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The fight for revenge finale




We continued driving and driving until the fuel was exhausted and now we don’t have any means of transportation.

“What are we going to do now” I asked.

“Let’s just wait for other car maybe they can help us” Maxwell replied.

We started shouting for help and luckily for us a trailer st©pped and handled a keg of fuel to us, we appreciated the man and went ahead to fill our car with the fuel and after filling it there was little left in the keg.

“So what’s next” I asked again.

“We are going to go and hang around Maria dad house” Maxwell said and everything seems to be happening really fast.

We started the little journey to their house.


Immediately dad went out of the room I went to call Derek to tell him the good news.

“Derek guess what” I said.

“What” he said.

“My dad agrees I can now stay with you” I said.

“Wow that is great and now we would be unst©ppable” Derek said.

“I love you” I said.

“I love you more than you do” Derek said.

“I love you more” I said and we continued the argument on who loved each other the most.


I picked up my phone and called the president to inform him about how much I respect my daughter’s decisions.

“Good day sir” I said.

“Have not being seeing any progress, do you want me to deal with you” the president said with a angry voice.

“Yes sir cause I really respect my daughter’s decisions and she said she doesn’t like you son Lawrence and beside she has her own [email protected] that she is happy with” I said and it feels good getting that out of my che-st.

“What do you mean” he asked

“I mean you shouldn’t call this phone number again” I replied harshly.

“I promise you am going to deal with you” he said and i hanged up the phone.


“fv¢k, what stunt did mr Norman just pla-yed with me” I said in myself and I called Lawrence to explain everything.

“Can’t you find another girl” I asked.

“No dad I love Maria” he replied.

“Let’s just get this straight Maria doesn’t love you and she has a [email protected]” I said.

“So what do you mean dad” he asked again.

“So there is no way for you in love there” I replied.

“Dad I can’t believe you are saying this” he said and walked away on me.


We arrived at their house and we finally found a sp©t to hide in the little bush in front of there house.

But while finding the hiding sp©t I had alre-ady looked around the house.

“When are we striking” Lucy asked.

“Tonight of course we nee-d to do everything now and get the fv¢k out of Australia” I replied.

“Ok” Lucy said and we started hvgging and k!ss!ngand it was really de-ep and I felt it.

“Enough, now let’s go get the cleaner’s clothes” I said having no idea of where to get it.

“I think that is alre-ady late, I think we should just look for trash bins” Lucy said and we stole the ones in front of Maria’s house.

“Now that everything is re-ady, can we continue what we started” i asked and we continued the R0m-ncing [email protected]


I stayed in my room think of how to get back at my dad, Mr Norman and that useless Derek.

And after a idea struck in my mind and the idea is that I will go to the ammunition store now, get a pistol gun and bullets and when am back I will kill my dad and then drive to Maria house kill her, Derek and Maria dad and then kill myself after since I can’t have her then no one is going to have her.

I picked up the Ferrari car keys and drove to the ammunition store.

“Good day sir how many I help you” the attendant asked.

“I nee-d a pistol gun and bullets” I replied.

“plea-se kindly show me your gun license sir” she said and it seems I had none.

“Am the president son and I will pay you more” I whispered in her ear.

“Ok sir” she said packing the gun and I handled $10000 to her and she gave me the package and I walked out of the ammunition store and went home as a psycho freak.

Anyone tries $h!t with and the person gets the gun.

When I got home I decided am going to strike Maria house at night.

I walked up to dad to finish him.

“Dad this is your last conversation with me” i said.

“I don’t un-derstand what you are saying” dad said.

“You will un-derstand now” I said bringing out the gun and pu-ll-ed the crock.

“What have i done Lawrence, you know I love you and I will do anything to make sure you are happy” dad said.

“It’s alre-ady late for all your sermon” I said and pu-ll-ed the trigger and the bullet hit him straight in the head.

“See you in hell dad” I said and went into my room and locked his b©dy inside his room.

Now it’s Derek, Maria and Mr Norman left for me to kill like I did to my dad that didn’t care about my love life.
It’s time to go kill the rest.

I walked into my car appreciating my last moment on the planet earth.

I drove off to their house and alre-ady prepared and re-ady for the mission and anything that’s going to happen.

“So help me God” I said as I was sighting their house in front.

I made a de-ep sigh as I was looking for where to park and I kept repeating the word hell and back to hell.


“It’s time for the mission” I said.

“No betrayer anyone that betrays dies also” I said ma-king a de-ep sigh.



We got out of the car and hide the ammunition inside the trash bin and covered with trash.

We entered the house but no one was in the sitting room so we pretended to be cleaning when a young guy entered the house.

And we were following him secretly.


I walked into the living room not caring about what the cleaners were doing and instead I focused on what brou-ght me to this place.

I walked started checking the room and finally found Maria’s room and I met her pressing her phone lying on the be-d.

And she sat properly immediately she saw me.

“Hello, guess who it is” I said

“It’s you Lawrence” she said

“What are you doing here” she asked.

