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When love just happens episode 46



Jeffery slid Jane’s short off her [email protected]!st slowly, with each contact his hands made with her skin, Jane almost went crazy from plea-sure. She moved her [email protected]!st to @ssist Jeffery in taking off her short.

When her shorts were out of the way, he k!$$£d her belly bu-tton and then her pvb!c region, Jane was glad she waxed out her hairs the last time she was at the spa.

Jeffery kept dropping feathery k!sses until he got to her fold, he raised his head to look at her just to be sure she wanted him to go on and in response Jane nodded.

Jeffery couldn’t get enough of this girl, he cu-mpped one of her brea-sts in his hands as they k!$$£d, the feel of her br£@st in his hands felt like heaven and Jane’s [email protected] ing sound as he t©uçhed her almost drove him to the edge, he knows this shouldn’t go any further than [email protected] she was fully re-ady so he was trying so [email protected] to hold himself back.

She climbe-d on his [email protected] and straddled him while he leaned his back on the dashboard, and they kept k!ss!ngwhile she kept grinding him with her [email protected]!st and when Jeffery couldn’t take it anymore he stilled her [email protected]!st with his hands.

“Baby, you are driving me wild and with the way you are moving I can’t promise I’m going be a gentleman for long” he said smiling. Jane could see he was really straining himself so she decided to get off his [email protected] but he held her in position. “Now I didn’t ask you to leave, I love it just where you are”

Jane placed her forehead on his, they both stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily none said a word, just silence and each looking de-ep into the other’s soul.

After a minute, Jane k!$$£d him and got off his [email protected]

“What are we going to do about you?” She asked referring to the bulge in Jeffery’s trou-sers. He looked down at it and smiled, “a cold shower will do it some good” he got up from the be-d and went into the bathroom. While Jane buried herself un-der the duvet, she knew she was supposed to get a shower herself but with what Jeffery just did to her, she wasn’t sure her legs could carry her so she decided to sleep instead.

Few minutes later, Jeffery stepped out of the bathroom and joined her on the be-d, he drew her closer to him on the be-d as he la-id down and spooned her.

“Thank you Jeff”

“I thought you were alre-ady asleep, what are you thanking me for?”

“For ma-king me experience something this beautiful”

“We are experiencing it together baby, so thank you too, you look beautiful when you ¢vm by the way” Jane let out a shy giggle. “No nee-d to be shy, you are so beautiful in and out”

“I love you” she whispered.

“And I Love you” They both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Jane woke up to the smell of fried eggs in her nostrils, when she opened her eyes, Jeffery was sitting by her side smiling at her “Time to wake up slee-ping beauty, breakfast is re-ady”

“Awwwww.. Jeff you didn’t have to” she sat up as Jeffery brou-ght the tray closer so she could reach it.

“I wanted to, so I did”

Jane took some of the eggs and placed in her mouth and chewed. “Hmmmmm this tastes good”

“I’m glad you like it” Jeffery took a fork and joined her.

“I could get used to this you know?”

“Then by all means plea-se do, because you my darling deserve to be pampered”

“Thank you” as Jane ate, the duvet she used in covering herself fell off ex-posing her ba-re brea-st, she quic-kly rushed and picked it up to cover herself.

“Don’t you think after last night, there is no nee-d for that?” Jeffery tea-sed


“I’m sorry, but you have very beautiful brea-sts and you shouldn’t feel shy about them”

“I’m not shy, I’m just…”

“Just what? Baby you nee-d to start getting comfortable in your own skin around me”

“Can we just enjoy this beautiful breakfast?”

“Sure” they both continued to eat in silence.

“So tell me, what else do you know how to make aside pancakes and fried eggs?”

“Well I do know how to make you ¢vm”

“Jeff!” Jane’s cheeks were h0t with [email protected]

“Hahahahahaha… I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it, your reaction was so epic”

“Yeah right” Jane scoffed.

“I’m sorry, okay so those are the only things I know how to prepare”

“Just fried eggs and pancakes?”

“Yes, most guys don’t even know how to boil water to save their lives, to them I’m considered a genius in the kitchen”

“Hahahahahaha… Yeah right, keep telling yourself that”

“What? I thought you just said you loved the eggs?”

“Yes they are tasty and even if you couldn’t boil water to save your life, I would still love you” Jane leaned in and k!$$£d him.

After Jeffery dropped Jane off at work, she went into Amaka’s office to say hi.

“Hmmmmmm this glow is becoming too much o, plea-se don’t blind me with it” Amaka mockingly tried shading her eyes as she spoke.

“Good morning to you too” Jane took a seat and sat down, it wasn’t 9am yet, so most of the workers haven’t arrived yet, including Vivian.

“Good morning my glowy friend, I know you have gist for me, so do tell”

“How did your [email protected]£ go?” Jane asked.

“Abeg forget about that one, that guy almost bored me to death with his talk about his job, like I left work early to go listen to someone else whine about his own job”

“I’m sorry, maybe you should slow down on the internet [email protected]!ng?”

