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When love just happens episode 47



quic-kly, he stood up and wore his sweat [email protected]

“What is going on Jeff?”

“Mom is at the door, stay here while I go find out what she wants okay?”

Jane nodded with a confused look, Jeffery bent down and k!$$£d her on the forehead and as he was about to leave, she called him back.

”I think you might nee-d a shi-t to cover that” she pointed to his boner. Jeffery hissed out of frustration as he picked up a shi-t and held it over his boner. If his mother notices it, then that was her problem. Probably she would take that as a cue, and leave early so Jane can finish up what she started.

He rushed to the sitting room and opened the door to find his parents standing at his door.

“Mummy, daddy is everything alright?”

“Allow me to get inside first, before you bombard me with questions” his mother scolded, as she walked past him into the sitting room. Jeffery gave his father a questioning look but he only shrugged. His parents went in and had their seats.

“Your mother here, thinks you are in danger and decided to come warn you. In the middle of the night” his father emphasized ma-king a quote with his f!ngers.

“Honey st©p ma-king it sound so trivial” his mother protested. “I [email protected]£ by this time because it couldn’t wait so I decided it best to come now”

“In the middle of the night Ronke? I told you let’s tell him tomorrow morning but you refused”

“Why are you complaining? It’s not like I f0rç£d you to come, you could have just stayed back at home”

“And have you come out here all by yourself. By this time of the night?”

“The driver could have brou-ght me, I don’t know wh…”

“Mum, dad what is going on?” Jeffery knew he nee-ded to st©p them, else they will continue to banter and forget that he was even standing there.

“Ask your mother”

“Mummy what is wrong? Why are you here by this time?”

“Jeffery come and sit down” his mother said.

Jeffery took a seat opposite his parents and waited patiently for his mother to speak.

“I think you might be in danger and that’s why I decided to come here this night”

“Mum, I still don’t un-derstand. You think I’m in danger how?”

“I had a very terrible dream about you this night and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to come pray for you. That reminds me, have you sorted things out with Jane because this involves her too?”

“Yes, Jane and I are back together. But I still don’t un-derstand me being in danger”

“Thank God you have reconciled with Jane, I was in a dream, and you both were in serious trouble. So I decided to come over and pray for you”

“But Ronke couldn’t you have said this prayer at home?” His father asked in anger, clearly he wasn’t happy with his wife’s decision of driving down to their son’s place in the middle of the night.

“Then how would I be able to anoint him?” His mother asked. “oya Jeffery come and kneel down let me pray for you. When you see Jane, tell her to come see me. If she was here now it would have been better. But all the same the spirit of the lord knows no distance”

“she is here mummy”

“Very good. Oya go and call her, you both nee-d this prayer”

Jeffery went upstairs to call Jane, while his mother started singing worsh!psongs. A minute later, Jane and Jeffery were kneeling down in front of his mother, while she la-id hands on their heads and prayed with all ferventness. Casting and binding any evil that wanted to harm her son or his girlfriend. Jeffreys father backed her up by saying amen to all her prayers.

As she prayed, she anointed their heads, their hands and their feet. Declaring that their feet won’t take them to an evil place or a place of destruction.

When she was done with the prayers, she advised them to be prayerful and left with her husband.

*The next day*

“Hahahahahaha, this is so funny, I swear. So you and Jeffery were about to have S-x when his mother [email protected]£ knocking with Bible and anointing oil?”

“Amaka st©p laughing abeg, if you had seen us last night, you would have pitied us” Jane was back at their [email protected], and was telling Amaka what had happened the previous night at Jeffery’s house.

“Hehehehehe…. So Jeffrey’s mother was busy panicking because of the dream she had about her son, not knowing he was busy having a good time with you? This is hilarious”

“Whatever, I don’t even know why I told you anyway” Jane couldn’t get herself to look at Jeffery’s mother in the eyes after the prayer, because she was scared the woman might see throu-gh her and know what she was about to do before she [email protected]£.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it. So after her prayers, did you both continue from where you st©pped?”

