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The fight for revenge episode 12 & 13




When am sure am going to be on the same plan with Lucy and her friend the game will be more easier for me.

“We are going to follow them anywhere they go till we find a hidden place we can kill them at” I told the rest of the gang.


We have landed at the airport at Australia but have no idea why or what those strange man brou-ght us her to do.

“Now that we have arrived at Australia, can you explain why we are year” I asked.

“Your parent asked us to bring you here” one of them replied and I now know what is going on and everything now have meaning to me, they want to f0rç£ me to come and run the business in Australia.

While we were waiting a black Limo and we all entered and drove to my parents mansion.

We all entered and my mom and dad were alre-ady waiting for us in the living room.

“Oh here is our beautiful daughter” my dad said in a tone that made me angry.

“St©p, you brou-ght me here without me knowing” I said in anger but it seems he had no time to respect my opinion as usual except ma-king money.

“Who are those, who asked you to bring them here” My dad asked referring to Tyson and Derek.

“They are my friends” I replied.

“I didn’t you ask you” he said.

“We met them at Maria’s house and you ordered to bring everyone” one of his men replied his question.

“Ok you can all pick a room of your choice, Maria I and your mother will see you in our room” dad said.

I followed them into their room to hear out what they have to say.

“This is me” I said.

“Your dad is very sorry for bringing you here without your concept” mom said.

“Am really sorry my daughter, I want the best for you and from you” he said and the word were going de-ep into me and I started to feel calm.

“It’s okay mom now am with you” I said and I hvgged the both of them then mom received a call and immediately she st©pped the call she rushed and took the television remote and tune it to a news channel and they were showing video of a house that was demolished by a group of terrorists and to my surprise the house they were showing was mine.

“Mom, dad that is my house” I said in shock.

“It’s okay daughter, you can have as many houses you want here in Australia” dad told me and I appreciated him for bringing me here cause I and my friends could have been dead.

🍷 LUCY 🍷

I entered the plane and I and Lisa sat beside each other. Everything was going smoothly untill I realized that Maxwell and his gang are going to be sitting behind us. I couldn’t even close my eyes because of fear cause Maxwell is a freak, he can do anything including killing us on the plane.

So as to avoid any problem when we get off the plane have alre-ady s£nt for a taxi immediately we got to Australia to come pick us up.
We landed at the airport and I and Lisa didn’t waste any second, we ran to the taxi waiting for us and told him to start driving while Maxwell and his gang are busy trying to steal a car.

I alre-ady have a plan, I told the driver to park beside a bush so I can carry out my plan.

I strangled the taxi driver from the back seat to death and pushed him out of the car.

“What did you just do” Lisa asked shaking in fear.

“I just killed him, you have to get used to this kind of life” I replied ma-king my way to the driver seat and started driving with less speed then I realized a car is following us so I made a right turn and the car was still following us and I looked closer from the side mirror and saw Maxwell and his gang in the car.

I increased the speed and started driving to an unknown destination.


I and Tyson were staying in the same room.

“Thank you Derek” Tyson said.

“For what” I asked.

“For bringing me here” he replied.

“It’s not much of a big deal” I said.

“It is, coming to Australia is what my children have been dreaming about but now they are dead and now am living in their dream” Tyson said.

“Am here for you now” I said and gave him a ti-ght hvg.

“Thank you son” he said and it made me so happy.

🐾 LUCY 🐾

“What are we going to do now am scared of death” Lisa asked still shaking in fear.

“Check around there if you can find anything” I replied her.

“The only thing I can find here is a big spanner” she said.

“So we will find a place that has less people and st©p and am sure Maxwell will s£nd one of his gang members to come check us when we st©p so before we st©p we will bend down and when the person he s£nds brings his head to check if we are there you will wind up the [email protected] and hit so [email protected] with the spanner in his head” I explained.

“Am not sure I can do it”she said in fear.

“Then we die if you can’t do it” I said with a harsh tone.

“Ok I will do it, I don’t want to die” she said.

“Good girl” I said encouraging her.

🔪 LISA 🔪

I went into position and everything was going according to what Lucy said.

Immediately he stick his head in the car, I hit him with the spanner in the head as many time as possible and blood started dripping.

Immediately he fell Lucy reversed and run him over with the taxi car and we started driving away at full speed.




I don’t believe my eyes and what’s happening, I just helped in killing someone.

“I can’t believe it” I said out loud.

