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The miracle I nee-d episode 49



“A fake marriage?” Both Wumi and her father asked in unison.

“Yes. I’ll give you the details after you clean up. I can’t talk to either of you while you’re looking that way.” she said with a shake of her head. She nee-ded to at least check out who Kimberly was so she could know how much she could tell her husband.

“Well, I’m sure I nee-d to settle down to hear the details too. I’ll just shower and join you in thirty minutes.” Her husband said before turning to leave.

“What’s going on?” Wumi asked her mother, hoping she would give her expo.

“What [email protected] of I’m not talking to you while you’re sweating like a goat, did you not un-derstand? My friend go and bathe!” She snapped at her, ma-king Wumi scowl as she walked away.

“And you better hurry, cause if your father gets here before you I’m going to tell him everything without waiting for you. And I’m not going to be saying anything twice.” She threatened ma-king Wumi take the stairs two at a time in her hurry to meet up.

Mrs Obasan sighed as she watched them leave. She took out her phone and searched for s£nator Abamba and daughter on Google. She tapped on the ph0tos that popped up, and zoomed in to see a ph0to of the s£nator and Kimberly which was taken on the day of her graduation.

“Hmm…. Kimberly Abamba.” Mrs Obasan murmured. She knew if she accepted Kimberly, then her husband and Wumi wouldn’t have any reason to oppose. She typed Kimberly’s name on google and many ph0tos of her popped up, she followed one of the links which led to Kimberly’s Instagram account and cli-cked on follow.

“At least she is very pretty and has a good fashion s-en-se.” She muttered to herself as she kept looking throu-gh the pictures, and laughed to herself when she re-ad most of the funny captions.

When she got tired of viewing the ph0tos she called out to the maids to get her a bowl of diced fruits before dialing a number on her phone.

“Good evening. Sorry to be a bother, but I nee-d your help.” She greeted immediately the lady at the other end of the line received her call.

“Of course it’s not a problem. How may I be of help to you?” The lady asked wondering how she could be of help to someone of her caliber. She was the CEO of one of the t©p nonprofit organizations for abused women in the country, and Mrs Abambam was one of her major sponsors.

“I know you’re familiar with most of the t©p thera-pists in the country. I nee-d you to recommend someone who can handle a patient with history of S-xual abuse.” Mrs Abamba explained.

“Oh! Is the patient going to be nee-ding the help of the organization?” She asked curiously.

“Not at all. It’s just a favor I’m doing for someone… So can you recommend a good thera-pist?” She asked, not wanting to let her know the lady in question was likely going to be her daughter in-law.

“Sure. I’ll forward the number of the best three thera-pists I know, that way you can make up your mind on who to go with.” She suggested.

“Sure. I’ll appreciate that very much. I’ll be waiting to receive their details then, thanks.” Mrs Obasan said before dropping the call.

“Daddy is not out yet, is he?” Wumi asked as she hurried down the stairs.

“This one you’re out so soon, did you even shower properly?” She asked as she raised her head to look at Wumi.

“I did. So since daddy is not here yet, you can just be giving me the gist before he joins us.” Wumi suggested eagerly.

“As what?” Her mother asked with a slightly raised brow.

“As your daughter and the apple of your eyes.” Wumi said with a grin and reached out to take the bowl of fruits from the house help who just walked in, but one glare from her mother, and she quic-kly withdrew her hands.

“Go and get yours if you want some.” Her mother said as she took the bowl and started picking the diced fruits into her mouth.

“plea-se get me a bowl too.” She told the house help who nodded politely.

“And me too.” Chief Obasan added as he joined his wife and daughter in the living room, “So what is this I’m hearing about a fake marriage?”

“It’s a sort of contract marriage.” Mrs Obasan said ma-king Wumi’s eyes light up.

“Contract marriage? You mean like those ones I re-ad on Sir Zach stories? The sort of thing that happens in movies?” She asked excitedly, and snapped her mouth shut when her mother looked at her like she was going to hit her if she interrupted her again.

“Who is he getting married to?” Chief Obasan asked curiously.

“So what is this marriage about and for how long?” Wumi asked curiously.

“Who is he getting married to and why do you seem so relaxed about it?” Chief Obasan asked, looking at his wife suspiciously.

“He is getting married to s£nator Abamba’s daughter.”

“A s£nator’s daughter?” Chief Obasan asked as he sat up, looking at her with interest, “Why? Or is this an attempt to escape from our deal?” Chairman Obasan asked thoughtfully.

