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The obsessed mafia king batch 14


♦️SHE IS ALre-adY MINE♦️

Written By: Pamela James


Justin p.o.v

“But I don’t know what happened that he brou-ght her like this..” I turned around to look at Raymond.

“Kayden tried to f0rç£ himself on her when she all alone in the rest room. Andrew reached in the mean time and saved her”, Raymond said carefully looking into my wild eyes.

“WHAT?”, I shouted and tried to walk away outside but Raymond held my arm.


“Why not? He tried to scare my wife! I cannot believe I was not there to save her! She must have been so scared. She is so delicate”, I shouted.

“I think kayden is trying to ploy something. He is doing this on purpose. Just wait a little…”,

I don’t do business with him.

I only do with his elder brother, Dylan.

And come to think of it, why does he want to get rid of me?

What is he planning?

He should know that he can never hurt a lion.

I am a drug lord and the king of mafia’s.

I own and rule over the leading secret mafia’s cults in this vicinity and outside vicinity.

Whatsoever he is planning, he should trade with caution.

I won’t let someone try to hurt my wife, my woman, and go scot free.


I ponder for a moment as he stood up, re-ady to leave.

“Oh by the way! It seems like you not only want to torture her! You are possessive of her! and right now may be…. Protective?”, he sm-irked mischievously before leaving.

I smiled.


I j£rked my head and headed into my room seeing her slee-ping hvgging my pillow.

I carefully took out my pillow from her ma-king her hvg me.

I hvgged her back k!ss!ngher cheek slee-ping close to her.

Kayden’s P.O.V

“What were you even thinking kayden?”, Dylan was walking here and there furiously.

“They are our business [email protected] and Andrew is my friend! How many times do I have to tell you they are not our enemies”

I huffed.

My elder brother always support that j£rked family.

Bunch of cra£y guys.

“They are! Their dad took away our mom! They have no right to live happily”, I replied angrily.

“It was their dad, not them. And why are you after that girl? She is alre-ady suffering” my brother, Dylan, explained.

I sm-irked after listening to this.

“I was trying to hurt Justin at first but now..I want her! She is special!”

I thought about the moments I spent with Alexa.

I want to t©uçh her.

I want to feel her.

I want her to breathe on my skin.

I want her un-der me.

I want to make her [email protected] for me.

I want her to scream my name in plea-sure!

“No don’t do anything stupid. I am warning you! just go enjoy your life otherwise I will s£nd you abroad” Dylan warned me as he walked out.

I closed my eyes b!tt!g myl-ips thinking about Alexa quiveringl-ips and figure.

“I will snatch you away from Justin! I really want to know how thosel-ips taste”,I sm-irked before dialing a number.

“hello!”, A girl replied.

“I think it’s time for you to make a special appearence … after all….”, I smiled.



Alexa’s p.o.v

I moved my eyes un-derneath my eyelids as I inhaled a familiar manly scent.

I slowly lift my heavy eyelids to see Justin slee-ping so close that our noses were almost tou-ching.

I [email protected] for a moment trying to move but he was hvgging me by my [email protected]!st.

He was in a de-ep sleep.

I watched him slee-ping so peacefully.

He looks so innocent.

He was perfect almost like a sculpture carved by a perfectionist.

Unrealistically beautiful.

If he had persuaded me gently, I would have considered myself lucky.

Why was he so cold when all the people who I have seen around him are so considering?

Thinking of which, I remembered what andrew said,


Took me away from him?

What is that supposed to mean?

I never even met him!

I stared back at Justin.

Is he misun-derstanding something?

“I won’t control myself if you are going to stare at me like this…”,

I was startled as he spoke with his eyes closed

I quic-kly look down as he opened his beautiful eyes.

I could feel him running his hand on my ba-re back as he pu-ll-ed me closer.

I felt a heat radiating from my skin as I crossed my fists on my che-st shyly against his n-ked b©dy.

He lift my chin up placing his softl-ips on mine as he gave me pe-cks before connecting for a longer k!ss.

I did not respond.

His aura was so dominating that I could feel chills even when we were covered in the warm blanket.

“k!ssme back Alexa”, he commanded between k!ss!ngbut I just stayed keeping my eyes closed.

He broke the k!sslooking disappointed.

