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The hollen series episode 20 & 21

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 20👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Emma’s POV

“Ah, Emma is that you?” Agnes asked when
she st©pped what she was doing to take me
in. “Wow, my child. I always knew you were
very beautiful,” she added as she wra-pped her
arms around me.
I wiped a tear of happiness from my eye. I had
missed her. I felt kind of guilty for forgetting
about her, but Halley had become nice to me
and we were bonding nicely.
“I’ve missed you at the house. What are you
doing here?” I asked breaking from our hvg.
“Mr. Hollen called me a few days ago and
invited me here to cook while you all are here.
Now, get out of my kitchen. I’ve got everything
un-der control. Go and enjoy the beach or the
front yard.”
“I [email protected]£ here because I was hungry.”
She opened the oven and took out several
large trays. She prepared a plate of pineapple
chicken, rice and peas, potato salad, macaroni
pie and a slice of lasagna.
My mouth watered.
“Eat dear,” she said as she handed me the
“Thanks, Aggie,” I smiled and went outdoors to
enjoy my food with nature and the wind.
I had never been so relaxed and carefree. I ate
everything on the plate while I enjoyed the
sound of the crashing waves and the birds
singing in the trees and the wind moving
throu-gh the leaves.
I didn’t notice Mr. Hollen was there, watching
me as he leaned against the frame of the door.
“You like it here?” he asked.
I turned saw him smiling sweetly at me, which
made me melt. Gosh, he is so damn
handsome! “It’s nice,” I answered.
“Yeah, I love it here too.”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Anything, sweetie.”
When he called me sweetie, my heart skipped
a beat. I had to search my [email protected] for something
to ask him. I just wanted to see his face and
hear his voice some more. I wanted to ask
him about what he did with me in my room
back at the house, and about Sharon, and, now,
about Agnes. All those things I could have
asked, but I looking de-ep in his eyes all I
could thing to ask was, “Can you teach me to
He gave a light chuckle and walked towards
me. “Sure, I can teach you.” He put some of
my hair behind my ear and looked me straight
in my eyes.
I was lost in his, so grey and judging.
“When do you want to start?”
“How about,” I paused with a smile, “right
He smiled back. “Okay, I’ll get changed.”
Damn it Emma, you didn’t bring a bikini. I
[email protected] myself mentally. I ran back inside,
putting my plate in the sink and rushing
upstairs to my luggage. I didn’t have anything
that could have at least worked as a bikini or a
swimsuit. Halley had only packed one for
herself; I couldn’t borrow her only swimwear,
and I didn’t want to go out to buy one because
we wouldn’t have the time for the swimming
lesson again.
Then my eyes fell on an un-derwear set I
bought while shopping with Halley. She’d
persuaded me to buy it and it was in my
favorite color, black. It was pretty, too pretty
for the beach, but I didn’t have a choice since I
wanted a swimming lesson from Mr. Hollen. I
put it on and headed to the beach to wait for
him there. I didn’t want anyone getting any
ideas about us.
He [email protected]£ five minutes later, carrying a picnic
basket, a large beach rug and floats. I laughed
at the floats. Am I a kid now?
“You re-ady?” he asked.