“I don’t think that is the case. I think he likes the girl in question, and she doesn’t even know who he is yet.” She said with a shrug.

“He likes her? And is having a contract marriage with her? This doesn’t make any s-en-se. Why are you so calm?”

“Well, according to him the s£nator is contesting in the coming Lagos State gubernatorial elections next year, so he nee-ds his daughter to get married to avoid any form of scandal.” She said, giving them both a pointed look.

“Scandal?” The duo asked in unison.

“Yes. She is the wild sort, so they want Tunde to pose her husband just until after the election.” She concluded, deciding it was best to leave the exact details out. That should be her business with Eric.

“Wild?” Wumi asked with a frown. She couldn’t help feeling like there was more to the story than her mother was letting on.

“Yeah. You heard me before so why are you asking me again?” She snapped at Wumi.

“Ah! Sorry o. Shey it’s question I asked? I don’t un-derstand what you mean by wild. Like is it the wild animal kind of wild, or the werey kind of wild, or just the promiscuous type?” Wumi asked as she adjusted in her seat.

“I don’t see how any of that is your business.” Her mother hissed at her, before turning to look at her husband to hear what he has to say.

“I believe he knows what he is doing so I won’t say anything more. And I just hope he un-derstands that Nigerian politics can be very bloody a times, especially for the family members of the politicians involved.” Chief Obasan said as he took the bowl of fruits the maid just brou-ght in.

“You said her father’s name is s£nator Abamba, right? I should check her out on social media. No wonder my brother doesn’t have my time again.” Wumi complained with a pout as she picked her fruits into her mouth.

“But if you’re saying it’s an arranged marriage, why do you think he likes her?” Chief Obasan asked after sometime.

“He sounded very concerned about her, and I think he might be planning on having a real relationsh!pwith her after your bet is over.” She explained.

“If that is the case shouldn’t we support her father’s political ambition since he might become our in-laws?” Chief Obasan asked ma-king his wife look at him with disapproval.

“At least Wumi showed concern and asked what I meant by wild. How can you not be concerned about that? And you’re alre-ady talking about becoming in-laws?” She asked with a frown.

“Women! Wumi asked and you shunned her. Yet you expect me to ask? There is no plea-sing you, is there?” Chief Obasan asked dryly.

“You’re not concerned that your only son might end up bringing someone crazy girl home?”

“Who raised Tunde?” Chief Obasan asked his wife with a straight face.

“We both did.”

“So are you asking me not to trust that we did a perfectly good job? Should I doubt his judgement and ability to make right decisions?” He asked ma-king his wife frown.

“I wasn’t trying to imply that. I was just saying you should at least show concern.”

“Should I st©p him from marrying her?” He asked his wife who eyed him incredulously.

“Of course not! We said we wouldn’t interfer with their decisions.”

“Good. So let it be. I don’t nee-d to know how wild she is. If Tunde knows, and still likes her, then it shouldn’t be my concern.” He said before turning on the news station.

“Why have you been quiet?” Mrs Obasan asked Wumi who rolled her eyes.

“I’m chatting with my friends since you keep snapping at me Everytime I open my mouth to say anything.” Wumi said as she stood up and picked up her bowl of fruits before heading for the stairs.

“And just so you know… I’ll be leaving for Lagos tomorrow. I should at least get to meet this girl who has been taking my brother’s attention from me.” Wumi added before walking away.

Kathleen eyed Pete nervously from the other end of her office, “Let’s go.” Pete said from his sp©t by her door. Kathleen stood up and pretended to tidy up her table so he could give her time to check her make up, but he stood there, watching her with a smile on his face.

After a few seconds she gave up the pretense, “plea-se could you excuse me briefly? I’ll join you outside.” She said without meeting his eyes.

“Why? So you can change your mind and bail on me?” Pete asked with a teasing smile.

“No, I just nee-d to fix my make up.” Kathleen replied seriously.

“Wow! When did you start caring about such things? Besides, you look good with or without this. But if you must fix it, then do it in the car.” Having said that he strolled out of the office expecting her to follow, and she followed.

