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burning desi-re episode 1

desi-reS 😋
(Her l!ps and body…)

By, Mide Starr


Dian Singh, that name sound cool but his personality,,,is the opposite, everyone can stand his personality except from one person
Guess who?? 🤷🤷🤷

He’s frosty, Hot, Handsome and Rude, he ha-rdly smile, you can see him smile only when he’s with his girlfriend or when he’s with his close friends.

About his close friends, I’m talking about his Personal @ssistant and his female best friend
Dian is hot with his red blooded l!p, s£×y body, his voice oh goodness don’t let us talk about his smartness, he’s so [email protected] and sharp

Girls flocks around him like bees, all the girls are dying and begging to have him on their bed even if it’s just a one night stand, they all throw their body on him but he paid zero attention to them, to him no one is beautiful and faithful like his girlfriend but is that really true..??

Okay let’s meet his girlfriend, Izzy a famous TikToker, [email protected] influencer, verified content creator and a model.

She’s saucy, rude and arrogant, she get whatever she wants and she get away with whatever she do. Izzy is very protective of Dian, always picking up a fight and accusing him of being a cheater

You know only cheater that will think like that
Dian Singh a very important man, always busy with his time mistakenly bump into a crazy girl, should I call her a maniac
They fought, they argue and they almost beat themselves up

The maniac girl, meet Sally Roberto, she’s beautiful, smart and crazy with a small curvy shape

Sally personality is weird to people, she doesn’t bath nor wash her hair cause she believe her body doesn’t get dirty easily so what’s the ess£nce of bathing

She’s crazy and verrrrry clumsy, there’s no one she can’t talk to and she’s very blunt
What will happen when Ivanka asked her to come over to Dian Singh company for a Job interview

What will happen when Dian see that the girl that insulted him to the lowest level came to his office for a job interview to be his new secretary

He employed her but he vow to make life miserable for her, cause she insulted him and look down on him

Will he really succeed in making life miserable for her??

As he try to make life miserable for her, his cousin Rory will try to make life sweet for her

A little incident happened between Sally and Dian Singh, that incident changed Sally life
What will happen when betrayer decide to come in

What will happen when babies are gonna come, knocking on Sally door

Who’s Ivanka??

What’s the incident that happened between Sally and Dian

Who are the babies?.

Let’s find out

BURNING desi-reS a crazy drama featuring comedy, suspense and of course a de-ep R0m-nce

desi-reS 😋
(Her l!ps and body…)
By, Mide

He could hear the loud sound of her heels, the sound become louder as she approach the door

She gently push the tinted [email protected] door as she enter his office smiling.

His face brighten up when he saw her and he was about to talk when he notice her dressing, her dressing is always wild and revealing.

“Izzy your dress” he said softly as slowly take his l!p in staring at her
“What’s wrong with the dress?? Dian is the dress bad??” Izzy asked as she check herself out.

“It’s revealing, your ßo-obs and everything is out” he said

She chuckled “Come on Dian don’t be local, this dress is trending on Instagram and again you know I’m model so,,, don’t complain” Izzy said as she flaunt her new long nails.

“Izzy you know I will always complain and again your nails, why did you fix a long nails”

“Dian you know I hate short nails” she said.
“Your dress is exposing and now your nails” .

“Dian let’s forget about this, I don’t want us to fight about this silly thing” Izzy said as she glance around his office and her eyes caught something

A female shoe, a black heels

She scoff when she saw the shoe “So you have the effrontery to bring a lady into this office and have s€x with her” Izzy said as she take the heels with her left hand.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Dian said as he resume working on his laptop.

“Dian look at me and stop pressing your laptop” she screamed and Dian totally ignored her

“Now you are back to your overprotective behavior” Dian muttered loudly for her to hear
“Did you just say that, Dian you’re a cheater”.

“I’m not cheater, I’m faithful to you” he said still pressing his laptop, Izzy got furious at him as she throw all the papers that’s on his table, she threw everything away without caring then drop the heels on the table.

Dian slowly raise his head as he glance at the papers then glance at Izzy who’s wearing an angry face.

“Izzy do you know the meaning of what you just did, you threw a docu-ment that worth millions over a silly shoe, raising a false allegation against me” he snapped and Izzy scoff at him.

“Firstly it’s not a false allegation, it’s true and secondly did you just say my action is silly,,,,I’m fighting for my rights” she snapped back at him.

Dian breathe out as he close his eyes then open it back as he stare at her
“Okay fine I’m sorry for calling your action silly but know something, I don’t know how that shoe get to my office” Dian said softly hoping she’s gonna calm down but instead reverse become the case.

“Dian you are a liar and a cheater, have been faithful to you all my life and is this how you wanna pay me back, you brought those bitçhes to your office and hit them ha-rd” she shouted and Dian sigh.

