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into my world episode 11 & 12

🌁🌺🦋…… Into
My World ……🦋🌺🌁
(She’s real)

Authoress FG…

CHAPTER 11 & 12 ~~

“Look the lights are on” Deena [email protected] breaking the silent as her heart fluttered with Tristan’s stare.

“The lights have been on for a while now” Tristan smi-rked then walked ahead of her.

“Where are you going? We’re not done taking pictures yet” Deena said cutely as she ran behind Tristan.

“We can’t afford to get out photos leaked. You should go freshen up so we go out for dinner” Tristan said slowly staring at Deena and she pouted refusing to bulge.

“It’s my phone so how on earth is the photo going to leak and even though it leaks what damage will it cause you, it’s not like we’re in a relationship” Deena blurted looking away and Tristan stood in front of her.

“If we’re not in relationship then how come we’re on a trip together?” Tristan asked and Deena looked at him a bit confused.

“What do mean?”

“Nothing. Let’s go in” Tristan said with a blank expression as they got to their suite.

“Wow it’s beautiful. It’s facing the sea” Deena mesmerized and Tristan smiled.

“I’m glad you like it” He said and they went into the suite.

“Tristan, how come it’s just one bed and just a room?” Deena asked slowly.

“Don’t have any negative thoughts about this. This was the only room left and our trip was urgent so I had to take it. Don’t worry, you can have the bed. I will sleep on the couch at the sitting room or…” Tristan pursed and Deena’s heartbeat raced as Tristan pursed.

Is he trying to say, we can sleep on the same bed? Deena [email protected] in her head.

“Or..?” Deena asked slowly.

“Or you can have the couch while I take the bed” Tristan blurted and Deena glared at him.

“In your dreams. I will go freshen up” Deena said with a frown as she snatched her bag from Tristan’s hand and she went into the room.

What was I expecting? Deena uttered in her head with a frown.

Tristan smiled staring at the room’s door.

“She’s cute” He smiled and sat on the couch.

Wow, the couch is quite comfy. Amazing! Should I get similar couch when I get back to Shanghai? Tristan questioned in his head looking at the couch with admiration.

Hours later…
Tristan and Deena have freshened up, they were getting ready to leave the suite.

“Deena are you sure you’re comfortable in that dress?” Tristan asked staring at her.

“Of course, it’s my dress so I’m comfortable in it” Deena lied.

Actually I’m putting on this dress so you can find me attrac-tive but it’s super uncomfortable. Will I be able to eat in this dress? Deena questioned in her head ru-b-bing her stomach.

“You’re pretty already, you don’t have to put something this uncomfortable and we’re going out for dinner. Will you be able to eat in this dress?” Tristan asked curiously and Deena nodded awkwardly.

“Let’s go” She added and was about taking a step but the dress tore at the shoulders. Revealing her collar bones.

Tristan’s eyes landed on her collarbone and he swallowed ha-rd.

“I guess you have no choice but to change now. Put on something comfortable, we’re at the beach” Tristan pointed out looking away and swiftly Deena covered her che-st with her hands then ran back to the room.

Deena what was that? That was so embarras-sing. Deena [email protected] in her head.

She looks beautiful in whatever she’s putting on, even on tore clothes she still looks beautiful. Tristan smiled inwardly as he blushed ha-rd.

Deena came out of the room after changing her dress.

“How do I look?” Deena asked brushing her hair behind her shoulders with her f!ng£rs.

Tristan’s jaw dropped as he stared at Deena with so much love written in his eyes.

Even more beautiful than the previous dress. Tristan complimented in his head.

“Tristan, I asked you a question” Deena snapped Tristan out of his thought.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you, what was your question again?” Tristan asked playing dumb.

“… Nevermind, let’s go” Deena said coldly then walked out of the suite leaving Tristan behind.

Tristan smiled as he watched Deena’s reaction.

“Deena wait up” Tristan said and ran behind her.

“You’re so annoying” Deena mumbled with a frown and grabbed her hand, stopping her from walking. He stood in front of her.

“If you were going to be looking this pretty tonight then I think you should never let go of your smile not even for a minute so can we have a smile” Tristan said softly and Deena’s heart fluttered.

She looked away blushing ha-rd.

“Come on, give me a smile” Tristan added acting all cute and Deena laughed.

“Yeh, she finally smiled. Let’s go eat something” He said with a smile still holding Deena’s hand.

“Yes” She said with a smile.

They walked next to each other as they held hands. Tristan pretended to have forgotten he’s holding her hand but Deena smiled inwardly as she stared at Tristan whose eyes were on his wristwatch.


