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The miracle I nee-d episode 51



“Where is Amanda?” Kathleen asked when she joined Pete in the car and noticed Amanda wasn’t in the backseat as usual.

“Well, I figured since Chidi is around, he can drop her off at school and save us the time. That way we can get to work early.” Pete said as he waited for her to get into the car and buckle her seatbelt before driving out of the compound.

Today Kathleen was wearing a navy blue colored pencil Sk-irt with a slit in front which st©pped at her th!gh, and she was wearing a red chiffon shi-t she was tucked into the Sk-irt, and red high stiletto to go with it. As usual she looked beautiful and the only thing wrong with her dressing was her hair. Perhaps he should gift her one of those human hair wigs? He could get Ella to get a nice one for her since she claimed she didn’t like ma-king her hair. Knowing Kathleen she probably wouldn’t want to accept anything from him for free, so he nee-ded a good reason to get her one.

Kathleen tried not to feel too nervous about being in the car alone with him again. She decided to occupy her mind with different random thoughts so as not to feel too tensed.

“When is your birthday?” Pete asked after a while, breaking into Kathleen’s thought, hence ma-king her turn questioning eyes in his direction.


“Your birthday, when is it?”

“September 24th. Why?” She asked curiously.

Perfect! “This month? That’s less than three weeks from now.” Pete observed.

“Yeah.” Kathleen said disinterestedly. She was going to be twenty-nine in a few weeks and she wasn’t as excited as she felt she ought to be.

“You don’t seem excited about it. Why?” Pete asked when he noticed her lack of interest in the subject.

“It’s that obvious?” Kathleen asked with a wistful smile.

“Yeah. So why are you not excited?” Pete asked again, turning to spare her a glance.

“What’s there to be excited about? It’s just another day in the calendar.” Kathleen said ma-king Pete narrow his eyes thoughtfully. From experience he knew that whenever someone sounded that way about their birthday, it was often because they weren’t satisfied with their achievements.

“Don’t tell me you’re sounding this way because you don’t think you’ve achieved enough? Being alive, being healthy and being able to cater for your basic nee-ds are things to be thankful for. You’re the Mummy G.O here, I don’t think I should be the one telling you these things.”

Mummy G.O? Kathleen decided to ignore that line, “I never said I wasn’t thankful. And yes, for now, I don’t think I’ve done enough yet that’s worth [email protected] The years just keep running, and somehow I’m feeling like I’m being left behind. So maybe that’s why I’m not as excited about it as I should. I’m thankful, but I’m not satisfied. Don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t un-derstand.” Kathleen said with a sigh and leaned her head against the window.

Pete remained silent for a while before sparing her another glance, “You know what I think? Sometimes I think birth [email protected]£s are used to prevent people from living their lives to the fullest.”

Kathleen thought about it for a moment, and sat up, “You think it’s just birthdays or calendars generally? Because I actually think [email protected] from birthdays, people feel similar ways during the end of the year when they have to travel home for the festive season, yet have nothing tangible to show for it.” Kathleen said thoughtfully.

“Maybe. But I think the reason birth [email protected]£s affect people more is because it makes you think you are either too old or too young to achieve a [email protected] thing. Take for instance, your mom comes to you and says the birth certificate you have been using is wrong, and your actual age is twenty-two, a lot will change about you, don’t you think?” Pete asked ma-king Kathleen smile at the thought.

“I think you’re right. Cause then I’ll start feeling I’ve done so much for my age, and there won’t be much pressure on me. I think you’re very right. It’s all about our mindset.” Kathleen said with a smile, feeling somewhat relieved by what he had said.

“See what I mean? We all nee-d to live this way. Forget the age, and just be thankful for all you’ve been opportune to achieve.” Pete said ma-king her nod.

“Yeah. It’s best I forget the age and just be thankful I’m even able to do anything at all for myself and my family, in the first place.”

“Yeah! That’s the spirit. So any plans for your birthday?” Pete asked ma-king her turn to look at him again.

“Why are you so interested in my birthday today?” She asked suspiciously.

“Do I nee-d a reason to be interested? Are you not curious about anything that concerns me?” He asked as he turned his head to the side to spare her a glance.

Kathleen thought about it for a while, “So does it mean I can ask you questions whenever I’m curious about anything that concerns you?”

“I’ve never restrained myself from asking you questions, so yeah, you could.” Pete said with a nod.

“Okay then, for your sake I hope you don’t regret this.” Kathleen said with a small smile.

“I try not to regret things. And you still haven’t answered my question.” Pete reminded her.

“You didn’t answer mine either. Why are you asking? Do you have plans for my birthday?” She asked jokingly.

“Nigerians! Must you answer a question with a question?”

“You just showed how Nigerian you are by answering my question with your own question.” Kathleen pointed out ma-king Pete chuckle. Both of them were too busy enjoying their banter to notice the slight change in their communication in that moment.

“So what if I do?” Pete asked lightly ma-king Kathleen giggle until she realized he was serious.

“What? You’re not joking?” Kathleen asked looking at him in surprise.

“Maybe not. Just leave it open, okay?” Pete said, ma-king her brow pu-ll together in confusion. By ‘leave it open’ did he mean she shouldn’t make any plans for it?

