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his S-xual add!çtion Episode 46 & 47

💄HIS S-xUAL add!çtION

{ His Personal Maid }💄

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 46: FORGIVEN.


” Avery, can we talk?”

She bite on her carrot, ” Okay, I’m listening.”

” Avery, it’s about Gideon.”

She rolled her eyes, ” Stella, I don’t wanna talk about this right now. ”

” Me neither, but we have to. I know I had told you to move on and forget about what happened but we can’t just pretend like everything is alright. ”

” Of course, everything is alright, Stella. Whatever that went on between Gideon and I is a by gone. I don’t wanna think about him or anything right now, can we change the t©pic now.. plea-se. ”

” Avery… ”

” Stella. ”

” For once try to listen to me. ”

” You know I always listen to you, Stella, I never st©p listening to your advices but this time, it’s different. Gideon is a cheat, a monster and… ”

” The father of your child. ” She cuts in. ” Bearing grudges against him won’t resolve what happened. Let by gone be by gone, face the future and accept what happened as your past.

I will keep saying this over and over again, The Master did some thing unspeakable and we all know that. But he accepts his faults and wants to move on with you.

He loves you, Avery, he made you believe that you can be loved. He’s a cheat, not to you but to Madam Dacia. He’s a monster, not because he chose to be it. If there’s anyone to hate him, it’s Dacia.

All this while he pla-yed games with you, Madam Dacia isn’t aware of it. She’s been living with him for almost two years now yet, he hasn’t gotten her pregnant. But you just met him few weeks ago, he took you and made you this way.

Isn’t that enough to prove how much he loves you? He really cares for you, Avery, you nee-d to see that in him. If not for yourself, but for the baby. plea-se, don’t deprive the child from her father. Don’t share the anger you have for him with her.

She doesn’t deserve any of this, she doesn’t deserve to be fatherless. She nee-ds you as well as she nee-ds her father. Gideon might be a monster but I still know there’s this [email protected] of him that is a human. ”

She stood up to go, ” I don’t know what else to say, but I hope you reconsider what I have said. Don’t forget to eat up the fruits, don’t keep the baby starving. ”

She nodded her head.

Stella exited the room.

Avery exhaled heavily, tears rolled down her cheeks dropping to the ground. She covered her mouth from crying loud.

Though she had tried to move on without him, it was damn so difficult for her to. Despite how much she tried to push him off her mind, he was still there like she made no effort.

Meanwhile, all those memories they had shares flashed in her head. Starting from the night they had met each other, so many reasons she wants to hate him but…

She just can’t do it.

” Why did you do this to me, Gideon. Why did you let me live in your lies? Do I deserve any of it? ”

She looked at her stomach, doing that only made her cry the more. The [email protected] where he sle-pt with her refreshed in her mind, she missed that very day.

The day which had left to her condition now. That was the same day she vowed never to forget, she just can’t do it even if she has to try a thousand times.

She knew that no matter what, this was her future she must face… Alone.


The sun was out of its nest, filling the day with it’s brightness. She decided to go for a walk, to clear her troubled thoughts.

She went to the garden, the same one she was with Gideon on the day she had attem-pted to kill herself. She sat on the same bench they had sit, remembering every thing that had happened.

She held the herb he had used to treat her wound, folding it in her palm as more h0t tears left her we-t eyes.

She felt someone was with her. Slowly, she moved her head. Seeing the figure was The Master, she angrily stood up, walking to his direction.

” Avery, plea-se I’m s…” She offered him a [email protected] [email protected] on his cheek.

” That was for lying.”

He t©uçhed his affected cheek, ” You have every right to be angry with me but plea-se, don’t hate me. I know I lied to you, I hid the truth from you, and there’s no excuse to explain my actions.

I don’t wanna stay away from you, Avery, not for your blood, not for anything but… I just can’t stay a second without you. I’m a monster, I accept it cause that’s what I am but plea-se, I’m begging you, don’t hate me. ”

She walked steps away from him, backing him. ” I should have hated you for so many reasons, but I made a promise to our child, I won’t let her grow without her father. ” She t©uçhed her stomach.

She sniffed, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. ” I loved you, Gideon, only you. I gave you my trust, my love, my b©dy and all those while all you did was to lie to me?

I don’t care what or who you are, all I wanted was the truth! I wanted your love, your trust! ”

He hvgged her from behind, holding her so ti-ght to himself. ” You proved to me that I can live without hurting anyone. Loving you gave me hope. I thought I knew love being with Dacia, but now I see I was wrong.

