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key to love episode 48

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️

💙💙💙Chapter 48💙💙💙

Mina returned to the room and decided to clear the places she had helped Amelia in dressing up. After she was done with the dressing table and properly organized the make-up things she had used back to her bag, she went directly to the Bed.
Getting on it in a kneeling position, she started arranging the pillows since the bed wasn’t entirely scattered. Her hand touched something while trying to lift a pillow which made her squ-irt forward to the pillow. She sat down on the bed before bringing it out from the pillow under. “Diary” she read out as she held the book in her palm.
“This should be Amelia’s diary,” she thought before going forward into opening it, her eyes caught some write-up which was written on the first page of the book which she read out before chuckling afterward. It was talking about Amelia and her childhood memories. “It isn’t good for her to invade her privacy” she remembered before returning the diary to the under of the pillow while she continued arranging the bed.
“Are you still feeling uncomfortable? Do you nee-d water?” Dean inquired Amelia as they stepped into the company with their hands united together. Amelia gulped nothing down her throat speechless before saying” I’m fine now, thanks.” She replied before letting out a de-ep breath. Her stomach aches and she wondered about the reason why? Was it because of the jui-ce that she took when she woke up?
Dean after hearing her bouncing his head while they continued going, they are still walking to the main door that leads to the inside of the company. Seeing one of the guards hurrying forward to get the door open for them to enter Dean said “We won’t be making use of the door.” Dean stated with his hand pointing at the guard. The guard stepped back for Dean to take another route that leads to the elevator. “We would make use of this upstairs, you should all find something else to do,” Dean said to the guards that had been following before pulling Amelia by her shoulder together with him to the elevator that closed up in the next seconds after they’d entered.
“It seems to me that you don’t like guards around you.” Amelia turned on the conversation as they walked out of the elevator to a free space where there were transparent [email protected] and she could see the outside of the building in which they are in. Dean wanted to reply to her when a man called out to Dean who come in an instant to where they are. Dean after seeing the man furrowed his brows to remember where he had met him before as his face looks familiar.
Before he could try remembering the man was already standing in front of him with smiles boldly taking over his cheeks. The man looked almost the same age as his father apart from his belly that looks like a conceived woman, and his jaw that are been covered in beards which makes him look a bit older than his father which won’t be true if they are to examine him well. This man standing in front of him might have looked like a 70-year-old man but he sure has young facial expressions.
Dean stared at the guards who followed the man before returning his eyes to him finally remembering where he had seen him before.
“Good day Mr. Vincent,” Dean greeted while bowing his head a little bit as he would do when greeting his father. “Hello son, you must have been really smart for you to recognize me so quick.” The man commented before patting him gently on his shoulder. Dean just smiled randomly like it wasn’t tough for him to remember coming across him the last time he accompanied his father to a meeting. That was the first meeting he had followed his father even before the death of his mother.
Amelia who didn’t know what to say stood still enduring the pain her stomach was causing her underneath. The man’s eyes went from Dean’s to lay on Amelia who was looking at the ground before taking it away from her. “Is this your girlfriend? You sure have grown into a big boy.” Says the man who took a sip from the [email protected] of wine which he had taken from one of his guards who was holding it.
Dean on hearing this looked at Amelia before looking back at him only to mutter “Yes” a wow exited the man’s mouth before he replaced it with a smile. He must have been an average billionaire man who’s in his early fifties but he knows better how to behave around young boys.
“She must have been a sweet girl for you to choose her, tell me, something Dean, why hasn’t she been saying anything? ” The man’s eyes abandoned Dean’s to lay on Amelia again who was fighting against her thought not to take what Dean said to the man as the truth as he was just trying to free himself from him. She knows better how people interact with their favorite people but seeing how Dean was trying not to engage in further talk with the man shows that he isn’t fond of him.
Feeling Dean’s and the man’s eyes on her she finally overpowered her nervousness to let out a word. “Good day sir,” she greeted just how she heard Dean saying to the man earlier.
Dean let out a de-ep puff as they both walked in the narrow corridor that leads to where the meeting will take place he ignored every sort of attention that was been thrown at them from the workers who were going around the office busy with their jobs. “Why did you tell the man that I am your girlfriend?” Amelia asked while withdrawing her hand from his hand just only to keep it beneath her chest.
Dean hearing what she said firstly gave it a thought before remembering where it happened “I said that because I don’t want him to question me further. I am not interested in discussing with him.” Dean replied as they both stopped walking only to face each other discussing. As she heard that her mind went to the first idea that niggled at her earlier where she already knew that was just an excuse, if not for her mind that wouldn’t stop s£nding her unintended jobs, she wouldn’t have asked him.
“Are you upset because I told him that you are my girlfriend?” Dean asked while taking a step closer to her to avoid bumping into people as he was standing in the center of the way. “I’m not upset, I just asked that’s all.” She replied sharply. Dean nodded upon hearing that, moving his eyes around the place which they are in to examine everyone [email protected] and while returning it to her he saw her wince. “What’s wrong Amelia? Are you okay?” He asked worriedly while he moved closer to hold her hand which she had taken away from him earlier. She got hold of herself before saying “My stomach is aching slightly, but I will be fine.” She @ssured followed by a faked smile. “Are you sure you will be fine or should I get you food? Do you nee-d a drug for it?” Dean asked while he waited for her to speak.
“I will be fine, it has reduced. Let’s start going before we would be late for the meeting.” Amelia got hold of herself said to him and finally had to drag his hand which held her hand along with her then they both headed to the hall.

