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bitter love episode 33 & 34

? Bitter

Love ?

Written by [email protected] Gift

Chapter thirty_three {Last chapter}


Epilogue will still be posted, so take note. This is not exactly the last chapter.

After the outing, Kyle finally let pearl go back to her hotel room but pearl had to promise to spend the night the next day.

Pearl didn’t really hear from twinkle so she decided to visit her in her apartment.

Pearl didn’t bother to knock, she was too happy to tell twinkle about her relationship with Kyle.

She froze when she saw twinkle and Jayden making out.

“Pearl what are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were coming.”, Twinkle said as she quickly dis£ngaged from Jayden.

“I should tell you I was coming so that I wouldn’t find out what you are doing with Jayden?”, Pearl asked.

“Jayden what are you doing with twinkle when you have a girlfriend? Are you cheating on your girlfriend?”, Pearl queried.

“Pearl …!”, Jayden was still saying when she cut him off.

“I know that you are a play boy but why twinkle of all people? She is like my sister.”, Pearl said.

“Pearl I can ex—”

“What? You like what he does to you? You want to stand up for him, Jayden here has a girlfriend and you are allowing him to ki-ss you.”, Pearl snapped.

“Jayden I know you like hot girls and twinkle is no exception but you should at least have respect for her, she is my personal as-sistant and …”

“Jayden is my boyfriend.”, Twinkle cut pearl off and she swallowed her words to stare at twinkle.

Twinkle nodded and pearl [email protected]

“Yes, she’s the girlfriend Kyle was talking about.”, Jayden confirmed and pearl closed her mouth with her hand.

“You got yourself a boyfriend and yet you hid it from me? Wow twinkle! Wow!!!”, Pearl said.

“Sorry pearl, I was just looking for a prefect time to tell you.”, Twinkle replied.

“And you, Jayden why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I wanted to but I felt that twinkle should be the one to tell you.”, Jay replied.

“I am disappointed still, when did you guys start dating.”, She asked sitting.

“Few months ago.”, Jayden replied.

“You guys did a nice job keeping me in the dark.”, Pearl said.

“So what exactly will you do with the pictures?”, Dina asked her friends who had a mischievous smile.

“You just watch how I take my revenge.”, She said as she removed her gaze from Dina to her phone.

“What are you planning? Tell me Erica.”, Dina said and she handed her phone to Dina and she [email protected]

“You posted it online? What for?”

“Can’t you think? I am trying to gain the public’s sympathy by telling them that their favourite actress is having an affair with my finance.”, Erica explained.

“Let’s see how pearl would handle the criticism and the hatred.”, She said as she smi-rked.

“Nice idea Erica.”, Dina complimented.

“Look just in three minutes, you have 50 comments already.”, She said showing Erica.

“I can’t believe it”

“How many people does she want to date? First it was Carl and now another person’s finance”

“I can’t believe that she’s more of the actresses that sleeps around with all men.”

“Pearl was my favorite actress until now …”

“I dislike her already.”

Dina kept reading all the comments out loud and Erica just burst into laughter.

“Let’s see how they will fight for their stupid love.”


“Pearl you nee-d to see this.”, Twinkle said as she showed the news to pearl.

Pearl [email protected] seeing the news and seeing the comments broke her heart into pieces.

They were a lot of hateful speech about her.

“Are you okay pearl?”, twinkle asked.

“I am.”, She said as she continued to read the comments.

“You shouldn’t still be reading that, it will only break your heart more.”, Jayden said collecting the phone from her.

“I nee-d to see Kyle.”, She said as she took her keys and left.

Kyle just saw the post Erica made and the pictures she posted, he only shook his head.

“This was what she was planning all along.”

He was about going to Pearl’s hotel when she entered the house.

“Are you okay pearl?”, He asked as he hu-gged her ti-ghtly.

“Yes, what about you?”

“Me? You are the one affected here and you are concerned about me, don’t worry about it at all, I will make Erica take it down.”, He said as he patted her hair.

“I don’t think she would, don’t worry I will make a public statement about us and explain everything to everyone.”, Pearl said and Kyle nodded.

“Let’s explain it together.”, He said but pearl said she could handle it alone but he insisted and she eventually gave in.

#Next day

Pearl had asked twinkle to arrange a press meeting for her and Kyle and she did as she was told.

The reporters were already waiting for Pearl and Kyle to rele-ase a Statement and as soon as they arrived, the cameras were immediately turned on and everything was set.

Pearl looked at kyle and he placed his hand on hers and sque-ezed it.

“Good day everyone! I am pearl Hansley and I want to clarify things about my dating life.”, She said after she cleared her throat.

“So tell us miss Hansley, what is your relationship with the person sitted next to you?”

