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attra-ction episode 65

# attra-ctION ♥️
[ When 💝 comes alife]

©️ Spark

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

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💍 Episode 65

Six months later

Semi finale 🥀


” Babe don’t tell me you’re still changing Harielle diapers ? Emerald asked coming towards ashton with little Harry in her arms.

She would have helped him buh he had spoilt Harielle to the extend the little girl was a total Dad’s girl .

” Madam I’m done with Harrison” their nanny fair said with a smile .

Their babies where already 6 months old and little warriors . She followed their nanny fair to check on Harrison .

” Baby don’t eat my nose ” Ashton chuckled at Harielle as she fought to taste his nose Making baby noises.

” C’mon mummy must be waiting for us ” he said as he took her in his arms .

They where about to go to the Norths mansion , his father had asked for everyone to gather at the mansion .

He didn’t know what had happened buh whatever it was he didn’t have a good feeling about it .

His great-grandmom mama lorreta had been admitted in the hospital .

And the the scary thing was she didn’t wanna stay there and kept saying .

” One could smell ones death once it was near . It’s been a sad time for everyone and he was more scared for his mom and younger brother .

As for his brother Aiden and his wife dunni , the pregnancy had really been stressful for them so far , she was already 8 months and some days gone buh not up to her due date buh continued having labour pains .

The doctor hadn’t found any complications in her body which had really added to Aiden’s stress .

” Babe c’mon were getting late ” Emerald called as their driver joma Walked out with their bags .

He just wished everything went back to normal since Ace’s Wedding was the month end .

Everyone has been looking forward to having a good time at the wedding since it was gonna be a beach wedding .

The beach wedding part had really got them all excited since it was Cherry’s dream and ace being the ideal lover boy wanted to fufil it .

” Ashton ” em called making him snap outta his thoughts as he walked over to her .


” I’d called you all because of mama lorreta ” Alexander said and everyone looked in shock at mama lorreta sitted on her wheelchair with a big smile on her face .

” She’s asked we all stay together with her untill her last day ….” Alex said with a lump on his throat .

Emma cried as her dad Henry hu-gged her sideways .

This hadn’t been easy for her at all .

Mama lorreta had been a very important person in her life , wishing for the old woman to stay with them was being selfish buh the thought of not seeing her scared the fv¢k outta her .

” Can you all stop giving me faces like I’m fv¢king deing now ? Mama lorreta scolded .

” Girlfriend stop talking like that , you know it’s not easy for us ” ace said emotionally .

” Hey I’ve lived an happy life, that even if I die right now , I’d die with a smile on my face ” she said with a cough .

” Omo with a smile that one scary oh ” Has-san said making mama lorreta chuckle.

” Buh it’ll be fun ” she added

” Just stop talking ” Aiden scolded .

” C’mon I even got to see Mr arrogant ‘s kids do you know how much archivement that is ? My late husband would be so proud of me hehehehe ” she said with a laugh .

On a normal situation everyone would have laughed ,huh no one could bring themselves to laugh at such situation the situation was just too serious for everyone.

” Uncle Harielle is looking at uncle Robert’s nose ,do you think she wants to taste it ? Val’s son asked and everyone burst into laughter before Harielle clapped her hands happily .

” Aiden ” dunni [email protected] out in pain .

” Baby what’s wrong ” Aiden asked his wife whilst ru-b-bing her back worriedly .

” It’s nothing ” she said and he ki-ssed her forehead .

Ashton couldn’t help but smile the dunni tigress really looked like a round ball like ace would always tease her .

Her legs where swollen due to the pregnancy and she had really acted crazy during the first 4 months .

There was a day Aiden had called him in the middle of the night that his wife had locked herself in the bathroom 🤦

The funny part was she said she loved the smell of the bathroom 😂😂😂

Aiden had freaked out so badly.

Not until Emerald told him it was normal for women to act crazy during such times .

Emma watched mama lorreta tease and laugh Everyone happily .

She couldn’t help buh cry at the thought to wake up one morning without her .

The old woman had seen her 4th generation ,and it was really being selfish if they wanted her to stay buh she just loves her too much .

” Hey” [email protected] her elder brother ru-bbed her back .

” I’ll miss her [email protected]

” We all will huh she’s made us promise to be happy when she’s gone ,she lived a happy life ” Wesley joined them .

” She’d been a cool grandma when we where young remember when she went for that beauty pagent ? Wesley asked and they all laughed .

” Ya when she’d twer-ked for the judges and appeared on national television .

” Oh God I remember how viral that video had gone and the look on my face in college the next day ” Emma said and they laughed all over again .

” I still remember how she’d gifted me ¢0nd0ms on my 17th birthday ” Wesley said and they all burst out laughing.

” Or how she’d pose for the media to take her pics during Emma’s wedding ” finn said joining them and they all burst out laughing.

Emma looked at mama lorreta with a big smile on her face .

