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means to love episode 37 & 38

?☀️?…. MEANS
LOVE ….??☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 37 & 38 °°°


Why’s things suddenly so complicated? How come they have no idea Amanda wasn’t feeling well? Fernanda uttered in her mind as she stared at Valentina who was sobbing.

“Doctor when’s the surgery taking place?” Jeromino asked curiously.

“In an hour time so let’s get you tested first” The doctor said and Jeromino swallowed ha-rd .

“Doctor can you give me some minutes to put myself together. I will be right there with the nurses” Jeromino said.

“Alright, plea-se when you’re done. Speak with the nurses at the reception room. Excuse me” The doctor said then left.

“Valentina can we talk for a minute” Jeromino said with a blank expression on his face.

“About what Jeromino?” Valentina asked curiously.

“In pri-vate”

“Fernanda I will be right back. I just nee-d to confirm something”

“Don’t worry about me, go ahead” Fernanda said and Jeromino held Valentina’s hand and they walked to the exit door.

“Jeromino why did you bring me here? Amanda’s life is at stake alre-ady, you should be donating your blood right now so we can be able to save our daughter”

“Who’s the biological father of Amanda?” Jeromino asked curiously.

“Is that question really important that you can’t wait till after the operation?”

“Just answer the damn question”

“I have no idea what’s going on in your head right now but you promised me you would never bring up Frank’s issue ever again. It’s alre-ady so horrible that he did those things to me so plea-se can we not talk about it” Valentina said forming fake tears.

“I wasn’t attentive then so plea-se can you tell me exactly what happened between you two. I’m suddenly curious”

“Jeromino are you doing this because of Fernanda? You don’t want to safe Amanda because of them and that’s why you’re asking me all this unnecessary questions when my daughter is in there fighting for her life” Valentina shouted tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Valentina whenever I leave the country what do you normally do?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I do my normal stuff”

“Then how come did Amanda fall ill and you had no idea about it. If you’re always there then you would have noticed she wasn’t feeling well for some time now. Liver diseases doesn’t wors£n in a day, it grows gradually and I find it really amusing that you didn’t notice anything strange about Amanda. You claim she’s your daughter and this is how you take care of her. To make matters worse you lied to me about Frank, Frank isn’t Amanda’s biological father so I think you have some explanation to that” Jeromino said seriously and Valentina’s hand’s shivered nervously.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Jeromino. Frank is Amanda’s biological father but what made you think I lied to you”

“The blood type. Frank and I might not have been that close but I’m 100% sure he isn’t an O+ so you’ve got some explanation to give me. We will do that later but for now, I should go safe my daughter” Jeromino said seriously.

Jeromino went back to Fernanda.

“Are you done? You look quite upset. Was your conversation that serious”

“It was and I keep having a bad feeling about it and I just don’t know why” Jeromino uttered and Fernanda hvgged him.

“You have all the time in the world to clear that out but for now you nee-d to safe Amanda. The little girl is fighting for her life in there so go ahead” Fernanda said with a smile.

“Thanks my love, emm…. I’ve never said this to anyone before but I’m scared of syringe nee-dle so if you want me to go throu-gh this smoothly, you have to be beside me” Jeromino flir-ted and Fernanda smiled.

“You have me all to yourself. Let’s go” Fernanda smiled but her phone started ringing.

It’s a call from officer Henry.

“Hello officer, it’s been a while. I can’t believe we haven’t spoken for so long” Fernanda giggled over the phone.

“You’re right Fernanda and it’s all thanks to you that I got promoted as the state police chief” Henry said with a smile at the other end.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so happy for you Officer and congratulations. It’s all cause of you ha-rd work. I’m so glad you called today”

“Actually I called also because someone dropped a concrete evidence here at the station. The court will give us warrant to arrest Agustin if we submit this evidence to the court. There’s no way he would escape this time around” Henry said and Fernanda smiled wi-dely.

“I’m so happy to hear about this officer but who brou-ght in the evidence exactly?”

“Your Dad, it hasn’t been long he left the station. He looked really determined to get justice for Maria”

“I guess my determination had some effect on him but when will you will arresting Agustin?”

“Tomorrow, after the court has gone throu-gh the evidence. Fernanda I will talk to you some other time, I really have to go now. I’m in the middle of something but when I get more information, you will get a call from me”

“OK officer, thank you” Fernanda said and he hung up.

“You were supposed to be by my side and now look we’re done alre-ady” Jeromino pouted holding the injected sp©t with a cotton wool.

“You’re such a cry baby, I was only on the phone for few minutes. How are you feeling? Does it hurt a lot?” Fernanda asked curiously as she ca-ressed his hair.

“It doesn’t hurt that much. Fernanda let’s go pick Marisol from school today together” Jeromino said smiling.

“What kind of a heartless father are you? Your daughter is going throu-gh surgery so you should be here for her. We can go pick Marisol up some other day not today. I also nee-d to have a word with her while we head back home” Fernanda said and Jeromino k!$$£d the back of her other palm.

