a corner in his room. The shelf which was carefully arranged with books on it. “So Dean also takes his time to study much at home!? Such an admirable student!” She thought while she admired his features even without seeing him. She only left the spot when she remembered Dean would soon be here.
Removing all her clothes from her body, her eyes caught the stained spot on the dress which made her hiss in irritation. Dropping the dress and checking out Dean’s suit that was tied around her waist, she saw a faint stain on it where she immediately felt ashamed, and the nee-d to escape from there as she felt so ashamed of herself.
Her eyes searched around for something that could help remove the stain on the suit but her eyes caught nothing. Tiredly dropping the dress on her gown which she had dropped earlier, she run the water then stepped into the bathtub. “She would take the dress with her home for washing.”
Dean who had gone out earlier returned with a shopping bag in his hand that contains all of the things that he got for her. Taking the routine that leads to his room, he can’t just s£nd a guard to Amelia, that’s why he decided to go give the things to her by himself. Who knows she might have been waiting for him. Standing In front of the door while withdrawing his hand from his pocket, he knocked repeated on the door, no one answered then he concluded that she must be in the bathroom.
Amelia who just finished wrapped herself up in the towel which was hung in the bathroom. To avoid further stress she didn’t bother washing her hair when she was bathing. After tying the wrapper properly around her body, she walked out of the bathroom to the room. Her eyes were firmly closed because of the cold that welcomed her immediately when she stepped back to the room due to the air conditioner that was on.
Her eyes that were closed earlier before opening now met with Dean’s back who was walking towards the exit door. Turning because of the footsteps that he heard. He saw Amelia standing where she was shy with the towel still wrapped around her body.
Hurriedly turning his back away from her “I’m sorry for entering. I entered because I thought you were in the bathroom since you weren’t opening the door when I knocked.” Dean apologized and she nodded her head like he could see her gesture.
“I have dropped the things you would be nee-ding on the bed, tell the guard to bring you downstairs when you are ready. I will be waiting for you.” He stated and without waiting for her to speak, he twisted the doorknob then walked out of the room. “Hmmm!” Amelia hummed after he left.

Dean came out of the car first before holding the door for her to also get down. Finally, the meeting has come to an end!!
“Is your stomach still hurting you?” He questioned after she had gotten out of the car. She kept mute more like thinking before saying: ” not really.” He nodded his head after hearing this, the rest of the moment was filled with silence as the both of them just filled their mind up with different thoughts that were running in their heads. Dean relaxed his back on the car and Amelia was standing a few steps away from him.
The wind blew his hair around his head but he didn’t mind it, as he liked the wonder the fresh air was doing to his scalp. He roamed his eyes around her body then to her wrist that was bodying the band which he had given to her earlier, noticing his eyes on her hand she scoffed, before removing the band wanting to place it in his hand, he didn’t reject but rather let her keep it in his hand while she stepped away from him after that.
Heaving in the air, she wasn’t expecting it when he went close to her almost closing up the little space between them; he took hold of her hand then wore the band back on her wrist. She stared at him nervously until she heard him saying “Keep the band with you, wear it often as it would always make me happy seeing it on you. I hope you won’t mind keeping with you also?” He said to her though he was still holding on to the hand whose f!ng£r he was pres£ntly fiddling with. Even though they are in her house, where anyone can come out to meet them together, Dean wasn’t bothered about it as he was just concerned about what his heart wanted.
Not wanting to leave his question unanswered, Amelia nodded her head in obedience which made him smile, he released her hand which was now resting on her side while he took his two hands into his pocket. The air was b!0wing silently, Dean’s hair blew around according to the air which he didn’t mind a bit. Amelia’s hair would have been flying around too if not for the ribbon that she used in packing it. The air started becoming colder which made her body develop goosebumps instantly as she wrapped her hands across her shoulder, helping herself from shivering.
“You can go in now, I won’t want you catching a cold because of me.” Dean offered which she agreed to. She turned around to leave after saying “Goodnight” which Dean gave a sweet smile as a reply to.
Almost taking a step away from where she stood, Dean held on to her hand before pulling her closer to him, he made his chest and her chest come in contact with each other before wrapping his hands around her back. She stood there speechlessly as she didn’t know what to do.
“I don’t know my sanity wouldn’t stop making me do mischievous things whenever I am around you. You know it started since the very first time I hu-gged you.” He said while keeping his mouth behind her ear. Her both hands were placed beside her body, her head placed on Dean’s shoulder. She shivered because of the coldness coming from the wind, and the one coming from Dean’s body as she felt tensed pres£ntly.
“You must have been feeling ashamed of what happened earlier, it’s nothing! You don’t have to sulk your mind with it.” His words dropped directly into her ear, and her breath started becoming colder than usual. He noticed her shivering then smiled. The dress which he got for her as she requested was a top and trousers. It’s possible they were not able to keep her body away from the cold.
“Get me the bags that are in the car please.” In the next minutes, the driver had brought out the bags, his eyes trying to look away from Dean and the lady in his [email protected] He released one of his hands from her back, he took the bag before s£nding the driver off.
“I got all for you, Dad also pres£nted some to you, and you wanted to leave it for me to take home with me. Why?” Dean questioned sarcastically “I have forgotten about it. I will take it with me now.” She answered while forcing her body from his, she collected the bag from him then said; “Thanks for today, I will leave now.” She said to him then quickly departed from his pres£nce.


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