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The miracle I nee-d episode 52



No matter how much Ella tried to get over the nons-en-se Ken had said about giving her a chance to pay him back by having S-x with him and leaving before he wakes up, she just couldn’t. She was so pissed off by the fact that he had even dared to utter such a nons-en-se, that her anger overrode all form of worry or concern she had for him.

She was still fuming angrily when Tracy walked into her office without knocking as usual, “Come and tell me what happened yesterday, and you better not disappoint me by saying you did anything stupid.” Tracy warned as she dropped her handbag on Ella’s desk and sat down opposite her.

“Why do I feel like you refused to hear the gist over the phone, just so you can [email protected] me if I say something you don’t like?” Ella asked in amusement. She had been very tired by the time she got him the previous evening and so had been unable to return Tracy’s call since she had dozed off almost as soon as her b©dy hit her be-d. She had woken up sometime past 2AM to take off her clothes and shower before returning to be-d.

“Probably because you’re my best friend and you know me very well to know what I can do. So kindly tell me how you changed the plan from meeting him in his office to going with him to his house.” Tracy said, ma-king Ella roll her eyes.

“I never said I went with him to his house. He wasn’t feeling fine so my brother asked me to st©p by his place and check on him.” Ella explained.

“As what? His nurse or wife? That aside, the voice I heard over the phone didn’t sound sick.” Tracy refuted.

“And you would know that because you’re a nurse? Abeg let the matter rest jare. If someone hears the way you’re attacking me and asking me so many questions they would think I was your l£[email protected]

“It’s you that know the one you’re saying. Sha nothing happened, abi? Tell me nothing happened. Cause I don’t want any heartbreak for you let me not murder someone’s child.” Tracy said, ma-king Ella smile.

“You have nothing to worry about. We only talked about everything, and then I left after fixing dinner for him.” Ella @ssured Tracy with a weak smile ma-king Tracy give Ella a knowing look.

“Were you able to find out what was wrong with him? I mean the stuff your brother spoke about.” Tracy asked curiously.

“He wasn’t feeling fine, so of course there was no way I could bring that up. We only talked about why he left the way he did.” Ella said with a shrug.

“So what was his excuse?” Tracy asked, and listened as Ella told her what Ken had said, but she left out the nons-en-se he had said before she left.

“Hm. I think it makes s-en-se in a way that he ran away because of that. You know how these guys can be with their useless brocodes.” Tracy said with a sigh.

“So what? You’re taking his side now?” Ella asked with a slightly raised brow.

“I’m just saying, it makes s-en-se. So now that you know he didn’t leave because something was wrong with you, and he didn’t just use you, can you finally get over it? plea-se?” Tracy asked, and then paused when she saw something like guilt fli-cker on Ella’s face.

“What? Something else happened, didn’t it?” Tracy asked suspiciously.

Ella didn’t know whether to confuse in Tracy about the k!ss, and about the fact that Ken had acted strangely jealous and had even asked her to have dinner with him, “It’s nothing.”

“You’re still not happy, I know it. You still have feelings for that j£rk, don’t you?” Tracy asked with a scowl.

“Unfortunately it can’t be helped. But I’m sure I’ll be okay.” Ella said with a f0rç£d smile.

“Why does it have to be him anyway? If the feeling was mutual, then perhaps we would have found a way to make it work.” Tracy muttered to herself in frustration.

“He k!$$£d me.” Ella blurted out ma-king Tracy look at her in surprise.

“What did you just say?”

“I said he k!$$£d me. We were arguing and I was really feeling angry, and then he k!$$£d me.”

“Aww!” Tracy exclaimed before she could st©p herself, ma-king Ella raise a brow.

“I know I should be angry about it, but come on, it’s ro-mantic in a way. If Ayo k!sses me while we are arguing I’m going to just shut up and listen to him.” Tracy said, ma-king Ella shake her heard.

“At least Ayo is your husband. I’m not even [email protected]!ngKen!” Ella said throu-gh gritted teeth.

“So what were you doing while he was k!ss!ngyou? You [email protected] him, right?” Tracy asked dramatically ma-king Ella sigh.

“I would have, but then my brother called, so…” Ella let the rest of the words trail off, “He also asked me to have dinner with him.” Ella said ma-king Tracy raise a brow.

“Don’t you think he likes you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to think about anything. I’m tired.” Ella said with a sigh.

“Should we go out?” Tracy suggested, wanting to change the subject since she could tell it was upsetting Ella.