I never knew what love meant until I met you. You made me know things I don’t, and that’s why no matter how much you keep hating me, I’ll never st©p from falling in love with you. ”

She t©uçhed his hands, ” You know it pains… to loose you. Promise me, promise me you will never lie to me. Promise me. ”

” I promise. ” He sincerely said.” I promise. ”

” I forgive you, Gideon and…” She turns to look at him. ” And… you aren’t a monster.”

He looked down, embarras-sed. ” I am. I almost killed you, Avery, a lot of times. A normal human would never do that. ”

” But you didn’t, so that still proves you aren’t. Does Madam Dacia know about us?”

” Why do you ask? ”

” I was thinking…”

” Don’t worry about her, she’s shouldn’t be our problem now. I’ve got some where to show you. ”

” Where are you taking me to?”

” Just close your eyes, I want you to see it for yourself. ” She shut her eyes while he covered it with his palms. He led the way as they went throu-gh the hidden tunnel.

” How long do we have to get there?”

” Don’t worry, we’re almost there.” He said in her ear.

They got there, and he took his hands off her eyes. ” Open it.” He said to her.

She slowly opened her eyes, staring around the paradise-like garden. She let out a [email protected] as her eyes admired every side of the big garden.

She had thought of the other garden to be the best, but she was wrong… This is.

” Somewhere like this exist here?” She asked in amazement.

” This is my favorite place since I built this place. I always brou-ght Dacia here when we were still a thing. ”

She looked at him. ” Why did you st©p?”

” I don’t know. ” He admitted. ” Since the night I met you, I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me it just happened. I started to lose interest in her, it just happened.”

” You know, why don’t we talk about you?” She said.

” What about me?” He asked.

” I still don’t know if I should believe your name is Gideon, or is that [email protected] of your lies too? ”

He chuckled, ” It is. ”

” So tell me, what’s your real name then?”

” Stanley. Stanley Rutherford.”

” Hmmm, Stanley. That’s a nice name. ”

His gaze fell on her belly, not sure if he should t©uçh it or not. He felt guilty, and he hated himself for hurting both Avery and his child.

She was innocent to be left behind, he should have stayed with her since day of. But he has promised himself never to leave them for anything or anyone.

Avery got hold of his hands, placing it in her stomach. ” That’s your child in there… Our child.”

He knelt down with one feet, leaning his right ear on her stomach. He listened. The baby was actively kicking, this only made him smile.

” She’s happy. ” He said. ” She’s gonna become a great daughter.”

Avery gently ru-bbe-d his hair, ” Just like her father. ”


💄HIS S-xUAL add!çtION

{ His Personal Maid }💄

By, Cisca. H.



Avery was heading to The Master’s be-droom when she [email protected]£ across Madam Dacia who was walking from the opposite direction.

Madam Dacia’s stare from afar scared her to the bones and her legs had started dancing even as she walks.

She looked down to avoid her gaze, but the fact that they would cross paths made her shiver the more.

They walked past each other, Avery’s heart almost felt relief thinking she’d say nothing to her. But, why would she think so?

” St©p.” She ordered.

Avery st©pped, but didn’t move. ” Turn around.” She said and Avery did so.

” Good morning, ma’am.” She greeted.

” You wouldn’t have greeted me if I hadn’t st©pped you, right? ” She sparked. ” What kind of maniac have you grown into? I am only letting you be because of him, so don’t think I even care about you nor your bastard of a child. ”

Avery grew red, her expression had only made Madam Dacia laugh. ” You wanna [email protected]ñk on me, huh?” She laughed. ” You know, you can only get angry but you can’t do $h!t to me.

You think The Master will save you forever, huh? Then you’re wrong if that’s what your silly empty [email protected] keeps telling you. ” She said, pushing Avery’s head with her first f!nger.

” What about your pathetic b©yfri£nd, where is he now? Has he forgotten you and your hopeless child? Oh, I really pity you both, you know, it’s so unfortunate that he can’t even protect you but himself. ” She mocked her, laughing mischievously.

” Now, you’re gonna do for me this one little favour, you’re going to have my room cleaned up. Well, Stella is a lot busy right now, why don’t you do the job instead? ”

” But ma’am, The Master… ”

” Has suspended you from doing your duties? Well, he’s not here to defend you now. Better go do what I asked you to do or I change my mind to a tougher one. ”

She kept standing there, not wanting to do what Dacia has asked her to do.

” Hey, what are you still standing there for? Ain’t I talking to you, huh? Get going right now, will you?! ”

Avery still didn’t make a move, so this got Dacia really angry that she almost landed a heavy [email protected] on Avery’s cheeks when Stanley held her hand back.

” Don’t you ever [email protected] f!nger on her.” He warned.