“What do you mean leave it open?” Kathleen asked, deciding not to make any @ssumptions.

“I mean, don’t make plans with anyone else.” Pete said without turning to look at her.

“Am I to @ssume that by anyone else you mean my friend? Or Chidi?” She asked in the same light tone as Pete.


“Maybe?” Kathleen repeated in confusion.

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Maybe what?”

“Oh! I mean maybe both your friend and Chidi. Just leave it open, will you?” Pete asked turning to spare her a glance.

“No I won’t.” Kathleen said, surprising them both. Although a [email protected] of her had wanted to accept that, but another [email protected] of her wasn’t willing to settle for his maybes and not so clear requests.

“Why not?” Pete asked in confusion. They had been having a good conversation just a moment ago, and had been getting along quite well, so why did she have to ruin it? Pete wondered.

“Because your request is ambiguous, and I don’t think I’d like to honor such a request for something you’re not even sure about.” Kathleen said with a shrug.

“Okay.” Pete said ma-king her turn to look at him.

“Okay?” She repeated in disbelief. She had expected him to at least argue with her and promise to maybe take her out or something, not just give up like that.

“Yeah. I guess it’s selfish of me to make such a request. You should be able to do whatever you like with your day and spend it with whoever you plea-se too. Forgive me for ma-king such a request.” Pete said apologetically.

“…” Kathleen said nothing and just looked out of the window with a frown on her face. The rest of the drive had been a very silent one until they arrived at the company and both left for their offices without saying another word to each other.

In the mid-day, Kathleen who was sitting in front of her [email protected]©p couldn’t see a thing on the screen because her mind was somewhere entirely different from it. She sighed as she thought about her conversation with Pete earlier that morning.

When Kathleen couldn’t take it anymore she picked up her phone and headed for the restroom where she knew she would have the privacy she nee-ded to talk. Immediately she was out of earsh0t she dialed Sharon’s line and didn’t have to wait too long before Sharon accepted the call.

“This one you’re calling me during work hours, w€tin happen? (What is wrong?) Abi them done promote you to s£nior madam? (did you get promoted?)” Sharon asked in her usual teasing manner.

“I just nee-ded to talk to you about something. So just listen let me hurry up and tell you before someone comes along.” Kathleen said and hurried on to tell Sharon about what she felt was going on between her and her boss. She made sure to leave out the tales of her £r0ticdreams as well as how her heart raced Everytime she was around him. She knew Sharon would never let her hear the last of it if she mentioned it to her.

“My girl my girl! Mary Amaka has just graduated to s£nior girls level! Ah! I’m proud of you! Now you are ma-king me proud nau! Is not that time you were dulling yourself!” Sharon said excitedly ma-king Kathleen roll her eyes.

“I didn’t call you to hail me. Tell me what you think I should do. I don’t know, I just feel maybe I’m too upti-ght and I’m probably not doing something right. Everyone else seems to think he’s into me, but I don’t know.” Kathleen said ma-king Sharon grin.

She liked this new [email protected] of Kathleen that she was beginning to see, “I think you like your boss.”

“Huh? Why do you think so?” Kathleen asked even though she was also beginning to think it was true too. How else could she explain the dreams or how she felt when she was around him. Why she even liked him was something she couldn’t un-derstand.

“Haven’t you noticed that you’re not finding any faults with him as you always do with other guys?” Sharon asked ma-king Kathleen snort.

“That’s only because I don’t really know him yet. Like I haven’t taken my time to study him yet.”

“Most of the guys you turned down, you didn’t even talk to them for five minutes before deciding they weren’t your type. So why do you nee-d a vacation with your boss to determine whether or not he is your type?”

“Who said anything about vacation?” Kathleen asked irritably.

“I did. You see him and talk to him everyday yet you are saying you don’t know him well enough. How much more do you want to see him to know him?” Sharon asked ma-king Kathleen pause. Okay, maybe she did have a point, Kathleen decided.

“That aside, what do you suggest I do?” Kathleen asked impatiently.

“Well, I agree with the Chuka guy. For Pete to be asking you not to go out with any other guy, it must be because he is jealous, so you should go ahead and make him unreasonably jealous until he is f0rç£d to ask you out.” Sharon suggested.

“Do you think that will work? Won’t he just lose interest entirely if he starts thinking I’m seeing another guy?” Kathleen asked with a concerned frown.

“Nah. It doesn’t work that way. The lesser the supply, the higher the demand. Since he likes you alre-ady he will definitely want you more once he starts noticing that you’re giving someone else your attention.” Sharon @ssured her confidently.

“Okay, I’ll just give Chuka a call.”

“Okay o! Just remember that when that time comes, I’ll be your chief bridesmaid sha.” Sharon said.

“How far you and your married man b©yfri£nd?” Kathleen asked ma-king Sharon hiss at her before hanging up.

Kathleen sighed and went into one of the toilet stalls to sit down as she dialed Chuka’s number. She tried to @ssure herself that she wasn’t commiting a sin by wanting to get a man’s attention. After all those pastor’s wives in church that always dressed and sat down like they didn’t even know what S-x is, might have done worse to get their husbands.

