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a mermaid’s love episode 47 & 48

( Melody Musical High… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


After crying out his heart in front of Lotus’s room, Martin stood and left the house, appearing beside a road.

He checked the time, it’s some minutes after 9, just in time.

“Time to make you both regret your evil deeds” he said, sighting a coming car.

He ru-bbed his palms together and fire emanated, burning in the middle of his palms.

The black car kept speeding on the road and Martin kept ru-b-bing his palms together.

He suddenly separated his palms and threw a marble of fire to the car.

Immediately it hit the car, it blew up and started burning immediately.

“Curse you for everything you made Mrs Luther p@$$throu-gh, curse you for all you made me p@$$throu-ghtoo, and as for you madam Judy, curse you for making Starr and Mr McDonald into helpless people, you both will live the remaining of your existence in agony, no matter how much you get burnt by the fire, you both won’t die till it’s time for your death, curse you both” he cursed, his eyes getting redder at each curse.

The fire extinguishers came fast and started putting off the fire when he vanished, appearing in front of Kings mansion.

He knocked the door and Lorraine opened the door.

“Martin” she smiled but behind that smile, there’s sadness.

“Is something wrong?, I heard Bluey is back” he said.

“Yes he’s back, but he was locked in” she replied.

“Since yesterday?”

“Yes, chairman said he won’t rele-ase him if he keeps insisting on not liking Enolla, I did all I could but it won’t work” she replied.

Primrose’s car stopped in front of the house and she came out of it angrily.

“Primrose” Lorraine said.

“I nee-d to tear that man apart right now, he’s out of his s£nses and I nee-d to bring him back to track!” She said hotly and made to go in but Martin stopped her.

“Where’s Bluey’s p@$$port?” He asked.

“Why did you ask?”

“Just answer please, no time” Martin replied.

“It’s in his room” Lorraine replied.

“I’ll be right back” he said and vanished in front of them.

“Aarrgg!!!!!” Lorraine screamed, p@$$ing out immediately.

“What just happened?, Martin…. vanished?” Primrose said shockingly.

Martin appeared in Bluey’s room and Bluey spranged up quickly.

“Martin?, How did you…

“I can’t explain anything right now” Martin interrupted.

“What do you mean?, You just Fu-cking teleported here, What are you?” Bluey asked, stepping away.

“It’s ha-rd to explain but I’m not human ok?” Martin said.

“What!, You’re not…. human?”

“Get your p@$$port” Martin replied but Bluey kept staring at him in shock.

When Martin saw it’s taking too long, he fished out his p@$$port by himself, bringing it out of his docu-ments with his eyes.

“What did you just…

“Shut up and just follow me!” Martin said and grabbed his hand, they appeared in front of the house together.

Lorraine is awake already.

“It’s for real” she said.

“Mum” Bluey hu-gged her immediately.

“Who are you?” Primrose asked Martin.

“Prince of a world that’s far from the world of humans” he replied simply.

“Prince of….what?”

“I’ve done all I can, protect him and make sure he leaves Korea tommorow, that’s the only way to save him from the chairman” Martin replied and placed the p@$$port in Bluey’s palm.

Before he could talk, Martin vanished.




Tasha’s eyes opened and Mrs Luther spranged up from her chair when she saw it.

She quickly held her hand, going closer.

“Tasha, are you awake?”

Tasha’s drowsy eyes looked around then they came back to her.

“Where….am….am…I?” She asked weakly.

“Don’t talk, save your strength dear, I’ll call the doctor”

“Where’s…. Bluey?” She asked weakly again.


“Yes….I nee-d.. to .. see him” she replied .

“Bluey Kings?”

“Y… yes” Tasha replied and Mrs Luther inhaled.

“Please….help… me” Tasha said again and Mrs Luther kizzed her hand .

“I’ll get him” she said.

“Who….are you though?” Tasha asked

“I followed the ambulance here, I just couldn’t ignore the urge to follow it” Mrs Luther replied.

“Thanks….I thought…I … thought I was…. gonna die” she said gently.

“You won’t die, you’ll never die dear” Mrs Luther said, crying and smiling at the same time.




“Mrs McDonald and Mr Luther were rescued from a fire accident on their way to the airport, they’re here in this same hospital” a doctor reported to Davis who’s just waking up.

Starr is sitting beside him, he woke earlier.

“What!” Starr said.

“They were badly burnt but they were rescued, they’re in the next ward” the doctor replied.

“So…. Mr Luther is her accomplice?” Starr said, remembering how Martin has been behaving strange lately.

“So…. this is it” he said bitterly.

He left the ward with his dad and went to the ward.

They were rescued truly but they’re unrecognizable because the fire destroyed their faces and body, completely.

It’s amusing that they’re still breathing.

“Davis” Judy whispered in pains, tears w£tting her burnt face.

“I trusted you” Davis replied.

“I’m so sorry, it was greed….greed” she said sorrowfully.