Dacia eyed him, taking her hands off his grip. ” And what’s that supposed to mean? She insulted me and almost walked out on me, I was about to show her some manners. Will I stand and watch her talk to me in an unmanned way? ”

” You know, I ain’t just a human you can lie to anyhow you want. I just realized you’re a pretty good liar. ”

She rolled her eyes, ” Oh plea-se, spare me that trash. I’m not surprised since you’ve started doubting whatever I do. I hate to admit but, this is none of your business. ”

” Well, it [email protected]£ my business since you almost got her [email protected] Tell me, do you have any conscience at all that you can’t let her be for the sake of the child? ”

” Well, that bastard has nothing to do with me. ” She proudly said.

He [email protected]£d her hand ti-ght, causing her to [email protected] pain. ” Let go off me. Let go, you’re hurting me.” She struggled to pu-ll free.

” Don’t you ever call that child a bastard, ever again. ”

She chuckled, scoffing. ” Since when did you [email protected]£ so cold hearted all of a sudden? So, you wanna father the child of another man? You wanna be the father of that bastard child? ”

” I told you, don’t you dare call that child a bastard or I’ll make you regret it. ”

” You can’t be so soft towards some one like her, she’s been disobe-dient to you all those while. She starved you for days and you still think she deserves to live?

Come on, Stanley, be practical for once. You can see as her b©yfri£ndleft her to nothing. What can she do, nothing. That child will only grow to be hopeless and father… ”

He didn’t let her finish her statement, he [email protected]£d her n£¢k ti-ght. ” You see that bu-mp, ” he said, referring to Avery’s stomach. ” That’s my child in there. And just in case you don’t know, I’m that pathetic b©yfri£nd.

And I don’t care if you believe it or not, that’s your fv¢king business, she’s never gonna grow fatherless, because she’s got me.

And let me remind you this one last time, don’t you ever call my child a bastard… ever again, or I’ll have no other choice but to stuck your throat out of your n£¢k. ” He threatened. ” And you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

” Come on, Avery, let’s go to my room. ” He said to Dacia’s face, taking hold of Avery’s hand as they left to his room.

For the first time, Dacia stood speechless. She has never seen him acted that way before, never to her. He has changed totally, he left her dumbfounded.

And for the first time, she wept for him. Though she had known a day like this would come, but she never expected it so soon.

And not even to the level of getting another woman pregnant in her place. She stood there for what took like minutes, she left to her room in tears.

She called Stella in, ” Yes, Mistress.”

” What have I done to you to deserve your evil act against me? Why have you decided to be unfaithful towards me? ” Stella stared at her in utmost confusion.

She didn’t know why Madam Dacia was saying all that, for the first time since she knew her, she has never seen her in so much pains before.

Not like she actually cared.

” I don’t un-derstand where you are heading to, ma’am. But plea-se, can you calm down and explain to me? ” Stella asked, trying to sound nice.

” Tell me, you knew, don’t you? You knew he was after her. You knew they had so much in common behind my back, and yet you decided to keep the truth away from me? Why? ”

” To be honest, at first I never knew it was him and neither did Avery know. He appeared all of a sudden into Avery’s life, he gave her love. He made her know that she can love and be loved.

It was him who gave her hope for survival even when the other [email protected] of him didn’t. Though The Master [email protected] of him wanted her dead but the other [email protected] of him wanted her to live as much as anyone else.

When you attem-pted to kill her, he did saved her life. His blood is doing a marvelous thing in her b©dy as well as for the baby too. And you don’t even know, it’s a baby girl they are gonna have.

A beautiful baby girl who will become just like her father, with a kind and gentle soul like her mother. The Master knew you won’t offer such creature to him, so her sort for someone else. Someone more special than you are. ”

” Shut up, Stella. ” She warned in clenched teeth.

” No wonder why he found her blood so tempting and wanting. But your, blah… ” She sounded like she was gonna vomit.” I knew he had only complimented on your blood because he wanted to make you happy. ”

” I said, shut the fv¢k up!” She yelled.

” I know, but before I would rest my case with you, I’m gonna remind you this very statement I can never ever forget. You remember Eve, don’t you? And I am pretty sure you do remember her words too.”

She faked a sigh, ” Those sayings were so hurting but held the truth and I still can’t believe you overlooked those words. But, let me just remind you… ”

” I don’t wanna hear any $h!t out of your mouth! Get out of my room. ”

” You will seek for something but you will never have it. You remember those words, I think that’s what is happening to you. Don’t regret, because you never regretted your past actions. Bye-bye, Madam Dacia. ” She waved with a scoff.

She exited the room.


To Be Continued..

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