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Single dad episode 3 & 4


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 3 💫


The moment Janie screamed my name, I knew there was trouble. I led Kay to where they were.

“Yes Janie” I drawled.

“Dad how come she knows your name? I thought mom was the only person who knew it… And your best friend Mark.”

OMG! She’s so childish.

“Can you st©p acting childish Janie?”

“I am a child dad..” she retorted, with a furrowed brow.

“But you don’t act like one. A good child would always wait for explanatons before jumping into conclusions.

This lady here is with me cause I made her loose her money and worse, I ruined her dress”
I paused as my kids focused on the stained dress. Realizing what they never noticed in the first place.

“She isn’t my girlfriend okay, and we don’t know each other. We just met today. I was supposed to take her shopping for a new dress in replacement of the one I ruined but she insisted I come pick you guys first.

Isn’t that enough to thank her for.
I think that’s enough to show her respect.”

I added. Looking so disappointed at their behavior.

“It’s okay Mr David. You’re ma-king them feel bad.” The lady which funny enough I don’t know her name spoke on their behalf.when she saw the faces of my kids.

“Now say sorry to her kids.” I ruffled my hair.. looking frustrated.

“Let’s just go home..” janietta grumbled out Walking over to the side of my car.

I stared at her reaction and didn’t even know what to say.
I turned, facing the two. Noel and kay

“You two say sorry to her” I formed a straight face At them.

“I’m hungry 😩” Noel rolled out. Walking out of my sight.

This is so crazy… Correcting my kids is one thing they don’t find okay.. they suddenly become upset and not happy with me for scolding them.

Great. Just Great!

“Sorry…” Kayla smiled at the lady.

“It’s okay sweetie.. what’s your name?” She asked. Squatting to my little girl’s height.

“Kayla… And yours?”

Yeah, one question I forgot to ask her at the very first place.


“You’re pretty Rosiana” my baby remarked.

True. Absolutely true. She isn’t just pretty. She’s physically endowed with beautiful features.

“And you’re beautiful..” she complimented Kayla who giggled In excitement as she ran to meet her siblings.

‘omg! Janietta..she just said I’m beautiful”

Hahaha! I love my baby girl so much.

“Dad! Come open your car. I wanna go home” janietta called out.

“…and eat” Noel seconded.

“Let’s go plea-se.. ” I spoke out to Rosiana and she nodded.

I used the key control to unlock the doors of the car before hopping in.

Janietta quic-kly sat on the front seat beside me.. leaving Rosiana standing outside.

“Get down Janie.. join your siblings at the back..”

“But dad…

“No questions.. Rosiana wants to seat here”.. I hushed her.

She angrily mumbled some words before stepping down.

“Don’t get too Confy with my dad” she said straight to Rosiana’s face before joining her siblings.

“Ignore her, she’s always like that. ” I said to Rosiana as she hopped in.

“No problem. Thanks” she balanced herself before I ignited the engine.

“Seatbelts!” I mouthed as I adjusted the front mirror above me. Staring at my kids Throu-gh it as they stra-pped the belt across themselves.

“Good” I muttered as I revised out of the school.
Heading straight home.


The silence in the car as he drove on was somehow. It wasn’t comfortable at all. I suspected I’m the cause of it.

Cause I don’t see why a family would be so queit on a day’s ride.
At least the kids are supposed to talk about school, homeworks..and interesting stuff to their dad.

I bet they aren’t too comfortable with me here.
I just can’t wait to get back home.

“Dad I’m hungry…” David’s little boy spoke out as his stomach made a sound.

“You’ll eat when you get home okay..” his dad responded.

“The last time I checked before going to school, there’s no food at home. Cause you didn’t wake up on time to make us breakfast. And lunch..”

Wake up on time? So David makes breakfast for his family before going to work?
What about his wife??

“Oh..God! I didn’t remember..” he palmed the steering.

“You kids are gonna wait till I go get junior from daycare. Then I’ll buy food packs from a restaurant so you guys can eat to your fill”

Another baby? My eyes almost popped out as I realized he has another baby…

This man is the father of all Nation. Imagine staying at home with the type of kids he has.. Four in number at that.

“. I’m gonna die of hunger before you get back..” My favorite Kayla almost cried.
I don’t like to see her in a bad mood..