“I’m not slowing down, I’m done. I closed all my internet [email protected]!ngprofile last night. That is by the way, what did Jeffery do to you? You look like someone who just achieved an [email protected]

Jane didn’t reply, instead she just itched her ears.

“Oh my God, you did it didn’t you?” Amaka screamed.

“Amaka bring your voice down, do you want the whole office to hear you?”

“Sorry, sorry, oya gist me what happened?” Amaka bounced around her chair.

“Well….. We sort of you know.. last night”

“Which one is sort of? Abeg I don’t know anything plea-se give me full gist”

“We.. went further than the usual last night”

“Jane that is news headline, I nee-d this news in details madam”

“You don’t expect me to tell you everything we did, do you? Besides you don’t tell me the details of what you do with any of your b©yfri£nds whenever you sleep over at their place”

“Well first of all, I’m not asking for every detail, just some of the ju-icy [email protected] and second of all, I don’t tell you what I do with any of my b©yfri£nds because you never asked”

“Fine, we just engaged in forepla-y”

“Hmmmmm and you [email protected]£ abi?” In response to her question, Jane nodded.

“I knew it, finally my friend is getting some”

“Well I sort of have a problem” Jane said quietly.

“What is it? You didn’t enjoy it?”

“Of course I did, infact I enjoyed it so much I feel guilty”

“Why is that?”

“Well, I was the only one at the receiving end, Jeffery didn’t receive any, it’s not like he complained or anything but I know I should have helped him come too”

“Yeah I get what you’re saying, well you can always give him a head until you feel you are re-ady to have penetrative S-x”

“Well that’s the issue, I really don’t know how to”

“You don’t know how to give a head?” Amaka asked in a whisper. Jane shook her head.

“Wow you’re a v!rg!nin giving head then” Amaka laughed.

“St©p laughing it’s not funny, I want you to teach me how it’s done”

“Are you serious?”

“You know what? I think this is a bad idea forget I ever asked” Jane got up from her seat to leave when Amaka st©pped her.

“Sit down I will teach you” Jane sat down back. Amaka brou-ght out some bananas from her bag and handed one to Jane.

“Thank you but I’m not hungry I had breakfast alre-ady”

“Who is giving you to eat? I bought those to eat later, but I think they will have to serve another purpose, peel off your banana” Jane did as she was instructed.

“Now use the ti-p of your ton-gue to li-ck it more like you are trying to tease it, don’t eat it o” Amaka demonstrated what she meant while Jane followed suit.

“Now use your mouth to cover a [email protected], be careful not use your teeth” the moment Jane did as Amaka instructed, Amaka’s boss walked into the office causing Jane to choke on her banana.

“Are you okay” the concerned man asked, while Amaka rushed to get her some water.

“Thank you sir I’m better now” Jane said to Amaka’s boss after she had been able to catch her breath.

“Be careful next time, don’t put in so much banana in your mouth at once, it’s not safe” with that said, he walked past them into his office.

The moment he closed the door of his office, Amaka bust into laughter as Jane angrily stood up and left for her office.

“Babe you are supposed to be here by now, this is past 8pm alre-ady. What is keeping you?”

“Jeff I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stay this late, Vivian had a lot of work for me to do at the office. I will be with you soon”

It was Jane’s last day at work and she had to make sure the new girl who was replacing her, knew all that she nee-ded to know about the job. And there was also Vivian who kept having unending tasks for Jane to do. Now she is late for her dinner [email protected]£ with Jeffery. She was supposed to meet Jeffery in his house so they could go out for dinner together.

“It’s fine, just come back alre-ady”

“How about you go to the restaurant and I come join you? Instead of me to come all the way down to your place first?”

“Nah don’t worry, I alre-ady cancelled our reservation. Just come back safely”

Jeffery was glad Jane was longer going to be working for Vivian, because these days she has been getting on Jeffery’s nerve, especially with the way she kept pleading and insisting Jane worked extra hours this past week.

This is the second time in a row she is ma-king them cancel their plans because she won’t allow Jane to close at normal closing hour. Jeffery made this reservation since last week, but now he has to cancel it because of Vivian.

An hour later, Jane walked into the kitchen where Jeffrey was taking out a bottle of water from the fridge. She wra-pped her arms around him from behind, placing her head on his back.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to come back late, plea-se forgive me”

Jeffery didn’t say anything to her, instead he took a long swig of his water.

“Baby plea-se say something, I’m so sorry”

“What do want me to say? Welcome back?”

“plea-se don’t be like that, I’m really sorry baby. How about we go out now? Anywhere you want?”

“I’m no longer in the mood”

“Jeff I’m sorry now, Vivian had a lot of work for me to do at the office today so, I couldn’t close on time”

“I thought you were quitting? Why do you still allow her to tell you when to close from work?”

“I was just trying to help her out” Jane said hopelessly.

