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Korey Episode 38

💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


chapter 38- Bring it on…….FIGHT!

Korey blinked ra-pidly.. Emmy [email protected] as she stumbled back…the bodies were like mud on the then looked like they were evaporating…”what the!” Emilia [email protected] as ke ti-ght£ñ her nostrils
“they stink” she said and then…it was no where to be found.
“OK..Jan is really the weapon” korey nodded as he walked to her and lifted her up
“am I the only one that thinks you’re acting crazy?” korey asked
“nope…same here” Sid said
“and here!” Zane added
“okay…what’s next?” Lucas asked
“Hey…Zane you should be grateful to Lucas yunno, he saved you once more” Karissa said
“duh…!” Zane scoffed as he dust the dirt on him off
“his as-s doesn’t wants him to” Lucas laughed
“excuse me?” zane asked as Lucas laughed
“yeah…from your appearance, Lucas must be older” Sid said as Zane rolled his eyes.
“don’t nee-d sermons plea-se!” Zane muttered.

Korey turned back to Jan, she smiled at him
“plea-se don’t try what you did again” he said
“sit right?” she asked
“exactly… sitting on the ground in a fight!” he said as she nodded her head
“I won’t Alpha” she replied

“With what’s going on…he is near” Korey said
“that’s why he s£nt those people again” karissa said
“soonest.. it’d be him” Sid added
“I guess we are re-ady?” emmy asked
“mmm” korey sighed
“fully?” he asked
” I s-en-se it….tonight” Jan spoke up as they all looked at her
“oh…plea-se, we are waiting but not tonight… I still want to get Zane a girlfriend” karissa said like a kid
” a what!” Zane scoffed
“I’m not even re-ady” he added as Lucas busted into laughter
“you?” he whined
“yeah me!” Zane fired back
“Jan….” korey called as he cu-mpped her cheeks
“you’re tensed… you should relax” he said softly
“no…korey I feel it” she said as he sighed
“I’d gather all the pack members towards evening” he replied
“sure…I’d announce that” Sid said as korey nodded
“satisfied?” he asked as she smiles and hvgs him.
“you’re the best” she said
“awwwwww!” Lucas cooed along with emmy
“what are we waiting for?” Sid asked karissa
“you!” she shrugged
“really…I’d be free…” he paused
“oh no…the war…the fight” he sighed
“any night” she win-ked at him

😈 Lord Tyrant was seated and got the news…his people were dead…he didn’t bother, it didn’t move him a bit, he s£nt them there as a warning and alert he’d be coming soon…he s£nt them to die. He still had over a hundred men. A sm-irk appeared on his face as he laughed evily
“you’re going down soon and you’ll then know who is the boss” he added as he sipped from his glas-s.
“Alistair!” he called as he ran to him
“get them all re-ady…we are moving soon” he ordered
“yes sir” he bowed
“Mylo!” he called as Mylo ran to him
“Master…” he replied
” I want all weapons re-ady…and distributed to all” he smiled
“I want the Wolf’s Bane….silver Wolf’s bane” he added
“now lemme see how korey would survive the sword” he laughed as he let his mouth wi-de open, more like a black thick smoke escaped his mouth 👄.

🔰 Evening alre-ady [email protected]£ closer… Jan alre-ady ordered everyone to get re-ady… get their wears. Sid went to call and inform the other members in the other mansion about what was coming up. He was sure they were alre-ady changing to their expected outfits.
Jan was seated on the be-d and saw korey dress up
“since you alre-ady said it” he sighed as he ti-ght£ñed his boots.
“yeah…do you believe me?” she asked as he sighed and looked up at her
“I do!” he replied
“but…!” he snapped at her as she flin-ched back
“you’re staying up here” he said as he cu-mpped her cheeks
“what why?” Jan asked
“Jan…you still don’t know how to control your powers…” he said
“believe me..I can” she said
“I don’t want you to get hurt” he replied
“I won’t, Korey plea-se” she pleaded
“you don’t have a war suit” he added
“oh, c’mon!” she gro-an ed
“I’m scared of losing you” he said into her eyes as she looked away.
“that’s it, I un-derstand” she replied as she stepped back
“Jan…are you mad at me?” he asked
“off course not” she laughed
“you’re pretending” he added
“okay.. lemme see that eye shade” he said as she smiled
“can do that!” she shrugged as she tried to but nope…it didn’t
She kept trying and trying but same.
“don’t f0rç£ yourself” he said
“ has to come up” she gro-an ed as she kept trying but same
“its for your own protec-tion” korey said hoping she’d just agree with him
“so I’m to stay up here?” she asked
“exactly… then later, I’d come check on you” he said as he pe-cked her forehead.
“be careful” Jan sighed as he smiled
“trust me” he replied as he pu-ll-ed away and left.

