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means to love finale

?☀️?…. MEANS
LOVE ….??☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 42 & 43 °°° (Semi & Grand finale)


Valentina went back to her hide out and Jeromino was at the door waiting for her arrival.

“You demon! What did you do to Fernanda?” Jeromino shouted as he held Valentina ti-ght by her n£¢k and Valentina struggled to breathe.

“You’re such an evil woman. I will avenge Fernanda,I will s£nd you to hell. Valentina death is the only thing you deserve. How did you end up to be this kind of person? We grew up together but how come you [email protected]£ this kind of person? If I knew you were this kind of person I would never get myself involved with you. You’re pure evil Valentina” Jeromino screamed with tears rolling down his cheeks, he tried so ha-rd to strangle Valentina but he just couldn’t do it.
His conscience couldn’t take it.

“Daddy no!” Amanda shouted as she ran out of her room crying. She held one of Jeromino’s legs as she sobbe-d.

“Daddy plea-se don’t hurt mummy, she’s sorry” Amanda sobbe-d and Jeromino pushed Valentina away and she started coughing.

“I didn’t commit any crime Jeromino. I’m only asking for your love and you won’t reciprocate my feelings if Fernanda is alive. We were living a very happy and peaceful life before Fernanda showed up. She’s the main reason why all this is happening to us” Valentina shouted holding her n£¢k because it still hurts.

“Amanda go back to your room. You shouldn’t be here when your parents are having an argument. Get back to your room” Jeromino said seriously.

“Daddy I’m scared. I can’t go back into my room. It’s scary out here. Mummy plea-se can we go back to our old house” Amanda cried and Valentina [email protected]£d her hand ti-ght.

“You know nothing so keep shut. I’m doing this because of us, I want us to be one family and that’s why I’m doing this but if you don’t un-derstand me then it’s better if you stay out of this and let me handle it so go back into your room” Valentina shouted as she dragged Amanda with her, Amanda couldn’t st©p crying.

“Valentina let go of her. You’re hurting the little girl” Jeromino said seriously as he ran after her then pushed Valentina.
Valentina glared at him angrily.

“Valentina you’ve really lost your mind and that’s why you’ve been doing crazy things. How many more lives do you want to take before you get satisfied because I will never love you. Loving someone like you is a suicide mission. I will never love you Valentina so get that” Jeromino shouted and Valentina screamed holding her hair as she squawked.

“You love only me Jeromino. I’m the only one you’re in love with so st©p lying” Valentina shouted as she pushed the vase on the table at the hallway away angrily.

“You’re crazy Valentina, you’re crazy” Jeromino shouted.

“I’m not crazy. St©p calling me crazy” Valentina screamed wildly and she [email protected] Jeromino and swiftly held her hand feeling remorseful.

“Valentina you raised your hands on me” Jeromino said coldly as he held his cheeks glaring at her.

“Jeromino I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” Valentina said crying trying to get closer to Jeromino but he moved backwards.

“Valentina you will die of loneliness. You would never be happy” Jeromino blurted angrily then took Amanda with him into her room then locked the door.

Valentina hit the door ha-rd angrily.

“Jeromino open this door, if you don’t get this door open I would other for Marisol to be killed so get this door open” Valentina shouted and Jeromino began to [email protected] around in the room.

“Daddy what’s wrong with mummy? She doesn’t behave like this” Amanda questioned with tears in her eyes.

“It’s okay dear, we will get over this soon. Your Mummy is just going throu-gh some rou-gh path and that’s why we nee-d to rescue her my love. I just nee-d to find a way to get us out of here” Jeromino said calmly trying to think of something.

“Daddy, I think you will nee-d this” Amanda said slowly as she brou-ght out a phone from her inner shorts.

“Amanda how did you get this?” Jeromino asked curiously as a smile of hope appeared on his face as he took the phone from her.

“I stole the phone from mummy’s car. I suspected it was yours daddy so daddy let’s leave this place and get mummy back to her normal self. Mummy nee-ds to get treated” Amanda said wiping off her tears and Jeromino peeked her forehead.

“Of course my love, we get your mummy back to her normal self” Jeromino said seriously and stood up.
He walked to the window and tried to turn on his phone but it wasn’t turning on and Valentina was hitting the door ha-rd .

“Jeromino!” Valentina shouted from door and Jeromino tried so ha-rd to turn on his phone.
Luckily the phone turned on and Jeromino and Amanda smiled.

“I will get us out of here my love” Jeromino as-sured Amanda and she smiled.

Hope Fernanda is okay? I should try calling her number. Jeromino uttered in his mind and he dialed Fernanda’s number.

“Hello, Jeromino I’m glad you called. The police are surrounding that building so make sure Valentina doesn’t escape” Fernanda said swiftly as she took the call.

