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The fight for revenge episode 8 & 9





I was locked in the cell in one of the police station in the city and I have a plan of how I will get out of this place.

I requested a phone call from one of the policemen and my request was granted. I called Fremont.

“Hi Fremont, it’s Maxwell” I whispered.

“What’s going on” he asked.

“Am in a cell can you come bur-st me out with the rest of the gang, use the tracking device to get the address of this place” i explained whispering and hanged the call and returned the telephone.

“What were you talking about” the policeman asked.

“You will know” I said sm-irking.


I rushed and picked up my phone and called the rest of the gang so we can meet at the safehouse.

“While do you call such a important meeting here, and where is Maxwell” Leo asked.

“We are here for the sake of Maxwell, he has been arrested and we nee-d to get him out as soon as possible, Willy take my phone and track the station down” I replied and threw my phone to Willy while I commanded Kelvin to go prepare the car and get all the ammunition necessary for the mission.

Then four of us rushed into the van with AK 47 on each of our hands and we drove to the address Willy tracked down from the system.

The mission is going to be more easier because it’s getting late at night.

“Anything that happens, don’t forget we must all make it out of this place alive or dead” I said as we all put on our mask.

We started shooting at the police station immediately we got down from the van and entered the police station, luckily for us we only met 5 police men so it was easy to kill all of them.

After killing them I re-moved the key to the cell Maxwell was from one of the police men, I opened the cell and handed over a pistol to him.

“Nice having you back” I said as I hvgged Maxwell.

“Let’s move” I ordered and Willy was the first person to get out then followed by me and suddenly I heard a gunsh0t and I look back and Leo was sh0t in the leg by one of the police man who was not dead and two gunsh0t followed by Maxwell and he sh0t the police man.

I helped Leo to get into the van and we drove off to the safehouse.

We all helped in treating Leo at the safehouse.


After the whole scene at the arena, Tyson’s match was shifted to the tomorrow night.

“Nice job, this what I thought you fighting for, to be saving people and not for taking revenge” Tyson said as we were walking back home after he was informed by what I did.

“Thanks” I said.

“You are welcome” Tyson said.

We were gisting about other stuff as we walked home.

“What about your wife and children” I asked as we entered the house but tears started dropping from his face immediately I asked the question.

“Am sorry for asking if that question really hurt you” I said pleading.

“They were murdered” he replied me and I didn’t know when I started crying myself.

“It’s okay, I will be like the son you had and always comfort you” I said petting him.

“Thanks” he said.

“You are welcome” I replied.


I ba-rely got home due to the effect of being drun!k.

I walked into the house and [email protected] preventing myself from falling down.

But the important of all is that I was not [email protected]£d and I didn’t lose my vir-ginity to a beast.

But the unlucky [email protected] of it is that I didn’t know the person that saved me, I could have given him like a billion dollars but that’s life, there is nothing I can do

@ssuming I had listen to Derek all this wouldn’t have happened but still thanks to God for not ma-king today the saddest day of my life.


Tyson woke me up early in the morning so we could train.

This time he only checked if I remembered the defense moves he taught and and also taught me some attacking moves.

After the training I decided to take a morning jog for the first time and while jogging I collided into Lucy also jogging and I wanted to ignore her then I remembered what Tyson told me about the female gender.

“Hi handsome” she said

“How you doing” I asked.

“Am doing great cutie and you” she replied.

“Am also good, let’s get this straight I can’t be your lover, I can only be your friend if that’s okay by you” I said nicely.

“It’s okay by me” she said and we started to get to know each other better and after all she wasn’t a bad person, she looks cool to me and maybe the previous actions she made was because she was confused or other reasons.

“Where are you heading” I asked.

“Am going back home” she replied

“Can I esc-rt you” I asked politely.

“That’s not a problem” she replied and we walked together heading to her house.


I woke up and met myself on the couch in the living room and tried to recollect everything that had happened and I remembered clearly.

I stood up and wanted to head to my room and I received a call.

“Hi Maria it’s your mom” The voice said.

“So you remember me” I said.

“Am sorry, I and your father have been so busy” she said.

“So why are you calling” I asked harshly.

“I just wanted to inform you that your father just resigned from his company in Australia” mom replied.

“So” I said.

“He wants you to come run the business here in Australia, so do you want to run his company” mom asked and I went silent for some while.




“No I don’t want to come over there because it’s not like you even care about, maybe you just hire someone over there to run the company” I said and st©pped the call and went into me room to get dressed and prepare for the day’s activities.