“Wait for me!”
I turned around and saw Halley running.
She ran up to us, short of breath. “I wanna join
you too. You two left without me,” she pouted.
“Sorry, Halley,” said Mr. Hollen.
My smile faded. Halley just invaded our space.
I wanted him to myself, and I wanted us to be
by ourselves without a third [email protected] Though it
may sound selfish, because he brou-ght the two
of us, I was really attracted to him regardless
of his ‘name’ and his fiancee.
“Um, I don’t feel well all of a sudden. I think I
ate too much,” I lied, holding my stomach.
“Are you alright?” Mr. Hollen with concern.
“Yeah, I’ll be okay. I think I just nee-d to lie
down,” I said and started for the house.
I @ssumed Halley would follow but I was
wrong. She stayed behind and so did he. I
watched them from my be-droom window. She
was squealing at the waves as she pla-yed in
the water like a damn child. I cursed her in my
mind. She then started to do some exercises
on the sand, bending over backwards and
forward in a skimpy bikini. All the while, Mr.
Hollen was lying on the sand, taking in the
warmth of the sun and the atmosphere with his
eyes closed.
I lie on my be-d, re-ading one of the books I
had taken with me. A knock [email protected]£ at my door.
“Come in,” I said as I put the book un-derneath
my pillow.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” Mr. Hollen asked
as he sat down on my be-d.
What’s he doing in my room? I was just looking
out the window and he was laying on the sand.
“I’m better. I guess, I just nee-ded to [email protected]
for a bit,” I lied.
I believe that was my second lie to him… or
maybe my third. I had to keep track because I
knew I would confess to them all one day. I
rolled to my side. His eyes darted on me.
“What?” I asked. “You’ve never seen me
“You’re so beautiful I just can’t take my eyes
off you.”
I was still in beach clothing with my so-called
bikini un-derneath. I started feeling h0t, like
really h0t. I couldn’t un-derstand why I feeling
this way. I got up and ran to my bathroom and
undid my clothes.
“Emma, are you alright?”
I checked my pri-vate area and I was w€t, like
what happened to me when he k!$$£d me in
my room back at the mansion. But he wasn’t
k!ss!ngme now so what was my kitty’s
“Emma!” he called again.
I went to lock the bathroom, just as I did I
tr!pp£dover the pair of shoes I brou-ght along
for the auction. I picked myself up but felt my
b©dy being raised and set down on the
“Emma, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself
when you fell?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“Um,” his face lit up but he was flushing.
“Emma, what happened to your clothes?”
“Oh shi–” I panicked as I covered myself with
my hands. I had taken off my clothes to check
myself and wipe, and hadn’t put them back
He was staring at the improvised bikini then he
bit his bottoml-ip. He moved closer to me and
pu-ll-ed me up onto his [email protected] che-st. He slowly
started to run k!sses down my n£¢k as his
hands move to my bu-tt. He [email protected]£d it, causing
a heated breath to escape my from my mouth.
He calmly [email protected] myl-ips with his ton-gue and
k!$$£d me [email protected] I stood still, afraid to
react. Afraid that this would escalate to
something we both may regret later on. But
everything felt so good, and I wanted him. I
finally fli-cked my ton-gue a bit and responded
to his, though I had no idea what the hell I
was doing. He let out a soft [email protected] as if he
was enjoying it.
“Baby,” he whispered as the k!ssde-epened
even more.
I was losing myself in him. I shivered in his
strong arms. His hands traveled down to me,
tou-ching me. I felt my bikini being [email protected] to
the side and his hand covered me. He circled
gently and I shivered some more. I left out a
[email protected] as his index f!nger went to pla-y.
“You’re so w€t,” he whispered, his minty breath
in my ear.
I threw my head back as his mouth traveled
down my b©dy and he began to have me.
A knock [email protected]£ at my door, st©pping everything
we were doing and what we were about to do
next. He seemed startled for a bit by the
unwelcoming and untimely knock.
The knock [email protected]£ again.
“Coming,” I yelled from the bathroom. “Hide,” I
told him as I wra-pped myself with a towel and
went towards the door.
“Have you seen my husband?” Sharon asked as
she barged into my room when I opened the
What the hell is she doing here?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 21👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Emma’s POV