“I suppose it’s a good thing myself and my best friend run our own companies.” Ella said with a small smile. How else could Tracy be st©pping by at her office all the time if she wasn’t her own boss? The proximity of their offices also made it easy for them to visit each other a lot.

“Yeah, it is. So what do you say? I could buy you coldstone ice cream and Domino Pizza to brighten your day.” Tracy said with a wi-nk before Ella could turn her down.

“And how will you help me burn out all the calories the ice cream will give me? I don’t want my [email protected]!stline to start looking like yours.” Ella said, looking directly at Tracy’s abd0m£n which wasn’t looking so flat anymore.

“I blame you? See this one I’m trying to help is insulting me.” Tracy said good-naturedly before looking at Ella again as though contemplating whether or not to say what was on her mind, “And for your information, I only st©pped working out because I noticed some changes in my b©dy.”

“What changes? Are you ill?” Ella asked in concern.

“Well, remember I told you I had a meeting to attend yesterday? It was actually an appointment with my doctor. He confirmed that you’re going to be a godmother soon.” Tracy said with a broad smile, and giggled when Ella’s eyes flew to her abd0m£n in shock before she screeched happily and ran around her table to [email protected] Tracy.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this! I’m so happy for us Trace!” Ella said, her eyes glistening with tears.

“Yeah. That’s [email protected] of the reason I wanted to speak with you in person. So get re-ady to be a godmother.” Tracy said with a broad smile.

“Let’s go and have that Domino Pizza and coldstone ice cream or whatever you crave! I don’t mind working out to burn the calories. Anything for our baby.” Ella said as she picked up her handbag and Car key.

Kimberly didn’t know whether to feel angry or [email protected] that Eric had tricked her, “I wasn’t getting re-ady for anything.” She muttered immediately she recovered from her shock and rushed to the be-d to pack all the lingeries.

“Even if you were, it’s fine. You know, seeing these S-xy undies makes me wonder what you are wearing un-der.” Eric said with a teasing smile ma-king Kimberly grit her teeth since she could tell he was ma-king fun of her.

“You want to see? Should I show you?” She asked with a f0rç£d smile ma-king Eric chuckle.

“You don’t have to be so upti-ght. Just finish up with what you were doing while I wait for you.” Eric said as he sat down on her be-d. He had thought about consummating their marriage while driving down to her house, and he still hadn’t made up his mind yet, whether or not it would help her in anyway get better.

If he wanted her to learn restraint, then he nee-ded to make her get used to having a man around her, but not having S-x with him. And that was also going to help her un-derstand that not everyone who [email protected]£ around her, wanted her b©dy.

Kimberly reluctantly returned to the dressing table and added a finishing t©uçh to her make-up before putting on a beautiful pair of blue sandals.

“I’m re-ady.” She announced, and frowned when she turned around to see Eric watching her with a strange expression on his face, “What?” She asked self-consciously.

“Would you want us to spend the night together? Like make love?” Eric asked ma-king her look at him with a frown. She could never un-derstand why he always had to be so blunt.

“If you’re asking because of the lingeries you saw…”

“Forget about the lingeries. Would you want sometime to yourself before we do anything inti-mate? I figure you’re still not very comfortable around me yet, and I don’t want us to rush things. We have a year to ourselves after all.” Eric said, wanting to make it about her, so he could un-derstand what she was thinking.

“Even if I say no, you would want to be inti-mate, so…”

“That settles it then. We won’t have S-x at least for six months…”

“Six months?” Kimberly asked in alarm before she could st©p herself.

“Yes. Why? Is it too short for you? We should increase it?” Eric asked innocently ma-king Kimberly frown.

No nee-d for alarm. There was no way he was going to be able to live un-der the same roof with her without having S-x with her. She was very sure about that. Kimberly @ssured herself before flashing him a smile, “Whatever you say. I’m okay with whatever you say.”

“That settles it then. Since you’re re-ady, let’s go get married.” Eric said as he stood up from the be-d and extended his arm to her. He could tell she thought he was bluffing. She was going to be in for a lot of surprises.

Wumi had a mischievous smile on her face as the bolt driver drove into the estate in banana island where the family house was located, and parked the car just outside the gate. She wasn’t really a fan of the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Lagos was too rowdy for her, hence she had moved with her parents to Abuja when her father decided to relocate. She preferred coming to Lagos only for fun and nothing else. But this time, she was solely here for her brother’s sake.

Whether fake or real marriage, she had zero intention of letting her brother marry someone she wasn’t very close to. Eric was after all her best friend and first b©yfri£nd, and she intended to be spending lots of time with both him and his wife. She knew him well enough to know he would never have agreed to do something like that if he didn’t alre-ady like the lady in question.

