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bitter love finale

πŸ’” Bitter

Love πŸ’”

{When love burns}

Written by [email protected] Gift



Erica almost died of shock seen by now everything turned.

Instead of people criticizing their love, instead they were match making them and rooting for their relationship.

“Everyone backfired Erica, people are accusing you of trying to ruin their relationship.”, Dina said as she checked the insultive comments that Erica was receiving.

“Did you see how they were ki-ssing each other? She is such a slut.”, Erica said angrily.

“Erica just give this up — I mean you weren’t this desperate since I have known you, just leave them alone, so that you will meet someone more better than Kyle.”, Dina said and Erica rolled her eyes.

“You are talking like it’s that easy.”, She said as she hissed.

“I know it isn’t easy but what you are doing is nothing but a waste of time, it’s very obvious that they are very much in love.”, Dina said.

“Whatever!”, She said as she collapsed on the couch.


*Kyle’s room*

“What are you thinking about Kyle?”, Pearl asked removing her head she placed on Kyle’s che-st to study his expression.

“Nothing really important.”, He said.

“Tell me.”, She inquired.

“I was thinking of how really foolish I was.”, He replied and pearl Chuckled.

“Why do you say that?”

“It’s just that … I just let you go without fighting for you and I just ignored you after our first night, I just realized how much I have starved myself of sweet things. What was I even thinking that I was just so busy to touch you? I really missed a lot.”, He said and pearl Chuckled again.

“I wondered severally but I got no answer, so I made up my mind that maybe I didn’t do well during our love making. That was why I was doing everything i could during our second time to impress you.”, She admitted.

“Oh that night made me go wild. Everything I remember when you asked why my di*ck was …!”, Kyle was still saying when she placed her hand on his mouth.

Everything she remembers what the silly question she asked, she always felt embarras-sed.

“That’s all in the past now, you don’t nee-d to bring it up.”, She said shyly and Kyle mocked her and just then Pearl’s phone rang.

πŸ“ž “How are you pearl?”, Carl asked and pearl smiled hearing his voice.

How can she not miss the voice of the person who took part in helping her solve her problems.

Kyle frowned seeing how pearl smiled while on the phone.

“Put it on loud speaker.”, He said and pearl just shook her head as she clic-ked on loud speaker.

πŸ“ž “Carl I have missed hearing your voice.”, She said and Kyle arched his brow.

πŸ“ž “If you say that, I might just come back to you.”, He said and laughed but Kyle didn’t find it funny at all.

πŸ“ž “I heard your statement today, you were cool right there. I’m happy that you are back together with Kyle.”

πŸ“ž “Yeah! Thank you.”, She said and Kyle wondered why the hell she was thanking him.

πŸ“ž “Carl how are you doi…”, Pearl trailed off as Kyle claimed her l!ps.

“Let’s have another round of hot love making.”, He whispered in such a way that Carl should hear.

Well it was prefect because that was exactly what he wanted Carl to hear. He just wanted Carl to stay away from pearl.

“Kyle I’m on a call.”, She whispered back pushing him away but he was just too stubborn.

πŸ“ž “Pearl I have to go now, I just wanted to check on you.”

πŸ“ž “Thank you Carl.”, She said and hung up.

“What was that all about?”, She questioned.

“Why were you thanking him?”, Kyle asked too.

“Well Carl was the one who made me realize the feelings I have for you but have been denying. You are just jealous for no reason.”, She said as she rolled her eyes.

“Well I should be, you can’t blame me.”, He said.

“It’s almost time for Ryan and Emma to be back, you should dress up.”, He said as he stood up to dress up.

“Or should I dress you?”, He asked with a sm-irk as he stared at her na-ked ness.

“I can do that myself, there’s no nee-d.”, She replied covering her body with the duvet.

“Incase you change your mind, I am here.”, He said with a wink.

“I won’t.”, She as-sured him.


After a few months, Kyle and pearl got married. No more was as happy as Ryan and Emma.

They couldn’t even hide how happy they were.

All their ha-rd work finally paid off, they succeeded in getting their parents back together.

Kyle and pearl didn’t forget to visit Mr and Mrs Rivers, the God sΒ£nt couples that played a big role in settling their differences.

They went with Ryan and Emma also and the old couples were so happy to see them.

Not long after that, Kyle’s mom came back and the family was complete.

Erica just as she promised left Kyle and his family alone since she already did the last thing she wanted to do and it didn’t work.

Jayden and twinkle continued their relationship and pearl and Kyle did nothing but to support them.

Kyle and pearl vowed never to allow anything to break them apart.

They promised each other to never keep secret and to always settle whatever problem they were having.


This is the final end πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

No more pearl and Kyle. No more Ryan and Emma. No more Jayden and twinkle.

So tell me how was the story?

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