“I’m glad it didn’t take long before you got caught, the only thing I’m pained about is my baby which you ab-orted” Davis said.

Starr refused to talk, he’s just crying silently.

Everything is happening so fast at a time and he can’t even process it in his head anymore.

He left the ward when Judy was about to call his name and surprisingly, he met Martin outside.

“Martin” he called and Martin came closer.

They went to a silent place together and stood facing each other.

“I did that to them” Martin said.

“Who are you exactly?” Starr asked curiously.

“Prince of seven fires, from the kingdom of fire, I have control over fire” he replied.

“You aren’t human” Starr said.

“Yes, and I can’t stay here forever” Martin replied.

A minute of silence prevailed.

“How’s Lotus doing?” He asked.

“She’s coming for you” Martin replied.


“She’s yours, not mine, I got rid of the ne-cklace so it’s now yours” Martin replied.


“She was always yours” Martin replied and Starr quickly hu-gged him.

“I was so scared, I thought I’d lose her, I almost killed myself Martin, almost” he cried and Martin smiled, patting him.

“I’m sorry, your mum committed the sin but I hated you, forgive me,best friend” Martin said and Starr broke the hu-g.

They smiled at each other with teary faces and hu-gged again.

“Bluey is leaving tommorow” Martin said.

“To where?”




Yolanda came out of the ice cream shop where she got two plates of ice cream from.

She’s actually going to see Alec and she can’t wait to share with him.

She was about to dial his line when she bumped into someone and her phone fell.

“Are you blind?” She said, looking up to see Enolla and Ophelia.

“Oh, it’s you dumb@$$” Enolla laughed.

“Dumb@$$?, After destroying my phone?” Yolanda smi-rked.

“You’re a dumb@$$babe, you just haven’t realized yet, fool!” Ophelia laughed.

Yolanda got angry and slapped Ophelia soundly, Enolla [email protected].

“Idiots” Yolanda said and picked her phone.

“I was gonna wait till tomorrow but not again, Enolla give me the video” Ophelia said and Enolla p@$$ed her the phone.

A video was played and showed to Yolanda.

The video of how Alec planned with them to play Yolanda, everything they said was revealed.

Yolanda’s phone fell from her again and she started shivering.

Then their kizzing videos s£nt to them by Alec.

“Now who’s the real idiot?, Fool!” Ophelia said and knowingly bumped into her, she almost fell and Enolla bumped into her too, she fell on her bu-tt as they left, laughing mockingly.

Yolanda cried without realizing as she stood and got in a taxi which took her to Alec’s place.

“Babe, you took so long” he said when she entered the house.

“You never loved me, it was all a plan right?” She said and he stopped on his tracks shockingly.

“Open your darn mouth and talk to me !” She shouted, crying so much.

“Yolanda I….I…

“Talk to me!!” She yelled, going closer to him.

She pushed his che-st.

“Tell me it’s not true, tell me you’re not playing me Alec!, Tell me already!!, Ophelia and Enolla are lying right?”

“They’re not” Alec said guiltily.

More tears escaped Yolanda’s eyes.

“It was really a plan but I swear it I fell for….

“How could you!…how could you Alec, I loved you genuinely, I really did” she cried.

“Yolanda please…

“I hope you suffer for playing with my heart, I hope you regret everything, I hope you never find love no matter how ha-rd you search Alec” she said in tears and ran out of the house.

Alec ran after her but she was already in the cab when he got out.

He scattered his hair and wiped the tears that fell from his eyes.

“I fell for you I swear, I swear” he cried.



Bluey rushed into the hospital where he found out Tasha is, he’s wearing a cap and a mask anyways.

After asking the nurses at the reception, he was able to recognize her ward.

He ran in and took off his cap and mask.

“Bluey!” Mrs Luther stood immediately.

Tasha made to stand but her head aches so she gave up

“Natasha” Bluey rushed to her and stro-ked her hair like a baby, touching her face gently, Tasha smiled.

“I missed you, I thought I was never gonna see you anymore” she said, holding his hand to her face.

“I’m glad you’re ok too, you won’t know how scared I was, I was so scared Natasha” he replied, touching her cheek.

“Thanks for coming to see me” she said, ru-b-bing his hand.

“The boy you fell for, the one you wrote in your diary, was me… right?” He said and she nodded slowly.

“I saw the end of it yesterday before this happened, sorry for prying again” he said and she smiled.

“I want you to keep prying” she replied and Bluey smiled.

“I love you a lot” she said, still ru-b-bing his hand.

“I love you Natasha, I don’t know how it happened but I fell” he replied and she kizzed his hand.

“I’m glad” she smiled.

He bent over her and kizzed her forehead.

“Will you stay?” She asked hopefully.

“Yes, for now though, I’m leaving Korea tommorow” he replied.

“Bluey…” She said sadly.

He kizzed her forehead again.

“I’ll come back for you, it’s a promise”



Starr couldn’t conceal his joy when Lotus called to meet in her street.