“Fernanda are you okay? Have you seen Marisol? Hope Valentina didn’t hurt you much?” Jeromino threw in so many questions and Fernanda chuckled.

“I’m fine. Just make sure, you and Amanda are safe, don’t let Valentina hurt you. She’s completely out of her mind. The police are still searching for Marisol, I’m hoping there will find her soon but about Valentina I think her accomplice is” Fernanda couldn’t complete her statement when Jeromino’s phone switched off.

“Hello Fernanda!” Jeromino uttered anxiously and he looked at his phone.

“Oh no!” Jeromino [email protected] as he bite hisl-ips angrily.

“Daddy did you call for help?”

“Yes my love, I called for help. They will come to our rescue soon” Jeromino smiled as he hvgged Amanda and suddenly Valentina st©pped hitting the door.

“Valentina!” Jeromino called out anxiously as he broke the hvg then head to the door.

“Daddy careful” Amanda said slowly and Jeromino nodded.

Jeromino opened the door quietly but couldn’t find Valentina around.

“Valentina!” Jeromino called out as he [email protected]£ out of the room but no sight of Valentina.

“Amanda, stay in here. Don’t go out” Jeromino instructed and she nodded. He closed the door and head to the sitting room but Valentina wasn’t there.

Fernanda made it clear to me. I shouldn’t let Valentina out. Jeromino uttered in his mind looking around and the police sirens began to b!ow around the building.

“The police is here but Valentina escaped alre-ady. She hasn’t gone far, I should go after for her” Jeromino uttered out and ran to the door to go out but it was locked.

“Valentina you’re such a devil” Jeromino gro-an ed angrily.


“Where are you taking me?” Valentina asked curiously as Williams f0rç£d her out of her hide out.

“The police will be here anytime soon but luckily I got everything re-ady. Valentina we will be swimming in fortune soon” Williams sm-irked and dragged Valentina into his car and they drove off.

“What do you mean Williams?”

“That place is going to b!ow up and the fortune of the Guzman will be mine completely” Williams laughed.

“What!” Valentina shouted.

“Yeah, I kept a bomb there so say goodbye to Jeromino now because in the next ten minutes, Jeromino’s ashes is what will be left” He laughed wickedly.

“What would you do such a thing? Why do you think I’m working with you? Of course it’s to get Jeromino to love me. I don’t want him dead so let’s go back there because I don’t want him dead even my daughter is in there. Why would you make such a plan without telling me” Valentina said seriously holding hand.

“Let go of me. You don’t plan on ma-king us get into an accident right? So st©p distracting me” Williams said seriously.

“That’s only if you turn the car around” Valentina said angrily as she held Williams n£¢k ti-ght almost choking him and Williams lost control of the steering wheel as he tried to catch his breathe but Valentina held him ti-ghtly.

“Valentina if you don’t let go, I will b!ow them up right now” Williams said slowly and Valentina sm-irked.

“I might as well just b!ow us up then I can be able to save my daughter”

“Valentina are you nut? Where did you get a bomb?” Williams managed to utter.

“I [email protected]£d it from the kitchen when you were dragging me out. I knew something felt off about that little box”

“Valentina if you want to die just die alone” Williams shouted as he pushed her away and placed his hand on the steering nervously.

“But too bad I don’t have the remote” Valentina sm-irked.

“Phew!” Williams sighed and Valentina snatched the bomb remote from his pocket then pressed the bu-tton.

“The both of us should die together so you can let go of Jeromino and my daughter” Valentina laughed and the bomb started ticking, swiftly Williams st©pped the car as he tried to go out but Valentina held him ti-ght.

“Let go of me, you crazy woman. You can’t be able to kill me, I have a lot of things to accomplish and one of them is killing Jeromino so let go of me” Williams shouted struggling ha-rd to get free but to no avail. The bomb kept on ticking, few seconds left.


The police broke down the door of the building Jeromino was in and Fernanda ran in.

“Jeromino” Fernanda shouted excitedly as she jumped on him, hvgging him ti-ghtly.

“Fernanda my love” Jeromino uttered softly hvgging her ti-ghtly and suddenly the bomb in Williams car blew up.

“Valentina!” Jeromino [email protected] in shock.

CHAPTER 43 (Grand finale)


FLASHBACK* On the day Valentina pushed Fernanda over the bridge.
Valentina pushed Fernanda over the bridge then left but Fred and Fernando ran out of their car.

“Fred you should go after Valentina. We nee-d to find out where she’s hiding Jeromino just like Fernanda instructed” Fernando said quietly and Fred went back into the car then went after Valentina.

Fernando ran to the bridge and swiftly called the life rescuers but luckily Fernanda didn’t fall into the water, she held on ti-ghtly to the pillars of the bridge.

“Fernanda hold on, they’re almost here” Fernando as-sured anxiously.