I just like her so much.

“Kay.. Baby. You won’t die.. I’ll beat the traffic for your sake. You won’t die okay.. not when there’s enough water to revive you” David spoke out.

And I take that as a joke.

” What? Dad no way! I’m hungry too and I can’t wait for you to get junior first. It is our stomach first. Our stomach. Your first Priority. ” The older girl spoke out.

I c0ck£d my ears in amusement.

“Yes dad. Justice for our stomach..” Noel seconded

“I want pancakes for lunch!

The three kids started ranting.

Their rantings almost deafened my ears
As [email protected] by couldn’t help but stare at the car. So noisy!

“Alright… Kids! Kids! Calm down. Ca–”

But they wouldn’t even listen to their dad either. Instead they only increased the noise.

Is all this happening because of food?

“I’ll cook for you guys” I voiced out.

And everywhere suddenly turned they stared at me. Suprised.

“I mean I could help with lunch before your dad gets back..” I added as they kept staring. ..

Did I just say something wrong?

Well I used to work as a cook at Dean’s restaurant till he fired me this morning.

I could help them at least for Kayla’s sake. I don’t want her to die.
~like she earlier said~

“That’s if you guys are okay with it ” I quic-kly replied..

“You sure about that?” David stared at me as if in doubt.

“Yeah..” I nodded.

“Kids?” David arched.. calling out to them to know what they think about it.

“Sure. You can cook for us. So far it doesn’t taste like dad’s socks!”. Little Noel agreed.

Wait. What? Did he just say his dad’s socks?😂

“NOEL??!!!” David screamed out his boys name…!
His eyes turning smokey-red

I quic-kly suppressed my laugh.


🤱 Babysitting His Crazy Kids 🤱

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

💫 Episode 4 💫


Saying I’m [email protected] right now is a total un-derstatement. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel now.

Noel is so annoying!

How could he say that? In pres£nt of a lady at that.

What if she was my crush? That’s how he would have bore me with shame.
Does it mean he tasted my socks?

I won’t be surprised. He’s a foodie.. he has always been one ever since a baby.

While still a baby, he would chew on his diapers and li-ck up his cream…

I wonder what it tasted like in his mouth. Strawberries?

And to think my socks wasn’t left out!


I silently cried within me as I pitied myself.. I couldn’t help but wonder what Rosiana thought about it.

If I’m ever chanced to take my kids out on a public meeting, I’m gonna stitch up their mouths with a [email protected] glue..
So when janietta sees me with a lady, or even talking with other ladies, she won’t freak out and say annoying things to their face.

And Noel, so he won’t eat up the [email protected] and make fun of how my socks taste.

As for Kayla, I won’t just stitch her mouth, I will tie her to a chair.. so she won’t move an inch from my sight or wander about. Cause my baby Kayla is a wanderer.

There was a time I took my kids out for shopping. While talking to the cashier, Kayla, unknowingly to me wandered out of my sight.

I didn’t even realize until I was done.

Janietta and Noel were busy arguing and they too didn’t notice.

I searched round the store for hours and almost went mad cause I couldn’t find Kay. I felt like I’ve disappointed my late wife Maria who I made a promise to before her death that I would always look out for our kids.

I contacted the police and asked few customers in panic.

I searched round like a lunatic until I finally found her close to the waste bin by the side of the mall… Pouring some dirty into the dirt bin.

When asked what she was doing and why did she leave my side.

She opened her small mouth just to say..

‘ mommy always said we should be neat and never stay in a Dirty place in order not to fall sick.. so the mall was pretty dirty and I had to pick round”
She spoke out looking so innocent..

Can you seriously imagine? Pick Round a mall??
And I’ve been looking for her like a lunatic.. I even called the police.

“You will never frustrate me Kayla”
I stared at her not knowing if I should cry or laugh at her behavior..

She takes this as a joke.

I compensated the police before they left for their station.

The salesman in charge of the mall felt plea-sed at my daughter’s sweet nature and he gave her a free toy.

Salesman doesn’t know giving her a toy would only encourage her to do more.

My Kayla can sometimes be unpredictable. And she remind me so much of my late wife. Mariah.

I finally drove into my compound and slowly parked at the side garage.

