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Korey Episode 31

👑He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna👸
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Chapter 31- Three lines

“she’s loosing blood” karissa panicked
“calm down…we nee-d to take her to a hospital” Sid said
“and I know the exact hospital to take her to” Emmy replied

Lucas was pres£nt in the hospital, he decided to take night shifts since he had been on and off lately.
He was pres£ntly working on a patient…. A CS operation.
“scissors?” he said as a nurse pas-sed it to him. just then his phone rang, a nurse was nearby and could hear his phone buzz.
Lucas focused on the patient…not wanting to make any single mistake.
His phone kept ringing on and in Non st©p, he kept his phone in [email protected] to avoid distraction.
“Sir… you have a call” nurse Sasha said
“you’re in the operating room and you’re talking about call….whoever is calling will have to wait” Lucas replied and noticed his phone was still ringing on and on

“plea-se pick up!” Emmy whispered lowly as she drove in speed to Lucas hospital
“you should still be careful… our lifes are also nee-ded” Emilia pleaded as Emmy drifted to the right turn
“you should have just let me drive” Sid said

“I think the call is important.. you have 12 missed calls alre-ady” the nurse said
“lemme take over” Dr Seuss said
“ nee-d of that” Lucas replied… he was operating on one of the riche-st woman in their country and city… he didn’t want anything that’d ruin his reputation
His phone kept buzzing and buzzing as he gro-an s
“check the caller ID” he said as nurse Sallie walked to his phone
“uh..kitten” she replied as his eyes went wi-de opened
“kitten????” he asked and checked the time… it was 11:55pm
“take over” he said and let Dr Seuss take over .

He took of his gloves and surgical nose mask.
He immediately ran to his phone and answered her call
“hey what’s up kitten…I’m attending to a patient now” he said
“Lucas…the Luna” she cried over the phone as he felt a kind of fear like never before
“what….what happened??” he asked and excused himself.
“I’m heading to your hospital now…plea-se ” she said
“great…hurry, I’d prepare her ward” he replied and ran out as she ended the call.

“emergency emergency!!!” he exclaimed as the ambulance staffs ran along with him
“prepare the VIP ward immediately” he ordered
“noted sir” a staff bowed and ran
“sterilize everything nee-ded” he sad as nurse charla nodded and left

“ah!!” Randolph exclaimed as Emmy pu-ll-ed the car to halt
“is that how to use [email protected]?” Emilia asked as she threw her hair back.
They hurriedly walked out of the van and carried Jan out. The ambulance alre-ady [email protected]£ with their be-d. Emmy could sight Lucas running towards them as tears filled her eyes.
Jan was placed on the be-d and rushed into the hospital.

Lucas held Emmy’s hand in his and gave her an as-suring smile
“everything would be okay…trust me” he said as she nodded in tears and pu-ll-ed him to a hvg
“really?” Zane asked still shocked that Lucas again as a doctor
Emmy pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and went into the large hospital with Lucas.
Jan was immediately taken into the VIP ward 16 Everything Lucas asked for were done.
he walked closer to her to examine her and found the wound.
“jeez!” he [email protected]
“I’d work Alone plea-se” he said
“but why?” a nurse asked
He didn’t want other hands in these….he knew what Gave her such injury.
“I insist” he demanded as they walked out

He began stitching her wound close….just then he could hear the sound of the EKG machine beep fas-ter and checked the lines…..they were not stable. The lines were going flat and he could see from the holter machine…..

She was pas-sing out

Her heart beat were so slow, unresponsive and wasn’t breathing

Emmy and all noticed from the outside…. something was wrong. the look in Lucas eye could tell enough.
“calm Emmy” Sid said to her
“I’m gonna give korey my mind when next I set my eyes on him” Emilia said angrily
“everyone is mad at korey but still…calm” Sid said

Lucas then hurriedly ran to the defibrillator, hoping it’d work on Jan… though its supposed to.