Layla sneaked back home and closed her door quietly.

“Tristan haven’t seen the news yet? How come I haven’t gotten any call from him yet” Layla uttered pa-nting around in her room with her eyes fixed on her phone as she impatiently waited for Tristan’s call.

“Tristan come on, call me. Please call me” Layla uttered anxiously and suddenly her phone started ringing.

Swiftly she picked up her phone from the bed and hissed when she saw the name of the caller.

“Why’s Devon calling me?” Layla uttered sarcastically.

Devon is Layla’s teammate in automobile racing. He was once teammates with Deena as well but Deena couldn’t meet up with her teammates progress because of her injury years back.

“Hello” Layla said sluggishly over the phone as she took the call.

“You finally picked up your phone” Devon said coldly.

“You don’t usually call so what happened today? Did the sun rise from the west today” Layla said sarcastically and Devon scoffed.

“The rest of the team and I are done with our competition in Spain so we’re coming back to China”

“I saw that on the news but why are you telling me? Don’t tell me you called me to tell me this, it’s all over the news so there’s nothing to [email protected] about this” Layla said rudely.

“Let’s have dinner when I come back to China” He said calmly.

“I’m in no mood for parties. You guys enjoy without me” Layla cut in sharply.

“I’m inviting you for dinner. Just the two of us”

“Just the two of us? What’s the occasion for?” Layla asked curiously.

“You will find out when we meet” Devon said.

“Why are you being mysterious?”

Devon smi-rked before replying.

“I’ve always been mysterious so why do you sound surprise? Let’s meet up by 7pm tomorrow. I will s£nd you the address of the restaurant. You’re not allowed to stand me up or decline my dinner date with you. If you don’t come, I will come to your house and tell your dad I’m your boyfriend and I want to go out with you. You know so well, how Mr Michael like me” Devon blurted and Layla frowned.

“It’s been ages. Do you still think, my dad likes you?”

“There’s only one way to find out. Don’t come to the restaurant if you have some confidence left. Good night, I have to go now. Bye” Devon said and hung up right before Layla would say a word.

“Devon! Devon! Devon! Why are you suddenly coming back to pester me and annoy me? You’ve always been full of yourself, you don’t call and you don’t hang out with anyone so why are you suddenly acting like we’re close. We’re not even friends” Layla [email protected] frustratedly and fell on her bed.

It’s ha-rd already, getting Tristan’s attention and now this. Devon is the most persistent human on Earth, how did I fall into his trap or how come he’s suddenly noticing my pres£nt? This isn’t good for me. Why’s he asking me out for a dinner date? Layla questioned in her head confused.

“Does he have feelings for me or is he developing feelings for me?” Layla uttered out and a wide smile appeared on her li-ps.

I may not have feelings for you but it’s worth my reputation. Devon Frank has feelings for Layla Gu, they make an amazing couple. That would make a beautiful trending heading of the week. Layla uttered in her head with a smile.

“Wait a minute… The chances of Devon having feelings for me is zero. Ha… Let’s forget about it and wait for Tristan’s call or should I call him?” Layla questioned as she bite her lower li-ps frustratedly.

Haitang bay…
Tristan and Deena finished having dinner and was heading back to their suite when Max’s call came in.

“Tristan your phone’s ringing” Deena reminded and he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone.

“Why’s he calling me?” Tristan protested before taking the call.

“Why are you calling at this hour?” Tristan asked coldly.

“You haven’t been with your phone all day right?” Max asked.

“What do you mean? My phone have been with me all day, why?” Tristan asked.

“You didn’t see the trending news about Layla?”

“I saw it so?” Tristan asked and Max’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“What do you mean so? It’s obvious you’re the guy they’re talking about”

“I know that”

“You know it and you haven’t called to take down the news?” Max asked curiously.

“It was published in our company so why would I take down the article? And it got nothing to do with me because my photo wasn’t uploaded either so we’re good” Tristan said coldly.

Wow, he’s very professional. Deena uttered in her head staring de-eply at Tristan as he spoke over the phone.

“Hmm.. well I think Layla is the only problem we have now. She’s refusing to deny the rumors, maybe she’s waiting for your call” Max said slowly.

“I know that but I’m not calling her. She will take care of this, nothing to worry myself about” Tristan said and some couples were playing around and were about to push Deena but Tristan grabbed her into his [email protected]

“Are you okay?” Tristan asked curiously and Deena nodded. Her heartbeat raced as Tristan hu-gged her ti-ght while still on call.

“Wait a minute… Tristan don’t tell me you went to Beijing to visit a lady?” Max asked curiously.