My kids immediately climbe-d out in excitement and ran inside. Yes, they’ve got their own keys.. just Incase.

Rosiana [email protected]£ down after me and from the looks in her eyes, something tells me she’s definitely Surprised to see such a magnificent building.

“plea-se come in” I gestured and she nodded with a smile. Following from behind.

“Welcome to my home Rosiana” I left her inside and she slightly [email protected] herl-ips as a small [email protected] escaped it.

“Oh my… So beautiful” she stared round In amazement.

“Thanks. Feel free..” I smiled staring at her.

Oh that reminds me!. Her clothes.

Shes still in dirt. .. I don’t have time to go shopping.

“Mr David plea-se I can’t cook in this outfit..” she stated the obvious.

“Yeah… Was actually thinking about that. Guess you nee-d to change into something.. come with me to the guest room.”

She nodded and followed behind.
I walked her into one of the guest rooms..

“In there, we have the shower. Make use of it… But before you’ll proceed with that, I’ll go get a dress”

I walked out of the room and headed straight to mine. Mariah’s clothes will definitely suite her. I thought within as I searched on her belongings.

Her Unique scent filled my nostrils and I suddenly began to miss her again.

I picked out a free sun-dress and decided to give her that.

I walked back to the guest room and handed it to her.

“Thanks Alot” she smiled, taking it from me.

“When you’re done with yourself. Just tell one of the kids to show you to the kitchen. There are varieties of uncooked foods.. in case you find difficulty in what to prepare, just ask Noel what he’ll like for lunch.. he’ll gladly tell you”

I cackled a little and she nodded with another bright smile.

“I’ll be back shortly.” I finally said before walking out.

With Rosiana in the kitchen today, I feel a little bit relieved from stress.


I’ve never been to a house this big and beautiful before. I marveled as I washed myself up in the bathroom.. letting the water Cascade Throu-gh my b©dy.

I made sure not to spend too much time in the bathroom cause I still have to make lunch.

I dry cleaned myself with a new towel which was on the be-d. I let my hair sl!pdown my shoulders as I put on the sun-dress.

I stared at myself on the reflecting mirror and WOW. This looks so good on me.

I walked out and saw the kids pla-ying at the sitting. They’ve changed into something else alre-ady and my guess is, they’ve had their bathe too.

I walked over to where they were and cleared my throat..

“Can someone plea-se show me to the kitchen..” I stared at their faces.

“Is that my mom’s dress you’re putting on??” Janietta stared at me with a shock-filled eyes.

Her mom’s?

“Oh my God I didn’t Know . Your dad gave it to me..”

How could David give me his wife’s dress?

“Well now you know. It’s my mom’s dress and it doesn’t belong to you..”

She spoke out with a straight face.

Oh hell! I felt a little [email protected]

“But it’s fits her… And she looks pretty on it..'” Kayla’s voice so tiny and meek.

“Didn’t you notice she had stains on her own dress? What were you expecting her to put on?… Your clothes?”
Noel gave out a sarcastic laugh.

“Duh.. she should have brou-ght hers..” Janie huffed.

“You complain too much janietta. The dress fits her and she looks so good on it.
Don’t you know people have to look good before cooking… So the food can taste really really good too.

Unlike Dad who doesn’t mind putting on just towel to prepare a meal..”
Noel added. Looking so serious.

Hell No!😂 A towel? Who does that?

“… And his food tastes just like his appearance”..
He rolled out from his mouth.

This is a very tough son for David!
I wish he were here.. but thank God he isn’t.. if not, Noel is as good as a dead meat.😂

Noel [email protected]£ forward and suddenly st©pped before me.. cleared off his throat.

“Most beautiful Mi-lady. Hope you don’t mind me taking you to the kitchen… Cause I’m starving” he spoke out in a Spanish accent stretching out his little hand to me which made him look so funny.

“No Mister…. I certainly don’t” I giggled alittle. Replying back with a Spanish accent too. I placed my hand on his and courtsied , raising my go-wn a little at the side.. as I bowed my head alongside.

And then, he led me straight to the kitchen.. our hands still together..
With Kayla holding my dress as she followed behind.
TBC ✍️

😂… All David’s kids are character 😂

I pray he doesn’t have a heart attack because of them 😂

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