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The fight for revenge episode 2 & 3




“Am so sorry sir, I didn’t mean for this to happen” i pleaded.

“What do you mean, you stained me, you don’t prove you are worthy for this job, am going to kick you out this idiot” Mr Carrick said in anger and the girl that got me distracted [email protected]£ by.

“Don’t kick him out” she said in a cool tone.

” Guess what you are lucky, she happens to be one of our best customers come back here tommorow and try again” Mr Carrick said as he walked away.

“Follow me, I will drop you where you are going” she said and was walking away.

“Am Derek, thanks for helping me” I said thanking her for what she did.

” I didn’t ask for your name, just get into the car” she said still in a cool tone and she asked for the address of where I was going and I told her.

She dropped me off at Tyson’s [email protected]

“Bye, thanks for today” I said as I walked into Tyson’s [email protected]

“Am back Tyson” I said as I walked into the [email protected] but no one responded.

“Anyone home” I shouted checking the rooms but there was one more room to check.

I opened the door and I met Tyson training, the room was so cool.

I watched him training for a long period of time but he didn’t notice.

“Oh, you are back” he said and packed the carpet he was training on.

“Yes, have been watching you while you were training, you could show me some moves”I requested.

“No” he said as he walked out of the training room.

“Why” I asked walking after me.

“You will misuse the power, the best thing is always stay out of fights” he said locking the door to the training room.

“But plea-se” I asked severally.

“I said no” he shouted at me and I felt kind of sad and I walked away and sat on the be-d in his room and decided to rest a little bit.


I went to the kitchen to prepare what I and Derek were going to eat but I felt bad for shouting at him so I decided I was going to talk to him after preparing the food.

In few minutes time the food was re-ady so I decided to go meet him.

I walked up to him and he was asleep, I woke him up by calling his name and told him to sit. I went straight to the point by telling him I was sorry for what happened before that I didn’t mean to shout at him and am just trying to protect him and he told me my apologies was accepted.

“So what about you parents” I asked smiling to cheer him up cause he seems kind of dull.

“I don’t want to talk about it” he replied not looking too good.

“You are not looking good, hope you are okay” I asked in concern for his health.

“Am good” he replied with a dull tone.

“Are you sure you are good” I asked once again.

” I said am good” he replied with a rising tone.

“If you say you are good then it’s alright, how was work today” I asked again and he replied me with a smile.

“Hilarious” he answered smiling like he just found a hvge amount of money.

“How is it hilarious” I asked him to shed more light to the matter.

“I poured food on my boss’s b©dy at my first service” he explained and I couldn’t help myself than to bur-st into laughter.

“Hope you didn’t get fired” I asked with a more serious tone.

“No, not really a girl helped me out and I get a chance to try again tomorrow” he replied me.

“Oh, just prove you are the best tommorow” I told him motivating him.

I walked into the house with the same mood as usual. The house has always been a thinking place for me cause my parents just don’t have any care and attention for me cause of their stupid career life and all because they want money.

The only thing they left for me is servants here and there and stinky money when you see me it’s money you see not Maria. My net worth is what some people can’t have in their life time but that’s not what I want all I want is that daughter and parent time but I guess I can’t get that. The only thing I can get is money.

I guess I won’t be thinking much tonight cause of the guy I saw at the restaurant. I couldn’t get my mind off him because he has been troubling my mind. Seems like am having this love feeling but am not sure cause I don’t have any type of relationsh!pwith any male.

I hope I could see him again and I could have a one on one conversation with him.

I walked into my room and shutting the door and plugging my earphones and listening to some emotional music till I sle-pt off.

I prepared as early as possible and went for work and the same thing that happened the previous day happened but this time not in the alley but on my path to work, I was st©pped on my way by the group of teens that st©pped me the previous day.

“Looks like your uncle scared us with his few tricks yesterday” one of them said while the rest laughed but nothing seemed funny to me.

“I don’t want any trouble from, just let me go” I said politely.

“Oh oh, eat my fist again” one of them said and punched me while others continued the @ssault and I was defenseless again.

After series of beating they decided it was the best time to leave me.

I struggled to get on my feet as I walked to Tyson’s [email protected] in anger, had it been he had taught me how to fight all this wouldn’t have happened.

I walked into the [email protected] and slammed the door [email protected]

“Who is that” I could here Tyson’s voice say.

“Its me Derek” I said with a rising tone.

“What happened you don’t seem happy with that voice” he asked as I heard him walk towards me.

“Am going to ask you for the last time, will you teach me how to fight” I asked with a harsh tone.

“No, if that’s why you are sounding like that” he said as he walked back.