He hurriedly walked to her and s£nt it to her che-st. It was more of a shock to her heart. He wasn’t re-ady to lose another Luna. He repeated it again and pressed the defibrillator to her che-st once more. She only shook but wasn’t responding. it’d depolarize the whole heart system giving fresh start to her heart to repolarize and return to normal electric activity… but jan wasn’t responding

Panic took over outside

“c’mon Jan… fight, you can do this” he whispered and s£nt it again s£nding an electric shock or pulse to her heart

🌑 Jan was standing in an open field, chaos filled everywhere, people screaming and running
“mommy!!” she cried out, she ran round and round ignoring people’s screams and wails

“daddy!!!!” she screamed as A man in a black hoodie s£nt his swords to his n£¢k.
“no!!!!!” she screamed in tears as she watched her dad head fall off.
The man looked up to her, she couldn’t see his face so clearly… he had mask on but that eyes of his she could see clearly… glowing Grey eye which she had never seen or knew existed.
She staggered back slowly in fear and turned and took her heels.
“mommy!!” the 6 years old Jan cried out and then she bu-mped into her mom
“mommy plea-se!” she cried
“my poor daughter!” her mom cried along with her
“what’s going on here!” jan cried
“dad’s dead!” she cried along with her mom
“I have to tell you this before it’d be too late…just know I’d be forever with you and watching over you” her mom cried
“no mom, don’t say such you won’t die like Dad, you can’t leave me in this cruel world” Jan cried holding unto her mom ti-ghtly
“baby… my poor daughter, you’re really special, one of a kind, you have the world in your hands, you’re strong” her mom said
“you know how I always get bullied in school, plea-se don’t say all this” jan cried
“it’d be s-en-seless to you but just know,you’d meet a new family that’d love you more, respect you more, treat you much better and you’re powerful…you just have to let out your inner serial killer and s_____” he mom trailed off as a sword pierced throu-gh her che-st from behind

“no!!!” jan screamed🌑

The holter machine was heard beeping immediately at the last try Lucas made. Jan eyes went wi-de opened which shocked Lucas…
“Jan!” he called and hurriedly went to drop the defibrillator and went back to her
She was really sweating profusely.
Lucas turned out to the family and gave them a smile… they felt all relieved.

“you can go in to see her” he said as he walked out
Sid and all went I’m, just as Emmy was about to enter, he held her st©pping her.
“we nee-d to talk” he whispered into her ears
“I nee-d to see her” she replied
“that’s gonna be later” he replied
“c’mon lu___” she trailled off as he pu-ll-ed her behind him to an empty Ward.
“hey…people are watching us” she whispered
“that’s what I want” Lucas sm-irked as they got in and shut the door behind.

“so what?” Emmy asked
“what happened to her?” he asked
“that??” she asked

She was definitely not gonna tell him the truth and she doesn’t know so well
“what….it was a wolf” she replied
“a wolf??” he asked
“yeah..she went to the woods…and…yunno turned out bad” she sounded convincing
“then you’re responsible” he said
“she’s your favorite.. you couldn’t watch” he said
“yeah I’m sorry” she replied and stood up to leave
“where to?” he asked as he held her palm
“Jan” she shrugged
“I never said I was done” he said as he pu-ll-ed her close to him
“o…Kay” emmy slowly said as she went against the wall.
“I have to go before anyone comes in” she said
“who’s coming in?” he asked as he leaned forward to her
“anyone!” she replied and threw her gaze to the floor
“look up” he said softly and that got her high
“why??” she whined
“kitten” he called as he lifted her face up from her jaw staring into her eyes
“you’ve got pretty eyes” he said as her gaze dropped to hisl-ips
“want something?” he asked as he noticed
“what…nothing” she replied and looked away as he scoffed
“I do have an effect on you” he laughed so sweetly
“duh…why!, why think so?” she asked
“you’re all tomatoes” he said pointing to her cheeks…..
‘gosh…was I really blu-shing’ Jan screamed in her thought as she cu-mpped her cheeks and tried to push Lucas away but it didn’t work, he only caught her hands and raised them both over her head as he looked down at herl-ips.
Jan slowly li-cked herl-ips and gulped down.

She could see Lucas lean forward as she slowly closed her eyes waiting for hisl-ips on hers. Lucas closed his eyes and leaned closer.
Hisl-ips were alre-ady against her about to tale them in and heard the door cli-ck open
“oh God!” emmy [email protected] as Lucas went away wondering who spoilt ther moment
“emmy!” Zane called as he walked in
“yeah…I’d nee-d those to” emmy smiled at Lucas
“me too, I actually want them too, its been long” Lucas replied
“you gonna come get them or I do?” lucas asked as Zane furrowed his brows
“it’s okay if you s£nd them to me” she smiled and turned to Zane
“Zane?” she asked innocently
“jan wants to see you” he said glaring at Lucas as Lucas win-ked at him
“what???…you [email protected]!!” Zane whattt
“hell no!” Lucas laughed
“crazy…you both act like you both hate yourselves… you might end being best friends” Emmy said
“never with this guy!” they said in unison

