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When love just happens episode 45



The next morning Jeffery decided to prepare some breakfast for Jane before she woke up. When he was done, he took it to her in be-d.

“Hey pretty, wake up” he k!$$£d her on the forehead and then her nose andl-ips causing Jane to wake up with a smile on her face.

“Jeff….. you are smothering me with k!sses”

In response, Jeffery de-epened the k!sson herl-ips.

“Is that enough to make you wake up now?” Jane finally sat up.

“Good morning” Jane greeted

“Good morning beautiful, how was your night?hope you had a plea-sant night rest?”

“Yes. And you, how was your night?”

“With you in my be-d, I’m always guaranteed a beautiful sleep. Here, it’s time to have breakfast” Jeffery placed the tray on Jane’s [email protected]

“Oh baby you made me breakfast? thank you” Jane was all smiles, first, she spent hours at the spa and now she was being served breakfast in be-d. It was as if some fairy was bringing all her dreams and wishes as a child to [email protected]

“Babe are you going to eat the food or not?” Jeffery’s voice brou-ght Jane back to reality. She opened the plate to find h0t pancakes glazed with honey and beside the plate was a mug of h0t chocolate.

“Did you prepare this?” Jane was surprised, because the last time he cooked for her, he had the help of his housekeeper but it was too early for his housekeeper to have resumed, so who could have helped him?

“Yes, now st©p wasting time and eat. Now that it’s still h0t”

Jane took a forkful of the pancakes and closed her eyes as she chewed. While Jeffery anxiously waited for her feedback. When Jane was done chewing, she decided to wash it down with some h0t chocolate. Then she continued to eat quietly without even looking up.

“You know you are supposed to say something right?”

“Oh really, what is that?” She asked feigning ignorance.

“Do y..ou like th..e food?” Jeffery stuttered.

“Honest answer?” Jane asked clearly enjoying the way she was teasing him.

“Yes plea-se” he said leaping on the sp©t with hands in his pockets.

“This actually tastes really awesome, where did you learn to make such sweet pancakes?” Jane placed some pancakes on her fork and fed him “here have some” he obliged her.

“I’m glad you love it” he sat down on the be-d and joined her to eat. “My housekeeper taught me how to make them, he used to make them for I and my sister when we were little, it got to a time when it [email protected]£ I and my sister’s comfort food so we had to learn how to make it”

“Wow this does really taste great, now I have to up my pancake ma-king, skill if I’m ever going to measure up to this”

“Well, that is something you don’t have to worry yourself about, because I have us both covered in that aspect” he fed her some of his pancakes.

When Jane got to work that morning, she tendered her two weeks notice to Vivian.

“Jane.. why do you want to resign? I thought you have forgiven me alre-ady?” Vivian asked in disbelief.

“Yes Vivian I have forgiven you even before you ever asked for it, but the thing is I I’m no longer comfortable working here”

“Jane plea-se don’t do this, how about I give you a raise? I could increase your salary you know? Just tell me what you want but don’t quit”

“As appealing as that sounds, I’m sorry but I will have to decline Vivian”

“If you have made up your mind, I guess I can’t st©p you, but I do have a favor to ask of you”

“What is it?”

“Could you at least help me interview and choose the next person that would replace you?”

“Yeah that won’t be a problem, would you like me to s£nd out an opening to our out sourcing firm?”

“Yes plea-se, thank you”

When it was time for lunch Jane and Amaka went down to the cafeteria to eat.

“Someone is glowing, just one night and you are this glowy?”

“Well you would glow too if you spend four hours at the spa”

“You went to the spa? When?” Amaka’s interest rate was obviously increased.

“Yesterday after I left the office, I was taken to the spa by Jeffrey’s driver where I was pampered like a baby” Jane closed her eyes as she spoke.

“Oh my God! are you serious? Was that where you went to the [email protected]£ from? Because the house didn’t look like you [email protected]£ into it at all”

“Yup, Jeffery had a stylist go shopping for me before I even arrived”

“Wow I’m so happy for you babe, I’m glad you and Jeffery have finally sorted things out”

“Thanks Amaka, I really didn’t know how much I missed him until yesterday”

“Thank God you won’t have to be moping around like a zombie anymore”

“You have a very bad mouth” they both bust into laughter.

“I gave Vivian my two weeks notice”

“To do what?”

“I’m resigning”

“What?” Amaka screamed, this attracted the attention of the other workers who were having their lunch.

