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the rich kids and I finale

♡The Rich Kids and I♡
Episode 39
Kylan’s pov
We were about to leave when we heard a
gunshot and I turned to see Blair on the floor,I’m
her blood.I looked around in fear as I ran to Blair
“Blair,Blair,you can do this,please don’t die,you
have to tell us who’s behind all this”.I said as
she opened her mouth to talk but blood gushed
out of it
“It’’s…her..”.She said and closed her eyes
“Blair!!”.I shouted shaking her
“Please let’s get her to a hospital”.Maya said in
tears and I carried Blair to my car
We got to the hospital and they took her to a
“I hope nothing bad happens to her.I hope
so”.Maya said pacing to and fro
“Nothing is gonna happen.She’s gonna be fine”.I
“What did she say?”
“She was about to say something but she pas-ses
out.I hope she will be okay so that she’ll tell us
the mastermind”.I said
“Uncle and my siblings!!!”.Maya shouted
“What happened”.I asked
“My uncle and siblings.They were also
kidnapped.I nee-d to go home”.She said
“Okay.I’ll stay here because of her.If you find
them please give me a call”.I said
“Okay.Take care”.She said and was about to
leave when I pulled her into a hu-g
“Be careful”.I said and she nodded against my
“I will.I have to go now”.She said as I released
her and she ran out of the hospital
Maya’s pov
I got to my house and met my dog on the
couch.He ran to me as I picked him up and
smoothen his back
“Uncle!!,Betty!!,Donald!!”.I called as I walked
upstairs.I heard the door opening downstairs as I
ran downstairs to see them
“Uncle”.I called as I ran to hu-g them
“What happened to you guys”.I asked
“We were kidnapped”.Betty said
“Kidnapped.By who?”.I asked
“We don’t know sis.What about you,we’ve been
looking for you since?”.Donald asked
“Yes.What happened to you?”.Uncle asked
“I was also kidnapped but rescued by my
friend.The person that kidnapped me is in a
hospital right now.Someone shot her so we are
waiting for her to wake up so she’ll tell us the
person who s£nt her”.I said as they all stared at
“Okay.we nee-d to go rest big sis”.Donald said
“Come squishy”.Betty said as they dog went to
“You guys have given him a name?”.I asked
“Yes and he loves it”.Betty said and I smiled
“We’ll go now”.Donald said and they both went
“Are you alright.Did they hurt you”.My uncle
“No they didn’t.What about you?”
“I’m fine.We managed to escape”.He said
“Okay.I’ll go to the hospital to go see whether
she’s still alive or not”.I said
“Okay.inform me I’d she’s alive”.
“I will”.I said and went out of the house
Unknown pov
“Have you guys heard about Blair?”.I asked my
“Yes.I heard she’s alive but in a coma”
“Yes.And I nee-d you guys to end her.Our secret
cannot be revealed.She nee-ds to die
immediately”.I said
“Yes boss”
“Get it done immediately”.I said
“Yes boss”.They said and went out of the
♡The Rich Kids and I♡
Episode 40
Kylan’s pov
I was in the living room when my phone rang and
I picked it
“Hello doctor”.I said over the phone
“Hello Mr Kylan”.He said
“Any information about Blair?”.I asked
“Yes.Someone tried to inject her with a
dangerous drug while she was unconscious but
luckily,we caught the person”.He said
“Oh my god.Where is the person now”.I asked
“We took him to the police station”.He said
“One more thing.Blair is already awake.she tried
to run away but we chained her to the bed as
you told me”.He said
“Okay.Good.We’ll be there soon”.I said
“Okay.I’ll be expecting you”.He said and hung up
“Maya!!”.I called as she came down the stairs
“What is it,any information about Blair?”.She
“Yes.She just woke up and someone tried to
inject here but she’s safe now”.I said
“Then what are we waiting for.Let’s go”.She said
and we both left the house
We got to the hospital and met the doctor on our
way to the ward
“Oh,you guys are here”.He said
“Yes.Can we go see her now?”.I asked
“Sure”.He said and we went to her ward
“Please let me go.I don’t know anything.Please
let me go”.Blair said trying to free herself as we
got into her ward
“Please Blair.Please tell us the truth.It won’t
harm you.Just tell us the person who s£nt you.I
know you can’t plan this by yourself.You are too
kind to do all this Please Blair.I know all this is
ha-rd for you but please think about the person
you are hurting.Think about the person you
wanna harm,it’s gonna affect the person
badly.Trust us,we are gonna protect you”.I said
sitting beside her as she looked at me in tears
“Do you promise to protect me?”.She asked
“Yes Blair.We are.Just give us the name”I said