Kimberly’s heart skipped a beat when she remembered what Prisca had said about an honeymoon. Was it possible that Eric would want them to have an honeymoon? Would they have S-x during the honeymoon? She wondered, and raised a hand to her abd0m£n when she felt the bu-tterflies fluttering there at the thought of having S-x with Eric.

She wasn’t sure if something like that was going to happen, but she nee-ded to get re-ady just in case of that, so she took out her shaving cream as she walked into the bathroom stark n-ked. She sat on her toilet seat as she applied it on her pvb!c region and tried to wax her legs.

When she was done she showered and made sure to use her inti-mate shower gel to wash her [email protected][email protected] properly before walking out of the bathroom.

Few minutes later she sat n-ked in front of the mirror applying mild makeup on her face as she waited for Eric to join her. She had seen his text immediately she stepped out of the shower saying he was on his way coming alre-ady.

She cringed when she saw her natural hair and remembered how [email protected] she had been when Eric saw it looking that way. She decided she was going to find time to go to the salon to wash it over the weekend.

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought that Eric would be living un-der the same roof with her from this night for about year. Was this how people felt whenever they were getting married for real? A mixture of nervous with bu-tterflies in the belly kind of feeling? Kimberly wondered as she stood up and poured all her S-xiest lingeries on the be-d, trying to pick the one she would wear. She picked a very S-xy black lace [email protected], and a matching stra-pless [email protected] before picking up a red stra-pless jumpsuit.

She pu-ll-ed it on before sitting back to arrange her hair. Just as she finished putting on her human hair frontal wig and applied her edge control to form baby curls, she heard the doorbell, and her heart skipped a beat.

“God help me.” She murmured before standing up and hurrying to the door to let him in.

Immediately she opened the door she saw Eric standing there with a bouquet of flowers and a smile on his face. It took a moment for her [email protected] to register that he was wearing a suit. A fine @ss and expensive looking suit.

“You look gorgeous.” Eric told her as his eyes roamed her face and her outfit.

Kimberly cleared her throat, “You look handsome yourself. How did you get the suit?” She asked ma-king Eric grin.

“So cab drivers can’t afford to have a decent suit in their closet?” He asked ma-king her raise a brow.

“Not such an expensive suit. It’s a designer, and I know for a fact that it must be very expensive.” Kimberly pointed out.

“So you’re not going to let me into your house because I’m wearing an expensive designer suit?” Eric asked with a teasing smile, when she remained by the door without inviting him in.

“Oh! Sorry. plea-se come in.” She said as she quic-kly moved out of the way for him to walk in.

“I’m glad I chose to go with a red pocket filler.” Eric said as he walked in behind her.

“Even if you hadn’t. I had planned on getting you something, remember? At least if I pay for your clothes you won’t tell me I ruined it with my tears.” Kimberly said ma-king him raise a brow.

“Do you have any plans of crying today?” Eric asked, taking out two different handkerchiefs from his pocket and waving them at her ma-king her giggle.

“I was just saying. Don’t worry, I’m not going to cry and ruin your expensive suit. I have a very active conscience. I nee-d to go in and finish up with my dressing, so make yourself comfortable.” Kimberly said as she turned to leave, but st©pped and turned around when she noticed Eric was following her.

“What? You want something?”

“No. I’m just ma-king myself comfortable.” He @ssured her with a smile and moved his chin forward in a way that asked her to keep moving.

Kimberly looked at him uncertainly, “Why? You want to go see your room?” She asked hoping he wasn’t thinking of coming with her to her room. Her heart skipped a beat when she remembered she had poured all her lingeries on the be-d. There was definitely no way she was going to let him into her be-droom. Just No way!

“No. I want to see yours. I should at least know what my soon to be wife’s be-droom looks like, especially since I might be spending some nights on her be-d.” Eric said ma-king Kimberly look away from him shyly.

“Tell me something, were you a pla-yboy at any point in your life?” Kimberly asked ma-king Eric chuckle.

“I’ve never fancied the idea of having too many ladies in my life, so no I’ve never been a pla-yboy. Why? You like pla-yboys?” Eric asked wanting to walk past her since he could tell she was stalling, but she quic-kly stood in front of him and spre-ad both hands to st©p him from [email protected]

“You can’t see my room. At least not right now. It is unkept.”

“Believe me, I have a fair idea of how unkept a female room can look like.” Eric @ssured her.

“No. Not mine. Your clothes, you [email protected]£ with them, right? You know you can’t go back after we are done today.” Kimberly asked.

“Oh! True! I’ll get go get it from the car.” Eric said and turned like he was about to leave, ma-king Kimberly drop her hands as she let out a sigh of relief.

Eric walked away as though he was going outside to get his clothes, and waited for Kimberly to start heading for her room before following her in large yet silent strides. Just as she inside her be-droom and turned to shut the door, he stepped inside the room ma-king her [email protected] in surprise.

“It seems like you were getting re-ady for tonight.” Eric said with a grin when his eyes fell on the shaving cream which had dropped on the floor beside her dressing table, and the be-d which was filled with different manner of lingeries.


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