“Amaka! You don’t expect us to go back and continue, after she had finished firing prayers on our heads and practically bathing us with anointing oil”

“Hehehehehhehe, eya it’s Jeffery I pity. I’m very sure he was alre-ady preparing his mind to get some, only for it to be truncated with prayers. Hahahahahaha”

“Will you st©p laughing alre-ady?”

“Nor vex abeg. But you should count yourself lucky you know? How many girls have you ever heard saying; their b©yfri£nd’s mother prayed for them? Most of them are even at loggerheads with their mother in-law. And here you are, your b©yfri£nd’s mother [email protected]£ knocking in the middle of the night, just because she had a bad dream about you and her son. if it were to be my mother she will tell her son to st©p seeing you, because of that dream. In fact, she will label you a witch”

“You are right Amaka, no one has ever prayed for me like she did last night. The last time someone prayed for me was at the orphanage. Our mother at the orphanage used to pray over us every night. But ever since she died, I don’t think anyone has ever prayed for me” Jane had a hint of longing in her voice, there’s never a day that goes by that she doesn’t miss her mother at the orphanage. That woman never made Jane feel like she was an orphan. She always showered each of the children at the orphanage with love.

“You really miss her, don’t you?”

“Every single day, I think about her. I really wish she was here with me”

“I think she is, you just can’t see her. You are not alone Jane” Amaka hvgged Jane.

“Thank you. Enough about me, so gist me what has been going on with you, what did I miss?”

“Nothing much, just work and normal stuff”

“That is news headline, I nee-d the news in details. Isn’t that what you always tell me? You don’t look cheerful, so I know something is bugging you. Oya start talking” Jane sat up straight preparing herself for Amaka’s gist.

“Well, there’s something you nee-d to know” Amaka itched her ear as she spoke.

“What is it?”

“First, you have to promise me you won’t judge?”

“I cross my heart” Jane made a cross sign on her che-st.

“Okay here goes nothing; I… sle-pt with Dele” she avoided Jane’s eyes as she spoke.

“I knew this alre-ady, why do you feel ashamed about it?”

“You do you, who told you?”

“You of course, have you forgotten you told me about your one night stand with him?”

“No, that was different”

“Wait, it happened again?”

“Yeah, it did”

“What happened?”

Amaka was coming back from work, when she decided to make a st©p at the shopping mall and get herself a new pair of sneakers. She has been meaning to get one for sometime now, and since she just received her salary for the month, she might as well treat herself to a new sneakers.

She was standing in front of a Nike sneakers wondering if she should take it or not, when someone from behind said; “those will look good on your feet”

Amaka turned to see Dele standing behind her, smiling.

“Thanks, but I don’t nee-d your opinion on which one to buy. If I did, I would have asked for it” Amaka turned to look at other shoes.

“Come on, you know you wanted to get them, just go for it”

Amaka didn’t reply him, she picked another [email protected] of sneakers and as she was feeling the sole, Dele said; “That too will look good on you”. Amaka immediately dropped it and went over to look at another sneakers.

“Are you going to drop every sneakers I tell you is beautiful?”

“What is your problem? Don’t you have something better to do with your time? And yes I will drop every sneakers you say is beautiful. Now plea-se go and leave me alone”


“Why what?”

“Why would you drop every sneakers I say is beautiful?”

“Because you have a horrible taste, and anything you say is beautiful is most definitely not!”

“So what if I say you are beautiful?”

Amaka’s hands paused on the sneakers she was holding. She turned to look at Dele who had a serious look on his face.

“Nice try, but you got it all wrong, I’m not just beautiful, I’m gorgeous. Next time try to get it right” she walked past him to the next shelve. Dele followed her.

“You are not just gorgeous, but you are drop dead gorgeous”

Amaka turned around and faced him again. “Okay you have made your point. So go” she said shoving him with her hands.