He’s standing in front of the empty land, expecting her to come out anytime, he’s really growing impatient.

She finally showed up and he lost his breath.

She was wearing a sleeveless see-throu-ghgown and it’s short too, he could see her undies clearly.

Everything else got wiped away from his memory as he stared breathlessly at her till she got to him.

She got to him and without saying anything, she wore him the ne-cklace, the pendant flashed blue immediately, same with her eyes.

He started seeing the mansion again.

“You’ll die” she said eventually.

“I don’t care, I just want to be with you baby” he replied.

“I don’t want to lose you” she said.

“If I die for you, I’ll be happy in the afterlife” he smiled.


“Martin explained everything to me, I know what’ll happen if we do it, that’s why you pretended to be heartless yesterday, but shouldn’t we try it out first?, Whatever happens after that, I’ll take it all… for you” he said selflessly.

“I don’t even think I deserve you” she said.

Starr held her face and inched in.

“I love you, isn’t that all that matters?” He said and she smiled.

“I love you so much too soulmate” she replied.

Starr carried her in his arms and walked into the house.

Immediately he stepped in, he locked their li-ps together in a crazy kizz, almost eating away her li-ps.

The fire ignited again and the affection burned, the feelings woke and the emotions rose.

He dropped her on the couch and they continued kizzing ha-rd, Lotus’s loud moa-ns started coming fast as he slid in his tongue.

They’ve never kizzed like this before, not even when they almost did it the other time.

Starr changed position every sec, dipping his hand un-der her gown.

He grabbed her bu-tt possessively and she moa-ned for him loudly, unbu-ttoning his shirt too.

He broke it shortly and peeled off her gown, returning their li-ps to each other afterwards.

The clouds gathered outside and strong wind started b!0wing, the birds ran back the their nests and animals ran back to their holes, humans returned to their homes.

Starr grabbed Lotus’s bo-obs and gave them gentle squee-zes, driving her mad as her w£tness took over her pan-ties.

By now, she has finished taking off his shirt and she threw it down.

Starr stopped fondling with her bo-obs and carried her, she covered his wa-ist with her legs as he walked upstairs.

Their tongues are still dancing in their mouths and their li-ps are still rolling on each other, their hands are still working on each other.

He dropped her on the bed when they got to the room and Lotus closed her eyes when his mouth encircled one of her small pink tits .

“Gosh!, Starr…” She moa-ned, p-ulling his head closer to her bo-obs.

Starr kept su-cking and making sure his hands reached every part of her body as hers got stuck in his hair.

“I love you…so much” she moa-ned again, breathing heavily as he su-cked fas-ter.

He suddenly took his mouth off her nip-ple and she opened her eyes when he took off his pa-nts.

He proceeded to taking off hers and she impatiently watched as he positioned himself on her

“You aren’t gonna tell me to stop right?” He asked.

“I promise” she replied, widening her legs more than before.

He kizzed her rou-ghly as he drove himself inside her warm c*it gently.

“Ouch!” Came a sharp sound from her .

He removed it and inse-rted again, she held him ti-ghtly.

“Ah!” She winced when he started moving slowly.

“Sorry” Starr whispered, kizzing her nose.

“I love you Starr, I love….ah!” She [email protected].

His di-ck started swimming inside her gently and she kept [email protected] in pains at first, getting acquainted with it.

After the first ten minutes, the plea-sure started shooting and she let go of herself, sweeping up her hair.

“More, more please…I want more” she started moa-ning differently and Starr never hesitated to give her ha-rder, her bo-obs bounced on her che-st as he Fu-cked her crazily, her legs went hanged on his wa-ist, caging him to herself.




“Cleo is missing!” Mul suddenly noticed, coming out of Cleo’s room.

She rushed to the king’s palace and met him with Aqua.

“Royal father, Cleo is missing” she said fearfully and both Watergire and Aqua stood in fear.


“@$$emble the guards, the search should start now!” Watergire ordered and they all rushed out of the palace.

Meanwhile, outside the Han river, Cleo came out of the river and smiled, looking at her legs.

“I’m finally out of this darn river” she smiled wickedly as Lotus’s scent filled her nose.

“I’m coming for you, Lotus” she said and transformed to a bird, flying away.




Lotus seems to be getting more and more energetic every minute, she kept begging for more and though Starr is Fu-cking tired already, he kept giving it to her ha-rd.

She’s on top of him right now, riding his di-ck fast, causing him to [email protected] everytime.

Her bo-obs dangled on top of him temptingly but no strength to even su-ck her

“Lotus…baby I’m…

He wasn’t chanced to say tired when she changed position, making him come on top of herself.

“More, more soulmate” she said impatiently.

She’s not even sweating and she seems strong despite the rounds they’ve went.

“Do more, I want more” she said and Starr breathed heavily.

“You know I’m the only child of my dad right?” He said.

“But I want more”



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