Jan fell to the floor in anger… “what the hell!” she gro-an ed aloud
“why didn’t you just change” she gro-an ed as she got back on her feet and ran to the mirror.. trying to get that eye color.
“plea-se!!” she pleaded but same.
“fine… I’d just eat strawberries” she said to herself and walked out to the kitchen.

👑 Korey was standing before his whole pack members, Sid at his left hand side and Lucas at his right hand.
“you have all been informed about what we are expecting” he started
“yes Alpha” they yelled
“Lord Tyrant…our one and only t©p rival has called for a war” he said out loud
“but we are all prepared and waiting for him!” he yelled as they yelled out
“whatever you’d be doing after now…be at alert” he yelled out
“And you don’t fight like its training, its fight or die” he yelled
“Either you kill or you die, and think about your family before you chose to die” he added
“I don’t train weak children here, I train warriors” he said as Lucas had a smile on
“you’re strong, your bold… you can do it…Twilight pack ain’t going down…Alpha korey isn’t gonna either” he yelled as they all cheered
“We’ve been fighting since we were kids, we’re not a survivor…. WE ARE WARRIORS!!” korey yelled out. Jan could hear their loud voices and rolled her eyes.
“you didn’t even lemme hold a sword ” she muttered as she threw a strawberry into her mouth still pissed off

“We all know why he is here and even if you didn’t, now you do” KOREY said
“now is there anyone that is not re-ady to fight tonight ?” he asked.
“signify!” Emmy said

No hands were up…”then you’d show them what you’ve got” he said
“At the sound of the loud eagle… he walks in” korey said
“you’re dismissed!” he said as he walked down
“wherever you are…you’re to be alert” Sid said
“whatever you’re doing.. you’re to be alert” Lucas said
“no matter where or when” Emilia added
“the Luna is having a baby… so she won’t be able to [email protected]” karissa said as their eyes went opened
KOREY never thought of it…’can she be pregnant now!’ he thought
He looked at Lucas who was a doctor and Lucas eye told him enough
“its possible”. He immediately thought if Jan, she was up in the mansion. He sighed believing she’s safe.
“baby!” emmy smiled.

The pack then dismissed but were in different directions in the field.
Emmy was roasting h0tdogs in a fire… Zane made fire so they surrounded it
“how would you feel if Jan is pregnant?” Sid asqd emmy
“superb.. damn excited” she smiled
“I’d be having a niece” she added
“and who said it was a niece?” KOREY asked
“me” she shrugged
“he he!” Lucas laughed
“it’s possible, many vir-gins get pregnant on that first time of S-x” Lucas explained
“so…we’ll see how Jan is” he added
“hope she is that type” Emmy said
“me too!” karissa said in unison with Emilia
Korey didn’t want to think too much but he is…
“mmme!” Zane [email protected] ed as he bit his h0tdog
“damn… good” he nodded.
“I……” he trailed off as they heard that sound……

That loud sound

The eagle………..

The whole pack looked up at the moon and back to each other….
“he is here” Korey said as he stood up in his feet
“not my h0tdogs” karissa gro-an s

Jan could hear the could and immediately looked out the window. KOREY was standing on his feet…all were up [email protected] from karissa who kept eating…. but then she thought if it…she was seeing from where she was…the field was afar off.

The pack members all went together with the Alpha before them. About 100+ of korey’s members.
Just as he stared into the thick woods… he could sp©t those eyes.

An arrow then was s£nt flying and landed before him at his feet. He looked up and saw that face he had always hated and behind that figure was over a hundred.
Emmy gupled down… Lucas held her hands, he knew she was more than nervous. Zane had a what face…he never believed what jan said was true.

“korey…. Alpha of Twilight pack” Lord Tyrant said as he stepped out of the woods with a sm-irk
“you really still exist” he added
“Tyrant!” korey called
“more disrespectful….. did you miss me?” he laughed as korey clenched his fist in anger… the sight of Tyrant alone is annoying.

Jan [email protected] at what she saw…that face… that eyes…those smiles… that voice, she recognized all immediately

“TYRANT!” she [email protected]


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