“I’m on a vacation with the woman of my dreams so I’m hoping you stop calling so I would enjoy my vacation”

“There’s only one woman who occu-pies that position… Oh my goodness… Tristan don’t tell it’s…. Oh my goodness” Max screamed in excitement.

“Bye” Tristan said coldly and hung up.

“I think they’ve moved to the other side” Deena said referring to the couples as she tried to break the hu-g but Tristan hu-gged her even more.

“You’re not asking me who the woman of my dream is?” Tristan whispered in Deena’s ears.

Deena smiled widely.



My heartbeat raced nervously as I waited patiently for Tristan to make another statement.

“Since you’re not asking then I will let it pas-s” Tristan uttered and broke the hu-g.

Deena you can’t just be quiet. Do something. I muttered in my head.

“Of course I’m curious as well. Who’s the woman of your dreams?” I asked anxiously and he grabbed me back into his [email protected]

“You’re the woman of my dreams” He whispered in my ears and my heart fluttered.

Tristan broke the hu-g looking straight into my eyes.

“Deena be my girlfriend” He added and my heart raced even more.

Suddenly I had a hiccu-p.

“Deena are you okay?” Tristan asked curiously and I tried to utter a statement but the hiccu-p couldn’t let me.

“Hold your breath for one minute” He instructed and I held my breath.

But it didn’t work.

Like seriously, of all times. Hiccu-p you chose this moment, this is practically one of the most beautiful nights of my life and you’re ruining it for me. I uttered in my head angrily.

“Let’s go back to the suite” Tristan said and held my hand as he lead the way.

We got back to the suite and swiftly he gave me a glas-s of water.

“Take your time and give me an answer. I’m not in a rush. Goodnight Deena” Tristan said patting my hair as I took the glas-s of water.

He was about leaving the room and my hiccu-p stopped.

“Since when did you start developing feelings for me?” I asked out of the blue and he turned around.

“It’s been decades. You have no idea how long this feelings have been there” He confessed and I looked at him a bit confused and he joined me on the bed.

“I fell for you right from the first day I set my eyes on you and that was the first automobile racing you competed” He said and my jaw dropped.

Oh my goodness, Tristan have known me right from then. He has known me for ages. I [email protected] in my head staring at him.

“Huh!” I uttered slowly.

“I’m guessing I’ve answered your question so I would go to sleep now” He said and stood up about to take a step but he sli-pped falling on me at the bed.

Tristan stared at me lovingly. We were both lost in each other’s eyes. I didn’t realize when I leaned forward and ki-ssed him.

Oh my goodness, what did I just do? That wasn’t supposed to come next. What would Tristan think of me right now? He probably wouldn’t call me a pervert right? I questioned in my head and pushed him aside then sat up.

Tristan grabbed my hand, making me fall back on the bed. His palm behind my head.

What’s going on?

“Tristan… Your phone is ringing” I reminded in a low tone and he brought the phone out from his pocket and switched it off, throwing it at the other end of the bed.

He leaned forward, I could feel his breath on my face. I closed my eyes slowly as he brought his li-ps closer to mine.

“When I ki-ss you again, we’re becoming official. You’re becoming my girlfriend” Tristan whispered in my ears.

I shouldn’t rush into this relationship yet. I should be sure of what I’m entering right. I uttered in my head and covered my li-ps with my hands as I opened my eyes.

“Is that no? You don’t want to be my girlfriend?” He asked and I sat up.

“You said you’re not in a rush so I will give you my answer some other time. Not ….right now” I stuttered looking away and he smiled.

“Alright, we will have it that way. Goodnight Deena” He said as he stood up from the bed.

Tristan walked to the door and turned around.

“I love you Deena, don’t forget that” He said out of the blue, giving bu-tterflies everywhere before he left the room.

I covered my face with my palms as I blushed ha-rd.

He said he loves me. Tristan loves me. I muttered in my head smiling widely.

“Ahhh!” I screamed on my pillow excitedly.


I looked at my wristwatch after coming out of the training field.

“It’s almost time. I should rush back home and get ready” I said and head to my car and drove back home.

“Layla you’re back?” Mum asked as she walked to me immediately I got into the sitting room.

“I’m back Mum. Mum is everything okay? You look out of it” I asked concerned.

“You’ve been avoiding your dad and that obviously means what’s trending on the internet is true. Layla are you really going after a reporter? A reporter’s status is beneath our expectations of you Layla. You chose a reporter of all people?” Mum asked calmly.

“Mum he came from a reputable family, although he doesn’t show it. He went to the best school and he’s a professional in his job. Tristan is perfect and he’s exactly what I want, I don’t really care if he’s just a reporter. I like him and I’m going to make sure he falls for me. Mum trust me, you will like Tristan if you see him” I said with a smile.

