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The president’s daughter batch 12

SEASON,,,, 1,,, EPISODE 28

Seriously, this is really something. I nee-d to
decide fast on the offer. What negative
thing can happen if I accept? Nothing I
could think of.
What negative thing can happen if I don’t
accept? Many things such as:
★Mirabel will feel sad
★She will get disappointed if I
should turn down her offer
★She worked really [email protected] to get the
place cleaned up just to plea-se
★And I will spend alot of money to
get my own house, and to furnish
it to my taste.
Me: Mirabel uhmmm…
Mirabel: What?
Me: U see uhmmm… don’t U think that
ermmm… U know,,,, it doesn’t seem right
Mirabel: Why so?
Me: Its your Aunt’s matrimonial home, I
think its not right to keep your b©yfri£nd
Mirabel: I won’t call it their matrimonial
home ‘coz they never lived here married.
Me: How’s that?
Mirabel: My Aunt’s husband lived here as a
bachelor. They were never here as a
married couple not even spending the night
here together…
Me: Ok. Buh what if they should come back
Mirabel: U worry too much Victor. Let me
take care of that. Besides they won’t be
here any sooner.
Me: Great! Wow!! This is awesome!!!
I accept it my love,,, this is really Cool
Mirabel: U like it?
Me: Are U kidding? This is great! I love it!!
Mirabel: Glad U like it. Come lemme show
U around
Me: Thanks Love
Mirabel: Anything for U
She toured me around the vicinity hand in
hand telling me this and that. There were
flowering garden in the environment, a gym,
4 be-drooms, a big sitting room and lots of
home appliances such as: a big plasma TV,
home theatre, big fridge filled with
groceries, a CWAY and much more. I was so
exited that I demonstrated my appreciation
on her. We k!$$£d and [email protected]ç£d from chair
to chair in the sitting room for many
minutes almost an hour.
On leaving the place…
Me: Everything seems to be complete here,
what do I do with my stuffs?
Mirabel: I dunno. U decide since you’re
good in decision-ma-king
Me: I want to hear your own opinion first, I
might use it
Mirabel: For me, just give them out
Me: Huh?
Mirabel: Give them out (not joking)
Me: I think I will decide what to do with
Mirabel: Whatever Mr. Decider
Me: Iffa catch U
Mirabel: Oya na
She starts running throu-gh the garden, I ran
after her. She wasn’t a good runner though,
I just intentionally slowed down. She ran
towards the house there I closed up on her.
She hanged on the wall, holding her head
begging me to forgive her. Her sweet
screaming took my mind else where. I start
tou-ching her [email protected] her if she’d
try me again which she answers no every
time I ask. Buh the love [email protected]
the size of little vame buh I didn’t complain
I freed her buh she starts ma-king mouth
again **that kind thing na**
This time I catch her right arm, bend it from
her back which made her to scream out and
as well, bring forth her a$$ colliding it with
little vame’s territory,,,, that kind feeling
The more I bend her hand, the closer her a
$$ towards vame’s territory until I finally
freed her ‘coz little vame couldn’t take it no
Mirabel: Break my hand and see who would
prepare fried rice for U
Me: That’s why I didn’t broke it
Mirabel: Hhmmm… didn’t know U [email protected]
Me: I only [email protected] my girlfriend like that
Mirabel: Was that why an invincible leg of
yours struggled to get visible?
Me: I dunno what you’re talking about…..
come on, lets go jare
Mirabel: **Laughs**
Chai! She felt it…
From there we bade ourselves goodbye then
[email protected] the area.
☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆
I moved into the house two days later, I
sold the stuffs in my former house which
got me more money. I even sold out the
room to a student from the hostel. I sold
some things to him on discount such as:
be-d & pillows and ward rope. I gave him my
cooking utensils for free.
We started our exams the following week, I
did very well ‘coz I jack very [email protected] with little
or no distraction. Mirabel, Promise and I
created a re-ading session. We re-ad
together, teach each other, ask each other
questions as revisions. With the company of
those two brilliant girls, re-ading won’t be a
We wrote three exams in two weeks, enough
time to study and do whatever. The exams
didn’t st©p me from seeing Mirabel though.
