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Single dad episode 32 & 33


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£😍 Comedy 😂 Suspense 😳🙀

Written By Angel Louis

💋 Episode 32 💋


I woke up the next morning and found myself on the be-d. I remember falling asleep on the couch. How did I get here? Or is there a possibility I must have walked here?

“Good Morning Ana”

I turned to see him standing straight at the door.

“G-good morning David. I didn’t know you were there” I stuttered, dabbing my eyes to clear my blurred vision.

“No qualms. Guess you were wondering how you got to your room last night huh?” He asked with a straight smile.

Hell yeah, how did he know?

“Y-yeah. I remember falling asleep on the couch and..

“I brou-ght you here. Last night” he cut in.

Seriously? He carried me here?

“Thanks” I mustered out. Feeling a little shy and surprised.

“So how you feeling this morning? Your leg? Hope it doesn’t hurt that much?”

“Huhmm… No. I feel much better today” I replied staring out the window. It’s really bright this morning or did I wake up late?

“Where are your kids Mr— sorry. David. Are they re-ady for school. Hope it’s not too late to make breakfast” I rushed out, pu-lling out the duvet from my b©dy.

“No nee-d to worry. I alre-ady dropped them at school” he spoke out causing my mouth to drop open.

“Did I sleep that much? I’m really sorry I di–.

“It’s fine. You were soundly asleep and j didn’t want to bother you. So I did everything myself. Besides, you nee-ded rest” he cut in with a smooth smile.

So sweet of him to think so well of me. I blu-shed a little at that thought. He’s definitely sweet.

“What about work sir? Won’t you be going to work today?” I asked again.

He c0cked his head a little at my question and then shook a No for an answer.

“No work today or????—

“I have something to finish up at home. I’ll resume tomorrow. Any problem with that??”

He seemed a little tensed at my question and I didn’t know why or if I had said anything to spike him.

“Huh? No not at all, besides Dr Mike said he’ll be coming around today ”

“I’m aware” he looked away and then grumbled something un-der his breath ..

“I’ll leave you to freshen up. When you’re done, come out for your breakfast” with that, he walked out of sight

He even made breakfast. That’s great.

I sat up on my be-d giving out a stretchy yawn. I reached for my small clock closely placed by my be-dside. Holy moly it’s nine fifteen alre-ady.

Jeez! Can’t believe I sle-pt that late and Dr Mike might even be on his way alre-ady.

How the hell did I fall so de-ep asleep? I rushed into my inner bathroom, washed my mouth and pu-ll-ed off into the bathtub.


After the movie ended last night, I switched off the TV. Ana still la-id with Kayla on the couch slee-ping. I leaned forward and carried my little girl from her [email protected] and then took her to her room.

I [email protected]£ back and met Ana still in her slee-ping position. I tapped a little on her shoulder,she sighed out but didn’t make a move to get up.

This time,her hair was covering a [email protected] of her face which made it difficult to have a clearer view. So I used my thumb to faintly push aside those tiny strands.

She looks really cute. Her face was perfectly curved by angels. her lashes long and dark, her nose pointed and babypink with her small fulll-ips which looked really tempting.

I stared long at her invitingl-ips,Caging the urge to plung mine against hers. I feared I might wake her up and it’ll be [email protected] to be caught in such act especially for someone like me who’s her Boss.

I tapped again on her shoulder but no response. Guess she’s de-ep asleep, and there’s no possible way I can leave her here.

I gently placed my hand around her back and th!gh, carrying her into my arms. Once she was on me, she tighened her hands unconsciously around me.

She felt light, and it was unbelievable for someone with such a b©dy. I took silent steps into her room a d gently placed her on the be-d. I then covered her with the duvet.

I didn’t just leave after that, I stood there with my hands folded into my pocket, watching her sleep so sound like a Babe. I can decide to stay like this till dawn and I wouldn’t dim or get tired.

After a while, I switched off the light before walking out, shutting the door behind.


So I woke up kinda early today and made my mind up on something.

I noticed she was still asleep and took it on myself to make breakfast. I toasted bre-ad and made tea.

Prepared my kids for school too. I’ll be staying home today. I alre-ady decided on that. Not because I have something tangible to do, just that I want to be around when Mike visits.

That’s why I hurried up with whatever I was doing. After dropping off my kids, I drove back home.

Now Ana is awake and probably freshening up at the moment. The next thing now is to await Mike’s Arri—-

The door bell suddenly rang and a smile spre-ad across my face as I got up to answer it.

It’s definitely Him!



🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Genre; [email protected]ç£🥰 Comedy😂 Suspense😳🥴

Written By Angel Louis

🧚 Episode 33 🧚


I woke up that morning feeling better than ever. Stretching out of the be-d, I picked up my schedules for the day and cancelled some appointments that tend to clash with the time I alre-ady planned to spend with Rose.

I wouldn’t want what Happ yesterday to repeat itself.

My chances with Rose got ruined Because of some emergency.
Today would definitely be different. I thought within as I picked up my cellphone, dialing my Secretary’s Number.

She picked at the third ring.

