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The fight for revenge episode 14 & 15




Luckily for us we met some snacks in the police car and we managed them. Little is better than nothing.

“What’s the next plane” Fremont asked.

“I don’t know yet let’s just find somewhere to settle then we can think of something” I replied.

“Ok boss” he said.


” This is nice” I told Tyson while switching on my new phone.

“Like it’s really amazing” Tyson said also switching on his new phone also.

I was so happy because it’s has been one of my dreams to use this type of phone but now am living in the dream.

Finally the phone is re-ady for use and I lauched the [email protected]£ra app and started taking pictures with Tyson and the pictures were dope cause of the [email protected]£ra.

Have always heard about Instagram so I decided to open a Instagram account.

I sat on the be-d during this process while Tyson was alre-ady out of the room.

After opening the account I decided to post some of the pictures I snapped and the likes and comment I got within few minutes was amazing.

So many comments telling me am cute and stuff and within hours I can’t count numbers of messages have received from girls but my heart is attracted and connected to Maria.

I think should ask her out and am eighty percent sure she will accept. I will ask her out when I get the chance and opportunity to do so.

I decided to follow some of my favorite celebrity on Instagram and I feel like a celebrity myself cause I have five thousand followers alre-ady within hours I created my Instagram account.

I walked majestically to look for where Tyson is so I could join him and I met him walking around the compound and I joined him while taking a walk.

🌶️ LUCY 🌶️

After hours of driving I decided to st©p at a house that was a little bit far from the town.

“What are we doing now” Lisa asked.

“Nothing much we have to go in there and kill everyone in there and stay there till tomorrow and find something to eat or use to protect ourselves” I replied her.

“Why killing, I think there is enough killing” Lisa said.

“If we want to live we have to do the necessary like killing those who are nee-ded to be killed” I also said.

“But is it really necessary” Lisa asked.

“Yeah baby it’s now [email protected] of our lives” I replied.

We bur-st into the house and we met a pregnant woman and her son struggling with something and I didn’t know when the killing [email protected] of me left.

“What’s wrong” I asked [email protected]

“I think am about to give birth, the water just broke” the helpless woman said and luckily I have an idea of how to help pregnant women throu-gh labour and I requested everything i nee-ded and her son brou-ght it for me and fortunately the child was delivered safely, it is a girl.

I helped the woman in cleaning herself and her new born baby girl and after everything we all sat in her living room while she was feeding her new born baby.

“Thank you so much” she said.

” It’s okay” I replied.

“How may I help you” she asked nicely.

“We seek accomodation for tonight and maybe something to eat” Lisa replied.

“It’s okay, Dwayne serve them” the woman said to her soon and he served us with food and we ate to our satisfaction.

“Thank you so much” Lisa said giving thanks to the human.

“No you are the one that helped, Dwayne take them to the visitor’s room” she said and the little boy took us to one of the room in the house and the little boy went back.

“What happened back there” Lisa asked.

“You don’t expect me to kill a pregnant woman at the point of giving birth” I replied.

“Ok, if you say so” Lisa said.

“It’s not like am that wicked” i said and Lisa had no choice than to agree with me.

And I didn’t know exactly when I sle-pt off on the be-d.


Fremont and Maxwell were furstrated when they couldn’t think of anything till it was getting late.

They decided to go into a house that was a little bit far away from the town and the house is the same house Lisa and Lucy are in.

They thought they were going to kill but the couldn’t do that when they saw Dwayne and the pregnant woman that just gave birth.

They politely asked for accommodation and it was granted unto them by the woman and asked them to stay in Dwayne room and Dwayne will be with his mother.

Immediately Lucy and Lisa started to hear Maxwell voice they shut the door and kept quiet.


It was late when dad [email protected]£ back home and I asked him why and he told me that they were talking about the increasing rate of terrorism in Australia and a plan to st©p everything.

And after dad left my room Derek [email protected]£ in to tell me that he wanted to tell me something when I was less busy and I was a bit happy cause I thought he was going to confess his love to me.

I decided to go meet him in his room but he said we should go back into my room.

“Hi Maria” he said looking shy.

“Derek go straight to the point” i said trying to whine him.

“Hmm, I just wanted to tell you that” he said stammering.

“That what” I asked.

“That I….” He said.

“You what” I asked again.

“I mean I …” He again stammering.

“That you what plea-se go straight point” I said.

” I just want to tell you that you” he said slowly.

“plea-se Derek go straight to the point” I said pretending.

“I think you have pretty eyes” he said and I was shocked.




“Is that all” I said now meaning what I said.

“Yeah” he said taking it as a joke or something.