“You better believe it, you are now in the game baby girl” she told me and I couldn’t see the Lucy that had fear in her again.

Like another version of Lucy but this Lucy is much stronger and have no fear in her.

“Where are we going now” I asked.

“Anywhere safe for now and for now I mean for tonight then we relocate again” Lucy replied.


I can’t believe my eyes any longer all my guys are now down to one and I can’t do anything about it.

Fremont is the only person remaining.

“Am going to have my revenge on her and kill her by every means” Fremont said crying.

“You have to be a man bro, we have to leave here now before the cops arrive” I told Fremont petting him.

And we entered the car and started to say safe place to hide till the morning.

I woke up but this time the place has changed and the gladness in me has increased because now am with the people I want to be with, my friends and my family. That’s probably the best thing I could wish for right now.

I decided to go check on Tyson and Derek.

When I entered their room they were alre-ady awake but still lying on the be-d.

“Good morning guys” I said.

“Good morning how was your night” Tyson asked.

“My night was the best it could ever be, yours” I replied.

“Not bad also” Derek replied.

“Am sorry we couldn’t talk that much yesterday” I said.

“It’s okay” Tyson said.

“And thank you for your support about not being angry about everything” I said.

“There is nothing to be angry about” Derek said and we were continuing the conversation when dad walked in.

“Good morning dad” I said.

“Good morning my beautiful daughter” he said ma-king me blu-shing.

“Good morning sir” Derek said.

“Morning hope you sle-pt well” dad asked Derek.

“Yes sir” Derek replied.

“Go check the wardrobe and tell me the feedback” dad said and we all walked to check the wardrobe and it was filled with clothes for Derek and Tyson.

Then we saw a box that says gift for my daughter and her friends.

We opened and it is filled with three new iPhones for us.

“Wow” Tyson said.

“This is superb” Derek said opening his phone.

“Thank you so much dad” I said.

“Thank you so much sir” Derek and Tyson chorused.

“You are all welcome” Dad said and asked for a hvg from all of us and we started hvgging.

Then mom walked in.

“Let me join the [email protected]” mom said and she joined the hvgging [email protected]


slee-ping in a car in a bush was one of the craziest thing have ever done in my life.

It was so stressful and dangerous but i and Maxwell have to risk it in other to make sure we stay away from the cops and death because Lucy is now capable of doing anything.

“Good morning Maxwell” I said.

“Good morning” he replied and immediately he replied a idea popped up in my head and I decided to share it with Maxwell.

“Maxwell I have a idea” I said.

“What’s the idea” he asked anxiously.

“You know if we are going to take any revenge, we have to have ammunition” I replied.

“Yeah sure, one of the most important thing for carrying out a mission” he said.

“So why don’t we trick some police men to this place” I said.

“How are we going to do that” he asked.

“We will make a phone call with this car and when they arrive we kill them and take their guns and bullet and car” I answered.

“Woa how did you come up with that idea so fast” Maxwell said.

“I don’t know, it just popped up in my head” i said.


The hvgging [email protected] was st©pped when my dad received a call.

“What’s wrong dad” I asked when he hanged up the call.

“It’s about you” he replied.

“What about me” I asked again.

“Due to the attack on your former house I was told to come and make a public announcement that you are not dead” dad explained.

“Ok dad, take care” I said as I walked back into my room admiring the new phone cause it was from a special person.


Fremont was about to make the emergency phone call when I st©pped him.

“Wait, let’s look for something that can kill here in this car” I told Fremont and the only thing we could find was two spanners.

“This would do” I said holding one of the spanners while Fremont was holding the other one.

Fremont made the call and the police said they are on their way to the bush where we are hiding.

We made the front and backlight of the car flashing and we went ahead and hide in the bush so we could attack them from behind with a spanner when they arrive.

Few moments later the arrived and lucky for us it was only the two of them.

I and Fremont killed the two with the spanners and took their guns and bullets, we also took their smart phones and their police uniforms and we dressed like cops.

I and Fremont entered the car and we were about to drive off when I mistakenly switch on the news. I was about to switch it off then I saw Maria pictures and a man ma-king a statement that she is safe and that she is with him and her friends.

And I looked very closely and realized that the man ma-king the statement is Maria’s dad.

I was so happy because I can now know where Derek and Maria is and the mission will be much easier.

“Maria we are coming for you” i said and started the car engine immediately.
To Be Continued.🔒
Looks like it’s getting interesting😮

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