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Single dad episode 9 & 10


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 9 💫

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry plea-se.”
I soon realized what I had done. Spitting out the contents from my mouth to her face was never my intention.

I stared at her ruined dress and felt more bad.

“It’s okay” she brou-ght out a kerchief and began to wipe her face.

“I’m really sorry about the mess. It’s just that I never really expected you to say that. I mean, we’ve been friends for long and you’ve never mentioned anything about them. Or even ask about them either. So I got sort of ermm..”

I paused, coughing a little.

“It’s no big deal David. I just want to get to know them”


Fvck! It’s definitely a big great deal!!! A big deal I must admit. It’s so not easy for me to make out time and be with kids.. but I got to do this.
At least for the Feelings I have for him.

If I get to be very close with his kids, like Nora had adviced, I think I might easily get a chance to be with him..

I so much yearn for a chance with David and I’d do anything to go to that extent.

“You sure you wanna meet them?”
He asked again… Looking so unsure.

“Yeah,m. I mean it” I nodded.

Why does he keeps asking that? I’m dead serious about it and I mean every word.

Even if I don’t like kids, I just wanna pretend I like them. In order to win their hearts so I can have my way with their Dad.

From what I’ve noticed, he has so much affection towards his kids and it’s literally taking his time that he doesn’t even bother to get a new wife.

The hell?.
He’s still too young and full of life.
That little man standing between his legs surely nee-ds attention. And David don’t have to neglect it.

“It’s okay. I’d really appreciate you meet them.. they will definitely be Happy to see you”
He flashed me S-xy a smile.. revea-ling his White teeth.

I smiled back and continued with my food.


“They will definitely not be Happy to see her!!!” I half-yelled to my best friend Mark. Who sat with me in my office.

“Seriously Man. I don’t get the reason why you’re freaking out. She just wanna see them and know them.. that’s worth something don’t you think?”

Yeah. It’s worth something..

I sighed out..” she’s actually the first lady friend to make such request. So it’s definitely worth something” I breathe [email protected]

“Then Relax…”

“I can’t mark. My kids… They’re not gonna be so happy with it.” I pointed out.

“How sure are you about that? They haven’t met her yet so you can’t possibly jump into conclusions”

“My kids don’t wanna see me around women or anything on Sk-irts..” I spoke out with so much worry.

“Seriously David.. you nee-d to start thinking about yourself for once! St©p worrying about your kids.. you and I know that as a man with four children, it’s not easy… You nee-d @ssistance..

You can’t possibly handle them all by yourself.. don’t you think it’s time to start thinking of getting yourself a girlfriend? You surely nee-d one bro”

The aspect of me nee-ding an @ssistant, Mark’s definitely right.. he’s ma-king s-en-se..

I’ve been too busy with kids and alongside I forget about myself.. I can’t do this alone. It’s so frustrating!

I have seen hell these past nine months without Mariah and it hasn’t been easy.

“You’re kinda right in all of these Buddy. But I can’t help to think how my kids will feel about this decision.. you know them so well so I guess you know what I mean”

Mark took a de-ep breath and adjusted himself a little on his seat.

” They won’t like the idea, but in time they’ll adjust. Trust me” he @ssured.

And I gave in with a smile.

“Yeah, they will..”

“David don’t act or feel bad about this . Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.
Alicia has shown interest in your kids, that’s a first step in knowing a good woman who can take care of the kids with you.

Alicia likes you alot and you know it. Why not try things out with her. The kids will come around”

He [email protected] me and I felt a little relieved.

Mark my best friend has a way of ma-king me feel better.

Just so you know, Mark is also a father of a sweet baby girl. Same age with Noel I think.. or I guess she’s seven.

“So how’s Karen?” I asked.

Mark’s a single dad too. He’s been having issues with Karen’s mom… His girlfriend.. Ella.

To me, I think Ella’s done with Mark but as you have it.. my friend still loves her Alot and he isn’t re-ady to move on. He’s been single ever since while taking care if the child she bore him.. still waiting for the day Ella would come back to him and her daughter. Karen.

Ella most times comes to pay a visit to Karen. She doesn’t talk much with Mark and my best friend still acts like everything is okay… But de-ep down, I know he’s hurting and he seriously wants her back.

“She’s okay.. she has been looking for an opportunity to come spend time with your kids during weekends. But I seriously don’t want to add to your stress cause I know janietta and your stubborn Noel are alre-ady good in pla-ying that [email protected]
He chuckled slightly..

He does know my kids too well.

“They are a handful… I’ll definitely think over what we just discussed.. and I’ll see what to do about it. Who knows, you might be right about Alicia. She may be the right person for this”.


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre: [email protected]ç£😍, Comedy 😂, Suspense 😳🙀

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

Episode 10


I gawked at him with my mouth agape.
For real? Like he wants me to be their Cook.

“Huh?” I arched like I didn’t hear what he just said.

“Y-yes. I’m serious. Babysit my kids and be our cook too. I’ll pay you enough to take care of yourself and your Mom.”

He spoke out again.

I blinked my eyes continously. Take care of myself and Mom?. Isn’t this a great offer?…

He stared at me with so much suspense. Waiting for a reply from me.
The look on his face thinks I’m gonna reject his offer.

Like hell?