“OK bro, I will” Fernanda shouted and just then the life rescuers arrived. * FLASHBACK ENDS.

The policemen and Jeromino ran to the place the bomb blew up and the ambulance was called immediately.
Valentina and Williams were found inside the car. Williams couldn’t make it but Valentina moved her f!nger.

“Officer she moved her f!nger” Jeromino pointed out as Valentina and Williams bodies were brou-ght out of the car.

“Valentina can you hear me?” Jeromino asked curiously.

“Jeromino take good care of Amanda ok and help me tell her, I love her so much” Valentina uttered slowly with blood gushing out of her mouth.

“You have to survive this Valentina so you will pay for the crimes you’ve committed and where’s Marisol? Where did you hide her” Jeromino asked curiously and Valentina sm-irked.

“I can’t go to jail Jeromino and about Marisol, she’s in …..” Valentina couldn’t complete her statement when she gave up the ghost.

“Valentina, you can’t die on me like this, you have to tell me where you kept my daughter” Jeromino shouted as tears roll down his cheeks.

“Mr Jeromino we have to take the corpse now” The officer reminded.

Williams and Valentina was carried to the morgue.

Fernanda drove down with Amanda to where Jeromino was.

“What happened Jeromino?”

“She’s gone and she didn’t tell me where to find Marisol” Jeromino sobbe-d and Fernanda hvgged him holding back her own tears.

“Daddy where’s mummy?” Amanda asked in tears as she ran down from the car.

“Come here my love” Jeromino said and hvgged her.

“Amanda I’m sorry I couldn’t save her. I’m so sorry” Jeromino uttered and Amanda boost into tears.

“But sweetie where do you think your mummy can hide someone without anyone finding out? Where does mummy always hide you if you offend her? plea-se sweetie you have to say something to me, someone’s life is in danger here” Jeromino requested sadly and Amanda held Jeromino’s hand ti-ghtly as she sobbe-d.

“In her room, her secret closet” Amanda uttered sobbing heavily.

“Let’s go Fernanda” Jeromino said and they all got into the car and drove back to his house.

They all ran into Valentina’s room. Jeromino opened the closet and there was another door inside. They went in and found Marisol lying on the floor unconscious.

“Marisol” Jeromino and Fernanda shouted in shock and they rushed her to the hospital.

“Doctor plea-se safe my daughter, her life is in danger” Fernanda said anxiously and Marisol was placed on a hospital be-d as the doctor checked on her and just then Amanda [email protected] as well.

“A child just fainted at the hallway” Some nurses announced and Jeromino and Fernanda ran out to the hallway.

“Amanda!” Jeromino called out in shock and they rushed her into the emergency ward as well.

Few hours later…
Amanda and Marisol’s be-d was next to each other.
Marisol was up alre-ady but she stood up, wiping off the sweats in Amanda’s forehead.
Jeromino and Fernanda are outside the ward giving their statements to the police.

“Amanda I’m sorry, you’re going throu-gh this” Marisol said sadly and sat next to Amanda.

Amanda opened her eyes and boost into tears.

“I think Amanda is up” Jeromino uttered.

“Excuse me officers but we have to attend to the kids now. If you have anymore questions, we will just answer them at the station” Fernanda said.

“Alright go ahead plea-se” The officers said and they went into their room.

“Amanda!” Jeromino called out softly and he walked to her be-d and gave her a ti-ght hvg.

“What’s wrong my love? You just got up and you’re crying alre-ady”

“I saw mummy in my dream. She told me to be a good girl and she promised to always look after me, if I promise not to cry too much. Daddy is mummy never going to come back?” Amanda sobbe-d and Jeromino ca-ressed her hair gently as he felt terrible for her.

“Sweetie let’s pray your mummy rest in peace. Mummy may not come back again but I will always be here for you my love, we all here will always be here for you” Jeromino said with a smile.

“Yes Amanda, mummy and I will always be here for you and we care so much for you Amanda” Marisol said softly.

“But I did something bad to you Marisol and I know so well you wouldn’t forgive me so easily for what I did to you and I don’t want to replace mummy with anyone else”

“Oh come on dear, nob©dy can ever make you replace the feelings you have for your mummy and that’s the connection the both of you share” Fernanda cut in and Amanda spre-ad her arms open for Fernanda.

“Give her a hvg” Jeromino smiled and Fernanda hvgged her.

“You’re a good lady aunty Fernanda” Amanda said with a smile and Fernanda pat her back.

“I’m sorry Marisol for what I did to you at my [email protected]” Amanda apologized with her head down.

“It’s okay Amanda. I’ve accepted you as my sister long time ago” Marisol said softly and joined the hvg.

“Family hvg” Jeromino smiled and joined the hvg as well.


Jeromino invited Fernanda out on a [email protected]£ at a fancy restaurant.

