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younger finale

(Baby Face & Her Coffee Prince)

By; Sommy Pearl F.




Maya opened the door after hearing the loud knocks.

“Sunny! What’s wrong?!” She exclaimed seeing how red and W-et Sunny’s face was.

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“I told you! I told you!!” Sunny walked in, still crying.

Maya sighed and closed the door, then went to her.

“Sunny? What’s it? Talk to me. Don’t tell me you and Prince had a fight…again?” Maya shook her head, praying it was not so.

Sunny opened her mouth in order to reply but the knock on the door made her do otherwise.

“Check. Someone is knocking” Sunny muttered.

“Okay. Stay right here” Maya replied and went to the door.

She opened it and saw Prince pa-nting heavily.

“Sunny? Where’s she?” He asked, trying to calm his heavy breathing down.

Maya folded her arms.

“What? Is she still crying?” He asked, trying to get in.

“Hold up!” She quickly said, and came out. Then, locked the door.

“What’s with you and Sunny again? What did you do to her that made her face red with terror? She hasn’t cried like this in a very long time. What happened?” Maya asked. She wasn’t smiling.

Prince inhaled.
“Let’s go in. I’ll explain”

“You had better” Maya said, and opened the door.

They both entered.

“Sunny…” Prince murmured moving close to her.

Sunny faced him and sniffed ha-rd.

She quickly wiped her W-et, runny nose and stood up.
“Prince,,, What are you-

“Why did you leave? So suddenly?” He came closer.

Maya just watched the drama from the door where she stood, with arms akimbo.

“What do you mean, why did I leave? Didn’t you want me to leave? You didn’t even say anything to me. You couldn’t reply and made me look like a fo.ol”

“I’m sorry about that. I was just really surprised and fascinated that words couldn’t form out of my mouth”


“When you said you were 30, of course. My jaw dropped in disbelief”

“She’s really 30” Maya said from behind.

“I know. I believe her now” He nodded.

“So,,, Still,,, its still over between us right? Even though, you didn’t say a thing cause you were surprised, you didn’t make a move nor did you even stop me when I was leaving”

“Its not over” He shook his head.
“You might resign from being an employee of mine but you can never resign from being my wife to be” He smiled.

Maya chuckled.

written by sommy pearl f on fb at sommy’s books.

Sunny pouted.
“Then,,, why didn’t you stop me?”

“I did” Prince retorted.
“I quickly held your f!ng£rs”

“But you later let it go. You let my f!ng£rs go!” She cried out and started hitting his chest.

Prince smiled and held her hands.

“I’m sorry, if you thought of it like that. But the reason I left your f!ng£rs was because your ring suddenly fell off” He answered.

“My ring?” She asked, surprisedly and looked at her f!ng£r.

“My ring!!” She shouted.

“Yup. You lost it” He nodded.

“Oh no. What to do. Thats my engagement ring” She sobbed.

“Tada!!” He showed her the ring.

“Wow!! You found it! Where!” She jumped and snatched it from him.

“Guess why I left you afterwards” He smiled.

“Yes. Why did you leave? When I even glanced back to you. I saw you walking away. I thought it was really over” Sunny said, wearing the ring back.

“Actually, I was following the fallen ring. It was rolling away and I didn’t wanna lose it”

“So, That why you didn’t turn back to me cause if your sight left the ring, you might lose it”

“You got that right” He nodded.

“No wonder, you disappeared from sight. I really misunderstood you. But you scared me like seriously” She sighed.

“I’m sorry but i guess I’m safe now?” He smiled.

“Sure” Maya and Sunny answered.

“So,,, You still like me the same way despite being 30?”

“Of course” He nodded.
“What does age has to do with our love. Young? Huff! That’s what you are,,, whether 22 or 30. 5 year difference makes the cut”

Sunny chuckled and hu-gged him tightly.
“I’m sorry for lying to you in the first place”

“Nah. It’s fine. Besides, If you didn’t lie about your age,, I wouldn’t have met you at work, would I?” Prince hu-gged her back.

“I’m really glad I met you” Sunny whispered.

“If I didn’t meet you, my life would be in black and white” He ki-ssed her hair.

“This love is oppressing me,,, please” Maya said and they looked at her laughing.


“Whats going on now?” Prince frowned, staring at his silver wristwatch.

Sunny sighed and held her beautiful and puffy wedding gown up.

“The car won’t start” The driver said.

“What are we gonna do? There’s no time and no taxi is [email protected] by” Mr Cha said.

“Gosh. Today out of all days. Why” Prince shook his head in disappointment.

“Look!! Let take the bus!! Its gping our way and we can’t wait any longer!” Sunny pointed.

Prince looked and exhaled.
“Let’s go” He uttered and grabbed her wrist. They came down from the car immediately.

And soon, they were running off.

“Wait! Where are you both going to?” Mr Cha asked.

“To the wedding hall! Meet us there!” Prince shouted and Sunny looked at him.

He looked at her and they both smiled at each other widely.

As they ran, time seemed to be on slow motion.