“He’s not even in love with you yet? Layla why are you making yourself go through this again. Falling for someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. Are you fine with having just one sided love? You’ve got better guys who have feelings for you but you’re not ready to open up why’s that?” Mum asked worriedly and I placed my hands on her shoulders.

“Mum, I’m going to run late if we keep on talking. We will talk about this when I get back and I don’t regret developing feelings for Tristan and it’s been ages already. I can’t help it” I said with a half smile then head to my room.

“Layla but…” Mum uttered but I left already.

“What am I putting on?” I questioned looking at my closet and suddenly I had a flashback on how I got dumped by Devon years back.

“Layla I saw your letter. What do you wish to tell me that you couldn’t do it in the clas-s?” Devon asked coldly.

“You said you have a crush on someone from our clas-s” I said slowly.

“Yes I did say that but does that got to do with you calling me out here? Don’t tell me you called me out here to ask me that again?”

“I was hoping it was me, you were talking about” I said slowly and Devon bunch of friends came up to the roof. Cheering for Devon and mocking me at the same time.

“If it was you, I would have said so but why would you think it’s you? I don’t have any feelings for you, I’m sorry” He said coldly.

“Wow I had no idea Queen Layla will be rejected as well by Devon” His friends mocked and suddenly Evan showed up and dragged me with me.

“What was that for?” I yelled je-rking his hands off.

“Was that fun? You were literally being a complete idiot in front of those guys. You would have ruin everything completely if you weep there” Evan yelled.

“Mind your own business” I said seriously as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Layla you should know the people who you fall for, you keep making this mistake over and over again when I’m right here” He said and I glared at him.

“Get out of my sight” I screamed and ran away.

It rained that day, I spent the rest of my day un-der the rain because I was too ashamed to go to clas-s. I went back home all drained and looking very out of it.

Hmm…. I’m hoping I get to gain back the pride you crushed Devon. I uttered in my head as I picked out a beautiful and elegant dress.

I got ready and left for the restaurant Devon s£nt me.

It was cozy and clas-sy there.

I’m not surprised, Devon got good taste and that’s why he’s obviously every girl’s dream guy. Luckily I didn’t tell anyone I will be meeting up with Devon else I would be getting lots of calls today from all the girls on my contact list. I said in my head and walked to the private sp-ot, Devon booked.

“He’s not here yet” I uttered out looking around then took my seat.

I played some games on my cellphone while waiting for Devon and suddenly my eyes went up looking at the entrance.

A very good looking young man walked in with his expensive and clas-sy look.

My jaw dropped as he walked closer and it was Devon.

Now I see the reason why Dad likes him. He’s way out of my level. I [email protected] in my head.

He walked to our table and smiled.

Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can be able to breathe. Did he just give me that dashy smile? I questioned in my head.

“What are you staring at? You’re making it so obvious that I’m very goodlooking” He said sarcastically before sitting down and I put myself together.

“I never said that and why are you always so full of yourself. It’s been months and this is how you say hello” I rolled my eyes and he scoffed.

“I’ve done that over the phone. Do I really have to say more and that’s not the reason why I called you out for this dinner date” He pointed out and I sat up right.

“I’m also wondering why you suddenly called me out for a date” I said trying to keep my cool.

“All that aside, you’re looking beautiful tonight” He complimented calmly and my heartbeat skipped.

“Did you just compliment me? I’m baffled” I smiled.

“Of course I’m complimenting you because it’s true, I’m a honest guy and that’s why I’m always honest” He [email protected]

I think he has really fallen for me. I shouldn’t skip this. Let’s have a video of this so I show it to our friends. I uttered in my head and secretly tapped on video on my phone.

“Layla I called you out to apologize for what happened years back although it’s not my fault I didn’t have feelings for you and I never called the guys out. They did it on their freewill” Devon said calmly.

I knew it, he has feelings for me. I muttered in my head excitedly.

“Waiter, get us a glas-s of the best wine you have here” Devon instructed to the waiter close by and he bowed then left.

“Apology accepted, is that all?” I asked curiously.

“I never told anyone who the girl I had feelings for because I was ashamed to face those feelings head on”

“Who was the girl you had feelings for?” I asked curiously.

“It’s your cousin, Deena. It’s been years but those feelings are still there. Your nee-d your help in getting Deena’s personal contact” He said and my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

I was at the verge of breaking into tears. The tears were threatening to fall.

Not Deena again. I uttered in my head angrily.

Hmm, Devon you just ruined everything

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