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he is my alpha finale


he tried tou-ching her shoulder, but she shrugged his hand off.

“what should I do, I’ll do anything, just don’t give me the silent treatment plea-se”. He begged, but she still didn’t face him.

lance sighed de-eply, and then an idea struck him.

‘”aaaaaa”. He screamed, holding onto his injured che-st.

“lance”. Gwen panicked as she turned to face him.

“a are you alright, I’ll go get the doctor”. She said, but as she made to get up, Lance held her back.

“amor, plea-se forgive me, I’m so sorry for scaring you like that, plea-se don’t give me the cold shoulders, I can’t take it”. He said.

“you fool”. Gwen fired as she finally noticed he pranked.

“fine, just don’t ever try to leave me ok”. She said with a glare.

“never, and besides, who’s the strongest alpha”. He sm-irked.

“silly, it’s you “. She laughed.

“good, so now, come give me a k!ss”. He said with a pout.

“nope, you’re not getting anything, that’s your punishment”. She replied, folding her hands to her che-st.

“you can’t be serious, plea-se mate, tell me you’re joking”. He said, sounding like he was about to cry.

“of course I’m serious, no k!sses for you for a month”.?

“plea-se mate, plea-se don’t do that”. He said, battling his lashes at her and giving her his best puppy eye look.

“aaarg, don’t give me that look”. Gwen muttered , shielding her eyes with her palm.

“I’m not falling for it”.

“plea-se mate, plea-se “.

“OK fine”. She giggled as she went back to sit beside him.

“first, don’t ever think of dying ok”.

“OK love, I’ll never leave you, we’re stuck to each other, forever”. He win-ked.

“better”. She smiled.

gwen quic-kly pu-ll-ed him to her as they both k!$$£d each other pas-sionately.


it’s been two days alre-ady, Lance was fully healed, and the damages the war left in the pack has all been repaired.

everyone was in a happy mood because today was a special day, this was the day gwen would officially be crowned luna of the red moon pack, Clara and Linda would also be taking their oath today, and they’ll fully become members of the red moon pack, other packs from far and near have been invited to the ceremony, it’s really going to be a fun and memorable day.

gwen sat in their be-droom with the ladies, they’ve chased the men away so they could get some alone time and plan on gwen’s outfit.

“I’m so excited, you’ll officially be crowned the Luna today”. Grace squealed.

“so Gwen, tell us, how are you feeling right now”. Emily questioned.

“well, I can’t deny the fact that I’m super excited at the same time nervous, there would be so many people, arrrg, I’m getting cold feet alre-ady”. She gro-an ed out, while the other ladies laughed.

“oh yes, I almost forgot”. She said, and they all [email protected]£ silent, giving her their full attention.

“what’s it gwen”. Lily asked.

“well, it’s about linda”. She sighed.

“what about me”. Linda asked worriedly.

“no no no, there’s no nee-d to panic, it’s just that, since Valerie made you loose your wolf using magic, I think we can also get her back using magic”. She smiled.

“r really”. Linda stuttered, she couldn’t believe her ears.

“yes,really,but first, let’s go to the backyard, we nee-d an open space”. She said.

they all rushed outside quic-kly, Clara couldn’t st©p praying to the moon goddess that everything works out well.

*well Gwen, I’m sure she was the one mother told us about, the one who will be nee-ding our help* Kiara said.

*you’re right about that kiara*

“are you re-ady”. She said to Linda.

Linda took in a de-ep breath before replying.

“more than re-ady”.

Gwen ru-bbe-d her palms together first, then she held both sides of linda’s head, muttering a spell, finally, she [email protected] as she let go of linda’s head.

everyone watched with their hearts in their mouth at what was going to happen, Linda at first didn’t feel anything, and she was beginning to get scared that she might have lost Megan for good, and that was when it happened.

she screamed in pain as her bones began snapping, Megan was back, and she was surfacing, everyone watched excitedly as her transformation took place, finally, the transformation was complete, Megan stood majestically on all fours, she looked at everyone first, then she let out a howl.

*I’ve missed you so much linda* Megan said excitedly.

*it’s so good to have you back girl* Linda said.

Megan ran around the backyard, and everyone laughed as they watched her, finally, she [email protected]£ to stand before them, then she gave Linda back the control as she took her human form.

Clara quic-kly took a towel at her to cover herself up, Linda giggled as she caught the towel, then she quic-kly wra-pped it around herself.

“gwen”. Linda squealed as she hvgged gwen ti-ghtly.