When we got to Lucy house, her house was amazing, like the structure and physical appearance of the house was amazing built.

“Nice house”I said as we entered her house.

“Thank you, have your sit” she said and I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me.

“Can I offer you anything” she asked nicely and politely in a cool voice.

“No, am okay” I replied nicely to avoid any misun-derstanding.

“Wait, I will be back” she said and went inside.

When she [email protected]£ back, she wore a s£dûç!ng short go-wn that didn’t even reach her kneels and she started tou-ching me in a manner that made me feel uncomfortable I stood up immediately.

“Don’t push it, I told you we can only be friends” I said as I walked out of her house and started the walking journey to Tyson’s [email protected]

Then I remembered the way I and my elder sister Angela used to walk around the street having nowhere to go, it’s not a good thing but it was fun because we were doing it together as a family but now she is gone and gone forever because of those stupid and crazy beast that [email protected]£d her because of their lvst of flesh and they couldn’t control their self.

I hate them so much, I hope I see them and kill them.

When I got back to Tyson’s [email protected] he had alre-ady prepared a nice meal and I walked to the dinner table and we ate together as a family.


“I hate the guy that guy that got us into this mess and if I can get hold of him am going to rip him [email protected] before killing him” I said among the group members in the warehouse.

“And am going to be [email protected], if I personally get hold of him I cut him into pieces alive” Leo said feeling better from the sh0t he got.

“So what’s the plan of killing him” Fremont asked.

“Ok, we nee-d to go back to that bar and get a clear CCTV footage and Willy can hack all the CCTV [email protected]£ra in the city and sp©t him in one of the [email protected]£ras and when we find him we kill him” I replied to Fremont question and they all [email protected] for me for ma-king such a great plan.

“So when are we going for the mission” Kelvin asked.

“As soon as possible, maybe now” I answered.

“Ok boss” Kelvin said.

“Everyone get to work, prepare the van and ammunition for the mission” I commanded.

“Leo you are going to be better, just stay here and don’t go anywhere, we will be back” I told Leo and I went and join the other gang members in preparation for the mission.

We all entered the van except Leo and put on our mask and in few minutes time we got to the bar.

“Willy stay with the wheel, Fremont and Kelvin follow me” I said and we entered the bar with pistol guns.

Our aim was not to shoot anyone so we were only shooting up.

“Hand over the CCTV footage of this place right now or you get killed” I said to their attendant and he brou-ght out a flashdrive from one of the drawers and gave me.

Commotion was everywhere.

“Every one get down or you are going to be a dead meat instantly” I said and everyone obeyed in fear.

“Let’s move” I said to the rest of the gang as we moved into the van and drove back to the ware house.

“Woa this is a smooth mission” Fremont said while I just went to check on Leo but when I was where he was, he seems as if he wasn’t breathing.

“He isn’t breathing” I shouted while others rushed to towards me.

“What’s wrong”Kelvin asked while Fremont was checking him.

“He is dead” Fremont declared with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Noo” I shouted.


All the gang members were so angry while they were burying Leo and they wanted to have their revenge on the person that caused all this for them.

Maxwell ordered Willy to get to work and in few hours time Willy sp©tted the person (Derek) causing all the danger for them and they found Tyson’s [email protected]

“We are going for the mission as early as possible tomorrow afternoon” Maxwell said.


I was just coming out of the bathroom when I received a call again from my mom. I didn’t want to pick up at first but I later decided to pick up.

“What’s it again, I told you am not coming to Australia” I said harshly.

“Let’s leave that aside, your father wants you to claim one of his lands in the city where you are” Mom said.

“Ok s£nd the address and proof that you are the owner of the land to me” I said and cut the call.

Few seconds later the address and proof was s£nt to me I dressed up in black t©p and trou-ser.

I picked up my Lexus key and entered the car and had the car on the road.

I started driving to the address s£nt to me but I missed my way at first so I had to reverse and asked for the way to the place and at last I found the place.

Am so stressed out.

I knocked on the door at first, no one replied, I knocked again still no reply and I knocked again and again.

“Am coming, who is that and what do you want” I heard a voice that sound familiar say.

“Open the door first” I said.

Then when the door was opened, to my greatest surprise it was Derek tht was replying me all the while

To Be Continued.🔒
So Derek now finds Lucy interesting and how will Derek reconnect with Maria if she agrees to go to Australia to run the company

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