“He was my ex-husband and pres£ntly he is my boyfriend.”, She said with a big smile.

“So are you saying that you were once married but the marriage didn’t work out and you are back together with him?”

“Yes.”, She simply replied as she looked at Kyle.

“Why did you not say anything about your married life before now? Could it be that you were ashamed of your ex-husband?”

Never for once was I ashamed of Kyle and our children, I just felt that there was no use talking about my past when we were never going to come back together.”, She replied.

“So you have a child with your ex-husband?”

“Yes two beautiful children that we both love so much.”, She said with a proud smile.

“Mr Kyle is it true that you are the finance of miss Erica?”

“I was but we already broke up because I realized that I was just forcing things.”* He replied.

“But miss Erica claims that you are having an affair with another woman.”

“She wants to do anything to ruin and she couldn’t accept the fact that she was rejected, we already broke up.”, Kyle replied.

“Miss Hansley what about those rumors about you and mr Carl going out?”

“We indeed went out but we just talked, I have nothing going on with Carl, he is just someone who cares about my farewell.”, She replied.

“I might not end up with who y’all want me to end up with but I hope you really allow me to live my life in peace. I love Kyle so much and nothing is going to change that.”, She said.

“Please don’t hate pearl, she didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the hate speech. She loves me as much as I love her too and nothing is going to stop that.”, Kyle said and then he placed his li-ps on Pearl’s.

Pearl first [email protected] because it was unexpected and she didn’t imagine Kyle would do something like that in the public.

Before she knew what was happening, she reciprocated the ki-ss and was about talking it to the next level when Kyle stopped her.

“Not here pearl, let’s get home.”, He said and she felt so embarras-sed.

Why did he ki-ss her in the first place when he knows how much she is affected by his touches and ki-sses?

“They are so sweet.”, They heard the reporters say among themselves.

She was definitely going to punish Kyle in her own way.

“That will be all for now.”, Pearl said and she left the place hurriedly.

She was too embarras-sed to even look at the reporters faces and she became angry when she remembered that everything was taken on cameras.

So everyone would be watching her.

“Pearl…”, Kyle called after her but she just ignored him.

“Are you angry because I ki-ssed you in the public?”, He asked but she just shrugged.

Till they got back to Kyle’s mansion, pearl kept acting cold.

“Pearl I am tired of your silent treatment, can’t you just tell me what went wrong? I don’t want you to keep secrets from me.”, He said.

“Why did you ki-ss me in public?”, She asked and Kyle scoffed

“Woah! You really are a good actress, how can you pretend not to want the ki-ss? You even ki-ssed me back.”, he said.

“When did I say that I didn’t want the ki-ss? You just shouldn’t have ki-ssed me in the public.”, She snapped.

“What’s wrong with expressing my love for my woman in public?”, Kyle fired and pearl let out a dry laugh.

“You embarras-sed me Kyle.”, She said and Kyle got mad.

“I embarras-sed you because I ki-ssed you? Are you ashamed of me pearl?”

“That is not what I mean, how can you even say that?”

“Then why were you embarras-sed?”, He queried.

“Because… I … Just forget it!”, She said walking away to the room.

“I can’t forget it, I nee-d to Know why you were embarras-sed.”, He said persistently.

“I felt embarras-sed because I wanted just more than a ki-ss, I was ready to take the ki-ss to the next level while everyone was watching but you stopped me in time. Didn’t I tell you that I really can’t control my self when you do those things to me?”, She confessed and Kyle was for-ced to smile.

“I didn’t mean to embaras-s you, I just wanted to show them how much I love you by ki-ssing you, I didn’t mean to turn you on.”, He apologized.

“I wasn’t turn on, it is a different thing.”, She said suddenly shy.

“Okay I was turned on and I wanted you that moment, are you happy now?”, She admitted and he chuckled.

“You should accept the fact that you are nau-ghty.”, He said and pearl smiled seductively.

“Maybe I should show you how nau-ghty I can be.”, She said as she zi-pped down Kyle’s trouser.

“We still have time before the kids return from school.”, Pearl said with a smile as she started working on Kyle’s di*ck.

“God pearl! You are really good with this, we should be doing this more often.”, He said admist [email protected] as pearl suc*ked the hell out of his di-ck .

“Are you really sure you want another baby? You were mad at Ryan and Emma because they interupted us the last time, what do you think about the new baby?”, Pearl said she Kyle gave it another thought.

“Let’s postpone that, I nee-d to be eating you everyday.”, He said and pearl smiled.

“You are nau-ghty also.”, She said.

“And that’s what makes us perfect.”, He said and they continued what they were doing.


Who is more nau-ghty between those two? ?

Imagine their Expression if Ryan and Emma works in on them ?

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