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The fight for revenge episode 1




Angela has always been the back bone of Derek. They were like the undetachable siblings.

Angela was in her early twenties while Derek was just eighteen years old.

Their journey started when their parents died in a car accident living only the two of them to start struggling to live.

Derek didn’t do anything much, angel has always been the one bringing the food to the table for both of them cause she is the oldest so she is probably doing her responsibility.

They have always say it’s only death that can separate two close thing and this happened to Angela and left Derek alone.

But there is always a feeling that they are connected.

🍀 Derek 🍀

“No, I can’t believe my eyes, Angela is dead” I chroused severally as the beautiful moments we spent together kept flashing in my [email protected] and I felt everything was over.

” I must have my revenge no matter what happens, I will have my revenge and makes sure they pay for what they have done” I said loudly as bitter tears was flowing down my face.

” I have to be a man” I said to myself to motivate myself.

I carried her b©dy dug a hole and buried her.

” Bye forever Angela” I said still crying as I left the venue of the action.

I started walking aimlessly not knowing where to go exactly then o saw a man giving people flyers and I knew he was probably advertising a product or service so I decided to walk over to him.

When I got to him he handled one of the flyers over to me and the flyer was containing how you can make money by fighting.

I decided to try it out so maybe i could get money to feed myself for tonight and maybe get an accommodation for tonight.

I entered the place and it was filled with one wild crazy fans they were many and crazy to place their bet.

I registered my name but I still have to wait till the pres£nt match is over before its my turn so I decided to watch the pres£nt match and there was a hell of beating going on inside that ring.

And the match was over within few minutes and it was my turn I re-moved my shi-t and entered the ring.

My opponent was a very hvge person and fear started to grow within me but I believed I can do it.

“Grrrrrrrr” the bell that signal the start of the match sounded.

At first there was no much action going on Inside the ring, the only action was performed by me and that is jumping around the ring.

I finally thought it was the best time to strike we I was at his back and I punched him [email protected] at his back and I could feel the pain.

I thought I was winning then I saw him look back with his eyes all red and he threw a angry look at me.

The last thing I saw was his fist coming for my face.

I woke up and the venue looked different, it was a type of flashing area with things that look like ghosts running around really fast.

I couldn’t st©p any to ask what was going on, then before I could blink twice everything started to slow down and bad memories started flashing inside my head.

Then I walked forward a little and the next thing I saw was Angela my late sister struggling or battling with something paining her then I heard a loud scream.

And I woke up and realized everything was a dream but it [email protected]£ more stranger when I met myself in a strange area and I saw a strange man beside looking like one of the fighters I say previously in the day.

” Who are you” I asked anxiously while breathing heavily due to the effect the nightmare had on me.

“Am one of the fighters you saw earlier tonight, why were you there, you are not re-ady for this” the man said.

” I knew I know you somewhere but I couldn’t figure where but now I know” I said ignoring the question asking what I was doing at the fighting place.

“I said what were you doing there” he asked again.

“Am there to make money to survive” I replied with a harsh tone.

” Then get out of here and go and make the damn money you are here to make ” the man said in a harsh tone.

” Am so sorry” I said regretting the way I replied him.

” It’s okay, give me some minutes I will be back” he said as he walked out of the room but the thing that kept me wondering was the fact that I don’t know who he is or where I am so I decided to ask him.

Few minutes later, he [email protected]£ back with a cup filled with brownish liquid inside.

” Drink this it will make you heal better ” the man said and handling over the cup to me and added a strict warning to me that I shouldn’t spill it and he went and start on the chair in front of the small table at the corner of the room.

The brownish liquid was so bitter I had no choice than to spill the first sip I took.

” Try closing your eyes and allow it to gush into your throat” the man said without even looking at me.

I tried it and during the time I was drinking it, it wasn’t bitter but my mouth started getting bitter after I finished drinking it.

” Where am I” I asked.

” My [email protected] of course” he replied me still concentrating on what he was doing.

“What’s your name plea-se” I asked him nicely.

” Am Tyson and you” he replied looking at me and now paying more attention.

“Derek, nice meeting you” I said.

” You are not going to be fighting again” the man said which made me a little bit angry.

“What the fv¢k are you talking about, how do you fv¢king expect me to live and survive and even feed myself, you must be kidding me” I said with a rising tone.

“Tomorrow morning am going to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, he owns a restaurant and he nee-ds some server and he is going to pay you 100 bucks per day” he said and the statement made me so happy I jumped up from the be-d and went to give him a very ti-ght hvg.

Like he was the father I never had.
~The Following Morning~

I woke up in Tyson’s [email protected] feeling great and re-ady for what life brings to me.

I did all the necessary things and it’s the best time for me to start heading to the restaurant I want to start working in.

I collected the address from Tyson and started the little journey to the restaurant. I was filled with gladness.

I decided to p[email protected] a alley which was a shortcut to the restaurant. I shined my teeth as I walked throu-gh the alley due the gladness in my heart.

Then I was st©pped by a group of teens about my age and I could s-en-se danger but I didn’t care.

“What do you want” I asked from them.

“Guess what am here to give you something, eat my fist” one of them who seems to the their leader said and tried to punch me in the face but I dodged then I knew it was the moment to prove what am capable of doing.

I started beating the person who seems to be the leader and the others joined the fight. O couldn’t handle the six of them and they started bulling me.

They started beating the hell out of me and I was helpless and no hope for survival and one more kick on my back took me out and everything faded black.
I regained consciousness and all of them were gone and was wondering how Tyson knew I was here.

“Where are they” I asked Tyson as I was getting on my feet.

” I took care of them now go and make me proud by getting the job” Tyson said and u started running to the restaurant.

I made the sign of the cross before I could enter the restaurant.

“Am Mr Carrick the owner of this restaurant, you must be Derek, Tyson was talking about you” a man said as he me enter the restaurant.

“Yes sir” I replied politely.

“Okay just go back there and you will see your colleagues they will put you throu-gh the working process” Mr Carrick said.

” Okay sir” I said as I was walking hoping my colleagues welcomes me and I was right they were the welcoming one.

They were four in number, two were cooking and two were serving. Their names are Austin, Maria, Flora, and Johnny. It seems I like the guy Johnny and I would love if he could be a friend of mine.

But it’s time to work, it’s my first service and am to serve for a girl which requested a spaghetti and she is sitting on table 02.

I carried the spaghetti and I couldn’t keep my eyes off a lady sitting on table 03 while walking throu-gh the tables.

The next thing, i didn’t know when I got the spaghetti on Mr Carrick.

I think my first day at job is going to be my last day.
To Be Continued.🔒

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