They drove in silence for sometime which did nothing for Kathleen’s peace of mind, since she couldn’t fix her makeup in his pres£nce, so she occupied her mind with things she nee-ded them to talk about. She nee-ded them to define their relationsh!p, she nee-ded to know what name to call him, she nee-ded him to know she was just in to “Test the waters” and she wanted him to un-derstand their personal stuff had to be kept separate from official stuff, so she opened her mouth to tell him just that but no word [email protected]£ out, she was startled to see that the car had st©pped and was parked alre-ady and that he was staring at her, “What were you thinking about so [email protected] that you didn’t know we have arrived and what were you going to say just now?” Pete asked curiously.


“Let’s go in, I want to be alone with you since Amanda is spending the night at Ella’s.” Pete said chuckling at the effect he knew his response would have on her.

True to his thought his words filled her head with different images ma-king her look away [email protected] which made him chuckle,

“In as much as I’d love to remain in this car with you, I think it’s time to go in.” Pete said going round to help Kathleen open her door,

“Thanks.” she mumbled as she got out of the car and they both headed for the door.

Pete opened the door to let them both inside the house and as soon as they walked throu-gh the door he held her to the wall, “I’ve been dying to do this since you left my office.” He said in a husky voice as he took herl-ips in a h0t and [email protected] k!ss, filled with de-sire. She k!$$£d him in like manner letting her handbag fall to the ground as she wra-pped her hands round his n£¢k.

He roamed his hands all over her back until he found her Zi-p, and then Zi-pped down the go-wn and helped her undress, revea-ling just a red [email protected] and matching [email protected] He tried un-hooking the [email protected] but Kathleen st©pped him with her hands “Uhm, I think we’re going too fast, why don’t we have dinner first?” Kathleen asked breathlessly as she tried to catch her breath.

“With you I don’t know when I’m slow or fast, but yeah, I guess first things first.” Pete said with a sigh as he tried to keep his eyes off Kathleen’s half n-ked b©dy while trying to keep his boner out of Katheen’s sight.

“Why don’t you go in and freshen up while I prepare something nice for us?” Pete offered eagerly, wanting to show off his cooking skills.

“OK. I will join u soon.” She said as she turned around to leave.

“What are you preparing?” Kathleen asked a moment later as she stepped into the kitchen smelling like something out of a garden of sweet smelling flowers.

Pete had noticed the moment she stepped into the kitchen but had chos£n not to turn around. He had resolved in his heart not to t©uçh her until she was re-ady and he knew turning to look at her freshly out of the shower might weaken his resolve, so he occupied his hands by chopping the tomatoes and onions nee-ded for the noddles he was preparing.

Kattleen on the other hand had resolved while in the shower to mercilessly provoke her boss into ma-king [email protected] love to her without her asking, the thought of it alone had her smiling to herself. She had put on her red transparent night go-wn, without any undies , leaving little to the imagination, if she had her way, tonight would be the night she got deflowered, and she wanted it done right.

“So what should I call you? It feels awkward standing in the kitchen with my boss in such an inti-mate atmosphere.” Kathleen said wanting him to turn around and look at her. Pete chuckled at her question, “Well, you can call me Pete as everyb©dy else does or whatever darling name you prefer.” Pete said without turning to look at her.

Kathleen was feeling a bit [email protected]ûghty and she’d rather have Pete’s attention than the meal he was preparing, “Can you guess the last time I had S-x?” She asked, knowing that would give her his attention and just as expected Pete turned around and almost swallowed his ton-gue when he saw what she was wearing,

“Christ! Do you have any idea the effect that outfit is having on me?” He asked in a husky voice. He could feel his boner at attention again. What was it about this woman that had his blood always flowing in the direction of his genitals all the time?

“What about my clothes?” Kathleen asked with wi-de eyed innocence obviously enjoying the show, “I’d count to three for you to go in and dress decently. If after the count of three you’re still here I’d @ssume you know what you want and I’d do to you as I plea-se.” Pete said, watching her lvstfully.

She smiled back at him [email protected], daring him to count, “One…..” He took a step in her direction to scare her away, but she didn’t budge,

“Two..” He took another step, but she stood her ground, “Three…..”

Pete st©pped mid stride, staring at Kathleen in utter disbelief. She kept her eyes fixed on his, as she let the night go-wn slide down her b©dy revea-ling her smooth creamy skin and firm tits.

“Sist Ng! Mummy said you should come out for morning devotion!” Isioma called as she tapped Kathleen gently.

Kathleen opened her eyes and gro-an ed when she realized she had been dreaming of him again! Why did it always have to be something so S-xual? She asked herself in frustration when she felt the w€tness between her legs.


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