“Izzy I honestly don’t know what you want” .
“Dian admit to it, you brought a lady here to your office and have a stupid nice time with her” she said.

“You want me to admit to something I did not do” Dian said and Izzy scoff.

They heard the [email protected] door open and they both glance at the door to see Tiago and Ivanka
“What’s going here?” Ivanka asked as she entered the office fully.

“They definitely have a heated argument” Tiago replied softly as he past Ivanka and went to sit on black couch staring at the two lovers.

“Who started the fight?” Ivanka asked
“It’s definitely Izzy” Tiago replied and Izzy shot him a deadly glare.

“Dian explain what happened” Ivanka said.

“She’s accusing me of cheating on her over this silly shoe” Diana said as he point at the shoe that’s on the table

“Wait is that not my shoe” Ivanka said and everyone glance at her, the office become silent.

“How did your shoe get into his office?” Izzy asked slowly as she try to control her anger

“He s£nt me on an errand with a designated time so I have to take off my heels and wear this hairy sl!ppers” Ivanka explained and Dian just glance at Izzy then look away.

“Oh my bad” Izzy said as she face Dian but he’s facing the other side
“Always bringing up a false allegation against me” Dian said softly

“Baby I’m sorry” Izzy said and Dian ignored her
Ivanka take off the hairy sl!ppers she was wearing then wear her heels
“Dian try to act mature and forgive her” Ivanka said.

“Baby I’m sorry” Izzy pout her l!p as she wrap her hands around his neck, giving him a back hu-g.

“You barely trust me” he said

“Dian I’m sorry, it won’t repeat itself” Izzy said
“That was what you said yesterday when you saw a female hair pin in my blazer pocket” he said.

“I thought the hair pin belongs to those bitçhes not knowing it belongs to Ivanka” Izzy said as she touch his cheek then ki-ss his neck, he chuckled.

“See you can’t resist me” Izzy said
He smiled “Ivanka how was the @ssignment?” Dian asked

“He agree to give us to proposal and your secretary,,,, where’s she?”

“She quit yesterday” Tiago replied, Ivanka and Izzy glance at him.

“Why will she quit so sudden?” Izzy asked.

“She’s pregnant and she nee-d to prepare for her wedding” Dian replied and they nod.

Tiago phone beep, they glance at him and watch as he brought out his phone
“You have meeting” Tiago said as he put his phone back inside his pocket.


“Now, like right now” Tiago replied

Izzy move away from him and watch as he wear his black blazer, she stare at him dreamy

“Why’s he so hot and handsome” Izzy muttered
“Tiago let’s go” Dian said as he ki-ss Izzy then walk out of the office with Tiago who’s holding an ipad and he wore a fashion eye [email protected]

Izzy glance at Ivanka and sigh, she watch as Ivanka sit on Dian chair

“ This seat is so comfortable and dreamy that I wish to have it” Ivanka said slowly and Izzy raise her eyebrow

“ What do you mean???”

“ Forget it if you don’t understand” Ivanka replied as she stare at his laptop that’s closed
“ Ivanka can I ask you something??”
“ Sure go on” she replied without glancing at her

“ I want you to be sincere with me, is Dian really cheating on me?” Ivanka laughed then slowly turn it to a scary face

“ Do you think he’s like you, remember I was the one that introduce him to you so stay on your lane and stop misbehaving like pig bitçh” Ivanka said Icily and Izzy scoff

“ Did you just call me pig bitçh”

“ I have something important to do” Ivanka stood and walk away
When she got to the door, she stop walking then turn around and face Izzy

“ Sorry about what I said earlier, it sl!p out like a d**k that’s filled with semen, I did not mean to call you a pig bitçh”
“ No it’s fine I understand, please just don’t tell Dian anything” Izzy said

“ Your secrets are safe with me” She said and walk out of the office swinging her small hip
Ivanka Archer a 23 years old lady, she’s beautiful, smart and comfortable.

Comfortable, I mean she has her own house, car and money, she’s well standard
Zero boyfriend and thousands of admirers but she’s paying no attention to them

No one knows why

She got to her office and take off her heels as she sit on the office chair

“ So frustrating” she muttered
Her eyes caught a red flower on the table and she screamed

“ Rory is it by force” she muttered beneath her breathe as she throw the flower away

The flower fell on the floor and Ivanka fl!p her hair backward breathing heavily

“ Rory and his immature behavior, he’s not up to my standard and he wanna have me, someone that’s still relying on his uncle”


“ Hey stand up it’s 12pm”

A young lady roll on the bed repeatedly, her room is totally in a big mess, it’s stinking and…. scattered

“ Get your dirty s$s off that bed”

She mumble as she slowly open her eyes and widened her eyes when she saw her

“ Malia so you were the one shouting my name as if you own me” she snapped and Malia snuck her tongue at her
“ Sally you stink, when last do you wash your hair??”