“Even if it’s just to be your house cleaner, I’ll definitely do it. So far it fetches me money for my mom’s medication and my upkeep.”
I smiled feeling so excited.

“No fvcking way!” He grinned. Exhaling de-eply.

“You didn’t expect me to decline such wonderful offer did you?” I smiled again.

“Geez! I thought you’d never cons£nt to it”

“No. I’m re-ady to do anything. Babysitting your kids will be wonderful. I’ve never babysit any kid once. But I bet with your kids, it’s gonna be fun.”
I squiled in happiness.

“Yeah right. I hope so too” he said un-der his breath.
As if in doubt.

I ignored that and continued.

“When do I start?”

“Anytime… Tomorrow. But first, I nee-d to tell my kids so I won’t take them unawares. And you, you have to arrange your things properly. Cause you’ll be living with us” He spoke out.

My countenance instantly dropped.

“Live with you?”

“Yes.. or is there something wrong with that?”

“No.. not at all. It’s just that I can’t leave my mom all alone in her condition….and…”
I st©pped. Letting out a tired sigh.

“It’s fine. It’s okay. I’ll start right away with whatever condition.”

“Okay then… I’ll hear from you tomorrow.. I’ll come pick you up at your place in the morning” Mr David retorted

“But you don’t even know where I…

“I’ll take you home once we’re done with lunch”

With that said, he dug his fork into his meal and started his food.

I was about to object.. but I literally saw no reason to.

He just said what he’s gonna do. Besides, it’ll save my T-fare.

I shut my thoughts and continued with my food.


She la-id in her room that sunny afternoon. Her two siblings outside pla-ying by the side of the pool.

She chosed not to join them. She doesn’t want to join them. It brings back memories…

Memories of Mariah… Her late mother.

Her mom used to take her to the pool side for swimming lessons. Her mom would fl!pher tiny feets inside the water with her little hands clutching her wrist so ti-ght in fear.

She would scream out loud. Feeling the wavy- current with so much fear. But there was always that sweet voice there to calm her.

‘Relax Annie’….

*Annie* that’s what her mom always called her. No one except her mom had the right to call her that. The sound of that name alone could calm the storm in her heart.

Now she misses that sweet calm voice. She misses her mom so much. There’s no day that [email protected] that she wouldn’t Miss her. She miss her t©uçh, her scent, food, care and be-dtime stories… Even her songs too.

Her mom would sing her a Lullaby anytime she found it [email protected] to sleep. Her mom was a sweet woman. A caring one who’d give up anything at all just to see her Happy.

Waves of memories crashing get head.

Anything she does. Everything in the house reminds her of mom.

She was never there to say Goodbye.
Though she visited during her stay at the hospital before delivery day.

Her mom’s mood was so bright that she never suspected a thing.

She’s just a little girl. Who never thought death could be so cruel.😔

She remembered her mom telling her during one of her visits to always look after her dad and siblings.

She never knew what mom meant by that.

But now she knows. And the thought of it alone makes her sad.

She has clinged to that word till now.
She’ll always look after her dad and siblings…
She won’t give anyone a room to make a mess of them. No Lady ❌

Cause no one can take the place of their mom in their home.

🎀 EVENING:::: Family Dinner 🎀

The family sat together as usual for dinner. U stared at my kids..
Junior was alre-ady asleep in his room.
And Kayla, is sitted here close to Noel who kept eating from her portion of food.

“Daddy!! Noel is ..

“Noel eat your own food and leave Kayla’s alone. Isn’t that enough for you”..

I cut Kayla off… I knew exactly what her complaint was gonna be.

“It is. But Kayla’s is way too heavy for her. I’m just trying to help” he said in with an innocent face.

“Keep your help to yourself” Kayla stucked out her ton-gue for him and he stucked his ton-gue out too.

” Table Manners!” I said un-der my breath… And they st©pped.

Giving themselves a scornful look.

Hmph. I ignored them and stared at janietta who sat queitly amongst us.

She isn’t herself today. She had ba-rely t©uçhed her food and I wonder why?

“Janie… What’s the problem? You are ba-rely eating” I asked and she breathe out.

“I’m fine”

I stared long at her and watched her di-p a lit of her food into her mouth.
She isn’t herself Today. I wonder what the problem is.

Who offended her? Did now or Kayla do anything?
I won’t be so sure though. Janietta knows how to handle her younger ones when I’m not around and if there was any complaint, my Kayla would have told me.

Well that aside.
I’m gonna break the news to them about their new cook and babysitter.

We are having a peaceful Dinner and nothing can possibly go wrong.

“Hmmmm kids I have good news” I gave out a smile.

“What’s it daddy? You got me a new Cinderella toy?” Kayla cut in

“No no.! You got me a skateboard. You know I’ve always wanted a skateboard” noel added.. looking excited.
But I shook my head negatively at their guesses.

“Then what is it?” Noel asked. Eager to hear what I have to say.

“Well… I– I’ve found for you guys.. your Babysitter and cook”
Suprised eyes stared speechlessly at me.

“And who’s that?” Noel arched.

“Rosiana… The lady from a week ago”
I rolled out her name and janietta gave A frustrating sigh as she dropped her spoon and walked out of the dinning.

“Jan— janietta” I tried calling her back

Too late,.. she alre-ady ran into her room and ban-ged the door shut.


TBC 🚶🏻‍♀️😐😐

Janietta 😪😪

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