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a bride for the ceo finale


( Esther F
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“Daddy!!!” Two identical twins(a boy and a girl) ran to Michael as he entered into his house, he was back to American.

“Jade, Jayden!!!” Michael said hu-gging his five years old kids, he carried the girl, Jade up.

“Dad, carry me too!!!” Jayden whined. Michael chuckled as he put Jade down and carried Jayden. He put him down too.

“Where is your Mom??” Michael asked.

“She is in the room, selecting the clothes we are gonna wear for J’s [email protected]” Jayden said.

“It’s not a [email protected], it’s an academic function” Jade said frowning.

“It’s same thing babies” Michael said and smiled at them, the twins smiled.

“Jade, Jay!!!!” Becca called as she came down stairs, her protruding belly very obvious, she smiled and ran to hu-g Michael who hasn’t been home for three days, they have been in the here for a week and half.

“Easy, Easy” Michael said motioning for her to slow down, she jumped on him and he almost fell “Babe!! You’ve added weight, don’t break my bones before I see my baby” He said and they all laughe, he drew her nearer, ki-ssing her.

“When Dad and his Queen becomes lovely dovey and cheesy what should an un-derage individual do???” Jade ask her twin feigning seriousness.

“Simple answer Jade, run for your life” Jayden said, he and his sister ran to their room with both Michael and Becca laughing ha-rd.

“My friends and boss asked of you, Nick and Piper are married both expecting a child while Daniel and Belle are married with a stubborn cute boy, as stubborn as Belle” Michael said smiling as he placed her hair at the back of her hair, Becca chuckled.

“Great, let’s prepare for J’s [email protected] before she fry us and am sure everyone one would be prese-nt” Becca said, Michael laughed, they both headed to their room.


“plea-se with standing Ovation, let’s invite our best surgeon and best student of third degree award, Jemima Rodriguez Eric also popularly known as J surgeon, up the stage!!!” J was called, she stoop up from her seat, where she was sitting with Eric who was carrying a baby boy, she got to the stage.

“Thanks alot” J said looking at the crowd who were gathered just for her, tears welled up in her eyes “plea-se do have your seats” She said as she looked around and found all her family sitted including Nick and his pregnant wife, Daniel and his wife with their six years old son, Jordan, who scurried to sit with the other kids “Thanks for coming, you all made my day” She said, her husband smiling at her and raising up her child, Justin, so she could see him, she smiled, her eyes drated to her big family, some wi-nking at her, some giving her thumps up and some had their hands in love shape “Someone was asked me how I was able to become who I am now, the answer is simple, I did all these with God and my big family who stood by in trying moments, adviced me and always see that I am happy and also to my love, he has been good and loving enough” She looked at her husband who threw ki-sses at her “I will be forever grateful, thankful and blessed to God for giving me this type of family” She said, she looked at the first roll which had Nova, Samantha, Desmond, Judan, Adrian who had a four years old Joshua (Stella second child, Desmond’s brother ) on his lap-s, they were all smiling at her and giving her thumps up, She could also see TJ who was one of the escorts for VIPs giving her a thumps up, the second roll consist of Alisa also known as Ayomide, Ashley who also had on her lap-s James (TJ’s six years old son, Alisa’s brother), Xavier, Grace, Sophia and Jade who were also smiling at her “Having lovely family members is the best thing you could ever wish for, to have people you can lean on in times of trouble and people who will never cast you away is the best gift God had given me which am grateful for” She said as she wiped her tears away with the handkerchief she had with her, She looked at the third roll which consist of Alexandria who also had on her lap-s Jayden, next to her is Roland, who was wi-nking at Jemima next is Aliyah who had Victoria on her lap-s, the little girl pla-ying with Aliyah’s ne-cklace (Victoria is three years old, Ruth third child) and Nicholas who has his fin-gers in love shape and Smiling at J and last on the seat is a smiling Benjamin. Alexa and Aliyah both were in college alre-ady “I love you with all my heart family” The next roll consist of George, Gabe, Michael a pregnant Becca, Nick and also pregnant Piper, they were all rooting for Jemima “And to everyone here, I love you too” She said again, saw, Daniel and Belle, Jimi, Veronica and Rose, all giving her their best smiles and the last seat she saw happy faces of ra-phael, Stella, Ruth and David “Thanks alot” She concluded, everyone clapped and cheered loudly, she came down with her husband helping her, they went to where everyone of her big family were and they all hu-gged her and praised her happily.


The End ••

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