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When love just happens episode 48



”Wait, is it that this Dele is confused, or he is just pla-ying with you? Because I don’t un-derstand why he is so indecisive”

”He said, he is in a relationsh!pand didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend” Amaka was de-eply hurt by Dele’s actions, but she was done hating him. If he doesn’t want to have anything serious with her, then that was his loss. She wasn’t going to res£nt him anymore .

”Well he should have thought about that before having S-x with you. after all, you were on your own when he kept pestering you. So much for righting his wrongs” Jane scoffed.

”Jane it’s fine, you don’t have to be angry, it wasn’t like he [email protected]£d me or something, it was cons-en-sual. I didn’t have S-x with him because I wanted him to [email protected]£ me. So it’s fine”

”Amaka, I’m really sorry. What can I do to help?”

”Can you fry me some potatoes?” Amaka made a baby face as she spoke.

”just that?” Amaka nodded. ”Alright no problem” Jane went into the kitchen to fry some potatoes, while Amaka la-id on the be-d pressing her phone.

”You know my mother is right, she always said I can never hold anything good” Amaka said.

”how do you mean by that?” Jane asked from the kitchen.

”look at me, I can’t hold a good relationsh!p. I haven’t been in a stable relationsh!pfor up to six months”

”Amaka don’t say that, you haven’t just met the right person yet”

”or I might never meet the right person” Amaka spoke with sadness.

”don’t say that, you will definitely meet the person who truly un-derstands and loves you”

”maybe I am just as unfortunate in love as my mother”

”you are not your mother, what’s up with you and your mother anyway?” Jane asked as she [email protected]£ back into the room with a plate filled with fried potatoes.

”How do you mean?” Amaka took some potatoes from the plate Jane was carrying.

”You know what I am talking about, you were suppose to call your mother and sort things out with her. Did you do it?”

Amaka and her mother has not been in good terms for a long time. And Jane has been trying to reconcile both of them. They ba-rely spoke to each other, without them quarreling. For the past six years, Amaka has not been home to see her mother.

”call her, or sort things out with her? which of them?”


”well I called her” Amaka took more potatoes from the plate.


”What do you mean by and? She is fine of course” Amaka said dismisively.

”Amaka what is the matter between you and your mother, why aren’t you two talking?”

”of course we talk, didn’t you hear when I said I called her?”

”I had to practically f0rç£ you, before you agreed to call her”

”Jane plea-se let’s enjoy this food in peace, leave that woman alone abeg”

”Amaka tell me what is going on?”

”Jane, you won’t un-derstand, just leave that woman. She will be fine”

”You know, you ought to be lucky you still have your mother? Most of us would do anything to have our mothers to be with us”

”I know, it’s just that my mother knows how to get on my nerves. I got pregnant when I was 20years old” Amaka said coldly.

”Are you serious? I never knew about it”

”Yeah, that’s because I never told you, I really don’t like telling anyone about it, I was a jambite when I met Seun, he was my math tutor in my jamb tutorial. He was handsome and very intelligent so when he asked me out, I felt really honored and didn’t hesitate to say yes to him. He was so sweet and caring, he always looked out for me and took me on extra [email protected] I even started un-derstanding my courses better. We were seeing secretly and everything was going well between us until after I wrote my jamb and post UTME exams”

”What happened?”

”I got pregnant” Amaka had tears in her eyes as she spoke, Jane offered her some tissue. She wiped her tears with it.

”When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to inform Seun about it. He denied responsibility of the pregnancy. He called me several names, and kicked me out of his [email protected] That was the worst day of my life. I went home and decided to hide the pregnancy from my mother but after a month, she noticed”

When Amaka’s mother found out about her pregnancy, she raged fire and brim stone, how child of hers was going to get pregnant out of wedlock. She asked Amaka who was responsible for her pregnancy and when she refused to tell her, she beat it out of her.

Just like every typical Nigerian parent, Amaka’s mother marched with her to Seun’s house and when they got there, he denied ever having anything to do with her.

After all attempt to make Seun accept the pregnancy failed, Amaka and her mother went back home but not without her mother insulting her and telling what a failure she was.

From that day onward, Amaka’s mother made sure to make the house a living hell for her.

”What of your father, what did he say in all of this?”

”You know my parents got divorced when I was still in primary school and after two years, my father remarried and relocated to another state. Ever since then, they have never been in good terms. So when the issue of my pregnancy [email protected]£ up, she didn’t mention it to him”

”so what happened after Seun denied the pregnancy?”

”my mother insisted I abort the pregnancy, but I refused. I didn’t want to abort it, I wanted to keep the pregnancy”.

On two different occasions, Amaka’s mother took her to an abortion clinic for her to abort the pregnancy, and each time, Amaka refused. This caused more problems for her and her mother.

One evening, her mother called her and was being all nice to her. She served Amaka some food to eat. Amaka was confused because her mother never served her before.

”sit down and eat my daughter” Her mother said, as she pu-ll-ed out a chair at the dinning table for Amaka.

”I am sorry I haven’t been a good mother to you lately, it’s just that I wasn’t happy with you being pregnant. I never thought that you my daughter will get pregnant out of wedlock. But since you have decided to keep the pregnancy, I will stand with you”

”thank you mama and I am sorry I got pregnant out of wedlock”

”it’s fine, let’s eat and then we will think of a way forward”

Amaka was surprised at her mother’s sudden change in behavior. She was happy her mother was finally coming around to the idea of her being pregnant. They ate together that night and talked about how they were going to raise the child when it’s born.

Later that night, when Amaka went to be-d, she started feeling discomfort in her lower abd0m£n. She ignored it, thinking it was something trivial. But at midnight, the pains [email protected]£ too intense and she started bleeding. Her mother rushed her to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, the doctors told them that, Amaka had lost her pregnancy. She was told it was caused by the abortion pill she took.

”I never took any abortion pill” Amaka argued.

”but the test result shows that you took something that aided the abortion”

It was then it dawned on her that her mother had laced the food she ate with an abortion substance. When she was alone with her mother, she confronted her.

”mama did you give me abortion pills without my knowledge?”

”it’s for the best my daughter, now you are free to chase your dreams without any useless child dragging you down. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made”

Amaka couldn’t believe her mother could do something as hurtful as killing her unborn child. She made up her mind not speak to her mother again from that day.

”so what did you do after you got discharged from the hospital?” Jane asked.

”few weeks later, my jamb results [email protected]£ out and I [email protected], I later got admission to study [email protected] communication in the University Of Lagos. I packed my things and [email protected]£ to Lagos and I never went back home since then”

”oh Amaka I am so sorry, it must have been very [email protected] for you”

”thank you. So you see why we can’t be in good terms? Whenever I remember what she did, all I just want to do is kill her. To avoid that, I had to go very far from her”

”sorry dear but I think you should settle things with her so you can have peace of mind”

”go settle with your sister first before you can come and advise me”
What can you say about Amaka’s mother action, was she right with the action she took about the pregnancy?


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