📲 Morning Sir”

📲 Morning Jane. I’ll be abs£nt this morning and probably at noon too. There’s an urgent matter I nee-d to attend to so I want you to shift any appointment or emergency to Doctor Klein. Tell him to take charge till my arrival. I don’t expect any mistake when I return. Is that clear?”

📲 Noted Sir.

📲 Good, have a nice day then.

With that, I hunged up. Taking a long breathe.

I’ve succeeded in pushing out any form of distractions from the way.

I know David won’t be at home too. So it’s just gonna be me and Rose. I’ll get to spend time with her as well. And also have her phone digits.

I actually forgot to ask for it yesterday before leaving.

☀️*20 Long minutes*☀️

I picked up my medical kits alongside my phone and car key. I actually added speed to whatever I was doing cause I was pretty anxious to meet her.

I stared into the mirror once more at my appearance. I then smiled in satisfaction. I look breathtaking with my hair perfectly styled.

No longer would [email protected] without staring back. I love the way I look right now. And the thought of Rose loving my appearance quit triggered my adrenaline as I rushed out of the house.

It’s alre-ady nine and I bet David won’t be at home. I got into my car and drove quic-kly out of my compound. It’s time to pluck another flower out of David’s grasp.

The drive didn’t take long. I parked closely at the front of David’s house as a smile spre-ad across my face. I stared once more into the side mirror and win-ked at myself in approval.

I definitely rock.

Without wasting much time, I alighted from the car, taking brisk steps towards the entrance door.

I exhaled sharply as I halted before it. Stretching out my hand for the bell bu-tton which rang out.

I guess she too has been waiting for me cause immediately the bell rang out, the door’s knob twisted and yet, another smile spre-ad across my face hoping it would be Rose. But I got the shock of my life as the door opened. revea-ling the owner of the house 😳.

“D-david?” I swallowed [email protected]

His name sounded more like a question from me. I wasn’t expecting him to be at home.

“Good morning Mike”


The shocked expression on his face wasn’t hidden at all. He must really be surprised to see me at home, unlike yesterday.

“M- morning David. You’re-you’re home” he stuttered.

“Yeah. Any problem with that?”
I asked furrowing a brow closely at him.

“No. No I mean, you didn’t go to work today?”

“Nah. Gat something to take care of. You must be here to check on Ana”
I drove straight to the point ..

“Yeah. Yeah” he smiled.

“Great. Guess that wouldn’t take much of your—

‘”Mike? Dr Mike! You’re here” Ana cut into my words from behind. She sounded so excited to see him.

Why would she be excited??
I turned to look at her with questioning eyes.

“Uhm David. Meet Doctor Mike. He told me you guys were great friends back in college” she squiled.

Yeah right. Great friends indeed. Till he stabbe-d me on the back. Such a good friend, a green snake un-der green [email protected]

I scoffed out, giving Mike a dead glare.

“Yeah. Great friends indeed”

” Come in plea-se” Ana spoke out.

Mike gave me a questioning look waiting for my permission.

“Yeah. Sure come in. Do what you [email protected]£ for. I don’t expect you to stay longer than that” I eyed him, staring vividly at he dressed down here. Maybe trying to impress Ana with it.

That has always been his way and t©p-power on ladies. Unlike me, I don’t dress to impress, I just try to look my best.

If he’s here to repeat what he actually did back then in college, then he just missed his way. Cause I won’t allow such. Again.


Something my be really off with David this morning. I noticed the way he stared at Mike before walking out on us like he has something against him or what..

Well, that’s not my business though. By the way, Mike is looking extremely good and handsome this morning I must admit.

I led him to a couch were we both sat. He loos£ned my bandages and checked on my wound.. it’s healing fast cause I can ba-rely feel any pain.

He checked on my temperature, Blood pressure and other necessary things. He’s acting somewhat cold this morning. Or is it because David is sitting on the dinning not too far from us?.

Seriously I can’t un-derstand what’s going on. David is actually busy with the [email protected]©p and I bet he wouldn’t even notice us talking. Why is Mike then acting a bit withdrawn?

And more disappointing, he didn’t stay long. He ba-rely stayed an hour before taking an excuse that there’s something he’d like to take care of in the office. I felt a little disappointed.

But it’s work anyway, I won’t be the only patient he’d be treating today.

He gave me a small bottled lotion which I can apply on my leg to heal it up without leaving a scar. No nee-d for bandages anymore. The wounds are clotted alre-ady.

“Can’t you stay a little?” I asked feeling somewhat disappointed.

“Yes I could stay a little and…

David suddenly coughed out from the dinning, cutting him off his words.
Mike sighed out and then continued.

“I could stay a little ND spend some time with you—

Another heavy cough was heard from David.. which I actually found as an interruption.

I turned to glare at him but he got up from his seat and walked out of the living room.

“–But you see. I can’t. I have work today. And I hope you un-derstand”
He explained.

I nodded at his words. He’s a doctor. They’re always busy!

Before he left, he scribbled out his number for me and told me to call at my leisure.
I smiled and too it from him..

“Goodbye Mike”

“Have a nice day Rosiana” he smiled before walking out.

TBC ✍️

And Mike’s gone so soon 😋😂..

what is it between David and Mike??🤔🤔..

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