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Single dad episode 7 & 8


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Written by Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 7💫


I got home that evening looking so stressed out. I had to prepare varieties of food for David’s kids to last them dinner and perhaps breakfast and lunch.

I did it to reduce David’s stress.. besides I couldn’t wait for him to return. I know he promised to repay me my money which he made me loose but, I just couldn’t wait.

My mom is sick and she nee-ds me by her side. I alre-ady checked on her in the room when I [email protected]£ back and she’s still slee-ping.

I don’t really know what’s wrong with her. She’s constantly sick and we do not have enough money to take her to the hospital for test.

With the little money I can afford, I buy her medicines from chemist to relieve her pains and treat her to get better for some time.

It hurts so much that I have little or no money to ty care of her. I’m her only child and all responsibilities rests ony shoulders.

Now the only thing I managed to do to get little savings just got thwarted. Dean fired me this morning and insisted on a second chance if only I sleep with him.

He wants me on his be-d and also made a promise that if I do it, he would take care of my mom’s hospital bills till she gets Well.

I bluntly refused countless if times and that’s why he never considered anything when he fired me.

I had told my mom once about his proposal but she sternly warned against it. She warned me not to by any cir¢vmstance sell myself to that ‘pig’ … A name she had called him.

I had to tell my mom about it cause I was feeling selfish for not doing something about her condition.

I felt guilty and I had to tell her. But she went against such decision and even adviced me to quit the job.
I didn’t listen. I mean, there was no possible way to earn a living if I quit the job.

But now, it’s lost. And I wonder what will become of me.

Still whirling myself in my thoughts, my phone suddenly Buzzed. I picked it up and checked the ID

“Vickie” I smiled as I picked it.

“Babe what’s up? ” She spoke out.

“Not so good you know, ” I sighed out tiredly.

“You sound so tired. Hope you’ aren’t still thinking of what Dean did?” She sounded so concerned.

“I’m just confused Vickie. Dean’s Restaurant was the only place I got meager savings. Especially from the customers. I don’t really know what to do now. I think it’s time I look for another job. Even If not as a cook, as a cleaner or anything… I’m good to go”

I reduced my voice. I don’t really want my mom to hear me. She might be awake now.

“Cleaner? Are you sure you okay with such a job?” She asked.

I could s-en-se the doubt in her voice.

“I’m okay with anything. So far it fetches me something. Anything at all to take care of Mama. ”
I stated. Almost in tears.

“Okay.. if it’s what you want. I think I can help you with that.”

“Oh really! I love you so much Vickie..” I quic-kly wiped off my teary face..

“Eewww! Save that for your b©yfri£nd!” She sounded disgusted and I laughed out.

“Not like I have any. Stupid!” I scoffed tea-singly.

“It’s high time you get yourself one.. you know” she sounded serious.

“I know, when the time comes” I rolledy eyes

“You’re twenty four. Rosiana.. when is the he Time gonna come?” She drawled my name.

“You’re an @ssh0le!” I poked myl-ips and she roared out in laughter.

“Night. Night” she whispered and ended the call.

A smile stretched on myl-ips as I placed the phone back on the chair.
Vickie is definitely one in a million.

“When were you planning to tell me you lost your job”
I heard Mama’s voice from the room-door and it startled me.

I swiftly turned to face her and saw her standing frailly. The sickness reallyade her look older than her age.

“It’s nothing mom” I stood up and walked over to her

“Dean fired me and yes, I’ll start a hunt for a new job okay”

I placed a k!sson her hair and led her back into the room.

I don’t want her to worry about anything.


“Just one more spoon”… Janietta instructed as the three of them watched me dish out some food that night for myself.

I stared at them in puzzlement and they stared Back with all seriousness.

I’m so hungry and they don’t want me to take enough food to my fill.
They are here monitoring me as my dish out.

“C’mon guys why are you doing this to me? .. I’m so hungry” I stared at them looking so frustrated.

“That’s the thing Dad! You’re so hungry and we don’t want you to eat up everything.” Janietta replied.

“We nee-d to save for tomorrow. And maybe next” she added.

“Janietta’s right. Good food are [email protected] to come by. Especially in this house. That’s why we tryna preserve.” Noel spoke out and my mouth dropped in shock.

“But I could cook for you guys tomorrow.. I’ve been the one cooking”
I stared at the trio who stared Back at me with their arms akimbo.

“But your food isn’t as good as Rosiana’s own daddy” Kayla replied me as I felt like a clown.

“Kayla! Seriously?? Even you??” I [email protected]

“That’s the truth. Rosiana is really a nice cook. She made enough food and it’s so so delicious and we don’t want you to eat as much……….. Or wait..🤨🤔”
Noel paused. Smiling at his sisters.

No! No! No!…
I know that devilish smile Noel…. An evil idea just struck him and I do not want any of it.

“Whatever you’re thinking Noel , you better not say it…”

I spoke out in a threatening tone.
But as you have it, My kids never listens to me😩

🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 8 💫


I stared at him with so much suspense until he finally spoke out.

