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When love just happens episode 49



“Babe you don’t have to be grumpy now, I will be back before you know it” Jeffery was travelling out of the country for business, and ever since he told Jane about his travel plans, she has not been happy about it.

Their relationsh!pwas blossoming with each [email protected] day. Jane has alre-ady started going to thera-py. And so far, she has been ma-king progress in her relationsh!pwith Jeffery and her sister as well. She has been slee-ping well too, and her nightmares have reduced. No longer was she at fear of anything or anyone harming her.

“One week is a long time Jeff” Jane pouted.

“You could come with me if you want”

“You know I can’t, I have job interviews to go for”

“I know. You know I won’t go if I can help it. But I really nee-d to attend this conference. I promise to come back immediately the conference is over. Come on, smile now” he walked to where she was standing and drew her to himself wra-pping his hands around her [email protected]!st. “I promise…” k!ss… ”to” k!ss…. ”come back… soon” …k!ss… ”as I can” he took out a key with a heart shaped key holder from his pocket and handed it to her.

“What is this for?” Jane asked.

“Well…that is the key to this house, I know you have told me severally that you can’t move in, but I want you to have your own key, so you can always come in whenever you want, even when I’m not around. You can even stay here while I’m away if you want”

“You want me to have the key to your house?” Jane asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I have been thinking to give it to you for a while now. So it’s yours to keep” he placed the key in her palm.

“Wow Jeff, thanks but I don’t think I like the idea of being here alone when you are away”

“You could ask Amaka to come over and stay with you if you want? But plea-se do stay here while I’m gone. My mind will be at rest knowing you are here”

“You nee-d not worry baby, I promise to stay safe. Besides you have Black and his men watching me like a hawk alre-ady. So put your mind at ease”

“plea-se just tell me you will think about it? Until Mr Okafor’s son is found, and we know that he no longer poses a threat to your safety, I’m not willing to take any chances”

“Alright I will think about it, meanwhile dinner is re-ady” Jane scooped out some of the rice she just finished cooking on a plate, while Jeffery helped to set the table. When they sat down to eat, Jeffery blessed the food.

While they ate, they heard a knock on the door, Jeffery got up to see who it was. “Michael, what’s up?”

“Hey guy, I remembered you haven’t given me the file containing the do¢vments for the fish farm investment, I decided to come pick it up before you left for your trip tomorrow” Michael and Jeffery were going into fish farming together.

“Oh I’m sorry, I totally forgot. Do come in” Michael followed Jeffery to the dining room. ”Just give me a minute, let me quic-kly get it” Jeffery went upstairs to get the do¢vments.

“Hello Jane, how are you doing?”

“Hey Michael, I’m doing okay. Good evening. And how is Anita and the baby?”

“They are doing okay, sorry to interrupt your dinner but I nee-d some do¢vments from Jeffery”

“Oh it’s no problem at all, how about you join us for dinner? Have something to eat before you leave?”

”as much as I would love that, I’m sorry I would have to decline. My wife has something cooking alre-ady. I nee-d enough room for it, else I will be asking for trouble”

”I truly un-derstand” No woman would like her man to eat else where when she has something prepared alre-ady, especially not Anita.

“Jeffery told me you resigned from your job and looking for another one?” Michael asked as Jane got up and served him some orange jui-ce.

“Yeah I am currently job hunting” she took her seat and continued to eat.

“Well, I happen to be in nee-d of a personal @ssistant, would you be interested working for me?”

“Really? Of course I would love to work for you. But that of course depends on if you find me qualified for the job”

“How about you come by the office with your CV tomorrow by 10am?”

“That works for me, thank you so much Michael”

”you are welcome”

“What did I miss?” Jeffery asked as he [email protected]£ back with a file which he handed to Michael before taking his seat.

“Michael here, said he is in nee-d of a personal @ssistant and would like to interview me tomorrow” Jane said gleefully.

“Wow that’s nice, thanks man, what about your @ssistant?”

”she resigned last week, her family relocated to another state. So I’m in nee-d of an @ssistant like yesterday. So Jane I will be expecting you to come for the interview tomorrow?” Michael stood up to take his leave.

”yes, I will be there”

Michael bade them goodnight and left for his house.

“So. . … now that we are alone, I have a few suggestions of what we could do” Jeffery said as he helped Jane to do the dishes.

“No I suggest we go finish up with your packing”

“Well there is that, but I have better things in mind that we could do together” he said smiling.

“Is that so?” Jane stood in his front staring into his eyes. “And what exactly is that Jeff?”

“Well for starters, I have been planning to do this all evening” he bent down and k!$$£d her.

“When you k!ssme like that I tend to forget whatever it is I had planned out” Jane said as theirl-ips [email protected]

“Was that enough to make you forget about packing?” He asked.

“Nope, I think you would have to try a little [email protected] than that Mr. Jeffery”

“How about this?” He k!$$£d her again, this time it was slow and s-en-suous, as he tea-sed her with his ton-gue and then bit her lower l!pand as Jane leaned in closer for more, he st©pped.

