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The fight for revenge episode 10 &11




“Maria” he said.

“Derek” I also said and I didn’t know when we started hvgging.

“Come inside” he said politely and I entered the place.

“What brings you here”he asked.

“Am here to talk to the owner of this house” I replied him

“Let me go and get him for you” Derek said and went inside and [email protected]£ back with a man, I think the man should probably be his father cause they look kind of familiar.

“How may I help you” the young man asked.

“Am Maria and this land is my father’s property so am here to claim the land ” I replied nicely.

“What do you mean, I bought this land 12 years ago and am sure it’s my land, I don’t give room for that” The man said while is voice was getting raised.

“I mean my father is the owner of this land sir and here is the proof” I said and showed him the proof and he [email protected]£ speechless.

“Tyson what are we going to do know” Derek asked the young man whose name seems to be Tyson.

“Derek I don’t know, all is over, I have no family and have no where to go” Tyson cried out.

“You could stay at my place” I said.

“Really that will be great, thank you so much” Derek said thanking me.

“It’s okay, can we get going now, just bring the important things and everything else will be provided for you in my house”I said and walked out to stand on my car waiting for their arrival with their things.

And then Derek [email protected]£ outside with not bags or luggages.

“Where are your stuff” I asked.

“I have none” Derek replied smiling.

“Thanks for another opportunity” he said.

“It’s all okay, who knows we would ever meet again” I said emotionally.

“It’s fate” Derek said and I sighted Mr Tyson coming out with a bag.

I opened the boot for him and he dropped his bag and sat down in the car while Derek sat beside me.


In few minutes time we arrived at her house.

I was wondering how a young girl could have an amazing house like this, it’s not even longer a house it’s a mansion and it’s really amazing.

Also she has a cool collection of cars.

“You have an amazing house miss” I said complementing her as she helped my bag out of her boot.

“Thank you sir” she said.

We all walked into the house and I was surprised to find a small girl like this own this type of mansion but nothing seems to amaze Derek like he was prepared for this or something.

“Here is your room sir” she said and showed me my room and I entered.

I checked around and it is also amazing, the bathroom and everything is dope.

This house will worth millions of dollars. But I just have to feel at home and enjoy everything.


“Thanks for giving me another opportunity” I told Maria again while we were in here room.

“Why did you sudden leave me, bad things could almost happened” she said.

“Am sorry, am back now and when you mean bad things almost happened, what do you mean exactly, explain in details” I asked.

“I was almost [email protected]£d at the new bar and h0tel that was being opened at the fighting arena” she said and everything started confusing me cause that was the day I saved someone there.

“But I saved a lady there that same day, could it be you I saved” I asked her.

“Maybe, cause I was drun!kand didn’t see anything including the person that saved me on that fateful day” she replied.

“Am going to my room” I said and stood up and started walking.

“I like you too” I said and shut the door.


It’s time for mission we were all re-ady for revenge, the new van was re-ady and the ammunition was re-ady.

We drove down to the address.

“Fremont you stay with the wheel while I, Willy and Kelvin go inside the house” I said and we broke our way into the house but it looks dry, like no one was living there.

“Check everywhere”I ordered and Willy and Kelvin went to different sides of the house and [email protected]£ back telling me no people in the house.

“If we can’t find them then let’s destroy this place” I said and we started shooting and destroying everything.

Then we started hearing police siren.

“Let’s move” I said and we rushed into the van and drove back to the warehouse.

“This is bull$h!t” I said as we were all settled at the warehouse.

“I know why it happened” Willy said coming to show the the cl!pof how they entered a car and drove off in the girl car and the girl looked familiar.

“Zoom in to the face of the girl” I said and he zoomed in and it was who I guessed it was. Maria.

“I know where she lives, she is probably taking them to her house” I said.

“Before 12pm tomorrow we will go bur-st her house” I said.

I heard loud knock on the sitting room door and Tyson and Derek were also awake.

We all walked to the sitting room together, I opened the door and they were men in black.

“Step back Maria” Derek said.

“What do you want” Derek asked the people in black but they didn’t reply.

“Who are you and what to do want” Derek asked them again.

“You are all going with us” one of them finally said.

“No we are not going anywhere” we all chorused.

“Do you want to do it the easy way or the [email protected] way, but i will advise we do it the easy way” one of them said again.

“I don’t care which ever way you want, we are not going anywhere” Tyson said and the four of them di-p their hands in their pockets.

And I was scared that they will bring out a gun but instead brou-ght out a nose mask and a can filled with some sort of [email protected] then they started using it on us and I didn’t know what happened, I just blacked out.