“ Two weeks ago” Sally replied as she scratch her hair then smell her hand
“ You’re smelling your hand”

“ The hair is still neat, it’s not smelling “ Sally said and Malia nod

“ I can never show you off to my friends, never!!” Malia said and Sally throw the pillow that’s on the bed, she threw it and Malia dodge it

“ Spoilt [email protected]

“ Breakfast is ready and Mom wants you to arrange your room if you wanna have your breakfast” Malia said and walk out of the room covering her nose

Sally get down from the bed and hastily pack the clothes that’s dirty, she pack everything inside a bag and spray a perfume round the room

She arrange the room then went to the bathroom to wash her face and teeth, she came back and carry the bag that’s filled with dirty clothes

Sally step out of her room and saw everyone eating, she smiled as she move closer and was about to take the meat when Malia hit her hand with a chopstick

“ Where are your table manners?”

“ Mom why are taking it serious” Sally replied
“ Have you bath?? No” Malia said

“ Sally no food for you until you have your bath”
“ Come on Mom my body is not dirty so I don’t nee-d to bath” Sally said

“ Can you listen to yourself”

Malia take the soup that’s on the table and throw at Sally without thinking twice about it
“ Now your body is dirty, go and bath” Malia said

“ I’m not gonna bath” Sally said as she carry the bag and walk out of the house
She was a man outside knocking on a door next to her door

“ Sir do you nee-d anything?” Sally asked and the man glance at her, he check her out then nod

“ Lunatic are everywhere” he muttered and Sally scoff

“ Are you trying to say I’m a lunatic”
“ You stink so get away” the man said and Sally chuckled

“ Before insulting anyone, just check yourself out, you’re wearing clothe that’s swallowing you inside, madness” Sally said and walk away

“ Young lady don’t you have respect”

“ Respect is reciprocal so Old man go and get yourself a better clothe, shave your beards and go learn how to talk before someone will mistake you as a lunatic too” Sally said and walk away

The man watch as she walk away, he’s speechless, Sally glance back and snuck her tongue at him

“ He think he’s the only one that knows how to talk” Sally muttered as she enter the laundry room that’s next to her house
Sally brought out her clothes and put it inside the washing machine then add soap on it with a little water

She close the machine and press a button, the clothe starting rolling round making a sound and she went to sit on the chair that’s in the laundry room

“ Today is gonna be boring for me” she muttered as she brought out her phone and saw an email

She read the email and laughed, she drop her phone back inside the adidas trouser short she was wearing

“ I know I’m definitely gonna fail the interview” she muttered

Soon a lady enter the laundry room holding a gown, she throw the clothe inside the washing machine that’s washing Sally’s clothes and Sally just look at her without saying anything

The lady walk past Sally and step on her foot without saying anything, she was about to sit on the chair next to Sally when she drag the chair backward and the lady fell on the floor hitting her butt ha-rd

“ Hey what the f**k bitçh” she snapped
“ So you can talk, like you really have the mouth to talk, I thought you were dumb” Sally said rolling her eyeballs

“ Now apologize, you hurt me by making me to hit my butt ha-rd on the floor” the lady snapped

“ You really enjoy shouting by the way I’m not gonna apologize until you apologize” Sally said

“ What’s this little [email protected] saying” the lady stood as she face Sally

“ I get the point you might be taller than me but I won’t let you have your cake and eat it” Sally said

“ Shhh you stink” the lady said

“ Don’t f**king care” Sally said and stood as soon as the matching stop rolling

She brought out the gown that the lady threw on the floor then press a button and the machine start rolling

Sally take the soaked gown and threw it on her face, she smiled in satisfaction

“ The perfect way you threw those cheap clothes inside the laundry machine not minding if someone is here or not” Sally said and the lady fume in anger

“ I’m not gonna tolerate this sh*t from you”

“ Who told you I’m gonna tolerate it too” Sally said

“ Do you know who I am?”

“ The first daughter of a stray dog” Sally replied and the lady screamed loud in frustration

“ Hey don’t spoil my ear drum” Sally said.

“ I’m gonna call my father” she snapped as she brought out her phone and Sally just nod

“ Call him and I’m definitely gonna beat the both of you, it’s not like your father is a governor” Sally said and the lady screamed again

“ Keep screaming, I guess this is your hubby” Sally said

“ F**k you bitçh” she cursed

“ F***k your daddy” Sally replied raising her middle f!ng£r up, bitting her l!p

“ Hey!!!!”

“ I’m sure your Dad will be sweet to handle but unfortunately he’s not my spec, I don’t handle old men cause they’re gonna die” Sally said as flaunt her crazy hip.

“ You’re a bitçh”

“ Yeah I know thanks for the compliment”


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