“Daddy…” He walked towards me.

“Why not cook for yourself tonight. And keep this portion for us. So you can eat to your fill. It’ll be okay that way.”
He stated clearly.

What? I paused.
Thinking about what he just said. It won’t be a bad idea either. I get to eat enough.. and not this little food with how hungry I’m feeling.

I stared Back at the three suspiciously.

“No one gets to taste my food when I’m done”.

“We won’t.” They chorused.

“You guys don’t actually like my food do you?” I asked as they shooked their head simultaneously.

“No one liked it. But why did you guys keep up with it.? You could have just told me”
They can’t possibly be serious!

“Not like we have a choice.” Noel answered …. And my face dropped.

“Fine! No problem at all. From now on, you guys get to cook for yourselves. .. since my efforts aren’t appreciated.”

“Okay fine. We are sorry. We were only trying to catch some fun. Your food is the best ever”

A small smile stretched on myl-ips.

“Okay.. since my food is the best and the Three of you are okay with it. What do you say then? I dish out enough for myself to eat and cook for us tomorrow”

“What? Dad!” Janietta skrie-ked.

“No! No! No!” They chorused.

“But you just said my food is the best..”

“Yes it’s actually the best. But we don’t like your kind of ‘Best’ Food.”

Noel spoke out sharply. Stressing the ‘Best’

I stared at them with a *Don’t worry look*
And then di-pped a spoonful into my mouth.

Oh! I chewed on the food and tasted the flavors. This is so good.. I [email protected] ed out a little to the yummy taste and took another spoon.

I can’t really seem to get enough of it.

In a quest to take another spoonful, my eyes suddenly met with their piercing gaze and i muttered a ‘sorry’ to them and dropped the plate.

Wishing myself more of the food.

I drank a cup of water and wiped off my mouth as I withdrew some eggs and a loaf of bre-ad from the storage-shelf.

Let me prepare myself enough to eat tonight.

☃️ Next Morning ☃️

“Wake up Dad! We gonna be late for school !” Noel shouted into my ears as I la-id numb on the be-d.

My ears re-echoed his words and waved of headache eloped me.

“Dad junior is crying.. he nee-ds a change of diaper” Janietta ran into my room with a crying junior and placed him close to me on the be-d and Junior’s deafening cries almost had my head pu-lling off.

“Seriously???!” I cried out.
“Can’t I for once in my life have a good morning rest”
The words [email protected]£ out from my mouth like a teary-tone.

“Daddy! I want to pee” Kayla ran to my be-dside.. raising up her nightie with just her [email protected] on.

I stared angrily at her.. she wants to pee? Don’t she know the way to the toilet?

“Pee on yourself” I hissed out.
“Okay. ” She Nodded. And like an obe-dient child, she re-leased those h0t liquids and it freely flowed to the ground.

“Kayla!!” I shouted and she j£rked back I’m fear.

“But you told me'” she pouted. Almost in tears.

I ran my hand throu-gh my hair sitting upright on the be-d.
I stared at crying junior and then to her who later joined in the crying competition.

“Who’s gonna clean that up huh?”

“Definitely not me” janietta shrugged. Walking out of the room.

“Me neither” Noel added and walked out too.

“Seriously guys!” I shouted as they left..

“I’m definitely gonna get you guys a nanny one of these days” I said aloud and I guess they didn’t hear me. If not, another heated argument would have ensued.

I stared breathlessly at Kayla and then to junior. I just don’t know what to do with them.🤦🏼‍♂️

☃️ Lunch at Workplace ☃️

My eyes were still heavy and almost poking out it’s socket as I sat there alone eating my lunch.

I’m so tired and all I want now is a little break for a nap. But that can’t be possible on a busy day, can it?

“Hello handsome”

I stared up and I saw Alicia standing before me with her tray of food. She placed it on my table.

“How you doing Alicia” I asked. Digging my fork into my food.

“I’m good. What’s up? You look stressed”

“Is it that obvious?” I dropped my spoon and focused on her.
How did she know I’m stressed out? It must really be obvious.

“Yeah.. I’m so tired right now. My morning was so hectic. The kids and all” I waved off the words from my mouth. Sounding seriously tired.

“Oh. I see” she paused and then smiled a little.

“David, how are your kids like?”

She asked and I st©pped chewing on my food.. quic-kly taken aback by such question.

My kids? Huh! They are a thick pain I’m the As$. Kill’joys. Annoying! Call them parasites… Or anything worth trouble.

“They are so lovely'” I replied instead with a fake smile.

Picking my [email protected] cup of water and began gulping down it’s content.

“That’s interesting. I want to meet them”..

Wait. What?
She suddenly spoke out… Causing the water to choke me as I unintentionally spat out everything to her face.


😂😂😂😂…. David and his children ehnn.. cat and rat😂

So Alicia wants to meet them abi 😂😹..
Issokay 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

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