“Amaka calm down, you are ma-king people stare at us”

“Did you just say I should calm down? You are about to do something stupid and you are asking me to calm down?”

“Vivian was the one who asked Jeffrey’s ex to go to the media about their engagement”

“That heifer! I knew she was up to no good, what was her aim anyway?”

“She wanted Jeff to [email protected]£ Katherine, she wasn’t happy he was [email protected]!ngme and not Katherine”

“Na wa ooo, humans can be wicked at times, Jane I’m so sorry”

“So you see why I can’t continue working here? Because no matter how we all try to get past it, they are still going to hold that res£ntment against me for taking what could have been theirs and I really don’t think I can work with them anymore”

“I un-derstand, I’m really going to miss you Jane, working here would never be the same without you, who am I going to gist with or come to work with? Oh my God I’m going to be coming and going back from work all alone” Amaka lamented.

“You will be fine Amaka, besides it’s not like I’m leaving immediately I still have two weeks”

“What are you going to do about getting another job?”

“Apply for job openings of course”

“You know it will be a lot easier if you will allow Jeffery to help you?”

“I don’t know if I should do that, besides I want to get a job because I’m qualified for it and not because my b©yfri£ndpu-ll-ed any strings”

“Okay suit yourself, by the time you walk the streets of Lagos hopping from one interview to the other then you will know if you want him to pu-ll strings or not”.

*A week later*

“Vivian here is the CV of the girl I have picked to replace me” Jane placed the CV on Vivian’s table. For the past one week she has been interviewing [email protected]£s for the position of Vivian’s @ssistant, it hasn’t been an easy task as Jane had thought it would be.

“Are you sure she will be able to fill in your shoes?” Vivian still wasn’t happy about Jane’s resignation so she has been rejecting everyone Jane brou-ght to her. It’s either they didn’t have enough job experience, or she didn’t like their face. Jane knew she was trying to stall her leaving.

“Yes she is qualified for the job and with a few trainings she will be up and running”

“Okay, if you say so”

“So do I have your permission to s£nd her an offer letter?”

“Yes, you can go ahead”

“Alright, I will do just that. I’m about to close for the day is there any other thing you would like me to do for you before I leave?”

“No it’s fine you can close alre-ady”

“Okay bye”

Jane [email protected]£ out of Vivian’s office to find her handsome b©yfri£ndsitting on her desk waiting patiently for her with his shi-t sleeves rolled and folded arms.

“Hey there beautiful” he stretched out his left hand and drew her to himself and then k!$$£d her. “I missed you”

“I missed you too, what are you doing here?” A shy Jane tried to pu-ll out from his grip, she wasn’t a fan of public [email protected] affection, especially not in her office where Vivian could walk in on them any moment.

“I’m supposed to pick you up after work, remember?” Jeffery held her in place and kept teasing herl-ips with k!sses.

“I totally forgot, I have been so busy today. Baby you nee-d to st©p” Jane protested.

Jeffery proceeded to drop k!sses on her n£¢k. “Are you sure you want me to st©p?” He was driving her crazy and he knew it and was also deriving plea-sure from it.

“We are in my.. oh.. baby st©p”

“I will st©p if you will just stay still and allow me k!ssyou”

Jane finally st©pped moving and allowed him to k!ssher, before she freed herself from his grip.

“Let me get my bag, so we can be on our way” she turned around the table and took her handbag.

“Aren’t you going to say hi to Vivian?” Jane asked as she placed her notepad in her bag.

“Nah, I’m not here for a courtesy visit. I’m here to whisk my beautiful girlfriend away, now give me those so we can get going” he took her handbag and water flask from her. This attracted her co workers attention at the reception, first they were surprised to see her with Jeffery and then he was helping her carry her handbag.

As if to make things worse, he placed a hand on her back as they walked out of the office. Jane knew the gossip was going to last for days but she didn’t care anymore, if people wanted to talk about her relationsh!pwith Jeffery, then by all means they were free to do so. What mattered to her was that the man she loves is with her, aside this nothing else really matters.

“Have I told you how much I love it when you roll up your sleeves?” Jane said as they got outside.

“Nope but now that you have said it, I will be sure to always roll up my sleeves”

He opened the car for her to get in. “Wait we nee-d to wait for Amaka, I’m sure she will be down in a minute”

“She left alre-ady, I met her on my way out. She mentioned something about having an appointment” Jeffery got into the car and started to drive out of the office premises.

“Oh that’s true I totally forgot”

“Babe are you okay? You seem to be forgetting things lately” Jeffery looked at her with concern.