“The last place I saw him was down at the
beach,” I answered, knowing damn well that
the last place I saw him was with his mouth
all over me in the bathroom.
She glanced around my room. “Nice room,”
she remarked, moving towards my b©dy mirror
which was one footstep away from the
bathroom door.
Don’t go in the bathroom! Don’t go in the
I was panicking on the inside as her feet got
closer and closer to the bathroom door.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She
started straightening her clothes and
smoothing her hair with her hands. She turned
towards me. She took one more look at the
room and walked out the door. I heard her
heels descending on the stairs. I locked the
door and ran back to the bathroom.
“What is she doing here?” I asked with anger
and fright.
“I don’t know. She’s supposed to be in Italy.”
“Maybe the fashion show was cancelled. Oh
my gosh, you have to get out of my room,
“Baby, calm down…”
“No. Don’t call me ‘baby’. This cannot happen
again. It will not happen again.”
“Emma don’t say that. I’m having feelings–”
“I don’t care. You’re getting married to another
woman, Ethan. This was a mistake; now, get
out before she comes back here.”
He lowered his face as he walked past me and
headed for the door. He peered out, ma-king
sure the coast was clear before he ti-ptoed to
his room.
I showered, re-leasing the heat that had built up
in me for him. Then I lied on the be-d re-ading
my book, but I couldn’t focus on the story. I
was still feeling him on my b©dy– the k!sses
on myl-ips and my n£¢k, and on my area. He
was ma-king me feel so good. I just wanted
him to have me, and plea-sure me.
As much as I may have wanted that to happen,
I wanted a relationsh!pwith the person I would
give my vir-ginity. I didn’t want a one night
stand or a secret relationsh!p. I wanted my
own man, and the man I wanted had alre-ady
been taken. So I would just have to find a way
to make it without him.
🎼🎵 I’m gonna find a way to make it
without you
I’m gonna hold on to the times that we had
I’m gonna find a way to make it without you.
It hurt. Honestly, it hurt like a son-of-a b—-,
but I blamed myself. Falling for him was
bound to be doomed from the very start. He’d
never leave Sharon for me. He’d never admit
the truth to her about me. He just wanted to
get in my [email protected] and get out– like what
happened with the other maid. Maybe he
scre-wed all his maids just because he could.
I found myself going to Halley’s room. She
was alre-ady back from the beach so she had
to either be in her room or somewhere in the
“Halley,” I knocked.
“Was that Sharon I saw?” she asked as I
“What is that snake doing here?”
“Here for her prize possession, what else? She
[email protected]£ over to my room, asking for him.”
“Where’s Mr. H?”
“I don’t know. Last place I saw him was on the
beach with you.”
A blush-filled smile [email protected]£ upon herl-ips and
she turned away to conceal it.
What the hell was that? Why was she blu-shing?
“Halley, can I ask you something?” I stepped
in front of her.

“What?” She was still blu-shing.
“Do you like him?”
“Like who?”
“Mr. Hollen.”
She [email protected] “Why would you ask that?”
“Because just at the sound of his name you
start to blush like an idiot. You’re always at
ease when he’s around and you stood up to
his fiancee.”
“Okay, first of all, you’re crazy. I don’t blush
when I hear his name and I’m never at ease
when he’s around, we’re just familiar. And I
stood up to Sharon because of you, not him.”
She did have a point about the last statement.
“But do you like him?” I asked again.
“Do you?” she asked back. I paused, she was
studying my face then she bur-st out laughing.
“Oh my gosh, I see what’s going on here. You
like the guy and you think I’m after your flir-t.
No sweetie, that would be… just, wrong.”
“He’s our boss for starters.”
“Okay. I’ll admit, I may have a crush on him.
But I respect his relationsh!pwith her.”
“Emma, you’d be going into dangerous waters
if you fall for him.”
Too late.
“Sharon would skin you alive and hang your
skin in the middle of the street. Mr. Hollen is
everything to her. My advice to you, get over
that crush of yours because he’ll never love you
how he loves his soon-to-be wife. Remember
when I asked you if you were scre-wing him like
the maid before me?”
I nodded.
“Well she did fall for him. She was so in love
with him that she revolved around him and
nothing else. I believe they were involved for
five months before he met Sharon. He had
both of them in the palm of his hand. The
other maid was found out when Sharon [email protected]£
over to the mansion unexpected. She made a
scene. He fired her on the sp©t.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He really
was a pla-yer and now he wanted to [email protected]
me. I was becoming angry. How could he do
that to me?
“I know what it’s like to love someone who
won’t love you back. Almost every woman has
been down that road in life, but you can’t just
give in like that because you won’t win. You’ll
never win.”
She was speaking like a philosopher but she
was right; you can’t win in a battle like that. I
sighed as I looked out the window. A black
car was parked along the front lawn. That
must be her car.
I headed back to my room.
It was now 6:00 pm. I went downstairs and
noticed Agnes wasn’t there. I went back to
Halley’s room.
“Hal, where’s Aggie?”
“Oh, she didn’t come to stay.”
“She told me she’d be here with us this
“Well, maybe she didn’t want you to tear up in
her kitchen. She only [email protected]£ by to cook enough
for us for the weekend. She left when I was
coming to join you on the beach.”
“Oh.” I said sadly; I didn’t get a chance to say
goodbye to her.
I headed back to the kitchen. Mr. Hollen and
Sharon were alre-ady eating. Halley [email protected]£ down
behind me.
“Sit,” he ordered.
I rolled my eyes mentally.
“Baby, it was so nice being here but Daddy is
waiting for me. Thanks so much for the
money,” Sharon said, k!ss!nghim on his cheek
before walking out the door.