” It’s doesn’t matter what am doing here what matters is what happens when am here” I replied.

“I said what are you doing here” she asked shouting.

“Just simple, it’s just that I want you dead and If I can’t have you then no one can have you” I replied and pu-ll-ed out the gun and she went mute.

“plea-se don’t kill me” Maria pleaded.

” So you can beg but It is too late” I said pu-lling the trigger and nothing happened.

“What happened” I asked loudly.

“Guess you didn’t pu-ll the trigger” I heard a voice say from my back and I heard a sound of gun sh0t and I looked at my self and I saw my blood dripping out of my stomach.

“Back to hell” I said fading out.


“Am going to kill you all myself, I don’t nee-d any help” I said kicking the guys dead b©dy and now focusing all my attention on Maria and calling Lucy inside.

“Lucy you’re also in support of this” Maria asked in shock.

“Guess it’s fate” Lucy replied leaving Maria still shocked.


Immediately I heard a gun sh0t sound I quic-kly stood up from the be-d and went and check Tyson and Derek room.

“Was the sound from here” I asked.

“No I think it’s from Maria’s room” Derek replied getting up from the be-d and Tyson was also doing the same.

Immediately we entered the room we were welcomed by gun and we were command to go and stay with Maria who is sitting on the floor and we had no choice cause of the gun pointed at us.

“You must be those gunmen that has been troubling this city” I asked loudly and then the guy among hit me with the gun and I went down.

🍭 LUCY 🍭

“Now it’s time to deal with Derek and Maria” Maxwell said pu-lling the crock and I jumped him so he won’t shoot but he was too strong and he hit me and I was not able to get up quic-kly and while struggling with getting he pointed the gun at me.

“I told you anyone that betrays dies” Maxwell said.


I couldn’t stand the harmed guy killing people so o stood up.

“St©p, don’t kill her” I said.

“And who are you” he asked foolishly.

“You don’t nee-d to know me, what do you want” I replied with another question.

“I want the death of Maria, Derek and Lucy” he replied and pushed me to the ground and he started shooting at nothing


Immediately I noticed the sound was getting too constant I picked up my phone and called the police to inform them of what’s happening and that they should come with ambulance cause someone might be dead.

🐾 LUCY 🐾

It’s time I think I will show the stuff am made of.

I brou-ght out the small knife from the pregnant woman house and jumped and stabbe-d Maxwell on the n£¢k and he brou-ght his pistol and he started shooting at me and I could feel I was going to die but that made me more intense and I continued stabbing him and he missed me and was going for Maria but luckily her dad took the sh0t for her while I was alre-ady fading and I didn’t know when I fell down.

“See you in hell” Maxwell said laughing.

“Maria, Derek I was confused then” I managed to say.

So this is the end for me after all have been throu-gh, guess it’s fate also.

This is my reward for the evil things have done.


I didn’t know who i should go and meet exactly but I later decided to meet my dad.

“Dad” I shouted and he was struggling to breath and he couldn’t talk and I started hearing the police siren.

And they found their way into my room the took all the dead people and the injured to the hospital and I and Derek and Tyson were in the same ambulance with my dad.

I held his hand till we got to the hospital and he was rushed to the emergency room.
I, Derek and Tyson waited at the reception waiting for a response on what’s happening with my dad and is he going to be okay.

Finally a doctor [email protected]£ to us.

“How is my dad doing” I asked.

“He is responding to treatment and he is going to be perfectly okay in few days time” the doctor replied.

“Can we see him now” I asked.

“Yeah you can, he is in ward 9” the doctor replied.

“Thank you” I said and we started searching for ward 9.

Finally we found our way to the ward and I met dad lying.

“Thank God you are okay dad” I said and he replied with a smile on his face.

And I now faced Tyson and Derek.

“Thank you all for always being there for me” I said and hvgged them and now I focused my full attention on Derek.

“I love you baby” I said.

“I love you more” he replied and we started k!ss!ngand the reaction from my dad and Tyson was awwwn.



The news of what happened to mr Norman, Derek and Tyson spre-ad all over the world and people were leaving different type of comments.

Two weeks later Mr Norman was discharged from the hospital and received a call from the CIA agent in his former city.

“Good morning sir” The CIA agent said.

“Good morning, how may I help” Mr Norman asked politely.

“We would like to speak with Derek” The CIA agent said and Mr Norman handled over the phone to Derek.

“Am Derek” Derek said.

“Ok, we did some research and found out that your sister was [email protected]£d to death by some gang of terrorist” the CIA agent said and tears started dropping from Derek’s face.
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“Yes sir” Derek managed to say.

“We found out who they are” the CIA agent said and Derek was curious to know who they are.

“Who are they” Derek asked curiously.

“They are Maxwell and his gang and they are all dead” the CIA agent replied.

Derek never knew Maxwell and his gang were the people that killed his sister he would have killed them before but what goes around comes around now God had taken revenge on their behalf.

Few months later Tyson, Derek, Maria, Mr Norman and Mrs Norman moved to Italy for a new experience of their life.
The end🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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