as she looked at Maya
“Its,it’s,it’s her uncle.He threatened me.He took
advantage of me because I loathe Maya.He s£nt
me to kill her mother.He was the one that killed
her father.I’m so sorry”.She said as she began
crying.I looked at Maya and she just stared at
Blair and I could see water at the corner of her
“Maya”.I called as I moved to her and tears ran
down her cheeks
“Did you just hear what she said?”.She asked
“I heard.Just calm down,we know the culprit
now”.I said
“She fu-ck ing killed my mom!!.How can you tell
me to calm down?”.She yelled as I stopped on
my track
“I know.I know she killed her,but she has already
confessed.All we have to do is to go catch your
uncle”.I said
“Yes.I’m definitely gonna do that.Just stay with
her.This is my family business.I don’t wanna get
anyone involved”.She said
“No.I’m gonna follow can be risky and
dangerous for you”.I said
“No it’s not.I nee-d to go now”.She said and left
the room as I ran my hand through my hair in
Amaya’s pov
I ran to my house and barged into my house as I
met my siblings tied to a chair,gagged and my
uncle was comfortably sitting on a couch
“You traitor.How could you do this to us”.I said
as two guys held me
“Me?,traitor?,it was your parents who betrayed
me.They put me in jail for years and left me to
suffer”.He said
“You only paid for what you did”.I said in anger
“Paid for what I did?,did you even know what
happened?”.He asked
“No but I know they did that so you could learn
your lesson but I guess you didn’t.You just got
yourself in a lot of trouble”.I said as he brought
out a gun and pointed it to me
“I’m not scared”.I said feigning courage
“hmm,I like that.You might not be scared but
your siblings are”.He said pointing the gun at my
“No please don’t harm them.They are the only
ones I have left”.I cried and he smi-rked
“You should have thought about what to say
before talking”.He said
“Freeze,the police are everywhere”.We heard a
voice shouted from outside
“You called the police?”.He asked
“No i didn’t but I can help you escape.Just pas-s
through my room door.It’s a secret exit door.Just
don’t harm them”.I said and he signalled the
guys who held me to rele-ase as they ran away
“Betty,Donald”.I shouted as I ran to they and
untied and ungagged them
“Big sis”.They both cried as they hu-gged me and
I returned the hu-g,ti-ghtly
“Are you guys okay?,did they hurt you? “.I as
moving them away from me
“No big sis.We are glad you came to save
us”.Betty said and I hu-gged them again as tears
ran down my face
“Maya?”.I heard a voice and turned to see Kylan
“Kylan?,what are you doing here?”.I asked
standing up as I cleaned my tears
“I followed you.I was the one who called the
police.Your uncle is already with the police.He
couldn’t escape”.He said
“I told you not to follow me.Why did you?”.I
“Because I do care about you”.He said as i just
ignored him.
“Let’s go upstairs.Where is squishy?”.I asked
Donald and Betty
“He’s upstairs”.Donald replied
“Let’s go upstairs.You guys nee-d to rest”.I said
as i dragged them upstairs
Kylan’s pov
I waited downstairs for Maya to come as I sat on
a couch
“What are you still doing here?”.I heard Maya
voice and I turned my head to see her coming
down the stairs
“I was waiting for you”.I said standing up
“You don’t nee-d to.You can take you leave
now”.She said walking to the door and I grabbed
her hand
“Why are you like this?”.He asked staring into my
“I don’t know what to mean and I don’t care.Just
leave”.She said
“I don’t un-derstand you anymore.I don’t know
why you are like this.I don’t care.You just
don’t..,I don’t even know what to say.I’ll get
going now”.I said in anger and released her
hand.I opened the door and was about to leave
when I felt her hu-g me from behind
“I’m sorry.I don’t know what also happened to
me.I guess all this things made me got carried
away.I’m so sorry.Please don’t leave”.She said
and I smiled.I removed her hand from my wai-st
and turned to her
“You don’t nee-d to get involved in all this
alone.I’m also here.I’m your boyfriend”.I said
holding her cheeks
“I know.I’m sorry”.She said and i smiled
“You are forgiven.Now smile for me”.I said and
she smiled
“So cute”.I said and I placed my l!ps on hers
“Can I ask for a request?”.I asked Maya when I
broke the ki-ss.I went on a knee and brought out
a box containing a ring
“Will you marry me Maya?”.I asked and I could
see she was shocked
♡The Rich Kids and I l♡
Episode 41
Amaya’s pov
I watched as Kylan went on a knee and brought
out a box