“I’ve been so choked up with work lately. I can’t believe he still has the time to ask me out on a [email protected]£ during working days” Fernanda complained as she got to the restaurant then walked in.

Jeromino waved at her from his table at the VIP sp©t.

“You’re five minutes late” Jeromino pointed out and Fernanda pouted as she got to the table then sat down.

“I was shooting a commercial when you called me, I just had to reschedule it for some other time”

Jeromino stood up from his chair and walked to the side Fernanda was sitting.

“Fernanda you’re very pretty” Jeromino complimented and Fernanda blu-shed.

“Are you just realizing that” Fernanda asked looking away.

“I’ve always known that and that’s why I promised myself I would never let any other man take you away from me. Fernanda I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if I’ve got a thousand years to live on earth then I wish you to be by my side while we go throu-gh that long journey. I never want to get tired of you Fernanda because you’re the reason why I have the zeal to live. You’re the main source of my happiness and laughter” Jeromino said pas-sionately and Fernanda blu-shed ha-rd and Jeromino went on his knees bringing out a box out of his pocket.

“Jeromino?” Fernanda called trying to get what he’s planning on doing next.

“I don’t want to make it anymore boring so I will go straight to the point my love”

“Fernanda will you marry me?” Jeromino said softly with his heartbeat racing a marathon.

“Yes,I will marry you” Fernanda answered with a wi-de smile on herl-ips and Jeromino fixed the ring on her f!nger.

They both stood up and had a pas-sionate k!ss.

“Thank you for not saying no to me Fernanda. I love you so much” Jeromino said smiling.

“I love you more Jeromino but when are we getting married?” Fernanda asked curiously and Jeromino chuckled.

“I would love to get married to you even today but I think we still have a heart to win over” Jeromino said with a smile.

“Of course you can’t get married to me today. We’ve got so many preparations to make and that won’t be possible in a day” Fernanda pointed out as so many thoughts ran throu-gh her head.

“My love, let’s go meet your family. Most especially your dad, Abuela accepted me months ago but your dad is the only one who refuses to accept me a d we can’t get married if he doesn’t approve of our marriage” Jeromino said sadly and Fernanda frowned.

“Dad isn’t that complicated of a person but why’s he trying to make things ha-rd for us” Fernanda pouted and Jeromino k!$$£d her forehead.

“We will get throu-gh this my love so let’s get going” Jeromino said slowly and Fernanda picked her purse.


The Dante family were all seated at the sitting room discussing about Fernanda’s wedding preparation.

“Bruno stay out of this, you really have poor taste when it comes to colors” Florencia tea-sed.

“But Maria Jose told me I had best taste when it comes to colors” Bruno pouted.

“Let’s just leave the coloring to Mrs Florencia” Benicio said sarcastically.

“But what will I help with for the wedding preparations?”

“Just concentrate on your suit and how to walk Fernanda down the aisle” Abuela said and everyone giggled.

The doorbell rang and everyone knew it was Fernanda and Jeromino so everyone left the sitting room, leaving only Bruno there.

Minutes later after Bruno kept mute.

“Emm…. If you’re only here to ask for Fernanda’s hand then I’m sorry I can’t give you my blessings” Bruno said seriously and Jeromino went on his knees.

“Mr Bruno, your daughter and I love each other so much and we can’t live without each other so plea-se can you be generous enough to give us your blessings” Jeromino said politely with his face on the ground and Bruno boost into laughter.

“Hello Mr Jeromino, I can’t be a villain in my daughter’s love story so of course I’m giving my blessings to the both of you. Now stand up and give me a hvg” Bruno smiled and Jeromino stood up quic-kly in excitement.

“Thank you so much father” Jeromino said excitedly in Bruno’s [email protected]

“Thank you so much daddy” Fernanda smiled wi-dely and just then the kids [email protected]£ back from school witnessing the whole scene.

“Yeh! We have a wedding to prepare” Amanda and Marisol shouted in excitement.

“Fernanda let’s make Amanda our daughter not my sister or your sister-in-law” Jeromino whispered in her ears.

“She has always been a daughter to me and I would love your suggestion” Fernanda smiled.

Fernanda and Jeromino exchanged their vows.

“Is there anyone here who’s against their marriage?” The priest asked and Bruno stood up and everyone’s eyes went wi-de open.

“Priest can you be a little bit fas-ter. We have a reception to attend” Bruno reminded and everyone boost into laughter.

“I hereby join you together as husband and wife. k!ssyour bride” The priest announced and they brou-ght theirl-ips closer to each other’s then had a pas-sionate k!ss.

“Woooh!” The audience cheered.

“My love are we having a boy or a girl next?” Jeromino whispered.

“Mino what are you saying? We’re still standing at the altar” Fernanda blu-shed.


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