On the first sit was Mr. Stewart, followed by Dean then Amelia who was sitting next to him. Her eyes roamed around the room before finally resting on the large table that was placed in front of them all and many people that are sitting around it. The table contains all varieties of food, drinks, small chops, and many other appetizer fruits. This made her imagine if this gathering was meant to be for a meeting or for eating.
Her eyes caught a guy and a lady that was sitting opposite her table, they looks almost the same age with them as they interacted together “is he a company’s heir too?” Amelia wondered. Afterward, she noticed another lady standing behind Dean with files in her hand, she looked so young but obviously, her look doesn’t speak well of her age as she looks younger like them but that shouldn’t be the truth. Moving her eyes to Dean’s father who was sitting quietly with his f!ng£rs gently operating on his phone, as if he could see her gawking at him, he lifted his head from his phone for his eyes to meet Amelia’s who tried looking away but it was too late. He already saw her, surprisingly to her he smiled briefly at her before returning his attention to his phone.
“Such a young father” she murmured inside of her before wincing due to the pain that she felt in her abdomen. Dean who heard her breathe ha-rd turned to see her pretending to keep a smile on her face. “Does it still hurts?” He asked then she nodded her head. “We will soon be done here, I will get you a drug on our way home,” Dean @ssured them before patting her back with his hand that was close to her. The father hearing her son trying to lower his voice while he speak raised his head to see him speaking with the lady whom he had brought here as the lady by his side.
A smile escaped his mouth when he saw him patting the girl’s back. “It seems Dean sure cares for her” He murmured after thinking of things that had happened in the past. One thing just gave him curiosity, if Dean decided to come with the girl who he hasn’t seen with him before, then where did he meet her? Why did he choose her over Tiana? His thought was that he would be happy after he suggested Tiana, but now that he choose to bring someone else. What’s with him and Tiana?
“Get out! Get out! Get out!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice to the maid whom she had ordered earlier to take care of the un_arranged room. Seeing the maid trying to patch up some things because leaving and @ssuming her to be testing her patience, she marched angrily towards her, holding her by her hair letting her wince in pain before diverting into throwing her out of the room. She locked the door after that with her heart speeding heavily over her chest as the result of the force she had used in throwing the girl out.
Resting her back on the door at the same time while weeping, her eyes caught sight of the dressing table which she ran towards and scattered every single thing on it without thinking twice, her hand caught a vase that was placed on the side of her bed, more like speeding she quickly grabbed it in her hands and the next seconds, the vase had already been scattered on the ground.
Her breathing hitched as she ruffled her hair in agony, she caught the sight of another vase not far from her, when she tried hurrying to get it, mistakenly her steps got interrupted by her dress which made her sl!p and land heavily on the ground, with her elbow hitting the ha-rd tiles floor pretty ha-rd. She silently winced in pain before resting her head on the ground without bothering to leave the spot.
“Amelia! Amelia!! Amelia!!!” She repeated the name in her mouth while she was on the floor. Holding on to the bed for support and finally getting up from the ground she walked gently to the dressing table which she had scattered earlier. Resting her hands on it when she felt pain in the elbow which she had hit on the ground earlier. Taking in the pain with tears still gushing furiously out of her eyes, she held the elbow in her palm while she sat down on the chair in front of it.
Damon’s words crossed her mind as her heart bled in pain “He went to the meeting with Amelia.” She remembered the word and hit the desk angrily, followed by her throwing the remaining things on it on the ground. She was the one who was supposed to go with him! He should have taken her with him! Why did he go with her? Why did he go with Amelia? Why didn’t he ever think of her feelings before hurting her miserably?
“Hello Miss, are you alright?” Her hand that was about to bang the table hung in the air when she heard one of the guards saying from outside. The loud noise that was coming from her room made them all scared as they didn’t know what was happening in the locked room. “Get your filthy self out of there before I show you what it means to mind your business.” She yelled with her teeth gritted together. All the guards by the door had to leave after hearing her speak.
Not hearing any more voices from the door she @ssumed they were gone already. Her hand moved across her face as she touched the line of the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. Laying hand on one tear and rubbing it against her f!ng£rs she let in a de-ep breath.
Standing up furiously from the desk without caring about her injured hand, she marched closer to search the drawer one after another as she continued scattering the things in it before laying her hand on a book and a pen.
She returned to where she had sat down earlier, getting some things done on the book with the pen that was working according to her to wish in her hand. She finally dropped the pen and picked up the bookmaking the image she had drawn in it coming in contact with her eyes. She frowned with pain and bitterness in her eyes at the image, and more like murmuring she whispered to it “I kept my horrible self aside just to maintain a normal youth’s life. I don’t believe in retaliation but I have faith in revenge. WE ARE NOT DONE WITH THE GAME YET!!”


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