“Excuse me?”

“Have dinner with me? There is this nice restaurant I know around the corner, we could go gr-ab a bite after you are done”

“Thanks but, no thanks”

“Come on, you are going to love their food I promise”

“I’m not hungry, maybe another time” Amaka picked up another sneakers checking for the price.

“How about we go for drinks then?”

“Come Dele, what is your problem? Why are you pestering me?”

“Because you hate me and I don’t know why, I wouldn’t normally care if it were someone else but you are Jane’s friend and that means we would be seeing more of each other, because she is [email protected]!ngmy friend. plea-se let’s just sit and talk about this. I promise to right my wrongs. plea-se” he made a pleading face.

“Alright, fine. Just a drink”

“Thank you, and you would also allow me to pay for your shoes?”

“If you want to”

“I do want to”

“Fine, then I will go for this” Amaka picked the first pair of sneakers she was looking at when Dele [email protected]£ in. She actually dropped it because of the price tag, who buys a pair of sneakers for thirty thousand naira? definitely not someone who earns same salary as her. Since Dele was paying, she might as well take it. She wasn’t about to tell him how she could afford her own shoes. If he wanted to pay, then let him pay.

“Excellent choice” Dele said.

They both proceeded to make payment for the shoes. The cashier who looked like she was in desperate nee-d of a man in her life, kept hitting on Dele.

“Are you sure that is all you would be nee-ding sir?” She asked with a sultry voice as she handed Dele back his card.

“Baby, would you want to have something else?” He turned to look at Amaka. At first she was confused and didn’t know what to say but Dele win-ked at her and she quic-kly un-derstood.

“Uhm.. another pair wouldn’t be bad” she said looking at the cashier who almost died of shame. “Perhaps you could call someone to get me something similar to this but in another colour, probably a black?”

“Yes.. yes ma. Hey Mary, plea-se come get our customers a pair of this Nike shoes in black” The cashier called on one of the store attendants.

Amaka and Dele took a seat, while the lady went to get the shoe. “Why did you do that?” Amaka asked.

“She was over doing it, I’m sorry I used you as an escape”

“No nee-d to apologize, you are paying me with another pair of sneakers” Amaka smiled to herself.

“Yeah true. So it’s a win-win situation then?”

“Yes it is”

When they finished paying for the sneakers, Amaka followed Dele to his car and he drove them to a nearby lounge.

“What would you like to have?”

“I really don’t know, something not too high on alcohol maybe”

“How about some red wine?”

“Okay, sure”

Few minutes later, Dele [email protected]£ back with a bottle of red wine and two [email protected]

“So are you going to tell me why you hate me so much?” he asked as they were having their drink.

“Do you nee-d ask? Like you don’t alre-ady know?”

“No I don’t. If I did, then I won’t be asking”

“Well I hate you because you took me for a who-re the first time we met at the club”

“I did? How?”

“Yes you did”

“No I didn’t”

“Then why did you leave a note, telling me how much you enjoyed yourself the previous night, with some money by the be-d side?”

“Because I actually did enjoy my time with you, I left you the money not because I thought you to be a who-re, but because I thought it to be the right thing to do since I was leaving before you woke up. If I had my way, I would have stayed until you woke up, but I received a call that Jeffery was in coma so I had to rush to the hospital”

“Oh really? So you never mistook me for a who-re?”

“No I didn’t, why would I? We talked about each other’s jobs remember? I’m sorry if I gave you a wrong impression”

“I’m sorry I smashed your windscreen” Amaka apologized with guilt.

They both decided to move past their misun-derstanding and enjoyed the night. And then chatted and drank late into the night.

Dele decided to take Amaka home since it was late. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, they were all over each other and were having S-x.

The next morning when Dele woke up, he apologized to Amaka for slee-ping with her and that they couldn’t [email protected]£, because he was in a relationsh!p.


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