“Thank you so much Fernanda for being so un-derstanding. I was hoping to see you jealous as I take care of Amanda but you’re showing me the opposite of what I expected”

“That’s because she’s sick and I’m not that heartless to jealous a sick child so try your possible best to make her get better so I will show you exactly what I look like when someone tries to share what’s mine”

“I kinda like the sound of that, it keeps my mind at ease” Jeromino said slowly and Fernanda smiled.

“I will go ahead now. Don’t forget to call me when the surgery is over. Bye love” Fernanda said and k!$$£d Jeromino then she left for Marisol’s school.


Valentina rushed down to Agustin’s house immediately Jeromino confronted her about Amanda’s biological father.

“Why do you keep coming here? I’m in no mood for S-x right now so plea-se can you go home” Agustin blurted tiredly.

“I also didn’t come for that. It’s been long I st©pped being your S-x toy so I have no idea why you still have such thoughts in your head”

“Why won’t I have such thoughts when you f0rç£d me to. Have you forgotten how you always tried to s£dûç£me when you were in college with Jeromino, you started all that bull$h!t Valentina. I don’t really go for younger girls but you enticed me and I really enjoyed it whenever we make out. I miss those days when ma-king out with you was adventurous. Everything’s changed now, you’re not that good in be-d anymore, you completely lost your skills girl” Agustin said sarcastically and Valentina frowned.

“St©p spatting out ru-bbish and listen to what I have to say. This is way more important than whatever you were saying” Valentina shouted.

“Let’s hear you out. You’re never satisfied, you always have complains so let’s listen to this one”

“Jeromino is becoming suspicious of Amanda’s biological father. I think he found something out and I have no idea what’s going on in his mind” Valentina panicked.

“When did all this happen? Mino doesn’t get suspicious except you failed to cover up your tracks properly” Agustin said as he stood up from his chair then walked to Valentina.

“Amanda has a liver disease and she nee-ds to be operated on and she nee-ds blood transfusion as well”

“And that’s how he got suspicious. Why do you bother hiding the truth? Just tell him alre-ady before he finds out himself. It would be disastrous if you let Jeromino find out himself and I wouldn’t want to complicate things with my son so if you can’t tell him the truth, I will just go ahead and tell him”

“You will do no such thing Agustin” Valentina said seriously and Agustin sm-irked.

“I’m so tired of your threats Valentina and I really hate it when people starts getting on my throat” Agustin said seriously backing her then Valentina picked the wooden suit hanger close to Agustin’s desk then hit Agustin ha-rd on his head.

“I won’t let you spoil things for me” Valentina shouted then hit his head multi-ple times till Agustin’s fell on the ground unconsciously and he lost so much blood.

Why would I allow you crumble the world I built so ha-rd for? You won’t be able to do that if you rot in hell. Valentina said in her mind wickedly as she continued hitting his head till she smashed his [email protected] open.



I got to Marisol’s school to pick her up.
She got into the car and was so excited to see me.

“Don’t you have any thing to say to me?” I said slowly and she placed her palms together.

“I’m sorry mummy, I am so sorry. I would never speak to you in that manner again so plea-se mummy, don’t ever leave me again. I was so worried and scared when I couldn’t find this morning” She apologized as she ran into my [email protected]

I smiled then frowned as we broke the hvg.

“You completely believed a stranger’s words and you didn’t want me to defend myself. You chose a stranger over me, of course I was upset but I didn’t sleep out because of you. Mummy had some business to take care of and that’s why I didn’t spend the night at home. I’m sorry if I made you worried” I said softly then peeked her.

“It’s okay mummy, I’m glad you’re back. I missed you so much mummy”

“I was only gone for a night. Anyways I missed you as well my love and I have a surprise for you later. We’re going on a dinner [email protected]£” I said slowly and she smiled wi-dely.

“Really mummy?”

“Of course my love so let’s go shopping. I will get you whatever you want”

“Mummy can I get some chocolate ice cream as well and some delicious desert which Abuela doesn’t allow me have”

“Anything you want my love and Abuela is only looking out for you. She doesn’t want you to keep on consuming junkies because of your health. Oh sweetie, how was school today? Did anything special happen? Regarding what happened yesterday at Amanda’s birthday” I inquired as I drove off.

“Not really mummy, Amanda was told to apologize to me by our homeroom teacher and she refused to apologize. She wasn’t looking too well so the homeroom teacher drove her back home to get some rest because our school nurses said she nee-ded to have some rest” Marisol explained worriedly.

“Do you feel bad for her?”

“Of course I feel bad for her mummy. Getting sick isn’t fun, it will only make our loved ones worried and I feel even more bad because daddy Jeromino will get so worried if she falls sick”

“I see, you care so much for your daddy. He’s so lucky. He hasn’t even done much in your life and yet you care so much about him alre-ady, I’m so jealous” I smiled and she placed her palm on my hair, [email protected]£ss!ngit gently.

“Wow now I think you’re going to spoil me with your love” I chuckled and she giggled.