We visit each other, she sleeps in my place
buh I don’t sleep at her place.
I loved my new environment, no noise,
suitable for re-ading, I can watch movies as I
like,,, I got D.S.T.V, I could [email protected] as
loud as I want using my home theatre and
as well, [email protected] P.S (video game)
peacefully and easily with cheats though.
My fridge,,, oh my… Too much yoghurts,
chicken, eggs, milk and so on… I don’t lack
them. I expanded my ward rope, added
some shoes and accessories.
Even those Mirabel’s b©dyguards gave me
my respect as Mirabel always come with
them when coming to visit me.
Lemme tell U what happened…
But on the next episode…


Remember how those b©dyguards of Mirabel
use to be mean to me?
Now, I am like their boss.
According to what Mirabel told me about
some of the rules and policies in their
home and to their workers; There shouldn’t
be any form of relationsh!pbetween every
employees working together for the family.
As in, a gateman can’t go out with a maid,
like that. Or they will be punished
accordingly and might even lose their jobs.
*** RECALL ***
There was a day when Mirabel and I went to
a shopping mall to purchase some stuffs
with the guards. We got to her place quite
late after the shopping.
On getting home, she dropped the stuffs
that she got for herself; then told the
guards to watch the house that she’d be
leaving with me to my [email protected] They
tried to object but she overruled their
objections. She followed me to the car
which is my range rover sport. I drove out of
the gate from the building before she told
me to st©p…
Mirabel: Oppss! I forget my PJ’s plea-se turn
around honey
Me: Ohhhh…! Sweetheart but I told U to
keep some at my place
Mirabel: I know, thats why I bought three
pairs from our shopping earlier. plea-se
plea-se plea-se turn back honeyyy…
Me: Ok, alright! but I don’t nee-d to turn
around, we haven’t gone far na, so… we
should walk back.
Mirabel: Fine, lets go
We alighted from the car headed back to
the building.
On walking briskly into the house, we heard
splashes of water from the pool.
Mirabel: I thought Lola isn’t home? Who is
swimming in my pool??
Me: It could be Cynthia
Mirabel: Cynthia doesn’t swim that much,
besides she don’t like swimming alone
unless people are there to make it fun.
Me: So… No one else is allowed to swim
Mirabel: No other people swim there. There
are two other pool where they swim.
Me: Lets check it out sweetheart to st©p
your worry.
We got closer to the pool. Lo and Behold
we saw two n-ked humans k!ss!ngand
R0m-ncing at an angle of the pool.
Mirabel: Frank?! Jummy??!!
It was her guards…
Frank: Ma? Sorry Ma we can explain I swear
They immediately rushed out from the pool.
The female one Jummy quic-kly [email protected]£d a
towel to cover herself.
Mirabel: So this is what U guys do when I’m
not around?
Frank: Its not what U think Ma
Mirabel: Don’t be stupid! Answer me!! Is
this what U guys do when I’m not around??!
Me: Relax sweetheart, take it easy
By then, I didn’t un-derstand why she was so
mad at them.
Mirabel: Stay out of this Victor!
Answer me now! Jummy?
Jummy: Ma, Actually…. we.. we… we..
Mirabel: What?! Are U guys [email protected]!ngright
un-der my nose?!
I didn’t say anything again, she just shouted
at me and I’m not cool with it.
Mirabel: Huh?! Are U guys [email protected]!ng??
Frank: Yes Ma
Mirabel: Since when?
Frank: Ma?
Mirabel: Since when have U guys been
[email protected]!ng?!
Jummy: For five months now Ma
Mirabel: What?! That long??
Jummy: I’m s… we are sorry Ma
Mirabel: U don’t have to apologize to me,
do that to my father tomorrow
They both went down on their knees to beg
Frank: Ahhh Ma… plea-se Ma. We would get
into trouble if U do that
Mirabel: U should’ve thought about that
before U started what U’re doing now
Jummy: It just happened Ma, we’re very
sorry Ma plea-se don’t tell your father I beg
Mirabel: **calmed** so U guys love each
Jummy: **Uncomfortable** Yes ma
Mirabel: Hhmmmm…
Frank: We will do anything U want us to do
anytime, anywhere Ma
Mirabel: Oh really?