“Now you can leave” I said chasing him out of the room but I said it in a moderate manner.

I didn’t know when tears started dropping from my face and I was disappointed that he didn’t do what I expected him to do.

I woke up in the middle of the night to go and ease myself but I didn’t know where the toilet was exactly.

I kept opening each of the doors I saw but it all lead me to different places like the kitchen and the woman’s room.

There were two rooms left that I hadn’t t©uçhed.

I opened the first but it was locked and I tried to f0rç£ open it but still it didn’t open then I tried to knock.

And someone [email protected]£ to open the door and I found out the person is Lisa and Lucy was lying on the be-d slee-ping.

Immediately I entered I shut the door like I was caging the two of them in the room.

“plea-se don’t kill us” Lisa said begging.

“So you can beg after you and your friend killed Willy and Kelvin” I said.

“We are sorry, it’s the past, let’s just start over plea-se” she said begging.

And then Lucy woke up and immediately she saw me she moved back on the be-d and I pushed Lisa to join them.

“plea-se don’t kill us” Lucy said begging and I heard a knock on the door.

“Who is that” I asked.

“It’s Maxwell” the voice replied.

“You won’t believe who is here” I said opening the door.

“Wow, not much of work finding the two of you”Maxwell said


“plea-se Maxwell don’t kill us” Lucy said.

“Don’t kill you, after you killed Kelvin and Willy” I said.

“Am sorry about everything, I had no choice then, now am re-ady to be with you infact we could kill Derek and Maria together” Lucy said and I [email protected]£ calm.

“Are you sure you won’t betray us” I asked.

“Yes we won’t” Lucy replied

“What are you doing” Fremont asked me.

“Let’s give them a chance and if the fv¢k up we b!ow their fv¢king head” I replied whispering.


I woke up and before I could even get up from my be-d I received a call from the president of Australia.

“Good morning sir” I said.

“Good morning Mr Norman, I would like to have a word with you at my office” he said.

“I will soon be there Mr President” I said and hanged up the call.

I quic-kly dressed up and went to Maria’s room before calling my driver.

“Good morning my princess” I said.

“Good morning dad” she said.

“How was your night” I asked.

“Fine dad” she replied.

“I just want to inform you that am going to the president’s office, he asked me to come see him” I explained.

“Ok dad, take care” she said and I called my driver and he drove me to the president’s office

I walked into the president’s office.

“Good morning sir” I said.

“Good morning Mr Norman you can have a sit” the president said.

“My son Lawrence saw some pictures of your daughter and he said he wants your daughter” he said.

“He wants my daughter as how” I asked.

“He wants to marry your daughter and I promise you immediately you accept and support this you will be give the sum of 300 million dollars” the president said and I couldn’t concentrate anymore because of the money that was offered.

” It’s a done deal sir, I will talk to my daughter and tell you the outcome” I said.

“Thank you very much” he said as he shook me.


“I fv¢ked up real bad” I said to myself blaming myself for not just telling Maria how I feel about her.

“What’s wrong” Tyson asked.

“It’s about Maria, I am afraid she doesn’t accept me if I tell her how I really feel” I replied.

” I think just tell her how you really feel and let it be from your heart and hear what she will say” Tyson advised.

“Trust me son she is going to accept you” Tyson said as I was about to leave the room for Maria’s room

I knocked on the door.

“Who is that” she asked.

“It’s me Derek” I replied.

“What do you want” she asked again.

“I want to have a talk with you” I replied.

“Ok” she said as she opened the door and I entered.

“Good morning” I said as I entered the room and she was closing the door.

“Morning” she said with a unserious reaction.

“Hope you sle-pt well” I asked again.

“Yes and you” she replied.

“Same here also” I said.

“I just wanted to tell you how I really feel about you” I said going straight to the point.

“How do you feel” she asked and I was feeling kind of rejected.

” Don’t worry” I said in a sad tone as I was about to walk out of her room.

“Come back” she said.

“What” I asked.

“I know you want to tell me you love me and I would love to hear that from you” she said and I was blu-shing.

“So you re-ad my mind” I said smiling.

“Yes, so now I want to hear it from you” she said.

“Are you sure you want to hear it from me” I asked pretending.

“Yeah I would do anything to make sure you say it” she replied.

“Ok, violets are blue roses are red, my loves for you never fades and I want to be there for you everyday, every hour, every minutes and every seconds, Maria will you be the love of my life, I mean will you be my girlfriend” I said and it feels so good to get that off my che-st.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend” she said and we started hvgging.
To Be Continued.🔒
Love is in the air and what’s going to happen next when Lucy, Lisa, Fremont and Maxwell are working together😮

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