When I regained consciousness I could see we were in a plane and I was wondering what was happening.

“Where are we going and what do you want” I asked but none of the men seems to reply and the funniest thing is that we were the only people on the plane.

I was asking series of questions but none of them were answered.

“30 minutes to destination” the pilot said.

“Where are we heading to” I asked but no answer again and I checked on Derek and Tyson but they weren’t awake yet.

Since there iss no answer to my questions I decided to keep quiet and watch what is going to happen and where we are going to arrive at.

🐾 LUCY 🐾

I was worried I loss contact with Derek, he wasn’t jogging any longer, I told all my friends about it and if they have any information about Derek they should contact me but none of them seems to have any information about him.

I just wish to see my handsome man again with me in my hands.

I was lost in thought when I received a call from Lisa.

“Hi Lisa” I said with a dull tone.

“How you doing” she asked.

“Am not alright, I can’t get Derek off my mind” I replied her also with a dull tone.

“That’s why I called, I was told by one of my friends that Maxwell and his gangs are the one that are terrorising the city and he also told me Maxwell and his gangs might be after Derek and he also thinks Derek is out of the city” Lisa said.

“Oh thanks, what’s the name of that your friend and s£nd his address” I said.

“His name is Nicholas, I will s£nd his address to you bye” Lisa said and in few seconds time I received the address.

I dressed up so as to go and tell and show Maxwell the bad thing he has done and caused and put a small knife in my back pocket in order to protect myself in case anything happens.

I drove to his house but he wasn’t there and I knew he will be in his warehouse with his gang.

I entered and walked up to Maxwell where he was cleaning a gun.

“What the fv¢k are you doing here” he asked as he sighted me and he stood up.

“To have a talk with you beast” I replied harshly.

“Talk bit-ch I don’t have time for you” he said.

“Do you know what you caused, you s£nt Derek away with your terrorism act, the love of my life, you s£nt him away” I said.

“And so” he said and the phrase made me so angry and [email protected] him so [email protected] immediately and got the rest of the gang attention.

“Tie her up” Maxwell commanded and they tied me to a chair and my phone started ringing.

Maxwell brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and he picked up the call and put it on Loud speaker and f0rç£d me to talk to the person but I don’t know the person that was calling cause the number is an unknown number.

“Hi who is this”I said pretending everything is alright.

“Am Nicholas, Lisa introduced me to you and I just want to tell you in details that Maxwell and his gang are after Derek, I just confirmed but they don’t know he is alre-ady on his way to Australia, I hacked Into all the CCTV [email protected]£ra in the city and he was followed by some man in Black suit and it seem he was kidnapped” Nicholas said.

“Thanks for the information” I said and Maxwell hanged up the call and he saw Nicholas address on my phone.

“Change of plan everyone, we are going to that Nicholas house and Willy stay here and watch Lucy” Maxwell said while he, Kelvin and Fremont went out of the warehouse.

“Stay here, I will be back” Willy said as he walked out of the warehouse and I thought this is the best opportunity to bring out the small knife and used it to get myself free.

I stood up with the small knife with me hoping Willy comes in any minute so I can stab him.

I hide at a corner of the warehouse and immediately he entered I stabbe-d him from the back and blood started to gush out.

“OMG did I just kill someone” I said in fear as my hands were filled with blood.

I picked up one of the handkerchief I found on of of the tables to clean my hand.

I picked the pen and paper I saw on the table and wrote ‘game on’ on the paper and put it on Willy’s b©dy and I took some of their ammunition and picked up my phone and drove straight to Lisa’s house.

“Lisa we have to go now” I said immediately I entered her house.

“Go where” she asked.

“Out of the city, maybe Australia” I replied.

“Why” she asked.

“I will explain in the car” I said and dragged her to the car and we drove to the airport.

We were unlucky at the airport cause the next flight to Australia is going to be by 7pm in the night but I think it’s still safe here in the airport cause there is security and police men everywhere.


“Now that Nicholas is out, let’s go get rid of Lucy” I said and we drove off to the warehouse.

But when I entered the warehouse I met Willy dead and a paper that says game on.

“What the heck happened, Lucy must have killed him” Fremont said.

“Go prepare, we are going to Australia” I said and drove to the airport with Kelvin and Fremont, when we arrived at the airport we were told the next flight is by 7pm at night then we decided to go wait then I looked at the person beside me and it is Lucy.

“Looks like the game is starting soon” I said smiling evilly.
To Be Continued.🔒
What just happened, looks like Lucy is going to be the hero 😮

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