“Finally” Prince muttered as they both entered the bus.

People looked at them and started murmuring about but they didn’t care.

Sunny and Prince sat down at the extreme back. A guy was in between them, using his phone.

Sunny eyes fell on his phone and she smiled. She touched Prince shoulder and he looked at her.

She gestured to him, to look down which he did.

Prince smiled when he saw the guy’s phone. He was on A-chat chatting with a female. They were vibing too.


“Despite all we went through. The misunderstandings, the breakups, the fears, the hatred we got,,, we still remained strong. Nothing could pull us back. I got my Coffee Farmer despite everything we faced. Yes, He’s my Coffee Prince…”


“Who would have thought I would fall in love,, especially in such way. And I’m married to the only one whom I cherish so much. My baby sunshine. My cute Baby Face”


As they thought this inwardly, they couldn’t help but reminisce about their past. The good and bad ones.

They smiled, looked at each other and smiled again.


👥What’s happening?

👥Why aren’t the couples here yet?

👥I hope all is well

👥Did something go wrong??

People murmured about.

“Mrs Davis? Have you tried calling your daughter? I’ve called my grandson but its not going through” Granny said.

“I’ll call her now” Mrs Davis forced a smile.

“Please do” [email protected] said.

“Yeah. They’re supposed to be here by now” Maya chipped.

“We are sorry! We are sorry we are late!” Prince said aloud.

Sunny hand was holding his, tightly.

“Let go” Prince smiled at her and she nodded, nervously.

They both walked slowly down the aisle where the priest was.

“The Priest must have been waiting for so long” Sunny whispered.

“I agree” Prince answered and stopped in front of the Priest who sighed de-eply.


“Groom, Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife; promise to be a companion worthy of her precious friendship, pledge to be [email protected] in good times and bad, encourage her in sickness and health, love and respect her, be honest with her always, and will you stand by her through whatever may come till death puts you apart?” The Priest asked.

Prince looked at her veiled face de-eply.
“Yes,, I do” He whispered, wearing the ring into her 3rd f!ng£r, while trying ha-rd not to cry. It was a dream come true.

The Priest turned to Sunny.
“Bride, Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband; promise to be a companion worthy of his precious friendship, pledge to be [email protected] in good times and bad, encourage him in sickness and health, love and respect him, be honest with him always, and will you stand by him through whatever may come till death puts you apart?”

Sunny nodded first.
“Yes, I do” She replied and wore the ring into his 3rd f!ng£r.

“You may… now ki-ss the bride” The priest said to Prince, and made the sign of the cross.

Prince slowly took her veil up. He met Sunny crying already.

“I love you” She whispered.

“I love you too, wifey” He forced a smile, wiped her tears off, and dived to her l!ps.

They ki-ssed their l!ps gently while their eyes were shut.

People around started clapping.

Some of their close family cried especially Granny.

As Prince ki-ssed Sunny, tears ran down his eyes.


“I…2…Catch!!!” Sunny shouted and threw the flower. The ladies yelled.

She quickly turned around and smiled.

[email protected], Congratulations” Sunny smiled.

“Thank you” [email protected] smiled back.

[email protected] heard a beeb on her phone and she checked it.

It was a message from A-chat. She had just recently joined.

*Hi…* It was a new message from ‘The Cha-rming Prince’.

“New flirt, huh?” [email protected] smirked.

*Hello* She replied.

Maya, the bridesmaid suddenly walked up to them.
“Let’s take a picture!” She gushed.

They laughed and nodded. Maya clic-ked the icon and the cutest selfie was taken.


Prince and Sunny sat on their couple chair taking people greeting, prayers, love, congratulations, gifts and the rest.

“Mr Cha,, You’re just coming? I wouldn’t have made you my groomsman” Prince teased seeing him walk forward.

He was on his phone.

*Hello* He saw the reply from his new chat mate named, Sweet [email protected]

*You ready for a pretty long chat?* He s£nt.

*Sure…* He saw her quickly reply.

Mr Cha quickly glanced back at the video recorder and kept his hand which was clenching his phone down.

“Yes,,, It ain’t my fault, you know. It was one long and big trouble. The car is so…gosh! Let not talk about the traffic” Mr Cha shook his head.

“I’m glad you both took the bus, nevertheless. I guess I missed the most important part?” He added.

“Yup” Sunny nodded.

“Anyways, I’m here to do as I promised” Mr Cha said.

Sunny and Prince exchanged meaningful glances.

“Congratulations” Mr Cha smiled.
“I told you both I’ll say that,,, when the day comes. It here. The wedding!”

“Thank you” Sunny smiled.

“Thanks man” Prince gave Mr Cha a handshake.

Mr Cha Hyun nodded and turned around. He frowned lightly when he saw the video recorder still on.

“What are y’all still watching huh?” He moved to it.

“What’s more for y’all to watch. Its the end, already. The End!! Don’t worry, we all lived happily” He grumbled with a sweet smile, and switched it off.

The scene suddenly blackened out.



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