Frank: Yes Ma
Mirabel: OK. Is not that I’m gonna make a
deal with U guys ‘coz U guys are
answerable to me and its your obligation to
do whatever I say.
Frank/Jummy: Yes Ma
Mirabel: Now lemme make something clear
to U guys,,,, Victor here and I are [email protected]!ng.
And U must respect that Ok?
Frank: Absolutely Ma
Mirabel: Never question my moves
especially when I don’t want U guys to
follow me,,, Is that clear?
Frank: Yes Ma
Mirabel: U guys are also answerable to my
b©yfri£ndVictor Ok?
Frank: What?
Mirabel: Got a problem with that?
Frank: Not at all Ma,,,, all clear
Mirabel: Good!
Frank: Yes Ma
Mirabel: **Smiling** Well, looking at U,,,
I’m happy for U guys
Frank/Jummy: Thanks Ma **shyly**
Mirabel: Alright, just [email protected]£ back to pick up
something. Enjoy yourselves!
She went in, got her PJ’s, then we got out
to the car heading to my place.
I was so silent in the ride. She tried to
make a conversation but I didn’t gave in till
we got to my place. We got inside.
Mirabel: Alright, I un-derstand,,, Sorry I
yelled at U earlier it wasn’t intentional
I didn’t say anything.
Mirabel: C’mon sweetheart… don’t be like
that **hvgging me from behind** U know I
wouldn’t do anything that would hurt U
Me: But U did
Mirabel: And I’m so sorry about it. It would
never happen again I promise… honey
Me: OK, I’ve heard U
Mirabel: Not enough dear
Me: What do U want me to do?
Mirabel: Do U love me?
Me: U know the answer to that
Mirabel: Just answer it plea-se,,, do U love
Me: Yes I do
Mirabel: U do what?
Me: Love U of course
Mirabel: Alright k!ssme
I no dey form for that kind thing at all…
I smiled on hearing that, I slowly turned
around to face her.
Mirabel: So? Are U gonna keep staring at
me or….??
I drew her head closer, we k!$$£d and did
other stuffs except s£x and we cool with it
for the main time.
*** NOW ***
One week more to round up our exams. We
didn’t slack up our re-ading sessions.
Promise got to know my new place as she
visited and even cook alongside Mirabel.
The first time she visited, she took her time
in surveying the environment and then did
some questioning.
Promise: Nice place U got here
Me: Thanks,,,, Promzy
Promise: She tried
Me: Yea
Promise: This is something you’ve always
wanted. Living by yourself in a beautiful
house with all U nee-d.
Me: ***laughs*** yea, thats true
Promise: Is this the reason why u’re [email protected]!ng
Me: What do U mean?
Promise: Do U love her?
Me: Of course I do, I love her very much
Promise: For who she is? Or for what she
Me: What’s all this about Promzy?
Promise: I dunno,,, I feel like she’s buying
U over
Me: How do U mean?
Promise: U always happily accepts whatever
that she give to U. Look at you Victor… look
around…. U want this, every other guy would
love this as well… why should I believe that
U are different from other guys when U
accept everything from her?
Me: U just have to believe me,,, I thought U
trust me?
Promise: I did,,, but…
Me: But what?
Promise: I dunno what to think anymore
Me: Its Ok,,, I want to @ssure U that I really
do love her and that’s all that matters
Promise: Before U fell in love with Mirabel,
did U have anyone in mind that U would’ve
love to [email protected]£?
Me: Uhhmmmm… I don’t think so. See
Promzy, U have to trust me… I’m a good
Promise: Its not about trusting you Victor
Me: Then tell me what it is
Promise: Or never mind, its cool
Me: U were going to say something
Promise: Nope, its nothing…
Me: Are U sure?
Promise: Yea, I’m sure. Why not go in and
offer me something to drink?
Me: This way plea-se **ushering her in**
☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆
But when Lola [email protected]£ to my place by
herself…. the story was different.


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