“I noticed uncle Fernando loves doing this to me and I feel very comforted whenever he does it” She smiled.

“I’m glad to hear that, at least someone else can comfort you when I’m not around” I smiled then we drove into the shopping mall car garage.

“Yeh! We’re here alre-ady” Marisol said excitedly as we got down from the car.

An hour later we were done shopping so we went back home.

Everyone was waiting patiently for me to arrive so they were all seated at the sitting room.

“Grandpa!” Marisol shouted as she gave dad a hvg.

“That’s my girl” Dad said smiling wi-dely as he hvgged her.

“Marisol go to your room, I will join you shortly so go freshen up” I instructed.

“OK mummy” She said and ran to her room.

“Fernanda we’re all sorry for everything we made you go throu-gh” Abuela said slowly as she [email protected]£ out of the kitchen.

“Fernanda dear, why didn’t you tell us you were going after Maria Jose’s case and that’s how you got arrested for fighting for justice” uncle Benicio asked worriedly.

“I didn’t want to endanger the lives of you all when I tried to get justice for mummy. Her murderer was still going around and I had no idea who he was going to go after” I said slowly.

“And about Jeromino?” Dad asked curiously.

“We’re back together” I blurted and they all stared me.

“Fernanda are you sure that’s what you really want after everything his father did to us, how do you expect us to feel when we see you’re together with the son of a murderer” Dad asked worriedly.

“I’ve thought everything throu-gh and I don’t blame Jeromino for any of it. Dad I’m somewhat grateful for Jeromino because I think he’s the reason why I’m alive today”

“What do you mean by that dear?” Abuela asked worriedly.

“I almost got killed by the same man who sh0t mummy but Jeromino took the bullet for me. I didn’t put much thought into what he did for then because I had no idea but daddy, Abuela, Jeromino has done something worth it to win back my trust and that’s why I can’t live without him”

“Fernanda no matter what he did for you, he still doesn’t deserve to be with you. How can I be able to face Maria Jose when I die? She wouldn’t forgive me for giving you my blessings to be with the son of that heartless man. Fernanda I know you might never be able to forgive me for this but I’m sorry I won’t bless your relationsh!pwith Jeromino so it would be best if you break it off with for good. His background story doesn’t suit the personality and dignity of our family” Dad said seriously.

“Dad I love him so much even still knowing that you won’t bless my relationsh!pwith Jeromino? Why do you think mummy wouldn’t forgive you for letting me be with the man I love? Jeromino is only a victim here, he has nothing to do with what happened to mummy” I said almost in tears.

“But Agustin is still his father and his father’s blood runs in him. What if in the future he ends up being like his father? Then what will happen to you and my granddaughter”

“Fernanda your father is right about that, I also tried to give Jeromino a chance but since I found out about his father, I just can’t help it but think of your safety my child. You shouldn’t let love blind you from seeing reality” Abuela said calmly then I wiped off my tears.

“Seems like you’ve all made up your minds alre-ady so why bother trying to speak with me. Your actions would have done the whole work for you. It’s fine if you don’t want to accept Jeromino but I can’t break up with him. We’re finally back together and I’m happy we did so plea-se bear with me. It will be quite uncomfortable for me to keep on staying here if we’re no longer on the same page. Nob©dy here is on my side” I said slowly then ran into my room.

But suddenly my phone started ringing.

“I’m sorry officer but I can’t take your call right now. I’m sorry” I said as I threw my phone on the be-d then opened my wardrobe, brou-ght out my luggage.

My phone kept on ringing but I ignored it as I kept on packing my things.

“Fernanda what do you think you’re doing? We’ve spoiled you so much and that’s why you don’t listen to what we say to you” Dad said seriously as he barged into my room.

“All my life, I’ve always listened to you Dad but just this once I’m hoping you listen to me but no one is trying to reason with me. I can’t keep on living my life like I’m in some kind of drama show and that’s why I can’t keep on denying the feelings I have to Jeromino. Why can’t you just accept him, why are you ma-king things ha-rd for us” I said seriously as tears roll down from my eyes.

“Fernanda why ain’t you taking your calls? Take your call, it’s quite important” Fred said as he ran into my room then I picked up my phone from the be-d and Jeromino was the one calling.

“Hello Jeromino, how’s the surgery going?” I asked concerned wiping off my tears.

“Dad is dead” He said slowly and my eyes bulge out in shock.

“What?” I [email protected] out in shock.

“Valentina was caught coming out of dad’s room on the CCTV [email protected]£ra and she had bloodstains on her hands” Jeromino said over the phone and I could hear his shaky voice.

“When did this happen?” I asked curiously.

“It happened few hours ago. The police are searching for her” Jeromino sniffed.

“Where are you? Are you still at the hospital?”

“Yes, I’m still here just in case Valentina drops by to check on Amanda”

“I will be there soon so don’t leave the hospital. I will be right there” I said nervously then hung up.

“Agustin is dead” Fred [email protected] and I nodded.


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