“I have just been stressed, that’s all”

“Has Vivian been stressing you out?”

“You have no idea, it’s as if she wants me to do all the work that there is to be done, before I finally leave. Do you know, she has been rejecting all the people I bring to her to replace me?”

“She obviously doesn’t want you to leave, she knows it’s going to be [email protected] to get someone who can fill in your shoes, she is scared of letting you go”

“But we alre-ady agreed that I was going train anyone who is going to take over from me”

“Well there can only be one Jane” he squee-zed hand as he drove. “What do you say, we go get something to eat at that restaurant you love and then I take you home and give you a [email protected] to help you relax?”

“Yeah sure, I have been craving for their fried rice”

“And you will come home with me afterwards?”

“As long as you promise it’s going to be only a [email protected] and nothing more?”

“Well, I will try my best to be a good boy”

“I’m sorry I have to drag you into all of this Jeff” Jane said calmly.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, all of these?” Jane gesticulated with her hands “no S-x rule in our relationsh!p, sometimes I feel like I’m punishing you and I really feel bad about it”

“Come on, you don’t have to feel bad about anything, it’s normal for someone who has been throu-gh what you went throu-gh to not want S-x. It’s a gradual process and I’m willing to be with you every step of the way. And I’m not with you because of S-x, what we have is dee-per than that”

Jane leaned in and k!$$£d him on his temple.

When they got to Jeffrey’s [email protected], Jane decided to go have her bath and changed into something more comfortable while Jeffery went into his study to reply some work emails. By the time she [email protected]£ down stairs, he was still in the study.

“I thought someone promised me a [email protected]?” She closed his [email protected]©p to have his full attention.

“I’m sorry I just wanted to reply a few emails but I’m sure they can wait, because it will definitely be bad manners to keep a beautiful lady waiting” He led her back to the be-droom.

“You know I re-ad somewhere that one of the ways to overcome the fear of S-x is to start with forepla-y” Jane said shyly.

“Do you want to try it?”

“Mmmmmmm” Jane nodded.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that, how about I give you that [email protected] first and then we can proceed further?”

“Sounds like a good idea”

Jeffery got out a [email protected] oil from his drawer, while Jane str!pped down to her [email protected]!st and la-id face down on the be-d. He dropped some of the oil on his palm and applied it on her back and [email protected] Jane could feel all the tension leaving her b©dy as he kneaded and [email protected] her shoulders down to her arms, hands and f!ngers.

When he was done, he asked her to still lie down for a bit before standing up. “I will quic-kly jump in the shower” he k!$$£d her temple.

By the time he [email protected]£ out of the bathroom, Jane haven’t still moved a muscle so he thought she had sle-pt off, he wore a sweat [email protected] and hopped on the be-d and decided to cover her up with a duvet so she doesn’t catch a cold, but she held his hands.

“I thought you had sle-pt off?”

“No I’m still awake” she sat up facing him with her ba-re brea-st. Jeffery was speechless with the sight of Jane’s brea-sts staring him.

“W..ow you are beautiful”

Jane didn’t know if he was referring to her or her brea-sts but she smiled still, seeing his reaction made her smile.

He immediately sat up and drew her closer for a k!ss, it was a slow s-en-sual k!sswhich united their two souls together. He moved down to k!ssher n£¢k, her b©dy still smelt of the nice fragrance of the [email protected] oil he used on her earlier. He took his time in k!ss!ngevery [email protected] of her skin, Jane threw her head back in plea-sure as he kept k!ss!ngher n£¢k and then proceeded to her che-st, he st©pped on her che-st and looked up to search her face if she still wanted him to continue.

“plea-se don’t st©p” she [email protected] ed. This brou-ght smile to his face. He took her right br£@st in his hands and fondled it, he tea-sed her n!pplewith his ton-gue, Jane [email protected] ed even louder.

He took his time in plea-suring each br£@st su-cking on each of them ma-king sure to drive her crazy with his ton-gue and just when Jane thought she was going to die from plea-sure he proceeded to her ribcage and then down to her belly bu-tton, dropping feathery k!sses as he went down and when he reached in between her legs, he st©pped to look at her.

“Baby are you sure?” Jane nodded her affirmation.

“No baby I nee-d to hear you say it, are you sure?”

“I’m sure Jeff, plea-se don’t st©p”
I’m very sorry for the little [email protected]ç£stunt, you know I don’t normally post such but this story will require a little of it. Should I continue and go de-ep in the next episode?



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