“I don’t know how I’m ever going to thank you, thank you so much Gwen, thank you so much”. She said.

“oh no Linda, plea-se, I’m so glad to help, and I’m happy you’ve finally gotten your wolf”. She smiled, while Linda finally let go of her.

“well, can this day get any better”. Martha laughed.

they were still talking when gwen rushed upstairs to the surprise of everyone, they quic-kly followed her to see her throwing up in the bathroom.

“gwen? “. Martha called as she gave her a suspicious look.

“yes mother”. Gwen answered wiping off the water on her mouth with a towel.

“how are you child”.

“i i don’t know, I’ve been throwing up lately, and I’ve been getting morning sickness lately



“I don’t know what’s wrong”. She sighed.

Martha eyes wi-den with as she moved closer to Gwen, then she placed her hand on her stomach.

“do you hear it”. She said to no one in [email protected].

“oh goodness”. Lily squealed.

“I hear two heartbeats”. She said.

“w what do you mean”. Gwen asked confusedly.

“my child, you’ve made me the happiest person today, you are going to be a mother, I’m going to be a grandmother”. She said, grinning from ear to ear.

“aaaa”. Emily screamed.

“I’m going to be an aunt”. She screamed.

“we’re going to be aunties”. Grace screamed.

the ladies began dancing happily round the room.

“I’m going to be a mother”. Gwen muttered in disbelief.

“yes my dear, you’re going to be a mother”. Martha said as she gave gwen a brief hvg.

gwen placed her hand on her tummy, ru-bbing it affectionately, Lance would be elated to hear this, she just can’t wait to tell him, she wonders how he’s going to feel, what will be his reaction.

“we can’t tell lance about this yet, we nee-d to find the perfect timing, maybe after the coronation”. Linda suggested.

“err, that’s not a bad idea”. Gwen said.

“yayyyyyy, I can’t wait to see his reaction, gosh, I’m so excited, today’s filled with good news”. Grace said.

“so now, come, let’s start getting you re-ady for today, there’s no much time to waste”. Lily said.

“ok, you girls do your thing, I’ll go get re-ady”. Margret said, she k!$$£d gwen’s forehead, then she placed her hand on her tummy once more with a smile on her face.

“I can’t wait to hold my grandchild”. She said and they all laughed.

“I’ll leave now, take care of yourself dear”. She said before leaving the room.

“ok, let’s give you a makeover, something that’ll leave lance speechless”. Lily sm-irked, and they all got to work.


few hours later, it was finally time for the coronation, Lance waited downstairs for gwen, the guest were all here, they’ve arrived earlier than expected, and he doesn’t want to keep them waiting any longer.

“lance”. Gwen called.

He raised his head up and he was left speechless by what he saw, if angels were to be humans, then he was definitely looking at one right now.

words were not enough to describe how beautiful Gwen looks, she looked stunning in the white long dress she wore, which had golden stones on half [email protected] of it, the down [email protected] was decorated with roses, and her hair has been curled, so they bounced as she walked.

lance was so lost in staring at her that he didn’t even notice she was alre-ady standing in front of him.

“hey, snap out of it”. She said, fli-ckering her f!nger in front of him.

“huh”. Lance muttered, snapping out of his day dream.

“you look so stunning love”. He complimented, and Gwen felt her cheeks heat up as she bowed her head, feeling shy all of a sudden.

“is that you blu-shing”. He tea-sed.

“shut up lance”. She said, causing him to bur-st into laughter.

“c’mon love, let’s go”. he said, giving her his hand to hold.

gwen heaved a de-ep breath before taking his hand, they truly look so perfect together.

The moment they both stepped on stage, the whole pack went wild as they began [email protected] and cheering loudly, Lance waited for them to calm down before proceeding with the ceremony.

asher and Leo both stood at his right, holding the things he’ll be nee-ding

gwen slowly got down to her knees while lance collected a silver knife from his beta, while Leo held a bowl.

“do you swear to protect the pack always and forever”. He said in a loud voice.

“I do”.

“do you promise to put the pack first in everything”.

“I do”.

“do you accept the pack as your own”.

“I do”.

he then took the knife and cut his palm, then he did the same to her, he let their blood mix as it flowed directly into the bowl his gamma held beneath their hand.

after that, he then collected the crown from his beta, with a bright smile on his face

“I now crown you”.

“LUNA OF THE RED MOON PACK”. he said in a loud voice as he slowly placed the crown on her head. ?

the moment the crown t©uçhed her head, the pack went wild again, howling, [email protected] and cheering.

