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enchanted by a cursed prince episode 5 & 6


(His personal taste from another world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 5&6

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“holy moly! ” a maid blurted out and immediately covered her mouth with her hand

The maid eyes wi-dened as if it’s gonna pull out of its socket. She stared at the blood oozing out of his head

She trembled in fear as she leaned on the wall staring at the prince in horror. The reflection of the light shone in the palace and she watched the prince who uses his hand to cover his eyes

“Prince Norman ” The maid heard a voice which could be recognized as Princess Celine voice

“My brother……! ” Princess Celine called and rushed to him.

A guard came almost immediately. He [email protected] and looked away. The sight was horrible.

“What’s going on here…….! ” A thun-derous voice said making the maid and guard who just saw the prince froze on their spot

The king narrowed his eyes to the guard and then to the maid. He walked to the guard and pulled his sword out of his shield.

“My king……. ” The guard couldn’t complete his statement as the king di-pped the sword into his stomach. His mouth pa-rted as blood gestured out

“Father…… ” Celine screamed in fright.

Yeah! This isn’t the first time she is seeing her father killing someone but yet, she can’t get over it

“Celine……. Take your brother to his room… Now!! ” He ordered

Prince Rex rushed in and quickly helped princess Celine in taking Prince Norman to his room

The king turned his gaze to the maid who still stood there. She started shivering and moving backward as the king walks towards her with the sword

Her breathing became so tensed as sweat ran down from her hair

She fell on her knees and started crying

“My king….. Please don’t kill me…. I’m…. ” She couldn’t complete her words before the king cut off her neck leaving all the maids who had just rushed in, in fright

They [email protected] and stared at the blood that split around the stairs

The king stared at them all and shook his head before walking out of their midst

Immediately the king was out of sight…. They all raised their head and murmuring aro-se immediately

“jeez….. Two people gone this morning…… ” A guard mumbled and shook his head in disbelief

“I can’t keep working here o…… I’m leaving before I die….. My life is just too precious for me ” Another said

“What a cruel world…… !” A maid said and walked out of the scene. They all shook their head and walked out in different directions

“Norman…..! “Princess Celine called and started crying again. She traced his cheeks with her fin-gers. Prince Rex tucked his hand into his inner pocket as he stared at his brother

“My son….. ” Their mother rushed into the room. She stopped on her track and her heart abruptly stopped racing

“My son….. My Norman…… ” She said and rushed to him. Tears rushed down of her eyes like a running tap.

“Who did this to you…… Who did this to my son!! ” She cried in pains and agony

She tou-ched his blood head and stared at the blood in her hands

“Who did this to your brother…… I won’t spare him or her! ” She uttered raising her index fin-ger

“Call the doctor quickly…… My son is loosing lots of blood ” She said to Rex who nodded and brought out his phone

“No doctor is coming until I have said so…. “They heard a strict voice that sounded more powerful.

“No doctor is coming to see him until it’s evening! ” He snapped out and Queen Emily stood up

“Listen to me jasmine…… I won’t seat here and let you kill my son for me!!…… Tell me what this innocent boy had done to you…… Tell me… Does he deserves this treatment “She muttered

“My words is final……. No doctor is coming here until it’s evening…… Leave my queen don’t make me for-ce you! ” He said and stared at the b©dyof Norman

“What are you saying father…….. Norman is bleeding….. He had lost lots of blood yet you said the doctor is coming by evening……. What if he dies before the doctor comes huh!! “Princess Celine asked staring at her father in disgust

King Jasmine turned and started walking to the window

“no outsider apa-rt from the royal home is allowed to see the Prince until is night…….. Norman will be fine…… You all are just getting paranoid for nothing……or do you want the doctor dying after getting him treated?? ” He asked and the queen shook her head.

“I hate you father! ” Princess Celine suddenly yelled and ran out

Prince Rex took his l-ip in as he watched every one of them.

“You will regret this……. That I can promise you….. If anything should happen to him….. You will leave to bear the grief all the rest of your life

“Lets leave mother….. ” Prince Rex said and held his mother hand

They both walked out of the room leave the king alone with him

“I won’t let you live and bring grief to me…….. You’re cursed to the royal home….. “He spat out and clenched his jaw before walking away
Elder Kay rushed into the palace compound immediately the big gate was opened. He had came yesterday night but the big gate was shut already. Having no option, he sle-pt outside the gate

His eyes scanned the mansion as he stared at everything and everyone

He got scared seeing the fright face of everyone and wondered if anything bad had happened in the palace

He increa-sed his pace and walked into the palace. He stopped at the hall way as he heard some faint sounds

“The mark……. The red mark that had to do with Norman…… I saw it on her wrist” Elder Kay heard a voice that could be recognized as the king voice

“impossible…….! ” Another voice shipped in and Elder Kay [email protected] The voice sounded like the priest voice

“She got a scar and the incident that happened years back flashed into my memory………….. Priest ! Who’s she??….. Is she one of my nightmare??……is she the revelation! ” The king asked in a shaking tone

“The red mark means one thing….. The scars means another ….. I will go back home and arranged this riddle. I will get back to you…. My king” The priest said making Elder Kay eyes wi-dened

“Giselle……… My Giselle is here.” he muttered and started walking away

The faint cries woke Giselle up from her slumber. She ru-bbe-d her eyes slowly and felt pains from her bo-dy

she opened her eyes and met darkness but not that thick because she can still see through

She suddenly [email protected] as it occur to her that she was still un-der the prince be-d.


Yesterday night wasn’t easy for her. She tried escaping but it was to no avail.

The line of guards at the stairs scared the living life out of her and she had to ran back to his room

She heard cries that seems like his voice but no other voice. She slowly popped her head out of the be-d and a catch a glimpse of the room. She heaved seeing it empty…… She came out completely and her stomach made some crazy sounds

She was damn hungry!

She [email protected] seeing blood on the be-d…

“Prince Norman……. ” She whispered and climbe-d onto his be-d

“Why…. I’m I cursed…. Why…… do… I have to pay for Father’s sins…. ” Prince Norman muttered in pains

his eyes got teary quickly…the more he strained his eyes to see,the more his sight gets blurry.

“Stop crying……. Why will they leave you in this condition…… I’m gonna help you” Giselle said staring directly into his purple eyes but he was staring at somewhere else making Giselle wondered if he’s actually seeing her

Giselle swallowed ha-rd and climbe-d down from the be-d….. She stared around looking for a bathroom. She saw one and quickly entered.

She re-moved his father scarf and made it w£t. She came out and hurried to prince Norman

She climbe-d on the be-d and stared at his injured head

“I’m only gonna help…….. Please don’t scream or I will get caught! ” She said and slowly she placed the scarf on his head. She started wiping the blood slowly

The more she wipe….. more blood continued oozing out.

“I will just tie it round your head to stop the blood ” She said and folded the scarf neatly. She raised his head and placed the scarf round it

“it hurt….! ” Norman spoke out shutting his eyes ti-ghtly
The pains was burning and unbearable…… He wanted to scream out badly

Giselle felt it and shook her head

“please don’t scream…… Please!! ” Giselle muttered and shook her head

Prince Norman couldn’t bear it and when he was about to scream Giselle placed her soft l-ips on his

His screams were heard faintly as she ki$$ed his l-ip slowly.

She felt him calm and was about to pull out when the door burst opened


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