She had been slightly surprised that her parents had easily agreed to Eric having an arranged marriage, but then she had reminded herself that her parents weren’t the typical Nigerian parents. They had both schooled abroad and had stayed there before her father had to return to the country to take over his family business, so they were pretty open-minded about a lot of things. She remembered one time when she was in secondary school and she and her friends had all decided to [email protected] prank on their parents by telling them they thought they were into girls.

She had been surprised when she got to school the next day and the other girls had told tales of how their parents had almost killed them. One even had a mark on her cheek where her father’s ring has cut her, and another had scratch marks on her arm from her mother. One’s mother had gone as far as calling their pastor and booking an appointment for a deliverance session for their daughter.

Her parents had been the only parents who had actually talked to their and tried to un-derstand why she [email protected]£ to the conclusion that she was into girls. She was beginning to un-derstand that when it [email protected]£ to her parents, they were full of surprises.

She had spent most of the night searching all over for the net for any news that had Kimberly’s name in it, and she had even gone as far as calling some of her friends who were children of politicians, and some had told her just how promiscuous Kimberly was.

She had to look out for her brother and make sure he wouldn’t get hurt at the end of the day. And the only way she could do that was by getting close to Kimberly. Close enough to at least know what Kimberly actually thinks about her brother, and how she feels about him.

Her plan was quite simple. She was going to approach Kimberly, and then befriend her. That was going to be easy since they were both people from the same [email protected] She had learnt Kimberly owned a company of her own, so that was where she was going to start from. She nee-ded the interior of her room to be redecorated anyway.

“You’re not coming down?” The bolt driver asked when he noticed she was just smiling to herself.

She had been so lost in her thought that she hadn’t realized when the car st©pped, “Oh! Sorry.” She said with an [email protected] smile as she quic-kly got out of the car, and took out her luggage box.

“Are you very nervous?” Eric asked Kimberly immediately he parked the car in front of the courthouse.

“I don’t know. What about you?” Kimberly asked as she turned to look at him.

“I am too. But don’t worry, I promise not to make you regret this, okay?” Eric promised ma-king her frown.

“Don’t say things like that.”


“It makes me more nervous. What if you end up regretting it? I don’t want you to have high expectations from this and end up getting disappointed.” Kimberly said, ma-king Eric smile. It was a good thing she was feeling responsible and concerned about his wellbeing.

“Don’t worry about my expectations, they are wholly mine. Just worry about being happy, okay? Let’s take it one day at a time.” Eric said ma-king her sigh.

“Fine. Let’s just go and get this done with.” Kimberly said reaching for the door.

“Let me get that.” Eric said as he quic-kly got out of his seat and went around the car to open her door, “Let’s go get married.” He said with a grin. He never would have thought in his wildest imaginations that he would be getting married to a lady he had met ba-rely five or was it four days ago?

“You seem more excited than nervous.” Kimberly noted with a shake of her head, before remembering that she nee-ded to call Prisca, “Hold on, Prisca nee-ds to be here.” She said, and quic-kly texted Prisca before stepping out of the car. She pasted a smile on her face as she walked into the building, hand in hand with Eric. Immediately they entered the building, the man at the front desk stood up immediately he saw Eric, “Good morning Mister…”

“King. Mr King. We were directed to meet Mrs Adebayo… Can you show us the way to her office?” Eric asked politely ma-king the man look at them in confusion before picking up his phone and leading them to the office.

He was usually paid handsomely by different blogs and magazines to always take pictures and report to them whenever celebrities or important figures [email protected]£ in for secret court weddings. He recognized Kimberly as the wayward daughter of s£nator Abamba so this was very newsworthy.

“Good morning. I take it you’re Mr King? I’ve been expecting you all morning.” She said politely before offering them a seat.

Eric made sure Kimberly was comfortably seated before taking the seat next to her. He noticed the beads of sweat on her forehead and handed her one of his handkerchief, before placing a hand over her hand to calm her.

“I suppose my friend told you I’d be s£nding down my do¢vments tomorrow? We will proceed with just hers, an sign on the do¢vments since it is very important we do this today. And then you can do the nee-dful when you receive mine.” Eric said authoritatively, ignoring the young man who was holding his phone at a suspiciously close angle like he was taking ph0tos.

“That won’t be a problem sir, but that means you won’t be able to get the marriage certificate immediately…”

“We don’t mind that. You can hold on to it for the time being. I’ll pick it up myself.” Eric @ssured the lady.

“Alright then, let’s proceed then.” The lady said as she took out the required register.


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