Indeed the woman had lived an happy life

Whatever happened she’d still be greatful that they’ve at least stayed with her till now .


★ 3 days later ★

” We are all gathered here in memory of our very own sister in Christ ,a mother ,a grandmother ,aunt great-grandmom and friend mama lorreta who joined the Lord on……” The priest was saying as Emma cried Alexander pulled her close .

Even the arrogant Ashton had his face buried in Emma’s ne-ck as he cried .

Mama lorreta had indeed joined the Lord with a smile on her face .

Whilst Everyone cried ace just stared blankly at the coffin where she lay without a tear drop .

Cherry ru-bbed her fiancee’s arms she knew he was hurting de-ep down ,she wanted him to cheer up ,it hurt a lot seeing him like that .

They where all on white as it was time for everyone to read their tribute .

” Dear mom’s me Henry Jones your son , I know and hope you’re happy wherever you are . Thank you for being the best mom you I love you ” he said and his wife Sarah Emma’s mom ru-bbed his back .

” Mama lorreta you where the best mother inlaw … like a mom to me ,when I’d lost my parents and stuck with Henry you’d always take my side against your son , you never let me feel you where my mother inlaw …I love you 😭may your soul rest in peace ” she cried as she dropped her flower .

Their eldest son Finn his wife Sharon walked over with their son Austin and his wife Lisa and their kids .

” Dear mama lorreta you’d been a wonderful fun and outgoing grandma ,a good adviser and a loving friend their was no dull moment with you …stay at eternal peace with the bossom of the Lord ” Finn said .

And they left .

[email protected] Walked over with his wife Mildred and their children Caleb and Lucia accompanied by their partners and kids .

Then Wesley and his wife Nora with their family .

Alexander held his wife’s hands in support as they both walked over to her with their kids .

” Mama lorreta …” Emma began as tears rolled outta her eyes .

” I know you said we shouldn’t cry when you leave buh it hurts it hurts so much , I just hope you’re happy and finally showing grandpops how much you love him …” She chuckled .

” Tell him I’m now a grandma …” She cried .

” Rest in peace mama lorreta” Alexander said ru-b-bing his wife’s back .

” Mama lorreta…you’d been a wonderful part of my life , red anger like you’d always tease me , you wanted me to be happy and pushed me to confess my feelings for Emerald ,….rest in peace mama lorreta ” Ashton said .

” Rest in peace ” em added .

” I love you Mama lorreta , we will miss you ” Aiden added .

” Love ” cherry tapped ace when he hadn’t said anything .

” Baby ” she called again as he just stared blankly .

” Girlfriend ” he said and Emma covered her li-ps to stop the sobs that threatened to escape.

” I’m mad at you, I know you said we shouldn’t cry when you leave us buh I’m mad at you , why did you leave without seeing me get married ” he said sadly but no tears dropped outta his eyes whilst cherry cried besides him .

The burial was a success and as they got home ace went straight to his room .

” I’m scared Alexander , he didn’t even cry a tear drop at the cemetery” Emma cried and Alexander ru-bbed her back .

” I’d just go talk to him aunt ” cherry said and left immediately.


” Babe ” cherry called immediately she walked into his room and saw him staring at his picture with mama lorreta during graduation.

” Ace …ace please talk me , I can’t bear to see you like this , just don’t hide it in you ,I know it hurts please cry it out 😭 I wanna be here for you ” she cried shaking his arms .

” Ace ” she cried out .

” Ace ….”

” Cherry it hurts okay 😭it hurts a lot 😭😭 , I know it sounds selfish to want her to stay buh she’s my best friend …mama lorreta is the only one who really ever un-derstood me 😭 she knew when I was hurt …when I was hiding my emotions un-der my happy mask she was always there for me 😭😭😭 everything in my life had revolved around her …all those years that we pretended not to love each other it was mama lorreta that pushed me to reveal how I truly felt 😭 she was with me the night you regected my feelings ” he cried out uncontrollably .

” I know she wanted to live me 😭 buh why not do it after my wedding ? I wanted her to see her Playboy Tie the knot 😭😭😭 I’m mad at her I’m really mad at her ” he cried like a baby and she pulled him into her as she cried with him .

” Ace I’m here for you okay ,I love you baby ” she cried with him .

” I love you cherry ” he answered sadly .

She ru-bbed his back sadly ,she knew how important mama lorreta was to him his pas-sword before they started dating was even her name …she was his bestfriend .

She hated seeing her boyfriend so broken ,she ru-bbed his back as he cried .

She was gonna support him and help him overcome the pains that was buried de-ep down in his heart .

Before they walked down the aisle together .


😭😭😭Ya I know most of you probably wanna eat me raw hehehehe

Buh seriously I miss my grandmother and decided to add mama lorreta even if she’s the great-grandmom of ace ,they shared a de-ep bond .

Readers of loving again Know just how crazy that woman was .

That being said long Comments please .

One more episode to go .



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