He got up and went to see her off.
“Do you see that?” Halley asked sharply.
I nodded. My heart had alre-ady been broken.
He [email protected]£ back after what seemed like ten long
minutes. We ate in total silence. It was so
damn awkward. Afterwards, I cleaned up the
kitchen by myself while the others went
upstairs. I had to [email protected] his room to get to
mine and I was [email protected] by, his door flew open
and I was pu-ll-ed inside. He pu-ll-ed me directly
onto his be-d as he hovered over me.
“Now, to finish where we left off,” he said as
he moved to my n£¢k but I st©pped him.
“Get the fv¢k off me,” I said sharply. I had no
idea what [email protected]£ over me, but I wasn’t speaking
to my boss. I was speaking to the hor-nyman
over me who was engaged to another woman.
He stared at me in disbelief but didn’t get off
of me. He attem-pted to k!ssme again but got
the same reaction.
“I said to get off me!” I shouted; I didn’t care if
Halley heard me.
“Emma, would you be quiet and st©p this.
What’s wrong with you?”
“What am I to you? An easy piece?”
“For Christ sake, man, you’re getting married to
another woman. Just get off me and leave me
alone. I can’t do this with you.”
“If you don’t st©p, I’ll tell Sharon when she gets
At that, he moved aside, re-leasing me.
So it had to be true, he only wanted to get into
my [email protected] without Sharon knowing about it.
Anger crept throu-gh my veins. I couldn’t control
myself and it led to me [email protected] him across his
face with all the might my hand could
“You’re a shell. You might be my boss but
you’re pathetic. You’re pla-ying games with me
and I won’t stand for it. You have a damn
fiancee. Your only intentions are to have S-x
with me and still have your fiancee. You’re not
going take my vir-ginity with a one night stand!”
I covered my mouth when I realized what I had
said. I just told him that I was still a freaking
His eyebrows arched and his face was red
from where I [email protected] him. I went for the door
but he [email protected]£d me and pu-ll-ed me back to him.
I wiggled to get free but his hold on me was
too strong.
“Let me go.” I wiggled some more, which only
made him laugh and ti-ght£ñ even more.
“Listen to me. I’m developing feelings for you
and I’m loving the idea of us being together.
Yes, Sharon is my fiancee, but that can easily
change. Now, I want you to calm down and
st©p acting this way.”
He let go of me when I bit his hand.
“Damn it!”
“Leave me alone,” I said and went for the door
“Look me in my eyes and tell me that you
don’t have feelings for me, then I’ll leave you
I looked him in his eyes. Those damn grey,
shark eyes of his that changed color when he
was angry.
You can do this Emma. Just tell him that you
don’t have feelings for him and you want him to
leave you alone. Go on and say it. Say it now!
I opened my mouth. “I…” I began.
Why are you pausing, you just said it in your
mind so let it come out of your mouth now.
“You what, Emma?”
“Go on.”
I cursed myself mentally. “Okay, I have feelings
for you, but that’s all it will ever be. I’m just
your maid.”
“No, you’re not.”
“Mr. Hollen, plea-se. This can’t go on. Sharon
would kill me, I’d look like a fool, and you’d
fire me like you did the other maid.”
“What? Who have you been talking to?”
“That’s not even true. I didn’t fire anyone.
Emma, come here.”
I stood there, my hand reaching for the door,
but, once again, I was pu-ll-ed into his arms.
“I know you have feelings for me but you’re
scared because I’m engaged to Sharon. I know
how you’re feeling, but I want to be with you. I
wouldn’t keep you a secret, Emma. I would
break off my engagement with her and make
you my wife.”
“No you wouldn’t.”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“You love her more than yourself. I’m different.
I wouldn’t fit into your world.”
“Baby, you’re becoming my world.”
He k!$$£d me hungrily and piece by piece, my
clothes [email protected]£ off. “Do you want your first time
to be with me?” he asked as he k!$$£d my
now almost n-ked b©dy.
“S… st©p. plea-se st©p,” I said but I regretted it
when he actually did.
“What’s the problem?”
“I’m not stupid. You’re not going have S-x with
me while you’re engaged. Break it off first.”
I put my clothes back on and went back to my
room, locking the door behind me.


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    That sharon is surely a witch!!,,,Emma, that’s very clever of you!..Yes he should break his engagement before having your body!…..Aaaaaaaand make sure the public knows about your relationship with him.!

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