“Okay madam helper”

“Oh now you are being sarcastic. Baby I’m sorry. Today is the last day of me working with her, so I am practically free. We should [email protected]” she said smiling, as she turned a grumpy Jeffery around to face her. “How about we do any other thing you would like to do?”

“How about you go have a shower first, then eat something, and then we can think of doing something else?” he finally said with a smile.

“Alright sir”

Jane immediately rushed upstairs to have her bath. Few minutes later she was downstairs re-ady to have her dinner. She met Jeffery serving some spaghetti on a plate.

“Is that for me?”

“Yeah, will this be enough?” Jeffery asked, showing her the quantity of the spaghetti he had alre-ady served on the plate.

“Yeah, that will be enough. Aren’t you joining me?”

“Nope I alre-ady had something to eat, now sit and eat. And then you can tell me about your day when you are done eating” he pu-ll-ed out a chair at the kitchen island for her and when she had sat down, he fed her.

“Does this mean I am forgiven?”

“That all depends on how much of a good girl that you are. Now eat up”

Jane was a good girl, for she ate every piece of spaghetti that Jeffery fed her. When she was done eating, they both went to the sitting room.

Jeffery was having some work done with his [email protected]©p, while Jane listened to the news. When they were done re-ading the news, Jane tried conversing with Jeffery but to no avail as he kept typing on his [email protected]©p with a serious look on his face. She pu-ll-ed at his shi-t, but that didn’t get her any response from him, so she pu-ll-ed [email protected] and he looked up from his [email protected]©p. ”baby just give me a minute, I will soon be throu-gh with this”

Thirty minutes later, Jeffery was still typing on his [email protected]©p. This time around, Jane took the [email protected]©p from his [email protected], and placed it on the center table.

“Babe what are you doing?” Jeffery protested. Jane got up from where she was sitting, and then sat on his [email protected]

“Oh my gush baby, you are distracting me, you know I can’t concentrate with you on my [email protected]

Jane said nothing, instead she placed her head on his che-st and then placed her hands un-der his shi-t and pu-ll-ed gently at his n!ppl!s.

“Oh that feels so good” Jeffery closed his eyes and threw his head back on the couch. “If you continue like this, I might not have to stay mad at you for long”

“I’m hoping you don’t” Jane started grinding her [email protected]!st against his crotch.

“Oh baby you have to st©p doing that” Jeffery gro-an ed. In response, Jane increased the pace of her grinding.


Jane continued grinding without saying a word and then she [email protected]£d his crotch in her hands. Jeffery immediately [email protected]£d her two hands and then pinned her down on the couch.

“What are you trying to do? Drive me crazy?”

“Maybe, was it working?” Jane asked mischievously.

“You my sweet Jane is becoming mischievous” she tried getting up to k!sshim but he held her in place.

“Let’s just say, being in thera-py is paying off” Jane replied

“I like that, but I don’t think you were taught how to be this mischievous in thera-py” Jeffery pinned her hands over her head as she tried gr-abbing his crotch again.

“Just k!ssme alre-ady and st©p talking” Jane pouted.

“By all means my lady”

He k!$$£d her in a slow and sultry way which made Jane have bu-tterflies in her stomach. He angled his head to the left, while he stroked her mouth with his ton-gue, exploring every inch of her. She k!$$£d him back with same intensity which he used in k!ss!ngher.

she tried freeing her hands from his grip but Jeffery held her still. In as much as he loved what she was doing to him with her hands, he knew he had to be in control of this, else they might have to go beyond third base.

Jeffery proceeded to k!ssher n£¢k and svçkon her ear-lobe, he knew doing that always drove Jane crazy, so he did it even more, he might as well just give her a taste of what she was doing to him.

When he got to her brea-sts, he had to re-lease her hands as he used both his hands to cup her brea-sts and pinched each n!ppl!. He pu-ll-ed her night go-wn off her head and found out she wasn’t putting on any [email protected] He placed a hand over her √vl√a and felt the heat emanating from her, she was alre-ady getting w€t.

*After 30 minutes of forepla-y*

Then his phone started ringing, Jeffery decided to ignore it. The only thing that mattered right now was watching the woman he loves plea-se him, it’s a fascinating sight to behold and he wasn’t re-ady to be distracted. Jane paused to look at him “baby plea-se ignore it, I can speak to whoever it is later” but the phone wouldn’t st©p ringing, whoever it was; wasn’t re-ady to st©p calling until Jeffery picks up.

“Jeff, maybe you should pick it. It might be an emergency”

Sometimes Jeffery hates it when Jane is right, he likes it when she makes s-en-se every other time but not this time. Certainly not at a time like this. He pu-ll-ed her up and k!$$£d her before picking up his phone from the night stand. It was his mother calling, what could she possibly want to tell him by this time of the night? It was almost 12am. This had better be important, else he was going to scream her head off.

“Hello mummy” Jeffery said into the phone with a grumpy voice.

“Jeffery! thank God you have finally picked up, come and open your door I’m outside”

“You are where?”

“I’m outside your door, I’m in your compound, oya come and open your door” his mother ended the call.


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