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The fight for revenge episode 6 & 7





“It’s not what you think try and believe me” I tried to explain.

“Then what is it” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“It was not my fault it’s Lucy’s fault” I tried to say but Lucy didn’t allow me to.

“It’s not such a big deal, anyways this is my new [email protected], I love him and am sure he loves me” Lucy said as she cat walked out of the room and I looked at her with hatred not knowing what to do to her exactly.

“Derek am done with you, I never knew you are like this” she said crying as she walked out of my room.

“It’s not what you think, am sorry let me explain” I said as I followed her but she entered her room and locked the door.

“Maria plea-se open the door am sorry” I said knocking the door to her room.

“Just leave me alone, I don’t want anything to do with you, you are a heartbreaker” she said and I wished there was a way I could show her it’s not my fault and I wish she doesn’t throw me out of this house, I have no where to go.

“plea-se open the door let me explain” I said knocking again.

“I said I don’t want to see you” she said with a harsh voice then I had no choice than to go back to my room.

Now I know that people are pure evil and joy ruiner and I just nee-d that will make me forget all the bad memories I have had in the past.


“Why would he have to repay me like this” I asked myself in tears.

“Why would he do this to me” I asked myself again.

“Why, why does he have to do that despite he knows that I love him” I said to myself with h0t tears rolling down my face.

“Love must be really fake as they’ve always said” I said to myself accepting the real fact.


Finally Maria got out of her room and walked to the refrigerator and I went to meet her but she didn’t utter a word.

“Maria are you still angry at me” I asked but there was no response.

“Maria are you ignoring me” I asked again and her not giving me any response is putting me in an uncomfortable zone and I feel like am not welcomed.

“Maria you are putting me in a position where I can show you how heartless I can be but you wouldn’t love to see how heartless I can be” I said as I walked into my room but all the same no response.
Till evening we didn’t talk, I tried talking to her but she didn’t respond and I feel like am no longer welcome and maybe I will have to go back to Tyson’s place the next morning.

I woke up and prepared for the day and put on the best cloth Maria bought on me.

Maria [email protected]£ out her room dressed and I tried to talk to her again if she would reply giving it the last try before I leave.

“Good morning Maria” I said but she snubbe-d me and went out of the house.

Then I decided to write a letter telling her that she hasn’t been ma-king me feel welcome again and that the truth is that I wasn’t k!ss!ngLucy she was forcing herself on me so am going back to where I [email protected]£ from.

I dropped the letter in front of her room and left the house and was leaving for Tyson’s [email protected]

After few minutes I arrived at Tyson’s [email protected] and he was really shocked to see me in his [email protected]

“Am back” I said and immediately he noticed me he stood up and gave me a very ti-ght hvg and I feel welcomed again.

“I guess you were right all along” I said and he was still hvgging me and tears of joy were dropping from my face.


I drove down to Lisa house to tell her about what Lucy has done to me.

When I was about to enter the house I heard some people voices who sounded like it was that of Lucy and Lisa and they were having a conversation so I decided to listen before I entered the house.

” There is a new guy at Maria’s house and he is very cute and I love him” Lucy said.

“So what are you doing about it” Lisa asked.

“I tried to k!sshim yesterday but wasn’t successful but the best [email protected] is Maria caught us and she must surely think we were k!ss!ngand am trying to f0rç£ myself on him but it doesn’t matter because am doing it for love” Lucy explained to Lisa.

“That’s why you are my friend, like I mean you are so smart and intelligent, I love you for that” Lisa told Lucy and I couldn’t believe what I just listened to.

“So Derek was not at fault” I said with uncontrollable h0t tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I nee-d to go apologize to him” I said to myself cleaning the tears falling from my face as I drove back to the house.

When I got home there was no sign of Derek in the living room and I decided to go look for him in his room but he was no where to be found.

I checked his toilet too but he wasn’t there I decided to go check the kitchen but he was not there and I went to check the whole compound but still he wasn’t there.

“Derek are you home” I said shouting but no response.

I called his name again but still no one answered and now I nee-d something was wrong.

I decided to go rest for some minutes inside my room before I continue searching for him but on my way into the room I found a letter and before I could finish re-ading the letter I started crying.

So Derek is gone and I found out the truth at the late hour.




“It’s now late, I wished I could have just given him a chance to explain, am disappointed in myself” I said to myself.

I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to look for him, i don’t even have any idea where he is.

I fv¢ked up real bad and I don’t why I couldn’t be patient with him then and for Lucy, I don’t even know what to do to her but that aside first, all I want know is to have Derek back.

☀️ DEREK ☀️

“Have been worried about you” Tyson asked.

“Am sorry, I was angry then and I now realize am to be with you, I always feel welcome when am with you” I replied.

“So where have you been all this while” Tyson asked again.