“long live the Luna, long live the luna”. They chanted.

Lance helped her up , he then gave her a brief hvg.

“congratulations my queen “. he said with a proud smile.

“thank you my king “. she giggled, she could now hear the thoughts of the pack, she was now connected to them.

*congratulations luna*

*I’m so happy she’s now officially our luna*

these were some of the comments she picked out .

Linda and Clara also took their oaths, and they [email protected]£ full members of the red moon pack.

*gwen, let’s give mate the good news * Kiara said excitedly.

*alright kiara*

Gwen quic-kly pu-ll-ed lance aside, so as to get some privacy.

“what’s wrong my love “.

“there’s something I want to tell you “. she said nervously.

“plea-se love, you can tell me anything “. he said , noticing how nervous she was.

she blu-shed as she slowly brou-ght his hand to her tummy, having a hvge grin on her face.

“lance, you’re going to be a father”.

“what? “. Lance muttered as he stared at her with shock and surprise written all over his face, he went speechless for a whole minute, and gwen was getting scared by his silence.

“i i I’m going to be a dad, we’re having a pup”. he stammered.

“yes lance, yes”. She giggled.

He immediately carried her in a bridal style as he twirled her around.

“thank you so much my love, thank you so much for this great gift”. he said, Letting out a loud howl.

still carrying her in a bridal style, he went back on stage.

“i nee-d everyone’s attention “. he boomed.

the whole pack all st©pped what they were doing as they turned to their alpha, giving him their full attention .

“I’m so happy to announce to everyone here that very soon, we’ll be welcoming a new member to the pack, your Luna, my queen”.

“is pregnant “. he voiced out loudly.
the whole pack let out a joyous howl and congratulations could be heard from all corners.

“long live the Luna, long live the alpha”. they chanted again, Lance felt his che-st swell with pride as he gave gwen a k!ss.

“thank you so much, I’m the happiest man on earth “. he smiled, then he gently brou-ght her down.

“I love you so much my queen”.

“and I love you more my king”.

“you’re looking like a proud demented father”. Asher said as they all [email protected]£ to join them.

“you could have left it at proud you know”. Lance sm-irked.

“nope, you’re demented, so it’s better that way “. Asher replied with a sm-irk.

“idiot”. Lance cursed.

“congratulations luna, I’m so happy , I can’t wait to hold the little man, I’m sure he’ll take after his handsome uncle”. Asher boasted.

“how are you so sure it’s gonna be a boy, what if it’s a girl”.lily said .

“uhmm, whatever the gender, they’ll definitely take after their favorite handsome uncle “.

“shut up asher, no one is taking after an idiot like you, they’ll take after me, and I’m gonna be the favourite uncle”. Leo argued.

“that’s never going to happen, you’re so boring leo”. Asher fired.

the rest all watched as they argued like kids.

“you two act like big babies”. Margret said amidst laughter.

“so gwen, if you were to give your love story a title, what would it be “. lily asked.

gwen thought about this for a while, then she smiled as she finally got one, using her magic, she wrote the title of their love story in the sky.

the pack all looked up to see what she wrote, and they all had smiles on their faces as they re-ad it. “it’s time”. Asher said. they all went to join the rest of the pack, living just Lance and Gwen on stage.

the alpha and the Luna waited for the pack of to transform, then they also took the form of their wolf.

lance let out a roar, then the pack howled in unison.

once again , they all howled to the full moon .

Kindly Hi waploaded story Home on zero eight one eight seven eight six six two six seven to join my story group.
up in the sky,the moon goddess watched with a smile on her face, then beneath gwen’s writing, she also added an inscription to the title of their love story.

which was.

….he’s cold but she changed him


Linda, Clara and Emily also found their soul mates, and luckily, they were all mated to alpha’s, which means, they’ll have to leave the red moon pack.

and don’t be surprised, the moon goddess choose to favour Emily who happens to be a human with an alpha werewolf as a mate, this was her gift to her.

linda got a second chance soulmate, one who would love and cherish her forever.

the journey hasn’t been an easy one, but now, they could all live.



the moon goddess walked to the book which contains the story of lance and gwen , then with a proud smile, she closed the book.

she walked to a big crystal globe as she searched the earth for something, then finally, she found what she was looking for.

she saw two babies who were newly birthed, they were werewolves, but from different homes, but she knew that they were perfect for each other.

she smiled as she sh0t two bright lights in form of arrows into their hearts.

then she said the word which will begin the chapter of a new love story.




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