“Tyson, you know I got beaten today again and @ssuming you had taught me how to fight this wouldn’t have happened again and guess what am leaving, bye” I said as I walked out of the [email protected] and slammed the door and started walking on the street aimlessly.


I felt bad for my actions again so I decided to go tell him I could teach him some defending moves thinking he was still outside but when I checked he was alre-ady gone.

Am disappointed in myself.


I waited for a very long time maybe I could see the attendant guy at the restaurant but I didn’t see him.

“I guess I will have to forget him” I said as I walked into my car and drove off.





It was alre-ady in the night and Derek was wondering around having no place to seek shelter and no food to eat meanwhile Maria seems to be driving [email protected] on the same street Derek was wondering around in.

Derek and Maria were lost in thought cause of the bad memories they both had in the past and Derek was about to cross the road he didn’t even look left or right just started crossing like that and unfortunately Maria car hit Derek. It wasn’t a funny scene at all.

Maria rushed out of the car to check if the person she hit was alive or not without knowing it was Derek she hit with the car but luckily Derek was alive and nothing much happened to him.

Immediately their eyes collided they both froze for a minute while some pedestrians who happened to ba at the scene rushed to see what was happening exactly.

“Derek” Maria said as she opened her mouth and couldn’t close.

“The girl at the restaurant” Derek also said.

“Get in the car” Maria told told Derek as she helped him get up on his feet.

“Are you okay” Maria asked as she starts the car.

“Yeah” Derek replied her and they remained silent for some minutes.


“Can I ask you something” I asked breaking the silence after some minutes.

“What’s that” she replied not paying much attention.

“Can I stay at your [email protected] till I can afford mine” I asked and showing her my cute face.

“No problem” she said and smiled at me and I felt welcomed.

“Thank you so much” I said showing gratitude.

Few moments later we arrived at a mansion and I was in shock because I never thought a girl of her age could have this very beautiful mansion.

“We are home” she said as she parked the car among other luxurious cars and I [email protected]£ down from the car and I was welcomed by beautiful flowers here and there.

We entered the house and it was pure white with no stain.

“You own this [email protected]” I asked in amazement.

“Yeah, my parent bought it for me” she replied with a voice showing there was no big deal in it.

” We didn’t get to meet properly at the restaurant, what’s your name” I asked and she smiled.

“Am Maria” she replied and her face brightened up in beauty.

“Nice name” I told her and she just replied with a smile.

And she started showing me around the house there were servants literally everywhere and to help you with everything and it was indeed a mansion am very sure the house will worth millions or billions of dollars.

And she showed me my room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The room had a big be-d at the center back of the room and a smart television and bathroom and toilet. And the colour of the room is also pure white with no stain.

“You food will be brou-ght to you soon” she said as she walked out of the room.

I re-moved my shi-t and put it inside one of the baskets I found in the room and I fell on the be-d.

I picked up the remote and started changing the channel and left it at the channel where they were teaching Kun Fu and in few minutes I was served food as was said.

After I finished eating the servant carried the plates away and continued watching the Kun Fu tutorial and the main thing they were talking about was revenge, revenge, revenge.

The thing had no meaning to me, I took it @ss $h!t so I switched off the television and sle-pt off.


I was so happy that I forgot everything that was causing me pain and overthinking because the guy I think I like is with me in my house and I feel so so happy. I feel like am going to explode out of happiness.

The sleep am going to sleep tonight is going to be definitely different.


I walked into my house with a injury on my leg.

I was one of the 34 soldiers that survived in the war.

I entered the house hoping my children and wife are going to come and welcome me.

“Angela, Andy daddy is home” I shouted hoping someone is going to come and meet me but still no one.

“Anyone home” I shouted again as I searched all the room except my wife’s room but no one still replies me.

I opened my wife’s room and to me surprise I found them in pool of blood.

I went on my knees hold the three of them shaking them but they were alre-ady dead.

“Noooo, who did this” I shouted in pain then they started to fade away one by one and the scene of the action started to fade away.

The only thing that didn’t fade away was me then flash backs of the goods memories I had with my family started to flash back then all of a sudden it st©pped and I started hearing echoes.

The voices were not clear enough and few seconds later I started hearing voices of my children screaming in pain and agony then it st©pped all of a sudden.

Then I started hearing the voice of my wife in pain saying I thought you said we were going to spend the rest of our lives together and after this statement was made I started hearing sound of people walking towards me.

I looked back and saw my family in pool of blood shouting follow us severally and I was filled with fear as I sighted them coming at me like they want a hvg or something.
To Be Continued.🔒

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