“I guess that was good enough to make you give up the packing idea for now?”

“If you continue k!ss!ngme like that, you might not pack at all”

“I like the sound of that” Jeffery lifted her off the floor and she wra-pped her legs around his [email protected]!st and they continued k!ssing. He carried her to the sitting room where they continued to make out.

The next morning, Jane accompanied Jeffery to the airport and after he had boarded his flight, she decided to head over to Michael’s office for her interview.

“Hello Jane, it’s nice to see you again do have a sit” Michael greeted as she walked into the office.

“Thank you”

“Are you here with your CV?”

“Yes” Jane took out her CV from her bag and handed it over to Michael who perused it before handing it over to her.

“When would you like to start?”

“What?” Jane asked not quite hearing him clearly.

“I asked when you would like to start working as my @ssistant?”

“Just like that? Aren’t you going to ask me any questions?”

“There will be no nee-d for that, I alre-ady have the answers to what I nee-d”

“But how do you know that?”

“Well I called your former employer earlier this morning, and she said I would be a fool not to hire you”

“You called Vivian?”

“Yes, and let’s just say; you [email protected]£ strongly recommended. So you’re hired”

“Thank you so much Michael. Is it okay if I call you by your first name now that you are my employer?”

“Yes plea-se, I would prefer you call me by my first name. Can you start work tomorrow?”

“Yes sure, tomorrow is fine by me”

“Alright then, plea-se meet with the HR, she will give you some form to fill out. The receptionist will show you to her office”

“Thank you so much Michael”

“You are welcome Jane”

When Jane was done with her do¢vmentation, she checked her phone to find a text message from Amaka, asking her to meet her at their [email protected] Jane tried calling her back to know if all was well because it was on a Wednesday and Amaka was supposed to be at work.

Amaka wasn’t taking her calls so Jane decided go down to their [email protected] anyway because she nee-ded to pick up some of her things that she would be nee-ding while she was at Jeffrey’s place and also use the opportunity to tell Amaka about her new job.

When she got there, the [email protected] looked like it had been turned upside. Jane knew Amaka wasn’t a neat freak but she wasn’t also known to be scattering things and not arranging them back, it didn’t make s-en-se. Jane knew something was wrong because their dressing mirror was broken. She called Amaka’s name but there was no response.

Where was Amaka? Why did she ask to meet her here if she wasn’t around? Jane’s sixth s-en-se told her something wasn’t right.

She opened the kitchen door to find her worst enemy staring at her.

“Hello Jane, long time no see”

Jane couldn’t believe what she was seeing, or could it be she was probably hallucinating? How was Mr. Okafor’s son able to find her?

“Timothy?” She asked in shock.

“It’s me baby, flesh and blood. I must say, you have really blossomed over these past few years” he moved closer to her as he spoke, it was then, she saw Amaka in a corner of the kitchen, her mouth was gagged, hands and legs were tied. She really looked to be in serious pains. This made Jane [email protected]

“Oh don’t you worry about her, she will be fine. That’s if you cooperate” he raised his shi-t to reveal a pistol tucked in the [email protected]!st of his trou-ser.

“plea-se don’t hurt her, I promise to do anything you want”

“Good, I can see that you have become more obe-dient, I like that. Now, I want you to turn around and we are going walk out of this room like good buddies that we are, no funny act or your friend will pay for it. Is that un-derstood?”

“Yes, yes” Jane was breathing heavily as she spoke. She knew she had to do something but couldn’t, for Timothy was with a gun, so her chances of winning against him were slim and there was Amaka to consider.

“I will go with you on one condition”

“I make the conditions here Jane, not you. Now move!” he pushed her.

“It’s me you want, not her. So let her go and I will go with you” she insisted.

“I have no intention of taking her with me, now move . I don’t have all day” he pushed her towards the door and stepped behind her. “Now remember to act natural, no one must suspect a thing, if you as much as try to breathe a word, you would be long dead before anyone even thinks of helping you”

Jane nodded in agreement and walked out of her [email protected] as Timothy walked beside her using one hand to hold her on her arm and the other discreetly tou-ching the pistol in his trou-ser.

He led her to a car he parked across the street, which alre-ady had a driver waiting in it. Jane could sight Black her b©dyguard, arguing with someone. And from what she could see, it looked like the person bashed his car from behind. She kept looking in his direction hoping he would see her, but who ever he was arguing with, had his full attention.

Timothy opened the door for Jane to get in and did same almost immediately. The car zoomed off even before he got to shut the door.

“Everything going according to plan?” The driver who had a mean look on his face asked.

“Yes” Timothy responded

Jane’s mind raced as they drove, what were they going to do to her? She remembered Jeffery, what was going to become of him if they kill her? Maybe he might try to rescue her, but then he wasn’t even in the country, he was far away across the Caribbean. Before he arrives, she might have been long dead.


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