“I was with a new friend I made but something happened and am now back” I replied Tyson’s question.

“What happened” Tyson asked in concern.

“It’s a long story” I replied him trying to get my mind off all the things that happened.

“I didn’t tell you I don’t have time for long stories so explain what happened” Tyson said and I had no choice than to explain what happened to him.

“That my friend I told you is a girl and I know we love each other but we didn’t tell each other but we knew and all of a sudden her friend [email protected]£ into the scene and started forcing herself on me, and a day she tried to k!ssme and my friend I love saw us and she must think we were k!ss!ngand she has been ignoring me and I left her house I didn’t feel welcome again” I explained to Tyson.

“You shouldn’t have come here, you should have been patient with her, you know she is a girl and they easily lose trust in people when they are hurt” Tyson said and his words were penetrating into me de-eply.

“But I tried explaining to her and she was ignoring me” I explained.

“No, that’s not a enough excuse, be a man and a man always endure especially when it comes to the matter of girls” Tyson said and I realized I was wrong all along, I should have endured everything but I made a wrong choice by leaving her alone.

She could be in pain and I might be hurting her now, I will go and see her as soon as I have the chance.

“You are right” I said.

My sleep was disturb by someone calling my name and telling me to wake up and when I looked it was Tyson.

“Good morning Derek, follow me” Tyson said and I stood up lazily yawning.

And he lead me to the training place in his [email protected]

“What are we doing here” I asked.

“Do you remember you asked me to teach you how to fight and defend yourself and that’s why we are here,am going to teach you some moves you can use to defend yourself” he said and I didn’t know when I hvgged him.

“But before I teach you, always avoid fighting, let fighting be your last option in every cir¢vmstances” Tyson said.

“I promise to let fighting be my last option at every time” I promised and the learning got started.

The action started with a little bit exercise and some motivational words followed and Tyson taught me how to defend myself and this went on for some hours.

” I think you are now re-ady to face me” Tyson said and I believe myself that I can take him down.

The action started and it feel like I was winning and all of a sudden and fell down and looked injured.

I walked to him and then he stood up and punched me and I knew he was pretending to be injured.

“Are you okay” he asked.

“Am okay I said getting up on my feet.

“The lesson there is not to always trust your enemy cause they might be faking injury but it’s always important to follow your mind to be really sure if they are really injured” Tyson said and I learned a lot from what he said.

“Will you follow me to the fighting arena tonight cause they are opening their h0tel and bar [email protected] of the place and I will be [email protected] of their main event” Tyson said and I agreed to follow him.

My phone started ringing and I picked up the call.

“Hi who is it” I asked.

“It’s Maxwell, Lucy ex” the person replied.

“Oh, how may I help you”I asked in a polite manner.

“I will love if we can meet tonight and maybe we could talk” Maxwell replied.

“Ok where should we meet” I asked again.

“At a fighting arena m, they are going to be opening their h0tel and bar tonight, so maybe we can meet me there” Maxwell said.

“Ok but I don’t know the place can you come to my house and we drive there together in my car” I suggested.

“That’s not a problem we will meet tonight, bye” Maxwell said and hanged up the call.

I took a cab to Maria’s house on my way with a plan of having s*x with her cause she is the only person on my mind and I chose her because if it wasn’t that she brou-ght that Derek of a guy into her house, Lucy wouldn’t have seen him and fall in love with him so this is sort of a revenge plan.

She was beautifully dressed in a blue go-wn when I saw her, we walked together into her Prado jeep painted red and drove to the arena.

And I have a plan of getting her drun!kat the bar [email protected] of the arena, we sat down together and I ordered a lot of acholic drinks and told her they were not acholic drinks and she started drinking.


I and Tyson walked together to the arena like he was my father and I am his son and immediately we entered the arena, he got me a vip [email protected] so I can go anywhere in the arena including the new bar and h0tel in the arena and while Tyson had gone to the dressing room to get prepared for the fight so I decided to check out the new bar and I saw the back side of a guy and a lady but my mind kept telling me something is up.

I followed them to see if something was really up and they both entered a h0tel room.

I wanted to start going then I heard someone voice shouting and I decided to see what happened.


I was struggling as Maxwell was tying me to the be-d and was threatening to [email protected]£ me and I couldn’t see very well cause I think am drun!k.

Then someone entered and pushed Maxwell to the floor and free me but I and the person didn’t have eye contact, I didn’t even think I know the person all I know is the person is a guy but thanks to the person.

I quic-kly ran away from the room to the my car [email protected] controlling myself from falling down and I went home.


When I could look at the person who tied the girl I just saved to the be-d, he look so familiar but I don’t know where.

I tied his hands and reported him to the security and he was taken to the police station.
To Be Continued.🔒
So Derek didn’t know he just saved Maria wow 😮

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