“Will you marry me Maya,”.He asked opening the
box and my heart skipped a bit
“Marry?,I don’t think I’m ready for that
“I’m sorry Kylan but my answer is a no”.I said
and he stared at me in shock
“No?,why,don’t you love me?”.He asked still on
his knee
“I do love you.In fact I think I do love you more
than myself”.I said
“Then why can’t you accept my proposal?”.He
“I don’t think I’m ready Kylan.I just got out of
some mess and I’m sure I will not be over.My
uncle will still try to harm me and my family.And
if you are involved with me,you are gonna get
hurt”.I said and he stood up
“No Maya,I’ve told you we are in this
together.I’m gonna protect you Maya.You and
your family.I won’t let anyone harm you guys.I
can’t control myse anymore.I can’t take it
anymore.You do always drive me crazy.Please
say yes.I beg you”.He said taking my hand
“I know you can protect me but we are talking
about your life”.I said
“I can protect myself as long as you are with
me,no harm can befall me.Please Maya,please
make me the happiest man on earth”.He said
and I smiled,nodding my head
“Really”.He asked and I nodded my head
again.He quickly repositioned himself and
cleared his throat
“Will you Marry me Maya?”.He asked
“Yes Kylan.I will marry you”.I replied and he
sl!pped the ring into my f!ng£r.He stood up in
happiness and hu-gged me as I smiled,hu-gging
him back
“From now on,you are my treasure and I’ll never
lose you” He said still hu-gging me and stro-king
my hair
“Thank you Maya” He whispered
“You are welcome”.I whispered to him back.He
moved away from me and held my hands
“You just made me the happiest man on earth
and I promise you with my whole heart that I’ll
protect you and also make you the happiest
woman on earth”.He said and I smiled
“I know”.I replied as he smiled
“Goodnes.I can’t believe this.With everything,i
thought I was gonna lose you from the
beginning”.He said
“How?”.I asked
“Ryan,Dylan,Blair,your uncle,Cole.I thought I was
gonna lose you”.He said
“Well you didn’t”.I said
“So what’s gonna happen now?”.I asked
“What’s gonna happen?,we get married and give
birth to twenty childrens”.He said and I [email protected]
“Twenty?,you’re insane”.I said and he chuckled
“Is that too much.You can’t handle it?”.He asked
teasing me
“Twenty,goodness Kylan.You must be kidding
me”.I said
“Aww,my wife is scared of giving birth to twenty
childrens.Okay,I’ll decrease it.What about
fifteen.That’s okay”.He said
“I can argue with you.You won’t kill me later in
the future”.I said
“I won’t”.He said
I was in our living room when Kylan came in and
I stood up to greet him
“Welcome dear,how was your day.How’s my
siblings?”.I asked removing his suit
“They are fine.They s£nd their greetings and love
to you”.He said sitting on a couch,dragging me
with him and I landed on his lap
“What would you like to eat?”.I asked
“You”.He replied as he pec-ked my neck
“Come on Kylan.You just came back from
work.What would you like to eat?”.I asked
“My answer is still the same.You”.He replied and
I chuckled
“You know.Your siblings said they nee-d nieces
and nephews to play with”.He said
“So..”.I asked
“I want us to give them what they want”.He said
“When?”.I asked
“Now”.He said and was about to carry me when I
stopped him
“I’m pregnant Kylan”.I said and he looked at me
in shock
“You’re what?!!”.He asked
“I’m pregnant”.I said chuckling
Your pregnant.How many weeks”.He asked in
“Two months”.I replied as he made me stood up
and made me sit down
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier.I wouldn’t have
made you do any work”.He said squatting in front
of me
“Come on,it’s just two months”.I said
“Yes I know.It means a lot to me.What would
you like to eat.No,don’t answer that.I’ll go make
something for you”.He said and was about to
leave for the kitchen when I dragged him beside
me and placed my head on his shoulder
“I don’t nee-d anything.Our baby nee-ds you.They
nee-d your warmth”.I said
“They?.How many are they?”.I asked
“Well,they are actually triplets”.I said
“Triplets?”.He asked looking at me and I nodded
my head as he placed his hand on my belly
“Hello kids.this is your dad.How are you guys
doing,can’t wait for you guys to come to
earth”.He said ru-b-bing my belly and I chuckled
“They are also greeting you”.I said as he
wrapped his hand around my belly
“I can feel them”.He said as i looked at him
“Really?”.I asked
“Yes.They said they love us both”.He said as I
reached up to him and placed my l!ps on his


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