“Should I punish you again baby?”, he whispered as I quic-kly shook my head lowering it almost hiding in his che-st.

He chuckled.

“Ah alexa, why you look so attrac-tive when you are this scared of me?”, he kept staring intensely at me.

“Hmm I will let you go for now only if you give me a k!ss..”

I had no choice not like I wanted to k!sshim.

I just did not want to get punished.

It never ends well.

I kept my head lowered.

“well.. seems like we have to do it in a rou-gh way” before he could slam hisl-ips I st©pped him.

“P.plea-se No! I..I will give you a k!ss”,

He sm-irked as he suddenly lift my n-ked b©dy placing it on his t©p.

He [email protected]£d my n£¢k quic-kly pu-lling me towards him but st©pped inches away.

“Do it before I get impatient”,

I moved forward shaking as I slowly placed myl-ips on his pe-cking quic-kly.

But before I could pu-ll away he [email protected]£d my n£¢k de-epening the k!ss.

I squirmed in his ti-ght hold.

His hands wra-pped around my b©dy attaching our bodies together as my brea-sts were pressed on his che-st.

He kept k!ss!ngme pushing his ton-gue inside my mouth su-cking my ton-gue.

After a de-ep intense k!ss, he left myl-ips as I caught my breath [email protected] and coughing.

“Mmmm now that was satisfying”, he sm-irked before running his hands on my b©dy from back to front feeling the skin.

I felt so vulnerable….. so weak.

he took a de-ep breath.

“Go get fresh! You didn’t eat anything since last night”, he walked outside the room leaving me there on the be-d.


Alexa’s p.o.v

I sat at the dining table for the very first time.

My jaw dropped at the sight of table covered with almost every kind of food.



Fried eggs.

Sausage rolls.

Chicken fries….

“I..Is anyone coming?”, I asked.

I could see the side of his jaw curved up but he looked serious again.

“No! It’s for you! Eat up”, He said firmly.

Before I could ask more, his phone rang.

A familiar sound emerge from the phone as I could literally hear a girl being angry!

“I literally texted peter an apology message”

I remember we couldn’t even get to see their ceremony because of the incident last night.

“How about tonight? At LA tete cafe? yeah done. Yes, Alexa will come of course. We are the host after all. Okay Bye”, he ended the call.

“Sweetheart! We are going on a dinner tonight with Peter and fiance. Do you nee-d some skin care?”

I surprisingly looked at him and then realize that I didn’t even scrub my face since the wedding day.

“I’m stupid for asking. Its obvious you nee-d one and I still asked. Sorry. ” he apologised as I watch him dial a number on his phone to make a call.

“Afternoon, yeah, Justin speaking. Could you book an appointment for full skincare along with waxing and everything you can do to make my wife more gorgeous?’,

I blu-shed [email protected] at his words.

“Yeah! I will be bringing her in an hour time”, he ended the call looking back at me.

“Now love! I will leave you at my friend’s salon. She will s£nd you back. I have some important business to do! Since you will be alone here. Get familiar to your house!”, he then called a maid.

“This is Clara! She is the oldest here. She will help you”, he said as he turned around to see her again.

“Clara! Alexa, my wife, is your responsibility. Make sure she don’t get lost and make sure she doesn’t roam around in the FORBIDDEN AREA”, he emphasized the last words like there is some hidden secret agent.

The maid left after bowing to him.

“You heard me Baby. No peeking in the places which are not for you. Otherwise you know the consequences..”,

I gulped and nodded.

That was the last thing I wanted to face.

My legs were tired now.

This place was big enough for me to get lost and only my mother knows that I am sacred of being lost.

All I got to know was I was not allowed to go in his personal study room without his permission and the storage house just outside the mansion.

She also told me about a room about which she didn’t even but she told me that Justin once killed a servant for invading inside.

“And this is the end of east wing! As I told you. No one is allowed to go inside this…”, she st©pped and sniffed.

I could also smell something burning.

“Oh No..No No No… this new maid burnt something again. Ma’am plea-se wait here. I am coming back”, she quic-kly bowed and left hurriedly.

I sighed and stood there but as time [email protected] my curiosity rose.


what’s so special about this room?

I really wanted to peep

The maid was not coming back.

I decided to go inside.



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