The sun rays gently hit korey eyelids… they felt heavy. He gro-an ed as he turned to the be-d and noticed it was empty.
“jan!” he gro-an ed
His head throbbe-d him badly. He slowly opened his eyes, his vision were blurry at first, he yawned and slowly sat on the be-d as he ran his hand throu-gh his hair backwards. He immediately had a disgusted face on
The room was in a mess
“seriously!” he [email protected]
“Janice??” he called noticing her abs£nce
Just then his gaze fell to the ground and met a familiar dress on the floor
“isn’t that Jan’s nightie?” he asked himself noticing it was r!pp£dinto pieces

Immediately… the memories of last night flashed back to him

💭 “korey st©p it plea-se!” jan loud cry echoed in his head
“you’re hurting me!!” she cried

He [email protected]£ back to reality and shook his head
“no…that didn’t happen…did it?” he asked and turned to the be-d

It was bloody… f!ngerprints of blood stains on the be-d, a [email protected] of the be-d was soa-ked in blood. He shook his not wanting to agree

All memories flashed back
_he remembered f!ngering her, her loud cries, his hands moving r0ûghly on her b©©b s and su-cking them ti-ghtly.

his head ban-ged him that moment her remembered tearing her skin
“jan!” he [email protected] as tears filled his eyes…he was alre-ady sweating.
He hurriedly got off the be-d and saw blood. trails on the floor.
“no…” he said and ran out…he searched the whole house and couldn’t find anyone
Korey hurriedly ran to the bathroom to wash up and wore shorts on a Jersey and ran out of the mansion. He got into his car and called Sid. He wasn’t answering
“c’mon plea-se!”

Sid then answered the call
“where are you?” korey asked immediately. Sid un-derstood and didn’t rush up all questions
“Mable L hospital” he replied as korey ended the call

25minutes later
“I’m good” jan said again
They have all been asking her how it happened but she refused to tell them. they alre-ady knew it was korey
“he was drun!k” she simply replied
“and I don’t want anyone to throw questions at him” she replied
“why?…” Emilia asked
“Luna alre-ady said it” Sid replied instead
“OK..time to leave her to rest” Lucas said as he walked in
“I suggest you go get her food” Lucas said
“yeah… that’s true and clothes” Randolph replied
“how long would she be here” Sid asked
“until she recovers, would discharge her tomorrow… maybe” Lucas replied
“thank goodness” emmy sighed

“OK…let’s go get her meal” karissa said as she walked out with everyone except emmy.
“you sure you’re okay?” emmy asked
“yeah I am” jan laughed slightly as emmy gave a smile and stood up to leave

The others drove home but emmy stayed.
Minutes later…korey pu-ll-ed his car to a halt and ran out of the car walking in
“plea-se how may I help you sir?” the receptionist asked
“uh…my wife… Bentley Jan” he shakily replied
Then the lady realized who she was talking to
“Sir…korey Wilson” she [email protected]
“nice to meet you” she smiled
“I said my wife!!” he yelled
“ sorry…Ward 16, VIPs ward” she said as he ran there.
luckily enough he met emmy in a conversation with a doctor.
“Emmy” he called out as he got to her
“korey?” she askwd the anger in her eyes
“Alpha” Lucas Said as korey turned him
“turns out the doctor was you” korey sighed
“where’s my wife?” he asked as Emmy rolled her eyes
“why should I tell you… you…” she trailed off
“save those stories I’m not buying it where is Jan!” he yelled as emmy flin-ched back.
She then pointed to the ward

Korey eyes wi-de-ned in shock…he felt a sharp heart ache..”Jan!” he [email protected] as he walked into her Ward.
Tears filled his eyes as he tool slow steps to her. He never imagined he’d see her in such condition.. not even when he’s responsible.
He sat beside her and looked down at her…those defibrillator wires connected to her and the drip all made him so bad. He reached for her palm and took them into hers.
“I’m so sorry” he cried as emmy watched him from the outside
“Jan!” korey whispers
“I’m really sorry… plea-se forgive me” he pleaded as he ca-ressed her cheeks softly and bittered
“I’m really sorry!” he cried as his tears flowed down his cheek down to Jan’s hand.
Jan felt a warm liquid drop on her hands as she slowly opened her eyes. To her surprise she met korey by her side as her heart rate increa-sed

Korey could hear it from the holter machine, he raised Hus head up and saw jan awake
“Jan” he called as he reached to her but she went back…avoiding him
“Jan…” he whispers lowly
“plea-se…. I’m so sorry” he whispered
Jan was surprised to see korey cry, he truly didn’t knew what he was doing to her.
“korey” she whispers as she took his palm in hers
“I un-derstand” she said with a weak smile as korey gave her a comforting hvg.

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